Streamline and improve your day with the +10 best voice assistants on the market!


We know that, as great examples of artificial intelligence today, we have the incredible voice assistants. And is that, following SAS, artificial intelligence improves the speed, effectiveness and accuracy of the tasks that people perform on a daily basis. Therefore, tools like Alexa, Siri and more, increase productivity and adapt to the needs of users.

want to learn a little more about them? It’s your lucky day because today we bring you the +10 best voice assistants on the market.

These artificial intelligence tools, like voice assistants, have great machine learning uses, such as voice and image recognition, virtual assistance and among many more.

Now, before we show you our list of the best voice assistants on the market, we tell you what are the benefits that these artificial intelligence and machine learning tools have.

Perform simple tasks: with voice assistants you can search for information on various topics, know the nearest restaurants, as well as the name of a song; you can also request the playback of your favorite song of the moment:just ask out loud and the voice assistants will play the music of your choice. listening to music or searching for a song has never been so easy!
Schedule your important appointments: with voice assistants you can say goodbye to missed appointments. You can tell this tool all your pending appointments, and it will schedule and remind you of them. you won’t miss any important event!
Beat time: by the simple fact that communication with voice assistants is through speech, you can save considerable time. stop wasting time typing something in the Google search engine!

are you ready to get to know the best voice assistants on the market? choose your favorite!

1. Google Assistant

One of the best voice assistants is Google Assistant, offered for iOS and Android. It was launched in 2016 and since 2017 has been part of Android devices. With it, users will be able to benefit from the various common advantages of voice assistants, such as quick searches. stop typing what you want to search for and say it out loud to get the best results in seconds!

With Google Assistant, you can perform searches, set alarms, make calls and much, much more. In addition, it has the option of two-way conversations, that is, you can talk to him at any time. you have to try it!

2. Amazon Alexa

One of the most popular and best voice assistants on the market is Amazon’s Alexa. It is available in English, Japanese, French, German, Italian and Spanish. This voice assistant offers a myriad of tasks that you will no longer have to execute manually. In addition, it is compatible with other smart devices in the same system, such as light bulbs, cameras, switches, among others.

did you know that since 2019, Alexa hosts the voices of different celebrities in its system? The first of them was Samuel L. Jackson. On the other hand, you can extend its functionalities with the Skills application from the Alexa app itself.

create your routines and listen to music easily!

Fotografía de uno de los mejores asistentes de voz, Alexa.

Source: Pexels

3. Dragon Search

This famous free voice assistant, Dragon Search, is available on iOS, and is a great alternative that competes with Siri. It is available in 32 languages, including Spanish, German, Italian, Catalan, Chinese, Korean, English and many more.

Since it is a free voice assistant with excellent functionality, it has become a favorite among artificial intelligence lovers. To use it correctly, you only need to communicate with it through speech, since what stands out is its clear recognition of natural voice.

Just like any other voice assistant, it will provide you with search tools in the various search engines that exist, such as Google, YouTube, Twitter, among many others.

it is an automatic, accurate and fast voice assistant!

4. Cortana

Similarly, another famous voice assistant is Cortana, Microsoft’s personal productivity assistant. It was released in 2014 for Windows 10, Windows 10 Mobile, Windows Phone 8.1, Xbox One, Windows Mixed Reality. do you use your computer all day long? Well, you need to try Cortana to make your work easier.

Unlike other voice assistants, Cortana uses only Bing as a search engine. It is also available in English, Portuguese, French, German, Chinese, Italian, Japanese and Spanish.

This voice assistant can recognize natural speech and perform a variety of activities, mostly productivity, such as managing the agenda, viewing schedules, and more.

did you know that it has an internal storage to facilitate user customization? This is called a notebook and each user is able to modify the information collected. what are you waiting for to activate Cortana on your computer? we promise you’ll love it!

5. Bixby

Continuing with the list of the best voice assistants, there is Bixby. This voice assistant was developed in 2017 by Samsung Electronic, mainly for Samsung mobiles and devices.

This voice assistant has compatibility with Samsung brandedelectronic devices , which will benefit you in tracking belongings and complementing information. did you know that Family Hub 2.0 refrigerators were the first non-mobile devices to include a voice assistant. and they included Bixby!

It is available in English, Spanish, Korean, Korean, Chinese, French, Italian and Portuguese, and works just like the other voice assistants, only in a more exponential way, as it is available on smart TVs, phones and refrigerators of the brand.

can you imagine having a smart refrigerator at home? how crazy!

Fotografía de un celular con un asistente de voz.

Source: Pexels

6. Sherpa Assistant

Another voice assistant on the market worth experiencing is Sherpa Assistant. This application was a finalist in the CogX Artificial Intelligence Award.

Likewise, this app is worth using, as it is considered a great competitor to the big voice assistants such as Google, Siri and Alexa. In addition, when installed on any device, it grants artificial intelligence effectively.

It has interesting features that position it in the list of the best voice assistants, due to its famous precision and adaptation to the user’s needs in a predictive way. That is, as the user interacts with Sherpa Assistant, it will adapt and display content, recommendations and notifications according to the user’s interests. doesn’t that sound great?

Currently, it works hand in hand with the company Porsche and its products. Although it is available on iOS and Android. what are you waiting for to try it?

7. DataBot Assistant

Similarly, DataBot is a talking robot voice assistant, available for PC, mobile, Xbox One, Xbox Seires X|S, Surface Hub and HoloLens. It was developed by RoboBot Studio, launched in 2014 and is available in the Windows app.

This famous voice assistant creates multimedia presentations using voice, text and images, answers questions you ask it and satisfies users’ needs; for example, it helps you create notes, write emails, do searches and more.

don’t hesitate and install DataBot to get to know its features!

8. Cisco Spark Assistant

Cisco Spark Assistant is the first voice assistant designed especially for virtual meetings. It was developed by Cisco and is focused on facilitating virtual work meetings.

This modern voice assistant offers the necessary tools to lead a meeting hand in hand with artificial intelligence. The Cisco Spark Assistant allows you to start a meeting without dialing in, as well as join a meeting room just by voice command.

This famous voice assistant is still in the works, but it promises to be a great tool for remote work. what do you think?

Fotografía de una usuaria utilizando los mejores asistentes de voz para PC.

Source: Pexels

9. Apple Siri

One of the best voice assistants on the market is Siri, Apple’s voice assistant. It is very similar to Alexa and Google Assistant, so it can fulfill the same functions. It was launched in 2011, especially for iOS, macOS, tvOS and watchOS.

We recommend you to try the time, listen to music and many more things. The same Apple company claims that Siri is able to adapt to the needs and preferences of each user, that is, it offers a personalized and accurate service.

are you bored? Don’t worry, because Siri can sing you a song, a joke, some fun facts and more. get to know Siri so that they can perform the activities you want in a practical and fast way!

10. Google Home

what is Google Home and what is it for? It is a voice assistant, similar to Alexa. This famous wireless speaker is capable of executing a myriad of functions. Launched in 2016, it was developed by Google and allows the integration of other smart devices of the company. Therefore, we advise you to buy Google devices to be able to synchronize it with Google Home and have better results.

Also, with Google Home, you will be able to perform the basic tasks offered by voice assistants, especially Google Assistant, but in a more enhanced way thanks to its connection with other devices.

you can ask your Google Home to sing you a song or tell you a story while you clean your living room! what are you waiting for to turn your home into an artificial intelligence space?

11. Evi

Continuing our list of the best voice assistants is Evi, one of the first voice assistant alternatives for iOS.

Although it was purchased by Amazon in 2013, we include it in the list because it enabled major changes in the company’s artificial intelligence. Subsequent to its purchase, the app and the company have improved exponentially, and despite not being talked about much, it is a voice assistant that is worthwhile and captivated at the time.

did you know about the history of Evi? This great purchase valued at 26 million dollars, allowed the creation and inspiration of what Alexa is today.


One of the great and leading voice assistants is Vlingo, who was developed quite some time ago in 2007. This famous voice assistant was mainly available for Blackberry and iPhone devices, and allowed many activities to be performed by voice identification.

It had a very well-developed voice reception for the time and was an amazing technological breakthrough. It served very well to write an email, take notes, send SMS, among other tasks. It had its last update in September 2011. don’t you think it’s amazing?

Fotografía de un foco con idas sobre funciones de los asistentes de voz.

Source: Pexels

Bonus Track: the best features of intelligent voice assistants

Definitely, the best tips on the best functions that voice assistants fulfill could not be missing.

1. Play music

One of the most frequent functions that intelligent voice assistants perform is music playback. That is, the devices when they recognize your voice and the order can connect to applications such as Spotify or YouTube.

Likewise, with a voice assistant you will be able to link your Google or Audible audiobook account to continue your reading whenever you feel like it. don’t you think it’s amazing?

2. Hands-free function

In the same way, intelligent assistants allow hands-free access to carry out several tasks at the same time.

This function is of great benefit, especially when you are driving, since you can answer a call, send an email or an urgent message just by voice command without taking your hands off the wheel.

3. Get information and news

want to know the year of birth of a famous person? Ask your voice assistant and let it give you the best answers.

You can ask it everything from how to make a plate of food to how to make a tiktok. Worried about checking the weather before heading out? Don’t worry, because with voice assistants you can get all the information you need.

4. Basic and daily tasks

want to make a shopping list? Dictate it to your favorite voice assistant and let it organize it efficiently.

According to Medium, the most amazing thing about voice assistants is that they make everyday life easier, save time and allow people to focus on other tasks. They can even get you out of boredom by chatting with you if you ask them to!

Stop delaying yourself from searching for information manually. We advise you to try the various tools that make life easier for more than one person.

5. Manage timers, alarms and calendar

Finally, with voice assistants you can manage your timers and alarms, as well as your personal calendar. To do this, you just have to ask your assistant what is the time of day or how many alarms you have scheduled.

Likewise, to schedule a meeting or an alarm, you only need to give it the instructions and it will do it successfully. incredible, isn’t it?

Fotografía de una tablet con el asistente de voz de Google.

Source: Pexels

congratulations! Now you know which are the best voice assistants on the market. which one is your favorite?

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