10 free calligraphy fonts for Windows and Mac, enrich your fonts today!


With an infinite number of free calligraphy fonts on the internet, finding the right calligraphy font for your needs can be a difficult task. Perhaps you need decorative, eye-catching fonts for a simple design, or you’re simply looking for more modern calligraphic fonts for a formal design.

The point is that calligraphic fonts have many uses and it is best to combine them with a simple typeface to balance them out. Therefore, if used sparingly, you can perfect your creations and even break the rules for a bolder result.

That’s why we’ve selected 10 free calligraphy fonts with great versatility, from romantic and feminine to monoline calligraphy fonts that will give a masculine and strong character to any of your designs. ready to download the best free calligraphy fonts and give a special touch to your designs? Let’s get to work!

1. Brownies Cake by Asd Studio

This is one of the newest and most downloaded calligraphy typefaces from Dafont. It is an elegant, delicate and timeless script font. It works great for special date cards, wedding invitations, logos and other designs with romantic touch.

download Brownies Cake for free.

Brownies Cake Fuente caligráfica gratisImage: Freepik

2. Malina Script Font by Paula Create

Malina Script Font is one of the handwritten calligraphic letters designed by Paula Create. It is available in our spana tools and is ideal for applying on wedding invitations, blogs, inspirational phrases, book covers, among others. We can be almost sure that these elegant cursive letters will add a wonderful touch to your projects.

download Malina Script Font for free.

Malina Script Font herramienta CrehanaSource: spana

3. Mystical Snow by sronstudio

This is the free calligraphic font suitable for crafts, stationery, packaging, labels, special events, photography and watermarking. It is a very complete font that you can start using right now.

download Mystical Snow for free.

Msytical Snow Font de SronstudioFont: Dafont

4. Euphoria Script Font

this is one of the newest lettering fonts in our tools. It is a perfect typeface to make your titles, short lines of text and avant-garde fashion and gastronomy designs more attractive.

download free Euphoria Script Font.

Euphoria Script Font CrehanaFont: spana

5. Secret Winter by sronstudio

With this script font you can improve your graphic image in social networks, create a logo, invitations for your events and those of your friends. Download it and let your imagination run wild.

download Secret Winter for free.

Fuente caligráfica gratis Secret Winter FontImage: Freepik

6. Rolest script font by awwwards

Rolest is a classic but edgy script font. It was created by Vunira and is ideal as a typography for logos, especially for clothing or gastronomy. The free version you can use it to customize your social media posts.

download free Rolest script font.

Rolest Script FontSource: fancy-fonts.com.

7. Recollect Retro Bold Font by StringLabs

have you found yourself in front of a vintage design and haven’t found the right font for your texts? Recollect combines taste and 80’s retro style. It is a free calligraphic font that can be very useful to go back to the past, also to give personality to hairdressing, motorcycling, coffee shop businesses, among others.

download free Recollet Retro Bold Font with Vintage style.

Recollect Retro Bold FontFont: Fancy-fonts

8. Grand Amoura by ReyreyBlue

This free calligraphic font is ideal for your most romantic designs and invitations to weddings, anniversaries and other events. When you use it, it will look like a handmade typeface.

download free Grand Amoura.

Grand Amoura FontsFont: Dafont

9. Slainte Script Font

This font has been in spana tools for a while now and still it doesn’t lose its relevance. Try making a fresh and elegant design with this typeface and renew yourself in this 2022 making the best posters, illustrations and postcards with this script font.

download free Slainte Script Font.

Slainte Script Tipografía Gratis CrehanaSource: spana

10. Hello Honey by Ef Studio

This calligraphic typeface created by Ef Studio is very feminine and fresh. If you have a romantic project in mind, on our side you already have the typographic option, now make magic!

download free hello honey.

Hello Honey Fuente caligráfica gratis

So much for our post on the 10 best free calligraphy fonts. do you already have your eye on some for your next projects? The fonts we’ve listed are just some of our favorites, but the web is full of free calligraphy fonts and typefaces to download and use.

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