20 entrepreneurship ideas that will stand out in your city

Do you have a lot of entrepreneurial ideas in mind, but you don’t know which option can give you more stability and potential clients? have you been thinking about creating your own company for months, but you haven’t been able to define the direction you need?

In this article, we will tell you which are the best entrepreneurial ideas to make a difference among all the proposals that come out every day. in addition, in the final section, you will find a series of tips that will help you put into practice any of our proposals for entrepreneurship.

The best of all is that these innovative ideas for entrepreneurship projects cover various fields, so we are sure you will find one that suits your tastes. So, are you ready to get started?

get out your notepad and write down the ones that convince you the most right now!

1. Consulting Services

Providing consulting services may not be an innovative entrepreneurship idea, but the key here is to approach it from a different perspective.

Our first proposal for entrepreneurship goes beyond putting your knowledge to work and providing support to a company or a professional; the idea is to create your own personal brand online in order to differentiate yourself from professionals who provide a similar service.

In this way, you will reach a wider audience and position yourself in social networks by offering your consulting services in a unique way. Fabián Moncada, teacher of the online course to build your personal brand with the Canvas method, explains the importance of developing your own professional identity:

“If you become a successful personal brand you will be able to live off your talent for the rest of your life doing what you love the most and, above all, making money. Stop looking for work. Make work look for you”.

Therefore, this idea of entrepreneurship suggests sharing your knowledge taking into account the importance of building your personal brand. This way, you will be able to gain more relevance in the industry; this will allow you to get new clients over time.

consultoria ideas de emprendimientoImage: Unsplash

how to create a personal brand?

Here are a couple of tips that will help you build your personal brand. Use them to make this entrepreneurial idea profitable in the long run.

Define a style

To stand out with this venture idea, you must make sure you have a unique visual style that will help you differentiate your image from others.The important thing here is to stand out in visual terms so that you become recognized on the web .

To do this, we recommend the following:

Choose the best fonts
Choose a color palette
Use professional photography
Define a tone of voice

There may be quite a few aspects, but focusing on them before launching this entrepreneurial proposal we suggest will make all the difference.

Create a website

The second tip goes hand in hand with the previous one, since all the aspects previously defined must be projected on your website. Remember that, from this platform, customers will form an image of you and what you offer .

Now, what kind of content can you include in your website? To develop this idea of entrepreneurship very well, one way to complement the personalized 1-on-1 consulting is to develop blog articles for the public to learn more about what you offer.

In addition, you can create a podcast in which you share small tips on different topics. just make sure to detail your experience and all your knowledge so that you become a much more attractive candidate.

Seeing that you offer valuable content, be sure that more than one listener or reader will be convinced that you can help them boost their business, so you will be very successful with this new idea of entrepreneurship.

servicios de consultoríaImage: Unsplash

2. Healthy living business

As time goes by, more and more people are interested in having fitness habits. Therefore, supplying those needs has become one of the most viable entrepreneurship ideas .

In fact, companies that focus on this industry are living their best moment. So why not take advantage of this niche to create business ideas that respond to the interests of the market? Below, we share with you some of the most concrete healthy entrepreneurship ideas that you can start in 2022.

2.1. YouTube channel

The topics you can address in a YouTube channel are very broad. on the one hand, if you know how to perform exercise routines at home, you can leverage your knowledge to create material that is useful for people who want to stay active.

On the other hand, if you have a healthy diet and you are an expert in fitness recipes, your idea of entrepreneurship can be directed to share the recipes you prepare daily through a channel on the platform.

For both entrepreneurship ideas, you don’t need a very professional equipment to get started; just use your cell phone camera to record your first videos.

mujer haciendo rutina de ejerciciosImage: Well and Good

2.2. Healthy food delivery

Another fitness entrepreneurship idea you can focus on making healthy food and products; remember that the number of people interested in healthy food is on the rise.

Create a menu of dishes that is eye-catching, variety is important. For starters, you can offer 5 dishes a la carte. This way, you won’t have to search for a large number of ingredients to supply your customers. Later on, when this venture project gains positioning, you can add new options .

Next, make sure to implement a reliable delivery service. To do this, you can use someone you know or hire one of the delivery apps that are known in your city. The idea is that your customer is always well attended and receives the order on time, otherwise, this venture idea will not prosper.

comida saludable a domicilioImage: Unsplash

3. Eco-friendly products

It is no secret that some companies that manufacture body products use materials that are not at all friendly to nature. According to PETA’s official website:

“To measure toxic effects, rats, mice, guinea pigs, rabbits, and other animals are forced to swallow or inhale massive amounts of a test substance or have a chemical smeared in their eyes or on their skin.”

In response to this, people have chosen to look for alternatives to the products manufactured by the big brands. therefore, this is the perfect time to develop entrepreneurial ideas that respond to the needs of these consumers, while at the same time contributing to the environment.

Here are some ideas for sustainable entrepreneurship:

3.1. Hair and skin care

One entrepreneurship project is the realization of natural soaps, hair products, facial creams, deodorants or reusable personal care products.

An example of this is the brand “The Tortoise and the Hare”, which offers various sustainable skin care products with the firm intention of being eco-friendly. On the other hand, we have the brand “Mae Selva”, an organization of skin care products based on natural elements.

3.2. Organizers

Another way to start a business from home under the ecofriendly concept is the world of reusable organizers, which proposes a revaluation of our own space and the care of the environment in which we live .

If you are passionate about order, ecology and practicality, this entrepreneurial idea is just what you are looking for. This is what YIYA DECO, an innovative venture that focuses on decoration, functionality, practicality and the power of reuse, has come up with.

In both cases, it is essential that you make an analysis of the competition, as the growth of this type of entrepreneurship has been exponential in recent years. In addition, we suggest you explore green marketing to make a greater impact.

productos ecoamigablesImage: Unsplash

4. Delivery

Simply put, a delivery service is the home delivery of products. While it may seem like a simple venture idea, its potential is gaining more and more traction.

To give you a rough approximation of this trend, more than 38% of the world’s population used delivery services in the last quarter of 2020, according to the Smartme Analytics report.

Despite the increasing competition, delivery services are at a stage where it is possible to come up with new market strategies to impact the public. For example, you can generate innovative ventures focused on the delivery of different services: laundry, medicines, documents, etc.

Here it is essential that, beyond picking up or delivering products, you manage to establish a bond with your consumers, so they can recognize you for what you offer: speed, personalized service, friendly treatment or economic rates, you decide!

5. Gift and decoration service

Every day something special is celebrated, whether it be birthdays, anniversaries, graduations, weddings, etc. That’s why this innovative venture idea focuses on making those dates even more memorable. Check out our examples:

5.personalized gifts

To demonstrate the rapid rise of the business of selling gift boxes, personalized boxes and gifts for companies, we want you to know the case of Mondo Box, an entrepreneurship idea that is dedicated to marketing gift boxes for all occasions. This company operates under 3 pillars:

The products contained in their boxes are 100% local industry, that is, they promote the growth of other ventures.
90% of the materials used to create the boxes are reusable.
A portion of their sales is destined for acts of solidarity to soup kitchens and canteens in marginal neighborhoods in the area.

5.decoration for special events

Another innovative business is the decoration for special events. If you have knowledge in any art, are a graphic designer or simply enjoy creating crafts to relieve stress, this business idea is what you are looking for.

The home service of setting and decorating spaces for celebrations is a boom of these times. To successfully achieve the objectives of any innovative idea of entrepreneurship, remember that you must first set your goals.

Likewise, when you are looking to move forward with a venture that involves manufacturing from scratch to the after-sales experience, don’t forget that organization is key. you must consider everything from the design of the idea to the delivery of the finished products!

Servicio de regalería y decoraciónSource: Mondo Box

6. Digital nursery

One of the options that fit you like a glove if you are passionate about the care of plants, is to open your own online nursery. A great advantage of this proposal is that you can develop this entrepreneurial proposal from home.

Of course, you will need a series of fundamental action plans to make this entrepreneurial project idea a success: a great communication strategy, a care system for the plants you sell and a shipping logistics that does not damage the products.

It may seem complicated, but the online plant store Habitanica proves that this entrepreneurial idea is entirely possible to realize. In fact, its creators claim that they had a great growth because their goals were clear.

These are the main actions they developed on their website:

Make the experience of owning a plant as easy as possible.
Inspire the next generation as nature lovers.
Welcome all sexual orientations, gender identities, religion and nationalities.

In addition to generating super attractive and aesthetic communication actions, they address their customers’ pain points in an effective way. they attend to the main doubts – they consider that “no query is silly or obvious” -, offer a wide variety of products and organize knowledge workshops.

ejemplo de emprendimiento de vivero digitalSource: Habitánica

7. Vintage clothing sales

Surely you have seen that vintage clothing stores are gaining more and more popularity. However, the issue is not as simple as dusting off coats and putting them on the web. To carry out this entrepreneurial idea, you need more than a suitcase full of clothes.

In addition to good taste, you must think of something that distinguishes you from the rest. Some brands propose the restoration and customization of clothing to a particular style, others are dedicated to selling luxury brand clothes that are still in good condition. Being clear about the value that your store will bring is key to succeed with this innovative business .

Study your target audience in depth. To do this, you can answer the following questions:

are they potential consumers of these garments?
do they choose them by price or by style?
do they buy vintage because they are looking to care for the environment or is it just a fad?
how much are they willing to pay for a vintage garment?

Now, no matter what approach you decide to give your brand, don’t forget that you must offer garments that are well preserved. If for some reason the fabric has wear and tear, it is important that the customer knows about it, so you will avoid problems later on.

Venta de ropa vintageSource: Unsplash

8. E-commerce store

Within our list of entrepreneurship ideas e-commerce is an activity that over time has gained greater participation, therefore, more and more people are joining this business model.

The ease of buying online invites people to buy from a mobile device or from a computer instead of going to a shopping mall, which is more practical and faster for a brand’s customers.

On the other hand, did you know that, according to figures from Jivochat, since 2020, e-commerce sales figures have increased by 900% in Peru and 500% in Mexico? This means that there is a lot of potential to develop an entrepreneurship idea in this sector!

If you have a product catalog or you are thinking of creating one, it is important to open your own e-commerce store. With this platform, you will be able to manage your store from home and, together with a good digital marketing strategy, you will have the possibility to boost this entrepreneurship project to attract new customers.

Tienda de comercio electrónicoImage: Unsplash

9. Online education

The demand for online education has opened a wide opportunity for various professionals to start their own businesses. Therefore, to develop this proposed entrepreneurship project, you can choose any subject you are proficient in and teach a course regardless of your location .

For example, if you are a person fluent in one or more languages, you can offer customized classes to teach other people interested in enhancing their communication skills. Some of the most demanded languages at the moment are English, Mandarin Chinese and Portuguese.

To carry out this entrepreneurial idea, we recommend you to have a set of tools (laptop, webcam, microphone) and a good internet connection so that no interferences occur during the class session.

mujer enseñando una clase particularSource: Pexels

10. Catering

want to make money with your passion for cooking, but don’t know what entrepreneurship idea to start? catering is an irresistible offer! Although more people cook at home to save money, there are still many of them who are too busy or don’t know how to prepare delicious dishes for some special event.

Therefore, if you have great culinary skills, this is a great entrepreneurial proposal to make money in record time. a great advantage of this business is that you don’t need to offer a complete variety of food, since you can choose which area you want to concentrate on.

For example, you can make a select menu that defines the style of your catering business, focus on appetizers or main courses. Also, you can focus on international cuisine, the typical food of your country, or both.

Remember that if you choose an idea for entrepreneurship that you are passionate about, you can gain an edge over those who are entering this line of business solely to generate income. Focus on what you do best and be prepared to stand out in the industry.

servicio de cateringSource: Pexels

11. Handmade jewelry

Creative handmade jewelry is always in demand, so building a jewelry brand can be one of the best entrepreneurship ideas for 2022. In fact, today there are seemingly limitless places to sell your jewelry from home.

For example, you can sell your jewelry on websites like Etsy, eBay, Mercado Libre and other e-commerce platforms. Of course, if you prefer to do business the traditional way, you can sell them at local craft fairs.

Whatever sales approach you take within this jewelry entrepreneurship idea, we recommend that you also create your own website and perform marketing strategies. This will help you build loyalty with current customers, attract potential customers and, consequently, generate credibility.

emprendedora elaborando joyería artesanalSource: Pexels

12. Professional organization service

looking for a venture idea that can spark joy? Professional organizers, such as Marie Kondo, help people tidy up and save space in their home by following the Konmari method.

Minimalism is becoming extremely popular, but people often find it difficult to part with items they’ve had for a long time. part of starting a venture as a professional organizer is helping clients develop a system for organizing space.

If you are a very tidy person who enjoys making spaces functional and comfortable, this will be one of the best entrepreneurship ideas for you.

One of the reasons many people are encouraged to go into this business is that their clients pay them to help them think of an organization method, which may seem easy. However, in order to succeed with this business proposal, it is important that the tips, tricks or techniques you teach are effective .

Finally, if you decide to carry out this business idea, we advise you to promote your business by sharing before and after photos of the areas of their homes that you have organized, with your client’s permission. Use them to create a portfolio that you can post on social media to attract more people.

Servicio de organización profesionalSource: Pexels

13. Pet Care

Today, many families worldwide have a pet at home, whether it’s a dog, cat or other type of pet. When members are away for extended periods of time and need someone to care for their pets, this pet care venture idea can provide peace of mind.

For this, you have two alternatives. For the first, you will need to have a space to receive the pets when their owners are not at home. be sure to establish a clear business proposal, delimit the hours of operation and prices, and offer close communication with your clients.

The second option of this entrepreneurship idea is to be a pet sitter. in this case, you only need free time to take care of the pet directly from home whenever their owners need it.

If you have another job that only requires an Internet connection and a laptop, you can advance your labors from the house where you were hired, so you will have two sources of income.

servicio de cuidado de mascotasSource: Pexels

14. Creative writing service

Another creative entrepreneurship proposition that creates an opportunity for freelance writers is online content marketing.

Companies have realized the power of content, so they want to publish articles on their websites and add valuable content to generate traffic and attract more customers.

What almost all of these companies are looking for is to have their blog posts show up in relevant searches on Google and other search engines. Therefore, the more you learn about search engine optimization (SEO), the more profitable this venture idea will be for you.

Now, to promote your creative writing services, we recommend designing a website that includes samples of your best writing projects. Additionally, you should include testimonials from satisfied clients, as well as it would be helpful to mention the specific industries you have written for and the names of the companies.

mujer redactando un artículoSource: Pexels

15. Professional photography service

Photography can be one of the best profitable entrepreneurship ideas if you know how to develop it professionally.

For example, you can do portrait photography, commercial sessions for companies, real estate photography or wedding photography. You can also sell photographs through international image banks or market your photos directly on social networks. You decide what direction you want to give to your next entrepreneurial project.

Now, if you want to make your idea of photography entrepreneurship a reality in order to make a living from your talent, we advise you to develop a business plan that defines the following:

Type of client you are targeting
Services you are going to offer
Price per session
Prices for individual photos

In addition, it is essential to be clear about your value proposition, so you can convey it to your clients and let them know why they should prefer your talent over that of others.

16. Makeup for events

If you love makeup, you can dedicate yourself to it professionally. This entrepreneurship idea will work wonders if you are one of those people who love to learn constantly and keep up with the latest fashion trends.

To put this entrepreneurship proposal into practice, you can create a profile on one of the social networks to contact clients and make appointments at home. To promote your talent, take pictures and share them in publications or stories; this will help you gain popularity .

The success of this entrepreneurial project depends on the effort you put into it. If you get a large number of clients, you can open a makeup studio to receive clients or even become an influencer.

17. Food Truck

An innovative idea for entrepreneurship is to focus on selling food through a food truck. In this vehicle -which will also be your kitchen-, you can move around different parts of your city to get new customers. This allows you to take advantage of events or times of the day when there are more people.

On the other hand, we advise you to choose a type of food that is practical and quick to prepare to ensure the success of your business idea, such as pizza, hamburgers or rolls. Now, if you prefer to focus on desserts, ice cream or waffles are a good option.

idea de emprendimiento en food truckImage: Pexels

18. Daily menu service

Previously, we mentioned this entrepreneurship idea focusing on healthy food, however, you can also develop it based on traditional homemade food.

To do this, we advise you to program up to 3 options per day so that your customers can find something to their liking and are encouraged to place an order. communicate the alternatives through WhatsApp or social networks; this entrepreneurship project will be much better if you use digital channels efficiently.

As an extra, you can offer free delivery for areas that are close to your workplace, so you will get the attention of new users.

idea de emprendimiento de menu diarioImage: Pexels

19. Fashion accessories for rent

If you have dresses, handbags or coats that you no longer wear, you will love this entrepreneurial project. the goal of this idea is to lend those items for a limited time in exchange for a cash investment. you can charge an amount per day, depending on the object you are giving to your customers.

This entrepreneurship idea is very easy to put into practice. You only have to select each item you want to rent; then, verify that it is in good condition. Prepare your accessories for a photo shoot and start sharing them on the Internet.

Don’t delay in putting this entrepreneurial proposal into practice; remember that it is an excellent way to transform an expense into an investment.

20. Virtual assistant

Finally, this happens to be one of the best entrepreneurship ideas nowadays, because it has gained a lot of popularity since 2020.

As a virtual assistant, you will have to perform a number of administrative, accounting or general business tasks. for example, these are some of the functions performed by people who have ventured into this entrepreneurship idea

Project management
Strategy planning
Executive assistance
Support to different areas of a company

However, depending on the professional you are assisting, your duties may vary. Therefore, before accepting a job of this type check if the tasks are to your liking.

proyecto de emprendimiento onlineImage: Pexels

Tips for starting a business idea

Before carrying out your entrepreneurial ideas, you should keep in mind that entrepreneurship is not a simple task.

Therefore, if you plan to carry out an entrepreneurial idea, you should prepare yourself to execute your business idea in an effective and organized way. Here are some recommendations to minimize the risks along the way.

1. Define your goals

what is your intention in developing any of the venture ideas? It is important that, before looking for the necessary resources, you determine what is the purpose of your product or service and what sensation you want to generate in your consumers .

Define your short, medium and long term objectives so that you can measure the scope of your project and have a clearer picture. You can apply the SMART objectives method.

On the other hand, evaluate the impact your venture ideas will have on the public. Put yourself in the position of a customer and determine what you would like to see in what you offer.

definición de objetivos para un emprendimientoImage: Unsplash

2. Optimize time

Organizing your time and your work rhythm is one of the most important aspects to execute any entrepreneurship project. It is vital that you establish dates and schedules to fulfill the daily functions of your business, so you will keep everything in order. Fortunately, there are time management tools that can help you.

When you become an entrepreneur you automatically become the owner of your time, which is why you must have discipline to meet each of the goals you set for yourself with your brand.

calendario de fechas de actividadesImage: Unsplash

3. Create Digital Marketing strategies

Well, you have already defined your goals and you know how to optimize your time, so you are ready to take the next step that will lead you to successfully fulfill any idea of entrepreneurship.

Whenstarting a new project, having an action plan that determines your future aspirations and how to invest your available resources is fundamental. All an innovative venture needs, besides good and refreshing ideas, is to have a clear idea of the path to follow.

If your business idea does not have social media strategies, you can be sure that it will go unnoticed. remember that if you want your brand to be successful, it is a must that you analyze your audience in depth and choose the most appropriate digital platforms to disseminate your content.

Download this digital marketing ebook for entrepreneurs to learn the key guidelines to develop an effective digital marketing strategy. This way, your brand will become more known and valued, therefore, you will gain more customers.

estrategias de marketing digitalImage: Unsplash

4. Build a network of contacts

Support is key to get an entrepreneurial idea off the ground. From the very beginning, having a source of support is vital to move your business forward.

Therefore, we advise you to attend entrepreneurship fairs to exchange information with investors and other professionals who are on the same path as you. the former can help you finance your business, while with the latter you can start a strategic alliance later on to boost your company.

Therefore, to boost your entrepreneurship project through networking, identify what you can offer in exchange for what you need. Remember that, in these cases, both parties must come out as winners.


5. Don’t lose motivation

The most important thing to fulfill the functions of your entrepreneurial ideas is to be filled with optimism.

However, you must also put your feet on the ground and know that there may be times when your results are not what you expected. In those cases, it is essential that you keep your peace of mind and keep your faith intact.

When you have moments of success, evaluate what were the aspects that favored your entrepreneurial ideas, and do not hesitate to replicate them to make better decisions in the future.

enfoque en la idea de emprendimientoImage: Pexels

we’ve reached the end of the article! which of these entrepreneurship ideas would you like to plan and carry out? Undoubtedly, 2022 will be a year full of changes, challenges and opportunities that you should take advantage of to materialize all those ideas you have in mind .

good luck!

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