20 apps to make professional logos in a few minutes

Do you know what are the best apps to make logos? are you starting your own business and want it to stand out from the rest? do you want to create your own logo, but don’t know anything about graphic design? don’t worry anymore!

Fortunately today there are many apps that will make this task much easier, so today we bring you this list with the best 20 apps to make logos easily and quickly on iOS, Android and PC.

Start trying these apps to make logos and find out which one is the most convenient for you, let’s get to work!

Best apps to make logos on iOS

One of the easiest and most convenient ways to create a logo for your company or business is to do it using an application from a mobile device such as your iPad or even your iPhone. This will allow you to make your own logo from anywhere and at any time, without having to invest a lot of time or spend a fortune.

Here is a list of the best apps for making logos on iOS for you to try them out and start designing your visual identity from scratch:

1. AI Logo Generator

With the app to create logos on iOS AI Logo Generator – Logo Maker, you can automatically generate a logo that suits your company and download it in high quality with different sizes and file formats such as JPEG, PNG and PDF, ideal for both web and print.

The AI Logo Maker can help you quickly and easily for various purposes, not only to use them as logos, but also to design icons, websites, Facebook pages, wallpapers, business cards, websites, businesses, products, signatures, blogs or presentations.

Explore this app to create logos and all the subscription options it offers.

download AI Logo Generator – Logo Maker

app ai logo generator

2. Logo Maker – Create a design

Logo Maker is an application to create logos that you can use on both iPhone and iPad and that includes more than 100 predesigned editable logo templates that you can modify to your liking to adapt them to your brand or company.

download Logo Maker

logo maker

3. Logo Logo Maker

With the app to create logos on iOS, Logo Creator, you will be able to create logos not only on iPhone and iPad, but even from your Apple Watch, thanks to the hundreds of templates available in this app.

These are some of the features available in this app to create logos:

Create logos from templates, photos from your iOS device’s camera roll. It has more than 100 fonts and design elements.
Adjust and modify an existing logo, either its content or aesthetics. Remove parts of the logo and easily edit errors that may have arisen.
Allows you to draw with your fingers or apple pencil.
Save your designs with transparent background ready to use in any type of publication.

download Logo Maker

logo maker

4. Watercolor Logo Maker

Watercolor is an app to make logos on iOS that allows you to create creative logos with watercolor style and transparent backgrounds. Ideal for those brands that seek to convey joy and freshness in their branding. Its interface is very easy to use, just follow these tips:

Select a logo category that represents your brand.
Choose one of the options provided by the app and use it as the basis of your design.
Edit your logo as much as necessary, you can play with textures, fonts, decorative elements and even stickers.
Turn it into a 3D design if you need to and save it in high resolution.

download Watercolor

logos watercolor

5. Logo Maker Shop

Logo Maker Shop is an app to make logos on iPhone and iPad that includes thousands of fonts, symbols and backgrounds so you can create your own logo easily and quickly. In addition, this app also includes predesigned logo templates that you can modify and adapt to your company.

We recommend that you use this app to create logos from your cell phone since it has more than a thousand pre-edited logos in thirteen different styles, from abstract to vintage. It also has more than five thousand design elements such as backgrounds and symbols that you can include in your logo.

The really cool thing about this app is that you can edit your designs from any of your iOS devices since it is saved in iCloud. and it also has an autosave feature that will prevent you from losing work! Finally, another advantage of this logo maker app is that it saves your designs in very high resolution.

download Logo Maker Shop

logo maker shop aplicaciones

Best apps to make logos on Android

In addition to the advantages for your convenience and economy, creating logos from your cell phone is also a great help when you do not have very deep knowledge about design or visual branding. In addition, using the apps for making logos available on Android will not pose any challenge, as they are very intuitive and easy to use.

That is why, below, we leave you a list of the best free apps to make logos on Android.

1. Design Evo

Design Evo is a fast and easy logo making app, with over 3500 customizable logo templates, over 100 fonts, lots of graphics and powerful editing tools. However, its opinions are very mixed and many designers seem to reject this logo app. It’s up to you to try it and decide for yourself.

download Design Evo

aplicacion de logos dedign evo

2. Logo Maker Plus

Logo Maker Plus, the app to create Android logos with thousands of graphic elements and editing options for free. Despite its zero cost, it enables a wide variety of tools that will make your logo more professional than it seems at first glance.

download Logo Maker Plus

Mejores apps para hacer logos

3. Logo Generator & Logo Maker

Logo Generator & Logo Maker is a logo maker app that allows you to create a powerful brand for your business in a matter of minutes. However, it offers high quality results thanks to its technology as it allows you to create high quality logos thanks to its numerous design features.

download Logo Generator & Logo Maker

Logo Generator & Logo Maker

4. Logo Maker – logo creator and designer

Logo Maker-Logo Creator is an application to make professional, unique and impressive logos from your phone. Not only will it allow you to make logos, but you can also create any type of content for your brand, from brochures to advertising banners.

To top it off, this logo maker app has its own image and photo editor that will let you play with these elements when designing your logo.

download Logo Maker

Logo Maker–Logo Creator

5. Logo Maker – Create Logo, icon & Graphic Design

It is an app to make logos on Android that is here to make your life easier and best of all, it’s free. You don’t need any prior knowledge to master it, as it is very simple to use.

download Logo Maker – Create Logo, Icon & Graphic Design

aplicacion logo maker

Best apps to make logos on PC

If you still don’t have enough with these apps to make logos from your cell phone, here are some of the 10 best apps to make logos online from your PC:

1. Logomaster

With the Logomaster logo maker app, you can design amazing logos for your company in easy steps. There are 100 templates included and you can experiment with different logo fonts, and its interface is super modern and pleasant to use.

The great advantage of this logo making app is that it works based on Artificial Intelligence. With over 56,000 logos generated, it promises cost savings for the same quality of service. Let’s see how to use it:

As a first step, what you need to do is enter your brand name and click on the Create Logo button.
It will automatically open a screen to select the category of the logo: personal brand, commercial business, start up or product.
Then, it asks you to filter by three types of logos that you like the most according to the offer. Here you will have to choose according to the aesthetics you want.
The next step is to choose the color palette. The great thing about this app for making logos is that it is so intuitive that it shows you examples of ready-made logos along with the colors.
Now it’s time to confirm your brand name, and if you want, add a slogan or tagline.
Once ready, it offers the option to add an icon to your logo. You can filter by keyword or by graphic elements displayed on the screen. Click on the View Result button.
The platform will show you a series of logos created based on the preferences you just configured and now it’s time to edit it further. take advantage of all its design tools and create a logo in this super complete app!
Finally, you just have to save the design and download it in the format that best suits your needs.

use Logomaster

logos en logo master

2. Kreateable

Kreateable allows you to design your logo and pay for it only if you are satisfied with the result. One of the great advantages of this platform to create logos is that it generates high quality files and gives a great margin of freedom when designing.

Besides, you can download your logo in any type of file: PNG, PDF, EPS and SVG as many times as you want and you can customize it for ten more days once you have designed it. Another key aspect you should take into account is that it is very easy to use, just follow these steps:

Fill in your brand name and a slogan if you prefer. Click on the Create Logo button
Fill in the category of your business. For example: architecture. Click the Accept button.
A series of options will open that combine illustrations, your brand and slogan.
Choose the one you like the most and opt for your payment plan.
all that’s left is to download the logo you made in the format that suits you best!

use Kreateable

pantalla de inicio de kreateable

3. Logaster

In this case we bring you an app to create logos that is very easy to use. What you should know is that you can download a low quality design, otherwise you will have to pay a price starting at 10 dollars.

In addition, it gives you the guarantee that your product will be good, since it has already created more than 17 million brands. All this thanks to the fact that it offers a Brand Kit service, in which it can design your logo, but also letterheads, electronic signature and even social networks.

use Logaster

logaster para hacer logos

4. Canva

Canva is one of the best apps for designers, since it contains powerful tools that will allow you to create not only logos, but also posters, banners, business cards, etc.

To make a logo in this app, we recommend you to follow these five fundamental steps:

In case you haven’t already done so, you must register with Canva and Sign In.
Open a new blank workspace. You can choose between different sizes or directly choose the Logo option.
If this is your first time creating logos in an app, we recommend that you choose a ready-to-edit template. Otherwise, go to the toolbar on the left and opt for the many design elements.
Always keep your colors and brand identity in mind. Once your design is ready, save it as a JPEG, PNG or even a print-ready PDF.

use Canva

pantalla de inicio de canva

5. Genie Logo

With Logo Genie’s online logo making website, you will be able to create your own logo in a matter of minutes. The great news about this platform is that it’s free! And it is very easy to use, you will only have to follow these steps:

Choose the category that most closely matches your industry.
Add the name of your company and, if necessary, a slogan.
You can also configure the typographic styles you want to combine and then choose the “Iconed Based Logo” option.
In the central screen you will see a series of sample logos, choose the one you want to customize and use the great amount of design tools that this app offers to create logos.
You will be able to modify: typography, size and color; change the logo icon; add more elements such as shapes, lines and forms; add a background and even change the positions of the elements.
When your design is ready, register and download the file in the format that suits you best.

use Logo Genie

pantalla de inicio de logo genie

6. Free Logo Services

An online app to make a company logo for free that you can use is Free Logo Services. The way this platform works is very similar to the one mentioned above, but it has a special advantage!

This app to create logos has as an optional step the design of articles that include the logo you have just created. For example: you can display it on a T-shirt, a business card and even mugs. Plus, you can save as many as you want, isn’t it great?

use Free Logo Services


7. Free Logo

Logotipo Gratis is an app to make free logos very basic and with few tools, but very easy to use. And when we say it is fast to use, we are not lying! In this case, you don’t even need to register to download your project.

It also has a blog section specially dedicated to logo design and the latest news about the image of the most recognized brands in the market. Finally, this app to create logos also offers you the possibility of designing ready-to-use promotional banners.

use logo Free

logotipo app para hacer logos

8. Logo Maker (PC)

Logo Maker for PC is one of the most famous apps to make logos on the Internet, it has more than 20 million users and its numbers keep increasing. Although it is quite simple to use, when downloading the design you will have to pay a fee, although it is quite low.

However, this app to create logos allows you to create highly complex and customized designs.

use Logo Maker

Logo Maker

9. Online Logo Maker

You can use Online Logo Maker without having to register and download in png format all your logos or register to save and modify them. You can opt for its free plan or its premium plan, which of course will lead you to know the multiple benefits of this platform.

use Online Logo Maker

Online Logo Maker

10. Tailor Brands

Finally, the Tailor Brands logo making app will allow you to create more personal and authentic logos with the personality of your brand. To achieve your goal, you have the help of a virtual assistant that accompanies you in the process of choosing the typography, illustrations and colors you want for your logo.

Then, its algorithms will generate a series of versions that allow you to compare at a glance which is the best option. The fantastic thing about this app to make logos is that it allows you to adapt your design even more personalized after this phase. It also offers you several formats for social networks and web.

use Tailor Brands

Tailor Brands

Balance of the best apps to make logos

Below, we leave this table for you to review and compare the basic information of each of the best apps to make logos and decide which one best suits your needs.


Graphic Design Ebook

Learn the best of the profession of the moment. In this ebook we explain everything you can achieve and what you must learn to succeed in the world of graphic design.


Free resources to create logos

You have already discovered a lot of applications to create logos, but the good news is not over yet. Here is a list of free templates to make the task of creating logos much easier .

Easy and simple logo templates

If you haven’t had any luck with the apps to make logos, don’t get discouraged. In this document you will find 6 templates for logos that will help you design the brand identity of your company in a quick and easy way.

Whether you need to create a simple logo for your own brand or for a client, these templates will be the solution if you don’t want to spend too much time creating one from scratch.

download easy and simple logo templates

plantilla de logos

Natural logos to consolidate your brand’s branding

If you own or work for a natural products brand, today is your lucky day. These natural logos will help you consolidate your organic branding.

In this downloadable file you will find a template in “eps” format, which will open by default with Adobe Illustrator. Therefore, it is very important that you have this software downloaded on your computer.

Then, when you open the template, you will find more than 15 natural style logos with different styles. If your brand has a certification of organic products, these logos will be perfect for you; they are perfect to add to your packaging or in the design of graphic pieces for social networks.

download natural logos

logos naturales

Geometric logos for your business

are you looking for geometric logos for your business or a venture? have you tried logo making apps but you are not convinced by any creation? Then you’ve come to the right place!

This downloadable file contains a pack of geometric logos that you can easily adapt to your brand identity. Explore different designs, styles and choose the one that best suits your goals.

download geometric logos for your venture

logos geométricos

Vintage logos for your business

In this downloadable file you will find more than 10 editable vintage logos that you can adapt to the needs of your brand. In addition, we also share, in the same file, some vector icons that you can freely customize.

This resource is an Adobe Illustrator template, so in order to use it, it is very important that you download this design program on your computer.

Surely, these vintage logos will be very useful for you to start designing the brand identity of your business or enterprise. Do not forget that it is very important that you take this stage calmly, since the logo of your brand is the basis for building your corporate identity .

If you liked any of these logos but you feel that something is missing, you can finish editing it with any of the apps to make logos. it has to be perfect!

download vintage logos for your business

logos vintage

Vector template with boutique logos

If you have to create the brand identity of a boutique, but you don’t have the creativity to do everything from scratch with one of the logo making apps, then this is your solution.

In the following downloadable file you will find boutique logos “hand drawn”, that is, with a handwritten aesthetic. If you like cursive logos, then you’ll love this resource.

Again, you will need to have Adobe Illustrator software installed to be able to open the vector file, as well as WinRAR or WinZip downloaded to unzip the file.

download vector template with boutique logos

logos para boutique

Free clothing logos for your brand

In this free file you will find a pack of clothing logo ideas that will inspire you to build your branding. Each of these logos can be easily customized according to your goals, your taste and the aesthetics of your business.

If you didn’t manage to make a logo you’re proud of with the logo maker apps, then try downloading these templates. you’re sure to find the ideal logo for your business!

Although each of the logo designs have preset elements, you can adjust them to adapt them to the aesthetics of your projects.

download clothing logos for your brand

logos para boutique

Food logos for your business

If you need inspiration to design the logo of your restaurant or cafeteria, pay attention to the following. This pack of food logos will help you build the identity of your business and, in this way, conquer the attention of your audience.

Food business logos are the letter of introduction to the audience, so you must make sure you create a logo that reflects your company’s personality and design an attractive composition for whoever sees it.

In this food logo pack you will find different alternatives that you can adjust to your restaurant’s style and modify them as you wish.

download food logos

logos de comida

Vector spa logo template

do you have in mind to open a spa or beauty business? Then this is the resource you were looking for.

In this file you will find a black and white logo template. The designs are varied, and in them you will find different customizable elements, such as flowers, silhouettes and other geometric shapes that will help you compose your dream logo.

Remember that you can finish editing your logo with any of the apps to make logos.

download vector spa logo template

logos de spa

We hope you found this list of the 20 best logo making apps and free templates useful, and that you are encouraged to try the different options available to you to create your own logo.

But, don’t forget that if you want your logo to be truly unique and original, it is always better to learn about design so that your logo is 100% customized and fits perfectly with your company. Therefore, we recommend you to take a look at our online graphic design courses available and, especially, at our online course on Logo Design from scratch.

According to Castor Vera, teacher of the course, the dream of many designers is “to design a logo that becomes an icon of popular culture”. If you feel identified, start learning about logo design today. you’re sure to amaze all your colleagues with your new skills! And when you least expect it, you will already be putting together your own graphic design quote.

best of luck!

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