290 examples of compound words to shine as a literacy expert

There are many examples of compound words all around us. In fact, we use them daily and they are part of our daily life in an unconscious way .

We already know that the possibilities of language are infinite. thus, compound words are the “bricks” that build new thoughts and realities; and that allow us to communicate in the best way with our environment and even with ourselves.

In this context, examples of compound words are fundamental resources to optimize our communication skills.

Therefore, for you to know them and incorporate them into your everyday language, both personal and professional, we have prepared this post about the +290 best examples of compound words.

As a result, you will improve your communication skills anytime, anywhere.

are you ready to learn more about compound words? here we go!

+80 examples of compound words with verb + noun

There are many possible rules and combinations to build compound words. Therefore, we have separated groups of compound word examples for each of the lexical categories.

Below, we provide you with a complete list with the most common compound words in Spanish: those that are built by means of a verb plus a noun. take note!

Ablandabrevas (ablandar + breva, crushed and soft cigar).
Abreboca (open + mouth).
Abrebotellas (open + bottles).
Abrelatas (open + cans)
Letter opener (open + cards).
Car opener (open + cars).
Party pooper (water + party).
Abrelatas (open + can).
Abreojos (open + eyes).
Alicaído (wings + fall).
Alzacuellos (raise + neck).
Amansaburros (tame + donkeys).
Aparcacoches (to park + cars).
Buscavidas (search + lives).
Calientapies (warm + feet).
Cantautor (sing + author).
Cariampolla (face + blister).
Carnivore (meat + voro, to devour).
Nutcracker (crack + nuts).
Cascarrabias (cascar + rabias).
Cortafuego (cut + fire).
Cortaplumas (cut + feathers)
Correcaminos (to run + roads).
Chupamedias (suck + socks).
Bloodsucker (suck + blood).
Cubrecabezas (cover + head).
Cubrecama (cover + bed).
Cuentagotas (count + drops).
Cuentakilómetros (count + kilometers).
Step counter (count + steps).
Cuentavueltas (count + laps).
Destripacuentos (gutting + stories).
Duermevela (sleep + candle).
Espantapájaros (scare away + birds).
Girasol (to turn + sun).
Guardarropa (to keep + clothes).
Guardabarros (to keep + mud).
Guardabosques (guard + forests).
Hispanohablante (hispanic + speak).
Flamethrower (flamethrower + flames).
Lavacochesches (wash + cars).
Dishwasher (wash + dishes)
Limpiabotas (clean + boots).
Maniatar (hands + tie).
Matasanos (kill + healthy).
Matamoscascas (kill + flies).
Matarratas (to kill + rats).
Matasuegras (to kill + mothers-in-law).
Metepatas (put + legs).
Mondadientes (to toothpick + teeth).
Montacargas (ride + loads).
Parabrisas (stop + breeze).
Bumper (stop + shocks).
Parachute (stop + falls).
Umbrellas (stop + water).
Lightning rod (stop + lightning).
Handrail (pass + hand).
Pasatiempo (pass + time).
Pelagatos (peel + cats).
Pintalabios (paint + lips).
Paperweight (to step on + papers).
Airplane carrier (carry + airplanes).
Folder holder (carry + papers).
Nail polish remover (remove + nail polish).
Stain remover (remove + stains).
Snowplow (remove + snow).
Skyscraper (scrape + skies).
Puzzle breaker (break + head).
Heartbreaker (break + hearts).
Icebreaker (break + ice).
Rompeolas (break + waves).
Know-it-all (know + everything).
Corkscrew (take out + corks).
Sacamuelas (take out + molars).
Pencil sharpener (take out + tip).
Grasshopper (jump + mountains).
Tablecloth savers (save + tablecloths).
Screensaver (save + screens).
Life saver (save + lives).
Skylight (swallow + light).
Tirabuzón (throw + mailbox).
Tocadiscos (play + records).
Trabalenguas (lock + tongue).
Trotamundos (trotar + worlds).

did you pay attention to this set of compound word examples? did you notice the infinite combinatorial options that exist?

+5 examples of compound words with adjective + adjective

In this post about examples of compound words, we can’t fail to mention the lexical construction that occurs when we join an adjective with another adjective. Here, we present them so you can include them in your vocabulary:

Bittersweet (sour + sweet).
Altibajo (high + low).
Bienaventurado (good + adventurous).
Buenhumor (good + humor).
Chiaroscuro (light + dark).
Grandiloquent (great + eloquent).
Rojiblanco (red + white).
Sordomudo (deaf + dumb).


+35 examples of compound words with adjective + noun

Now, it’s time to review those examples of compound words that are made up of adjectives and nouns; and that you can include in the production of all your texts or oral conversations.

According to a Forbes analysis, the way we write determines the way we communicate and transmit our ideas. In fact, language and compound words are a precise way to make known desires, thoughts and means to achieve all kinds of goals.

don’t forget to write down those examples of compound words that you want to add to your dictionary!

Airport (air + port).
Aerotransporte (air + transport).
Aguardiente (water + burning).
Alicaído (wings + fallen).
Altiplanicie (high + plain).
Barbilampiño (beard + hairless).
Barbirrojo (beard + red).
Boquiabierto (mouth + open).
Camposanto (field + holy).
Caradura (face + hard).
Cariagileño (face + aquiline).
Carialegre (face + cheerful).
Carialzado (face + raised).
Cariampollado (face + blistered).
Cariancho (face + wide).
Carilargo (face + long).
Cejijunto (eyebrow + together)
Cuellirojo (neck + red).
Ecosystem (ecological + system).
Electrocardiogram (electrical + cardiogram).
Electroencephalogram (electric + encephalogram).
Electromagnetism (electrical + magnetism).
Peppermint (herb + good).
Malasangre (bad + blood).
Malhumor (bad + mood).
Maniatado (hand + tied).
Manirroto (hand + broken).
Medianoche (half + night).
Mediodía (half + day).
Ojialegre (eye + cheerful).
Pasodoble (step + double)
Patidifuso (paw + diffuse).
Pelirrojo (hair + red).
Puntiagudo (tip + sharp).
Thoroughbred (pure + blood).
Rectilinear (straight + line).
Rioplatense (river + platense)
Santiamén (saint + amen).

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5 examples of compound words with noun + adverb

Continuing with our guide on examples of compound words, we detail you some proposals that are formed by noun and adverbial constructions:

Cabizbajo (head + bass).
Cejijunto (eyebrows + together).
Ojienjuto (eyes + together).
Pasodoble (steps + double).
Caralarga (face + long).

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+60 examples of compound words with noun + noun

In these examples of compound words, we find simple and unexpected combinations, as is the case of the word “artimaña”, which is composed of two nouns: “arte” and “maña”, which refers to skill or ability.

But this compound word is only one of the list of compound terms that are built from this linguistic paradigm. Let’s look at the remaining examples of compound words below:

Afro-American (African + American).
Aquamarine (water + marine).
Aguanieve (water + snow).
Anglo (Anglo prefix for English + speaker).
Artifice (art + craft).
Arthropod (from Greek for articulation + foot).
Astronaut (astro, star + nauta, navigator).
Autocaravan (car + caravan).
Self-government (self, self + government).
Hail Mary (bird + Mary).
Arcoiris (arch + rainbow).
Balompié (ball + foot).
Baloncesto (ball + basket).
Bocacalle (mouth + street).
Bocamanga (mouth + sleeve).
Coliflor (cabbage + flower).
Cortacescespedas (cutter + lawn).
Cortapuros (cutter + cigars).
Donjuán (don + Juan).
Photography (photo + graphic).
Fotomontage (photo + montage).
Guardabanderas (guard + flags).
Guardabarrancos (guard + ravines).
Guardabarrera (guard + barrier).
Mudguard (guard + mud).
Guardabosques (guard + forest).
Guardabrisa (guard + breeze).
Guardacabras (guard + goats).
Guardacaminos (guard + roads).
Guardacartuchos (guard + cartridges).
Guardacostas (guard + coasts).
Guardaespalda (guard + back).
Goalkeeper (guard + goal).
Closet (guard + clothing).
Heliport (helicopter + port).
Hydroplane (hydro, water element + airplane).
Hispanoamericano (Hispanic + American).
Hispanohablante (Spanish + speaker).
Hojalata (sheet + can).
Latin American (Latin + American).
Lavacochesches (car washer + car).
Lavacopas (washer + glasses).
Dishwasher (washer + dishes).
Dishwasher (washer + dishes).
Boot cleaner (cleaner + boots).
Windshield wiper (wiper + windshield).
Speech therapy (logo, words + pedia, therapy).
Honeysuckle (mother + jungle).
Mapamundi (map + world).
Motocarro (motor + cart).
Motosierra (motor + saw).
Narcotraficante (narcotics + dealer).
aircraft carrier (carrier + aircraft).
Portafolios (carrier + folios).
Portalámpara (carrier + lamp).
Portrait holder (carrier + portrait).
Porcupine (porcupine + thorn).
Puntapié (tip + foot).
Radiocasete (radio + cassette).
Deafblind (deaf + blind).
Sordomudo (deaf + mute).
Cobweb (web + spider).
Video game (video + game).

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+5 examples of compound words with verb + verb

Likewise, compound words can be created by combining two verbs, as in the following cases:

Cascarabias (cascar + rabiar).
Compraventa (buy + sell).
Ganapierde (win + lose).
Hazmerreír (to make + laugh).
Compraventa (buy + sell).
Duermevela (sleep + watch).
Subibaja (to go up + down).
Tejemaneje (weave + handle).
Vaivén (to go + to come).

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25 examples of compound words with adverb + adjective

At the same time, there are examples of compound words that are built with an adverb and adjective. Here, we present them to you:

Antidepressive (anti, adverb of negation + depressive).
Anti-slippery (anti + slippery).
Antiperspirant (anti + perspiring).
Likewise (likewise + same).
Biempensante (well + thinking).
Bienamado (well + loved).
Bienhablado (well + spoken).
Entrometido (entre + metido).
Extracommunitarian (extra + communitarian).
Extracorporeal (extra + corporeal).
Extrajudicial (extra + judicial).
Intranquilidad (in, negative + tranquility).
Uneasy (in + tranquil).
Intrascendence (in + transcendence)
Intranscendent (in + transcendent).
Intransferable (in + transferable).
Intransgressible (in + transferable).
Intransmutable (in + transmutable).
Intractable (in + treatable).
Ill-advised (ill + advised).
Malcriado (mal + criado).
Malpensado (ill + thought).
Monosabio (monkey, prefix of one + wise).
Softly (soft + mind).
Submarine (sub + marine).

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+10 examples of compound words with adverb + adverb

On the other hand, there are those compound words built through adverbs, such as the following:

Altibajo (alto + bajo).
Anteayer (antier + ayer).
Quadrilateral (four + lateral, sides).
Thirteenth (tenth + third).
Fourteenth (tenth + fourth).
Fifteenth (tenth + fifth).
Sixteenth (tenth + sixth).
Seventeenth (tenth + seventh).
Entremedias (between + half).
Entremedio (between + half).
Entremés (of French origin, entre + me, table).
Extralimitation (extra + limitation).
Mediodía (half + day).
Nochebuena (night + good).

scrabble de palabras compuestas

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+35 examples of compound words with adverb + noun

Moving a little further in this post about the best examples of compound words, the time has come to address the importance of constructions made with an adverb and noun .

don’t forget each of these compound words and enrich your encyclopedia!:

Antifaz (anti + faz).
Bienandante (bien + andante).
Bienaventurado (bien + aventurado).
Bienhechor (well + doer).
Bienintencionado (well + intentional).
Buenaventura (good + adventurous).
Centipede (hundred + feet).
Plywood (against + veneer).
Contradanza (contra + dance).
Boatswain (against + master, navigation).
Countermanifestation (against + manifestation).
Contramano (against + hand).
Countermark (against + mark).
Countermarch (against + frame).
Countermarch (against + march).
Contramarea (against + tide).
Countermarch (against + mine).
Counter spring (against + spring).
Counter wall (against + wall).
Contramuro (against + wall).
Cuatrimoto (four + motorcycle).
Entreacto (between + act).
Extramatrimonial (extra + matrimonial).
Intracellular (intra, inside + cells).
Intradermal (intra + dermis, skin).
Intramural (intra + walls)
Intramuscular (intra + muscle).
Intranet (intra + net, network).
Intraocular (intra + ocular).
Intransigent (in, negative + transigent).
Malnutrition (mal + nutrition).
Malhumor (bad + mood).
Millefeuille (thousand + leaves).
Skateboard (monkey, prefix of one + skateboard).
Monorrail (monkey, prefix of one + rail, train).
Sinfín (without + end).
Overabundance (over, over + abundance).
Overdose (over + dose).
Sobremesa (over + table).

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+20 examples of compound words with adverb + verb

On the other hand, there are many examples of compound words created from an adverb and a verb construction. Here, we detail you only some alternatives of this type of compound words:

Bienestar (bien + estar).
Bienquerer (bien + querer).
Bienvenido (bien + venir).
Bienvivir (well + live).
Cantamañanas (to sing + tomorrow).
Catalejo (catar, old Spanish for “to look” + far).
Contradecir (contra + decir).
Contramarcar (contra + to mark).
Contramarchar (contra + march).
Cumpleaños (cumplir + años).
Dondequiera (where + want).
Entresacar (entre + sacar).
Untranslatable (in, prefix negation + translate).
Intragable (in + swallow).
Intranquilizador (in + tranquilizar).
Malcriar (mal + criar).
Malgastar (mal + gastar).
Mandamás (to command + more).
Maldecir (mal + decir).
Menospreciado (less + appreciate).
Pasatiempo (spend + time).
Siempreviva (always + live).
Sobredimensionar (over, above + dimensionar).

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3 examples of compound words with pronoun + verb

In this section of our study on the main examples of compound words, we will show you those linguistic constructions formed by a pronoun and a verb:

Any (which + want).
Quehacer (qué + hacer).
Quienquiera (who + want).

Generally, when speaking and writing correctly, some grammatical and spelling errors of varying degrees may occur. This depends on the academic level of the user of the language, as well as the quantity and quality of his or her reading.

For his part, Jeff Bezos, majority shareholder of Amazon, affirms in an Infobae study, that although learning grammar and normative notions is fundamental, no action replaces the acquisition of writing skills offered by the act of reading .

In this context, the misuse of pronouns can be one of the main reasons for mistakes when writing.

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Thus, it is very important to detect which are the examples of compound words of this kind in order to incorporate them properly in all the communication media we use on a daily basis. This includes the correct use of compound words, both in private conversations as well as at work. In the latter case, the objective is to captivate your interlocutor in a face-to-face and/or digital way .

As Nelly Acosta, Digital Editor at HuffPost and teacher in charge of our online Introduction to Digital Writing course, says: “The reader decides what to read, at what time to read and how much time to dedicate to the texts. (…) It doesn’t matter how much time you’ve put into your writing or how interesting your text is. The rule of digital writing; and also, offline is: ‘The reader is king and content is queen’

Therefore, it is essential to know the examples of compound words, pay close attention when writing persuasive texts and develop the ability to detect the main writing mistakes. This, in order to have the most perfect writing possible .

In short, keep in mind these examples of compound words and include them in your list of new terms, to strengthen your effective communication skills with your peers; and even your qualities as an expert in copywriting in social networks.

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+10 examples of compound words with complete sentences

Most of the compound word examples you’ve seen so far are compositions consisting of two elements. but this is just the beginning! It’s just that there’s nothing stopping you from combining 3, 4 or even 5 elements to create compound words.

As in the rest of the cases, the examples of compound words that we present you in this section, are also excellent for working on literacy and its practical application. here they go!

Bienteveo (bien + te + veo).
Enhorabuena (en + hora + buena).
Llevaitrae (lleva + y + trae).
Correveidile (run + go + and + tell him).
Metomentodo (me, me + get + into + everything).
Forget-me-not (don’t + me + forget).
Pordiosero (pedir + god + charity).
Porsiacaso (por + si + si + acaso).
Sabelotodo (sabe + lo + todo).
Vaivén (va + y + ven).
Yoquepierdista (yo + que + que + perder + istmo).

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As you have seen throughout this article about the best examples of compound words, these are essential to expand our vocabulary and communicate efficiently, either in our personal and/or work environment.

Remember that all words (including compound words) shape our thoughts and allow us to convey messages and emotions. In this way, they enhance our cognitive development by optimizing communication performance.

And as the American writer and journalist Truman Capote says: “For me, the greatest pleasure in writing is not the subject matter, but the music that the words make”. And so, just as music needs the right tuning, words must sound perfect to generate the desired effect on the audience.

So, take into account this analysis on the best examples of compound words; and you will see how, little by little, you will be able to make your texts a content that attracts each of your readers or interlocutors.

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