+200 names for Facebook pages that will help you create the one for your business

Did you know that facebook page names can be key when positioning a brand? come on, let’s do it! We invite you to learn about ideas, tips and tools that will not only make it easy for you to create Facebook page names, but also make them a success.

At the end of this tour, you will know perfectly what name for Facebook suits the page of a company, a blog or any particular topic. ready for this digital journey?

let’s get started!

Facebook page name ideas for clothing pages

Probably, you are in the process of creating a clothing Facebook store and you realized that the only thing you are missing is the name. Nothing to worry about. We are going to provide you with some names for clothing Facebook pages that will serve as inspiration for your online clothing store.

do you want an original name that you could even use on your website? When it comes to names for clothing Facebook pages, there are a few things you should take into account when choosing them before you start. For this reason, it will be very useful to answer the following basic questions:

what style of clothing do you want to sell?
who is your target customer?
who are your competitors?
what image do you want to project to customers with your brand?

If you already have the answers, read on. Below, you’re going to find some suggestions for clothing Facebook page names that might inspire you, especially for unisex, casual and sportswear stores, but also for specialized online clothing stores and second-hand clothing stores. ready?

My little clothing house
S3XY and Casual
Her and Him
Tag me
Selfie Mode
Avatar Fashion
Nu Metal
Global Flaunt
I Cheered Japanese Style
Double Moral
Andro Mode
Undefined Roles
Fashion in Leather and Soul
The Hanger
In vogue
Capsule closet

Facebook Gaming page name ideas

If you weren’t interested in the list of names for clothing Facebook pages, it’s because maybe what you’re looking for is a name for a Facebook Gaming page. do you have a talent for gaming or writing about gaming?

If you are thinking about names for Facebook Gaming, coming up with a creative name is the first and most important task to succeed. Of course, it should have the characteristics of a Facebook Gaming name: loud, short and easy to remember. Therefore, we have gathered several Facebook Gaming page name ideas that will inspire you.

However, don’t forget to check Google before checking if they are actually available, you know that ideas “fly” and it could be that someone has beaten us to it. Anyway, our intention with these names for Facebook Gaming pages is just a starting point and a reference to stimulate creativity.

Gimme Five, Gamer!
The Gamer Hour
Gamer Age
Well Played!
HF Have Fun!
From Ego to Game
Game Review Zone
Welcome, Gamer!
The Gaming Nerd
Online Gamer Nation
Hidden Cheats
Gamer Monarchy
Epic Gamer
Game We Are
Fun & Games
Hacking Destiny
Game Basement
The Neighbor Gamer
Facebook Gaming Bloggers
Hands on Keyboard
Be Right Back!
Recharge Time
Loading Bloggers
Consoles and consolations
Pixels and brushes
Gaming Royalty
Inspector Gamer
Health Point Blogger
Ready Player Two!

Music Facebook page name ideas for music pages

Of the top Facebook pages, 44 of the top 100 are music related, according to the Hypebot portal. Generally, music Facebook pages come in many shapes and styles, but they all need to start with a name. what name can I give my music Facebook page? Before you start, the first thing you need to think about is the following:

what kind of music do you want to focus on: Rap, K-Pop, Rock, Electronic music, Pop, Independent, Classical music, Country…?
is your target audience music lovers, musicians or both?
do you want to talk about music events, music self-management, instruments and technology?
Or probably you just want to upload music video content. If so, just find out about copyright if it’s not your music.

Either way, we think you’ll have an easier time with this list of creative name ideas for music Facebook pages.

Sing, your evil is scared away
With my music elsewhere
Listen and sing
For your ears only
Calming wild beasts
Listen and fly
My throne is my music
More than music
Infectious notes
World no, music yes
State of Consciousness
In musical costume
rock and Blog!
Loud Makes Friends
Pop Underground
In case you’re missing any sense
Music, poet and madman
For all seasons
To the one inside me
Melodies to work with laughter
The musical host
Pentagram Kingdom
Always Playlist
Musician’s complexes
Rock and Grow!
Vintage musicians
Crazy about EarPods
The note denotes
What’s playing now
The House of Notes
Indie Bands
Violín chiquito
Rock Atolla Güey

After you have chosen the name for your music Facebook page, the best thing to do is to create and promote a music newsletter. Facebook offers undeniable opportunities to engage your fan community and grow your music audience.

Makeup and Beauty Facebook Page Name Ideas

With a booming cosmetics industry globally, there are more and more makeup and beauty Facebook pages to compete with. Therefore, the name for the FB page you choose should attract the audience to the desired destination.

According to the elEconomista platform, this market, driven mainly by influencers on social networks, could represent more than $800 billion by 2023.

The beauty industry includes companies that design, manufacture and distribute cosmetics, as well as professionals who provide beauty-related services. Whatever your specialty, you’ll need a unique name. Below, check out our list of makeup and beauty Facebook page name ideas we’ve compiled.

Liberté Beauté
Beautiful and Natural
roots and Wellness
Organique et primordial
Organic girl
Beauty in freedom
Miss Creams
Madame Mode
Fruity and citrus
Pamper me mode
Charlotte 50
Kika’s store
Je m’adore
Venus makeup and beauty
Mommy Style
April’s Shop

Accessory Facebook page name ideas

When starting an accessories business, it’s not easy to come up with original Facebook page names. One important tip to keep in mind is that a brand name always projects a company’s value, mission and vision to the world, as well as always leaving a positive impression.

These names for accessories Facebook pages will give you inspiration when choosing a name for your fashion accessories business. If your intention is to start with no hope of growth, choosing a simple name is more than enough. But if your idea is to make your business grow day by day, then make sure you choose the perfect name for your accessories Facebook page. let’s get started!

Fashion Face
Sito Glam
Fashion Culture
Sky Palace
Attractive symbol
Online beatitude
In the nest of fashion
Fashion mode
Passo à Moda
Loving you to live
Enchanting Forge
Amore per la moda
With vintage style.
My blue dress.
Friend’s secret.
More than beautiful.
Straight to my closet.
Fashion up to date.

You can name your accessories Facebook page with any name that brings together all the qualities of your brand. The idea for how to choose a name for a fashion accessories Facebook page is to always keep it simple, memorable, unique and universal. Any name with these qualities can be give a perfect name idea for your fashion accessories business on Facebook.

Miscellaneous names for Facebook pages

We come to the part where I will seek to stimulate your inspiration as much as possible. To that end, you will have a chance to explore, discover and evaluate a wide range of ideas. It is important to let you know that the names you will see are legally registered. Some of them at digital and civil level. The purpose of disseminating them is merely illustrative, and we hope you find the inspiration you are looking for!

Names for Pediatrics Facebook Pages

147. Made for peques.Educa peques.

148. Bebesalud.

149. The children’s blog.

150. The baby’s diary.

151. Supermoms.

Names for Facebook Technology pages

152. Geek point.

153. More than apple.

154. My digital escape.

155. Hard maniacs.

156. Fiiki pandi.

157. Cool gadget.

Names for Female Aesthetics Facebook pages

158. Women’s Essence.

159. My easy hairstyles.

160. beauty tips.

161. She wears it.

162. Live beautiful.

163. Make up your eyes.

Facebook Marketing Page Names

164. The webera.

165. Marketing today.

166. Marketing techniques.

167. Marketing only.

168. Networks and marketing.

169. SMEs marketing.

un hombre visualiza su cuenta de facebook en la pantalla de su computadorSource: Unsplash

Names for Facebook Travel pages

170. Total traveler.

171. Routes and maps.

178. Inter travelers.

179. Planitravel.

180. The happy traveler.

181. Traveling intelligence.

Names for Facebook Science pages

182. Breakfast with photons.

183. Molecular gene.

184. Billions.

185. Petroleum jelly beans.

186. Cantabrian nature.

187. Couch science.

Names for Facebook Literature pages

188. Poetic world.

189. Between metaphors.

190. Educates free.

191. Some good books.

192. Enchanted words.

193. Cultural Rop.

Names for Economics and Finance Facebook pages

194. The captor.

195. Gurus blog.

196. Nothing is free.

197. Blog and wool.

198. Financial Sherpa.

199. Dividend hunting.

una pantalla proyecta la página del new york times en facebook Source: Unsplash

Funny names for Facebook pages

Here are some proposals born from the sense of humor of content creators, advertisers, creatives and users in general. Disclaimer: any of the suggestions are legally registered. My purpose is simply to stimulate your imagination, creativity and originality.

200. Jimmy Neutron.

201. Reggae Man.

202. Gummy Bear.

203. angel and Cupid.

204. Omar Icon.

205. Green elf.

206. Susana Torio.

207. Marisol Girasol.

208. Soly Luna.

209. Cuchi Chuchi.

210. Laura Lala.

211. Inés Queleto.

212. Make a wish when a policeman says ‘blow’.

213. The vicious circle of not finding your glasses because you can’t see them.

214. You see that now Boy George.

215. There are three of us and Harrison Four.

216. Maná would be an instrumental group without the word ‘love’.

While it is important to be original and creative, it is much more important to be able to synthesize in the name of the facebook page of your venture, something that identifies you and your project. Therefore, beyond the variety of ideas proposed, resorting to the simple always has its reward.

Valla publicitaria de Facebook dedito arribaSource: Unsplash

Rules for the creation of names according to Facebook

Let’s start with the parameters you need to know if you want to create Facebook names for pages, groups and personal profiles. It is very important to know and apply these rules, not only to be part of the most important social network, but also because they apply to the entire Internet.

An example of a Facebook name that is totally forbidden is the one in which the word Facebook or a variant is found.
Avoid all words or phrases that may be offensive to people of a different ethnicity, religion, ideology or sexuality than yours.
It is strictly forbidden to use the term “official” if you are not the administrator or owner of the online account.
All Facebook profile names must not contain symbols, e.g. ®, or unnecessary symbols.
Only names for Facebook pages written in capital letters are valid, if the printed word corresponds to an acronym.
Facebook names must comply with the grammatical rules of the language in which the user communicates.
The names of users, regardless of whether they are individuals or companies, cannot contain generic words, for example: pudding, because it will not be considered valid.
If you want to achieve original names for Facebook, the use of slogans must be avoided. This will be contemplated in the section enabled for the description of the product or service to be promoted.
All those names for accounts based on geographical locations are not authorized. For example: Ireland. Unless it refers to a personality or an entity linked to that site. For example: National Bank of Ireland.

As you can see, complying with these regulations makes it possible to create an account, profile and page on the social network. Therefore, keep them in mind.

how to create creative names for Facebook pages?

Among the millions of existing Facebook account and page names, those that stand out meet a number of key characteristics. Let’s see then what attributes facilitate the positioning of a brand through its name on this social network.

1. Answer this questionnaire

In order to complement the information provided, we invite you to put into practice the following questionnaire. We know that it will be of great help when defining the name for your Facebook page.

what do you call yourself?
what do you usually call your product or service?
how does the public refer to what you practice or produce?
what is the message you want to convey with your project?
what is your main source of inspiration for your work?
If the name of your brand were a sensation, an emotion or a feeling: what would it be?

Finally, always keep in mind the following basic parameters if you want to create successful Facebook page names. Moreover, they are also valid tips for the creation of content for your social networks:

Now it’s time to sort out and refine the best name ideas for your Facebook page. We recommend that you choose three options from among all those available, and carry out a draw. Trust your instinct, we know you will do well. However, if you have any doubts about administrative issues regarding your page, we invite you to contact Facebook’s help center. No doubt, you’ll find the answer you’re looking for.

un hombre toma nota con lápiz y papel frente a una laptopSource: Pexels

2. Choose a short name for your Facebook Page

Ideally, the name for the account of your current or future venture should have as few words/characters as possible. Think that this aspect will be central from several points of view. Namely:

A name that is appreciated in little space will be more effective to implement in social networks.
A synthetic name will adapt much better to the demands of the Internet when creating a website.
A short name is easier to remember.

un monitor proyecta el logo de facebookSource: Pexels

3. Create a simple name for your Facebook page

It’s essential that your firm’s name on Facebook is spelled, pronounced, read and heard as a matter of course. Think of it this way: it should flow in your client’s mind just like your own name does. Some reasons to compose your name simply:

A name that is simple to read and say is ideal for being remembered.
The public will not feel the need to write it down, spell it and decipher it. If this happens, the public will give up and go to the competition.

Tip: test the name with your family, friends or colleagues. If the difficulty in pronunciation or recall is high, please go back to brainstorming.

un cartel luminoso de facebookSource: Unsplash

4. Think of a familiar name for your Facebook page

One strategy to identify yourself with your venture will be to appeal to what is most characteristic of you: your name. Naturally, you will have to rethink this alternative if your company/firm is formed by other people.

However, consider this suggestion within the process of designing your brand. For example: if you are dedicated to lyric writing and your name is Martin or Valeria, then a possible Facebook page name idea would be: Martin is Poetry or Valeria with Rhyme.

un celular proyecta el logo de facebook y material de libreríaSource: Unsplash

5. Use only letters in the name for your Facebook page

Although you often see names for Facebook pages linked to technical fields that incorporate numbers in their name, however, I recommend that your project’s brand name does not contain numbers.

Also, avoid by all means the implementation of orthographic signs. It is true, you can get original names for Facebook that also look avant-garde, nice and/or futuristic, however, they can end up playing a dirty trick on you.

The name will be complex to write, to read, to pronounce and to remember for the public.
Access to symbology and numbering on the keyboards of digital devices is not usually practical.
The name configured with signs and numbering will be more cumbersome to adapt, for example, for the url of a website.

la palabra facebook formada por fichas de scrabbleSource: Pexels

6. Make sure the name for your Facebook page is SEO friendly

In the 21st century, it is essential to implement, in the right measure, knowledge related to web positioning when imagining names for Facebook pages.

Therefore, do not hesitate to carry out a digital research that will allow you to know which are the “keywords or key phrases” that your competitors use in their Facebook account, user and page names. For this part of your work I invite you to explore our data and analytics courses. I know you will find them very useful.

This way, you will have more chances to optimize your profile views and, therefore, increase the “digital word of mouth” from your Facebook account to other networks or your website.

For example: imagine that you will manufacture gourds for the Uruguayan market. In order to connect with the public, you could link the product to a famous local expression. A possible name would be: Mate Bo! or Mate Bo? or MateBo. As you can see, creativity/originality are key to create a memorable brand. Plus, it will be easier to position.

una mujer opera facebook en un computador Source: Pexels

7. Create a catchy name.

It’s important to avoid using a generic Facebook name like “Clothing” or “Working Out.” lately, Facebook has been disabling pages with generic names because the platform wants pages to authentically represent businesses, celebrities and brands. So try using a catchy name that is associated with your business.

8. Register and secure the name for your Facebook page

Now then, let’s look at one aspect that is key when naming your brand. It is essential that your username, account name or Facebook page name is not currently active.

For this purpose, you should carry out a previous research to check which are the active Facebook page names by the competition.

Please keep in mind that if you do not perform a digital audit of the active names, you will most likely need to create a new Facebook account name. I know it would be cumbersome, however, you will need to do so because of the possible consequences. To wit:

Other firms could eventually take legal action against your company. One possible argument: that you want to take advantage of their reputation and audience.
Connected to the above, it could hinder the work of positioning, recognition, acceptance and public loyalty.

Página de inicio de Facebook en computadoraSource: Pexels

see you next time!

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