Discover the 15 best letterheads for advertising letters


Looking for advertising letters? You are in the right place. Here we will tell you what are the types of letters you should consider to take your design to the next level.

There is no doubt that one of the most important things to create your successful advertising letter is the typography you are going to use. If the information in the letter cannot be read, you will hardly be able to convey the message you want.

In addition, the letters must also fit the purpose of your letter. As the design tools portal Design Hill explains, typography not only captures the viewer’s attention, but also creates “brand recognition, harmony, and the establishment of a brand’s value and brand feeling”. It is not the same thing to use Times New Roman for a letter addressed to children as it is for a restaurant letter.

Therefore, before thinking about the colors and structure of your letter, pay close attention to the fonts you are going to choose! As Marshall McLuhan once said, “The medium is the message.” And, in this case, it couldn’t be more different, as each source has its own personality.

1.sources for letters

2.advertising letters: discover the new trends

3.10 types of letters for letters

4.5 beautiful fonts for letters

1. Fonts for letters

There are many types of letter fonts and, although each one has very particular characteristics, it is important to know what are the most important classifications to better understand their purpose and style.

According to the portal Free Code Camp, we can talk about 5 types of fonts:


Image: Fonts with character

These are the most classic fonts. They are characterized by having a slight finish at the end of the lines of each letter. If you use Times New Roman, Garamond or Georgia, you are already familiar with these fonts. They are widely used in the body text of books, magazines and journals. And although they are, generally, quite formal fonts, today they have become very popular.

The marketing and design agency Mascola states that serif fonts are “an excellent choice for university and corporate brands”. Therefore, if you plan to design letters for an institution, this typeface may be the way to go.

Sans serif

Image: Typefaces with character

Helvetica and Arial are excellent examples of sans serif fonts, characterized by not having a serif at the end of the letters. They are considered the most minimalist and simple typefaces.

“Although sans serif fonts also date from 5th century inscriptions, they generally have a more modern feel. Their lack of flourish and strange details make them the first choice among minimalist designers,” explains Mascola.



They are more flexible than serif and sans serif, because they are based on the fluidity of a hand-created stroke. An example of this typeface? Old Fashion Script.

“They convey a personal touch and are perfect for use in travel, tourism and any place where a brand wants to speak ‘with’ and not ‘for’ its consumers,” Mascola advises.

Gothic letter (also known as blackletter)


Typography used in the Renaissance period. it is famous for having large horizontal and vertical strokes and for having very elaborate finishes. According to Canva’s blog, this font is ideal to give a more dramatic touch to your designs. An example? Darkrise.



By their nature, they do not fit into other categories and are usually created for specific uses. For example, the Sealine brings details of the marine universe in its letters and would work perfectly in a poster related to the sea.

2.advertising posters: discover the new trends

It is not only important to know what differentiates the different types of existing lettering, but also what are the different types of lettering for posters. Here we summarize some preferences for this 2020!

Collage technique

Image: Zeka Design

According to the design portal 99 designs, the collage technique is going to attract a lot of attention in cards during 2020 (so, keep an eye on the sources of cards that follow this technique).

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Image: Angelie Yap

The design portal also recommends keeping an eye on beautiful handmade lettering. “Handwritten, personalized letters are already extremely popular and the typography of the brand will continue to be more colorful, imprecise and eccentric”, highlights 99 designs.

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Cyberpunk aesthetics

Image: Moss and Fog

Regarding colors, they recommend not losing sight of the cyberpunk aesthetic, which will give much to talk about this year. “Futuristic themes are frequently expressed in colors, especially bright and supersaturated tones that we don’t normally see in Nature. These colors are associated with cyberpunk, a genre of science fiction that generally depicts dark, futuristic, neon-infused cities.”

If you don’t want to ignore this trend, it is advisable to design an advertising poster with fonts that can stand out with cyberpunk colors (blue and green stand out in neon tones).

Heavy fonts

According to the platform specialized in infographics Venngage,

several designers will turn to bold lettering to create contrast and hierarchy in their designs. In many cases, the letter fonts will attract more attention than the colors and/or images of the letter.

“Heavy fonts are usually bold or extra-bold, which gives them a ‘heavy’ appearance. These types of fonts can give your designs a modern, contemporary feel,” they explain.

3.10 fonts for lettering

1. Avenir Next Pro

According to the design school Shillington Education,

this was one of the most popular fonts of 2019. And the truth is, if you are looking for a very bold and sans serif font, Avenir Next Pro is an excellent choice.

To achieve this font, Akira Kobayashi worked alongside the original creator of the Avenir font (officially launched in 1998), Adrian Frutiger, to give life to this new typeface that was definitely born to attract attention.

2. ITC Avant Garde Gothic

Proposed by New York designers Herb Lubalin and Tom Carnase in 1970, this sans serif font is proof that time does not pass for good typefaces.

Although we are now five decades ahead, Avant Garde is the favorite choice of many graphic designers, since its geometric style can add a modern touch to any letter.

3. Bodoni

If you are looking for a more classic option for your advertising letter, there is Bodoni, a font designed by the Italian typographer Giambattista Bodoni in the 18th century. This serif typeface is considered the first “modern serif”.

“Advances in printing technology in the late 18th century allowed Bodoni to develop letterforms with greater contrast between thick and thin strokes and sharp horizontal serifs. The result is a recognizably elegant, refined typeface that remains popular for centuries after its creation”, explains the specialized portal Indestructible Type.

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4. Helvetica Now

If you are familiar with the famous Helvetica font (created by Max Miedinger in the 20th century), it won’t be difficult to get excited about Helvetica Now, a font created last year by the font agency Monotype in homage to the popular 1957 font.

Like its predecessor, Helvetica Now is a sans serif font. However, this new version has 48 different styles and, therefore, will allow you to make a lot of leaps and bounds with the text balance of your lettering. What are you waiting for to give it a try?

5. Mantra Alternative

In the words of its creator, Argentinian designer Cynthia Torres, Mantra is a sans serif font with an “experimental character”, as it has only a few cross halos.

If you are looking for a more classic option, you can use Mantra Regular. On the other hand, Mantra Alternate is an excellent choice for your letter headings.

6. Matrice

Created by Studio Sun, a typography studio based in Indonesia, Matrice is a sans serif font with stretched shapes. Ideal for letters of all types, this font created in 2018 has a modern and light design.

It has eight size styles so that you can jump around a lot with it in your advertising letter without the need to switch to another typeface.

7. Naive Line

This French serif typeface was created by Julien Saurin, Fanny Coulez and Louis-Emmanuel Blanc of the S&C Type studio.

According to the art and design blog We and the color, this typeface gives a natural and simple image to any design. And one more thing: it seems to be handmade.

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8. Gilroy

The art, design and visual culture magazine Creative Boom considers this modern sans serif to be one of the most talked about fonts in 2020. Created by Bulgarian designer Radomir Tinkov, this geometric and linear font is perfect for modern advertising letters.

9. Astro

Looking for a typeface with cyberpunk aesthetics? Give Astro a try, according to Canva, it’s a futuristic, trendy and astronomy-inspired font.

10. Coldiac

Created by the graphic design agency Craft Supply Co., Coldiac is considered a serif font for luxury-related letters. it is an elegant and minimalist typeface due to the small size of its serifs.

If you are planning to create a letter to present an exclusive product and/or service, we recommend that you consider it.

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4. 5 beautiful fonts for letters

1. FS Pink

A font of the same design style that is also worth conferring is FS Pink, a typeface that recalls layers of books and fanzines from the 1970s. Although it is serif, it is still an ideal font to approach a young and dynamic audience.

“FS Pink breaks with these conventions by combining the classic elegance of a serif with warmth and frivolity, created by its round and curved shapes,” explains its creator, designer Pedro Arilla.

2. Losta Masta

Are you fascinated by the graphic aesthetics of the sixties and eighties? Losta Mosta is for you! Especially if you are working on an elegant design that is fresh and fun at the same time. This serif font – created in Bali, Indonesia – stands out for having numerous curves and decorative ornaments for the finishes.

“Losta Masta is suitable for a wide range of works, including magazines, posters, logos, invitations, quotations, vintage designs, wedding projects, just to mention a few works,” explains We and the color.besides, it could be considered one of the types of title letters that will give something to talk about in this 2020

3. Papercute

If you have in mind to create a fun letter (perhaps for children or young audiences), this sans serif font is excellent. “Inspired by paper cutting, this font is easy to read and reproduce”, explains the design company Creative Market. One more thing: this font also includes ornaments to decorate the letters.

4. Popstick

According to the graphic design platform Visme, Popstick is ideal for creating exceptional designs in this 2020. One thing is certain: if you like pop art, this font is for you, since this sans serif font is based on the aesthetics of the late 20th century. It is ideal for use in advertising letters, as well as in graphics for social networks.

5. Helena

Are you planning to create a letter that looks handmade? Helena is a calligraphic font created by designer Noe Araujo that emulates the strokes of a paintbrush.

If you want to give your design an authentic handmade feel, this is the font to use. Although it works very well for letters, it also works very well as a logo font.

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