10 characteristics of a dog that make him your best friend and life companion

When you think of your dog, what comes to mind? If you immediately feel like giving him a big hug, it ‘s worth knowing the characteristics of a dog and why he is man’s best friend and the most unconditional being you’ve ever had in your life.

So, if you are a dog lover and you feel that your canine is a fundamental part of the family, we invite you to stay, because you will understand what are the qualities of your dog that connect him so much with you.

But first, call your “furry” dog to sit next to you or lie on your lap while you read the following 10 characteristics of dogs that make them man’s best friend. At the end, you’ll see which aspects you identify with the most. let’s get started!

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1. There is chemistry between you and your dog

When you read this headline, you may think that there is a mistake because chemistry is supposed to be only in love relationships between humans, but in reality it is not. According to research conducted by Azabu University in Japan, “when a dog is playing or interacting with its owner and eye contact is made, oxytocin production increases in both.”

This means that what we know as the “love hormone” is released and the affection between dog and master is felt even more. Thus, we could confirm that this is one of the characteristics of canines that make chemistry between you and your pet. In my case, I feel that my dog smiles at me every time I have eye contact with her and say nice things to her. does something similar happen to you?

química entre perros y amos

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2. They are loyal

has it ever happened to you that when you are sad, your canine is looking you in the eyes and licking you to make your day more pleasant? This is one of the characteristics of a dog that make it our spoiled, because it is at our disposal whenever we require it.

However, a Univision blog explains that “while some studies have shown that dogs are indeed loyal to humans, others argue that loyalty varies depending on who feeds them”. But, this can change depending on the household, how is your dogs’ relationship with your family? to whom do they show the most loyalty?

fidelidad perros

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3. They are great companions

Another of the characteristics of canine pets, which make them our best friends, is the companionship they offer us. This is a quality that is closely related to loyalty and is very useful for people with disabilities.

For example, the case of guide dogs, which are usually large breed dogs and trained for this work. there are even therapy dogs, which provide emotional support to people who need a friend.

Compañía perros

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4. It’s a relationship of thousands of years

If you got here looking for the characteristics of a dog to understand why they are so important in our lives, it is worth knowing that it is not a coincidence. There is a historical relationship between humans and canines, as experts say that the dog was the first animal to be domesticated, and since then, about 11 thousand years have passed.

So, we could say that canines have been in the different stages of humanity, and maybe that’s why they know us so well and know how to make us happy. one more reason for dog lovers!

El perro fue el primer animal en ser domesticado

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5. They have unconditional love to give us

Sometimes we complain about not finding true love, when it has always been by our side. That is one of the main characteristics of a dog: the love it gives us, which, moreover, is pure and unique.

We propose an exercise: stare at your pet and observe how he sees you. Now, tell us, what did it transmit to you? Probably some of the answers are tenderness, love and peace. But that’s not all, another aspect that makes a dog man’s best friend is that he loves us just as we are, regardless of our physical appearance.

would you like to know how to thank your dog for so much love? try different habits to take care of pets at home, they will be very happy.

Amor incondicional perros y humanos

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6. They are happy when you come home

what happens when a dog is left home alone? do you feel that he misses you? Surely, because there is no better greeting than that of your dog when you return from work or a trip. That’s why, when he sees you, after having been left alone for a period of time, he associates different stimuli of joy to your image, sound and smell. what would be the description of your dog when he sees you again at home?

By the way, don’t forget dog training to prevent your absence from resulting in the destruction of your home.

los perros se alegran cuando regresas a casa

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7. They are very obedient (sometimes)

The characteristics of a dog that connect him with his master have to do with obedience. And although it is true that some canines are more in the clouds than others, with constant training work you can get him to sit, to know where to do his business, etc. Obedience is undoubtedly one of the aspects that will make him even more your best friend.

“Remember that for this, the connection and playful behavior are important, so reward your dog, when he acts properly, with food or words like: very good! Keep in mind that dogs are not robots, each one learns at its own pace”, so explain Dobieteam X Houseofdogos Training, teachers of the course ‘Canine Training: Train your dog’.

Obediencia perros

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8. They are friends for life

do you remember what your first pet was? How many years was he by your side? Or, is it still by your side? Another characteristic of a dog that makes them the love of our lives isgrowing up together, as they share memorable moments with us and dedicate their lives to accompanying us. Aren’t they precious?

Perros amigos para toda la vida

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9. They bring more than a smile to your face

In addition to all the characteristics of a dog that we mentioned above, it is necessary to remember one more reason why canines are our best friends. It is about how funny their antics and witticisms are. one more point for our “furry” ones, who constantly bring a smile to our faces!

If you have been going through difficult days, you can have a guide to relieve stress and anxiety at home and develop it with the company of your dog to attract the best energies.

Cariño entre perros y humanos

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10. They take care of you

That your pooch is always by your side does not only mean that he likes to share time with you, he is also alert to take care of you and protect you in case something strange happens. So, pay attention when your dog barks, it could be informing you about something going on.


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You already know what are the characteristics of dogs and why they are our best friends. Now, we recommend you our lifestyle courses to complement your daily activities with your pet with new learning.

We are sure that your best canine friend will be there to witness all the new things you dare to do; so, many successes, we hope you will find even more reasons and characteristics of a dog that will make him your great life companion.

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