40 fonts for logos: how to choose the best typeface?

Let’s be honest, better than 10 are 40 fonts for logos. And that’s what you’ll find in this article. Let’s see why typefaces for logos are so sought after…

If we had to make an analogy between logos and colors, we would say that logos based on typefaces are like the color black. why? Because they are a classic that will never go out of fashion and have been able to reinvent themselves over the years, thanks to the most ingenious designers.

So, if you have decided to design a typographic logo, let us tell you that this is one of the trends in logo design. so, what’s next? You are probably wondering which fonts for logos are the best? or how to choose a creative typography if there are as many fonts as fish in the sea?

We know that choosing the right font is the main challenge any designer faces when creating a logo. That’s why we have selected the best fonts for logos (which will serve you as a guide and inspiration).

But first, take a look at these 40 vintage typefaces (that your grandma and your clients will love) and 70 lettering fonts that will give life to your designs.

let’s start looking at the best fonts for logos!

Futura Font

It is one of those fonts for logos that is characterized by looking eternally young and fresh, despite having been designed in 1927 by Paul Renner. Perhaps that is the reason why it is very popular among designers and typographers. Futura belongs to the Sans Serif family and is associated with efficiency and functionality. Volkswagen and Vuitton are some of the brands that chose it.

tipografías para logos

Cunia Font

can’t find free fonts for logos? The answer is Cunia. It has slightly rounded corners and is perfectly suited for various display and design purposes: badges, labels, headlines, posters, printouts, etc. It contains only capital letters, though. The best thing: it’s free.

tipografias gratis para logos

Morganite Font

Great for headlines, logos, print, magazines, packaging and more. Morganite is a free logo font with 18 different styles.

fuentes gratis para logos

Nordic Font

Inspired by Norwegian runes (writing signs used by the ancient Scandinavians), Nordic is an experimental logo font based on capital letters, numerals and basic punctuation. This typeface is ideal for those looking for an unusual logo and its latest version offers two styles: Alternative and Regular.

tipografía logos creativos

Gilroy Font

Gilroy is a modern Sans Serif with a geometric touch. It is a logo typeface perfectly suited for graphic design projects and any screen use, i.e. it works easily for web design; as well as for signage, corporate and editorial design.

fuentes para logos Gilroy

Proxima Nova Font

The Proxima Nova family is a complete reworking of Proxima Sans (1994). It consists of 48 OpenType fonts in three widths: Proxima Nova, Proxima Nova Condensed and Proxima Nova Extra Condensed.

Stylistically, Proxima Nova is inspired by typefaces such as Futura and Akzidenz Grotesk. The result is a hybrid that combines humanistic proportions with a somewhat geometric appearance. How about trying this free font for logos?

fuentes para logos

Steady Font

If there is something that characterizes Steady, it is that it is a Script font with a lot of personality. It has 126 alternative characters to enhance your design and you can use it to create a logo, a badge, a poster or a wedding invitation. It is a very versatile typeface for logos. To access the features of OpenType, you will need Adobe Illustrator and Adobe InDesign.

fuentes para logos Steady

Norwester Font

It is suitable for creating logos, use on posters, headers and in t-shirt designs. Norwester was created by Jamie Wilson and comes with a very generous SIL open font license.

It is a condensed geometric sans serif font that includes uppercase, lowercase, numerals and a variety of symbols.

fuentes para logos Norwester

Handelson Font

It has a collection of 6 handmade typefaces with an authentic and organic feel. Their textures and rough edges emulate the handwritten and printed style. By combining these fonts, you can create diverse typographic solutions with a unified look.

fuentes para logos

Harabara Font

It is a basic sans-serif font designed by André Harabara in 2009. It contains 169 defined characters and 169 unique glyphs. It is a free logo font for personal use because of its cleanliness and suitable thickness. However, in 2013 a new version called Harabara Mais was developed. The family of the latter includes its light, light italic, normal, normal italic, bold, bold italic, black and black italic versions.

tipografías letras

Iconic Font

It is a condensed and rounded Sans Serif style. Iconic is a multipurpose font family, as it works for logos, editorial or web design. Its slim, minimalist aesthetic embodies the spirit of contemporary technology very well.

Iconic Font tipografías para logos

Supreme Font

Its geometric perfection adapts very well to any type of modern graphic design project. Suprema can be used to design a logo or simply to give a fresh touch to a long text. Like other typefaces, it also has many Opentype features.

tipografías para logos suprema

Mosk Font

It is a linear sans-serif font, simple and with a lot of personality, which makes it suitable for logo design. The Mosk family has 9 typefaces: Thin, ExtraLight, Light, Regular, Book Medium, Bold, Black & Ultra. It is one of the free typefaces for logos that also includes uppercase, lowercase and numbers.

tipos de letras para logos

Qanelas Font

It is a font designed by Radomir Tinkov. The Qanelas family is a modern sans serif with a geometric touch, it includes 20 fonts and its corresponding italic. If you are looking for fonts for logos, this is a good option.

From the designer’s website you can download two fonts for free: Qanelas Soft Extra Bold and Qanelas Soft Ultra Light. They are for personal use.

tipografías para logos

Mentone Font

This typeface works for all types of projects. Mentone has rounded corners and subtle chamfers (edges), which are almost invisible at text sizes, but add an upbeat and irreverent expression at screen sizes.

Mentone is named after the Melbourne, Australia, suburb where the designer lives and was born as an attempt to extend the line of the great sans-serifs of the previous century: Frutiger, Stone Sans and Myriad.

tipos de letras para logos

Download Mentone Font

Gentona Font

Designed for a wide range of applications (including logo design), Gentona was born with the intention of supporting contemporary design goals along with a Swiss demand for a neutral typeface.

This logo typeface was created by Rene Bieder and its Free Demo version is available in two fonts: Gentona Extrabold and Gentona Extrabold Italic.

tipos de letras para logos

Bw Surco Font

It is a fresh, optimistic sans serif font with soft and rounded shapes. The Bw Surco family is very practical and is ideal if you are looking for your logo to have a friendly and spontaneous personality.

It comes in 12 styles that support all European Latin and Cyrillic languages, with stylistic variations for Bulgarian, Serbian and Macedonian. A logo font with many OpenType features, such as old style and case-sensitive overlay figures, shapes or fractions.

tipos de tipografía

Coves Font

It is a free typeface designed by Jack Harvatt. Coves is intended to be used in the design of logos and titles in general. It includes two font styles and is for personal use. To obtain a commercial version, it is necessary to contact the designer.

tipografías para logos

Fela Font

It is a bold font designed by Laszlo Feja. Fela Font features regular curves and is ideal for titles, logo design, posters and banners. It includes two fonts, uppercase letters, numbers and symbols.

It is available free of charge for personal and commercial use.

tipos de letras para logos

Maxwell Font

Modern and with rounded corners, Maxwell is a font applicable for any type of graphic design (web, print, motion graphics, etc.) and perfect for headlines and logo design.

tipos de tipografía

Bodoni Font

It is a font created by Giambattista Bodoni, who thanks to printing technology at the end of the 18th century managed to design letterforms with greater contrast between thick and thin strokes. One of these typefaces was Bodoni, an elegant, refined typeface that is still very popular today.

Besides being one of the first modern serif typefaces, Bodoni is one of the most famous fonts for logos, as it has in its catalog the logos of Vogue and Calvin Klein, brands linked to fashion. Learn the secrets behind the 10 logos with hidden meanings.

So if you are looking for a font for logos related to the catwalks and the fashion industry, Bodoni is the right one.

Bodoni Font is free for personal use.

letras para logos famosas

Nunito Font

It is one of the main typefaces in the Nunito family. Vernon Adams created the Nunito font as a rounded sans serif, which over time has become one of the most popular fonts in Google’s font library.

Later, Jacques Le Bailly expanded the project to a full set of weights and a regular non-rounded terminal version called Nunito Sans.

Nunito is one of the most modern and fresh logo fonts. It is licensed under the Open Font License.

fuentes de letras para logos

Image: awwwards.com

Didot Font

Before being a typeface, Didot was the name of a family of French publishers in the late 18th century. Didot is a font with several styles, one of them is used in the logo of the Italian brand Giorgio Armani.

It is one of the fonts for logos used in the fashion world. Didot is mature and elegant and has high contrast in the thickness of its lines.

tipografías para logos

April Fatface Font

It is a typeface for logos (and for other uses besides) inspired by the thick title fonts used in advertising posters in Britain and France in the 19th century.

Abril Fatface is one of the 18 styles of the large Abril family designed by TypeTogether. It is characterized by thin serifs and clean curves, these details make it a legible font with a refined and elegant touch.

Abril Fatface Font is licensed under the Open Font License.

tipos de letras para logos

Frutiger Font

It is a font that was commissioned in 1968, but completed in 1975. Once completed, it was used in the directional signage system at Charles De Gaulle International Airport in Roissy, France.

Frutiger is a sans serif font designed by Swiss typographer Adrian Frutiger, also creator of the Univers font.

If you are looking for a highly legible logo font, use Frutiger.

Frutiger Font is free for personal use.

tipos de letras para logos

Neo Sans Font

It is a fresh sans serif typeface with a simple structure: a monoline shape, open character shapes and smooth curves. Neo Sans Font is not only a creative typeface, it is also designed to make a modern impression.

Its progressive personality makes it an excellent choice for branding projects as well as editorial design. Designer Sebastian Lester describes his Neo Sans typeface collection as “legible without being neutral, nuanced without being fussy, and expressive without being distracting.”

It falls into the group of the best typefaces for logos, as it works very well when paired with a serif font. For more direct continuity, it can be integrated with its sister typeface: the Neo Tech family, also from Lester, although this one is more minimalist and takes the futuristic style even further.

tipografía creativa

Butler Font

It is a free serif font inspired by a mix between Dala Floda typefaces and the famous Bodoni family. Butler Font was designed by Fabian De Smet in 2015.

The entire Butler family contains a total of 7 regular weights and 7 stencil weights, text figures, ligatures, fractions and much more. It also adapts to many different languages with its added glyphs.

Butler Font is a typeface for logos, posters, large titles, books and all kinds of elegant material.

tipografía para logos

Rufina Font

Simple, delicate and elegant are the words that best characterize Rufina Font. Starting from an idea that was conceived long before its “birth”, Rufina was created from combinations of dark text on a light background.

It has a mixture of contrasting shapes influenced by the Bodoni font and an emotive touch of calligrapher’s pen. For this reason, it is also on our list of typefaces for logos.

The Rufina family consists of two weights, their italic counterparts plus a set of alternate cuts, each with a selection of illustrative embellishments. It was designed by Martín Sommaruga, whose typefaces have been used by important international brands in different fields: identity, editorial, packaging and web design.

tipos de letras para logos

Brandon Grotesque Font

Brandon Grotesque is a sans serif type family of six weights. It was designed by Hannes von Döhren in 2010. It is influenced by the geometric style sans serif fonts that were popular during the 1920s and 1930s, whose shapes have been optically corrected for better legibility.

Brandon Grotesque has a functional look and a warm feel. While the thin, black weights are excellent on screen, the light, regular and medium weights are well suited to longer text. These characteristics also make it a good font for logos.

tipos de letras para logos Brandon Grotesque

Uni Sans Font

The Uni Sans typeface family is characterized by excellent legibility. Inspired by classic grotesque and strong typefaces such as DIN and Dax, Uni Sans fonts have their own unique style inspired by perfectly expressed softened geometric shapes.

This logo typeface is also suitable for headlines of all sizes, as well as for text blocks with maximum and minimum variations.

Uni Sans font styles are applicable for any type of graphic design, be it web, print, motion graphics, etc. In addition, they are perfect for use on T-shirts and posters.

how to do textile screen printing? Use this typography for logos and print t-shirts at home.

tipografía para logos


Based on the unconventional Campton font family, Choplin is a geometric serif font created by German type designer René Bieder. It is modern, clean and strong, and draws inspiration from Gill Sans and Johnston Sans while retaining prominent contemporary elements.

A typeface that can be used for photographic designs, editorials and assertive headlines, Choplin is certainly a good typeface to consider for a more assertive brand.

Choose this logo typeface and let your imagination run wild. we are sure it will look great!

tipografía para logos

Image: Dafont


If you are a lover of the apple brand, Apple, surely you have been curious about the typeface used in its logo. Garamond is the answer.

Garamond became one of the first “famous” typefaces when it was first introduced at the Paris World’s Fair in 1900, and dozens of variations soon followed. The popularity of this typeface has continued in subsequent decades and today we still see it in typefaces of several globally recognized brands.

Not only Apple has adopted this typeface, but also another clothing brand, such as American Eagle, has adopted the refined letterforms to give its logo a sophisticated shape.

Undoubtedly, Garamond is a font for professional logos with a touch of personality. use this creative typeface and add elegance to your logo!

tipografías para logos

Image: Dafont

Yeseva One

A typeface with architectural style, high contrast and provoking a particular type of distinct feminine essence. The creator of this typeface is designer Jovanny Lemonad, who created Yeseva One as a serif sample of “a complete agreement between a man and a woman”.

It is a logo font that works well with Roboto, Open Sans, Roboto Slab and other balanced serifs. If you are looking to communicate a conservative, pleasant and elegant approach, this logo font is ideal for you.

tipografía para logos

Image: Pinterest

Walk On

Walk On was originally created as a corporate typeface, specifically for the straight lines and bold shapes of Art Deco and the organic aesthetic of Art Nouveau. The subtle ornamentation, simple shapes, and retro styling of this typeface create great flexibility for application.

want to give your brand a nostalgic and decorative twist? Make use of this typeface and apply it to your brand.

tipografías para logos

Image: Pinterest

Big Caslon

let’s go back a little bit to centuries ago! Big Caslon originated from a group of 17th century serif typefaces by William Caslon I. Now, this classic typeface is widely used in the realm of digital typography, especially for creating logos.

Most serifs feel sharp and pointed, while some, such as the capital “G” and “S”, are slightly geometric. Overall, Big Caslon is a perfect logo typeface.

If you want your logo to sound strong but retain a refined and elegant side, this typeface is the one for you.

tipografías para logos

Image: Pinterest


It is a typeface for logos created by designers Alex Frukta and Vladimir Tomin. It is a geometric sans serif font with simple curves, a clean and functional structure, which will add an elegant touch to any design. The font is available for free and can be used in three styles: regular, thin and bold. Undoubtedly, a font for logos that adapts very well to all sizes.

Koliko tipografía para logos

Image: Gunroad


looking for an out of the ordinary logo font? then you need to download Lombok!

Lombok is a font for modern logos, designed by Alexandre Pietra. And the best of all is that it is a totally free font for personal use, but if you want to use it for your brand you will have to contact the creator of this amazing typeface. you can use this font for logos, brochures and posters!

Lombok fuentes para logos

Image: Behance

Mohave Typefaces

Mohave is an uppercase logo font designed with a smooth height and dynamic glyph. This typeface was created by type designer Gumpita Rahayu, making it an ideal logo font for headlines, posters, titles and more. It is available in three styles: regular italic, semi-bold and bold.

Mohave Typefaces tipografías para logos

Image: Behance


If you loved the Lombok typeface, Anders will fascinate you even more. This is one of the fonts for logos that at first glance attracts you with its simplicity and thin lines. In fact, it is an experimental logo font created by designer Tom Anders Watkins. You can use this free font for personal and commercial use.

Anders tipo de letra para logos

Image: Behance


lombok and Anders fonts were not enough for you? don’t worry, we bring you another logo font: Beyno (designed by Fabian Korn). It’s a luxurious serif typeface with a heterogeneous mix of unique alternate characters, which makes it ideal for logos.

Beyno tipografías para logos

Image: Behance

If you are starting out in the world of graphic design, it is important that you take into account the necessary guidelines so that your work as a design professional is the best. Therefore, we leave you with this guide on how to deliver a logo to a client in a successful way.

Typographies for logos, a trend

Some reasons why typography for logos is a trend:

Minimalism in logo fonts

Yes, logos with simple and easy-to-read typographies have become a favorite again in recent years. According to the Logaster blog, a popular logo generator, “minimalist design makes a logo easily recognizable and memorable, and that’s the key to a successful brand.”

who have opted for a minimalist logo? Usually young brands that seek essentials before excesses. Some examples: Yahoo and Skyscanner.

logo de Yahoo

Source: Freepik

Unusual or custom logo fonts

Logos with unconventional fonts are meant to be unique and this 2021 they will also be in fashion. Fortunately, there are thousands of fonts for logos, so it won’t be hard for you to find an unusual typeface like Nordic, Glitched or Forest Smooth.

On the other hand, some designers opt for the customization of already known fonts. That is, they alter a typeface to achieve one that better fits what they are looking for. For example: they condense the text (they remove space between letters), they dimension it (they give weight to some letters) or they fragment it (the letters look incomplete).

Contrasting Logo Fonts

Logos that combine two typefaces have also gained popularity. To achieve a good contrast of fonts, they must be opposite. Achieving a high contrast is important, otherwise it will look like a mistake.

how to choose the best font for my logo?

Before choosing the right font, there are some keys to keep in mind:

Clarity and legibility are two fundamental points when designing a logo. For that reason, regardless of the font you choose, remember that your logo must be understandable.

Brand identity is another point you should not overlook. Bear in mind that the font you choose must be consistent with the brand’s personality.


“Typography is a very important element in the logo because it has the responsibility of communicating the brand name. It is very important that we make sure it is clear and legible, but at the same time has responsibility.”

In addition to aesthetics, other points to take into account when creating a logo are the context and the objectives of the logo, that is, what do we want to communicate with it?

If you are looking for a typography for logos, make sure it meets the objectives of a typography. According to Vera, there are three:

Context of the brand: in what media will it appear?

Company: will the typography be accompanied by a symbol?

Future of the brand: what do we want to happen to the logo over time?

Free logo designs for your venture

If you’ve already downloaded the best logo fonts, but you still haven’t found the exact design for your startup, it might be best to start working with a pre-designed format. Learning how to design logos can take some time, so there’s no harm in getting help from design experts.

Here we will share with you 10 logo templates that you can use to start creating the visual identity of your brand or startup. All the templates are free and, in addition, they are editable, so you can use the fonts for logos that you have already downloaded.

Free clothing logos for your brand

This resource includes four logo designs that you can use if you have a clothing business, all of them available for you to edit and customize directly in Adobe Illustrator.

The designs include different typographies for logos, so you can choose the option that best suits the needs of your business. A good idea is that you can also use them as a source of inspiration to build your own logo, you could even take some elements such as fonts so you don’t have to start your own design from scratch.

Logotipos para negocios de ropa

Food logos for your business

Typographies for food-related business logos must be very eye-catching, that’s why they usually have shapes and sizes that take a main role in the composition of a logo.

This pack of logo designs is divided into two files, one of them contains four designs that you can use if you have a business in which you sell natural juices or smoothies; the other one has six designs with fonts for oriental food logos, so they will be very useful if you sell some dishes such as ramen.

Tipos de letras para logos de comida

Vintage logos for your business

When you see the fonts for logos included in this resource, you will take a trip back in time and remember the visual identity of some clothing brands of the past. The aesthetics of these designs that we share with you are ideal if you want to give a retro touch to your brand and connect with the emotions and memories of your target audience.

In total there are more than 10 logo designs in vintage style that you can use to customize your brand. Some of them have certain types of letters for logos that are ideal for restaurants or cafes, you just have to choose the one you like and edit it at your convenience.

Estilo de logotipos vintage

Vintage flower logos for your brand

If you are looking for a logo font that is delicate and eye-catching, our vintage flower logo designs can help you with what you need. The typographies for logos included in each of the designs have a cursive and handwriting style ideal for businesses related to the world of aesthetic services.

In addition, the color palette we use complements in a totally harmonious way each of the fonts for logos of the 6 templates included in the download file. You only have to worry about adapting any of the logos to the characteristics of your business.

Fuentes para logos vintage

Cake Logos for Your Dream Project

Pastry is one of the types of business that can have the greatest impact on the public, because at the end of the day, everyone enjoys a good dessert. The only downside to this is the competition that exists, so you’ll have to strive to use a logo typography that sets you apart and catches the public’s eye at first glance.

To help you in the process, we have designed four templates with typographies for bakery logos, so you just have to download them and start using your new logo in all your social networks.

Tipografías para logos de pastelería

Vintage coffee shop logos that will inspire you to create yours

This pack of coffee shop logo typography designs can help you sell as much as Starbucks. Well, we may be exaggerating a bit, but the truth is that they can really help you connect with the public, especially because of the typefaces for logos that they include and the color palette they use.

You don’t have to worry if you don’t know how to use Adobe Illustrator very well, because all you have to do is download the file, select the logo font design you like the most, and save it in PNG format to start using it in all your publications.

Logotipos para cafeterías

Natural logos to consolidate your brand’s branding

Natural and organic products are increasingly in demand by the public, people are understanding the importance of taking care of the planet and brands are adapting to it. The free fonts for logos that we include in each of the designs are perfect for you to also join the sale of healthy and eco-friendly products.

In the download file you will find more than 15 resources with fonts for logos inspired by nature. In addition, each of them is designed with a color palette with green tones that work for any type of brand linked to the production or sale of organic products.

Fuentes para logos ecofriendly

Geometric logos for your business

Typographies for geometric logos are the most effective in the world of financial business, so you also have an option to download if you work with investment funds and want to create your own company.

In total there are more than 10 logo designs with a geometric composition, so you can choose the one you like, edit it in Adobe Illustrator, and create the perfect logo for you to start getting clients. If you need other logo fonts to help you customize it with your style, you can download some from the list or search directly on the Internet.

Tipografías para logos geométricos

Beauty salon logos

If you are opening your own beauty salon and want to start getting clients, the best thing you can do is to promote your services through social media. To do this, you need to create eye-catching posts and select the right logo fonts that will help you be recognizable on social media.

Our six beauty salon logos will help you generate brand recognition and public interest.

Logotipos para salón de belleza

Elegant minimalist logos

We already told you about minimalism in logo fonts and why they are a trend for 2022. So with this resource you can start developing your brand identity and create a logo that fits the logo trends most valued by the public.

The pack includes four models with different typefaces for logos that you can use in your own designs. The characteristics that differentiate them and that will serve as a reference for you are geometric shapes and typographies for simple and eye-catching logos.

Pack de logos minimalistas

Pages to create logos

Now you are wondering where and how can I create modern logos for free? don’t worry! If you have launched your business and you are looking to create a visual identity in simple steps, here we will share with you the best logo creation websites.

Tailor Brands, an AI-designed logo maker

Creating a free logo on Tailor Brands is extremely simple and you will be able to do it in a matter of minutes. To start with the process, the platform will ask you to enter the name of your logo. The next steps are to choose the logo type and font preferences. Then, the logo maker will get to work and design your logo. Once your logo is designed, you will be able to customize it and download it (albeit as a low resolution file).

If you want to download your logo as a high quality PNG or vector file, you will have to pay (only if you are 100% satisfied with the logo).

do I need design skills to create a logo at Tailor Brands? No, you don’t need design skills.

Páginas para crear logos

logomaster.ai, a logo maker for any kind of business

Powered by AI, logomaster.ai is focused on helping business owners create logos. This logo maker allows you to design a logo from scratch or use one of its 100+ available templates.

Like Tailor Brands, logomaster.ai offers you to pay for your logo only when you are satisfied. Payment includes downloading the logo package (so you can use it for print or digital) and using your logo for any commercial or non-commercial purpose. Your budget is affordable.

creador de logos

Canva, a very simple and free logo creator

It is a platform that offers you everything you need to create a custom logo in a short time and for free. Canva’s logo creator allows you to design your logo in five steps and download it in PNG format.

You don’t need to have design experience either, their logo designer is very easy to use. To start creating your logo, all you have to do is drag and drop elements onto the canvas.

Canvas doesn’t charge you to design a logo with the templates in their library, but if you want to use their premium elements, you’ll have to pay $1.

Canva creador de logos

Free Logo Design, a free and user-friendly logo creator

This platform allows you to create a logo based on high quality designs, customize it (color, figure, font) and download it for free.

Thanks to its logo creator, you can design your business logo in four steps. In addition, its database offers 20 categories (agriculture, real estate, technology, etc.).

Free Logo Design offers free download of your logo, but if you want it in high resolution, you will have to buy it.

tipografía para logos

So, which of these fonts will you use to create your next logo? If you cannot decide between two fonts, remember that -in some cases- it is possible to combine them. And don’t forget the most important thing: your logo must be legible. Now it’s time to design your logo, may your creativity be with you!

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