+40 free Word fonts that will give the perfect style to your documents

On the Internet you can find an infinite number of fonts for Word that will give a touch of elegance and creativity to all your documents. But, if there are so many fonts to download, how to choose the best free fonts for Word?

To know which fonts to download for Word, it is important to have a certain sense of aesthetics and define the specific purpose for which they will be used in the document .

Each typeface has a tone, a peculiar character that can serve to highlight certain values through the text. In this article we will discuss the best fonts for Word and the reasons why you should choose each of them.

And how to install fonts in Word? as mentioned on the Microsoft Word support page, to add a font to Word, just download and install the font and it will be available for all of Office.

Now, join us to discover which fonts for Word you can download to customize your documents and match your audience.

let’s get started!

Formal fonts for Word

are you looking for fonts for Word that denote seriousness and professionalism? good news! Here is a selection of the best formal fonts for Word that will make you look like a professional.

1. New York Font

This font for Word is characterized by being an elegant and sober typeface. Surely Artem Nevsky, its creator, had those words in mind when he created it. Use this font to evoke professionalism, seriousness and give a retro touch to your work in Word.

download New York Font

tipografía new york

2. Elsie Font

This typeface is reminiscent of the art deco style, a period that emerged between the two world wars.

If you are looking for typefaces for word that transmit all the glamour of the 1920s, Elsie Font is the one for you. You can use it for event invitations, book covers, and much more. It is a legible and versatile vintage font, as it has up to four different styles.

download Elsie Font


3. Day Roman Font

This is one of the most interesting fonts for Word that you will find. Day Roman is an excellent complement for the titles of any type of content in blogs or web pages.

Its play of curves and straight strokes makes this elegant font for Word an excellent choice to have in your font collection.

download Day Roman Font

Diseños de letras para Word

4. Josefin Slab Font

It is a good idea to use this typeface for word in a resume, particularly for its elegance and simplicity. it is a perfectly legible and pleasant typeface with which you can write about your skills and achievements.

download Josefin Slab Font

Tipografías para descargar

5. Trajanus Roma Font

This is a classic style font inspired by antiquity. The shape of each of its letters takes us back to ancient Rome, and is an ideal choice for fantasy book titles.

download Trajanus Roma Font

Trajanus fuentes para Office

6. Gravity Font

If you have a serious, academic and precise text, but you want to generate a pleasant and fluid reading, this font can help you to give a certain air of informality to your readers. Sometimes with a long text and academic content, it is helpful for readers to have this type of fonts for Word.

download Gravity Font

Tipografías para Word elegantes

7. Print Clearly Font

are you looking for subtle and impressive fonts for Word? Then Print Clearly is what you need.

This font is extremely thin and slender, ideal for invitations, business cards, and simple texts. Undoubtedly, you can catch anyone’s attention with the pleasant style of this font for Word.

download Print Clearly Font

Estilo de tipografías para Word

8. Vertigo Font

This font combines the characteristics of geometry with a handwritten font for Word. The use of the Vertigo font suits the demands of all types of audiences, and we recommend it as a font for writing texts that require a modern and elegant font.

download Vertigo Font

vertigo font

9. Ormont Light Font

An excellent example of good taste , Ormon Light is a sans serif font that proves once again that less is more. The compact and direct minimalism of its graphics is an element that characterizes it and makes it a perfect candidate to have in your bank of formal fonts for Word.

Download Ormont Light Font

Fuentes san serif para Word

10. Chopin Script Font

To do lettering in Word you need to download fonts like Chopin Script. This font for Word has the ideal style to create impressive lettering designs , besides, its shapes are fully legible and can be used for various purposes.

If you want an artistic font to practice your calligraphy, but with a formal style, you can start with Chopin Script.

download Chopin Script Font

Fuentes de lettering para Word

If you’ve been interested in the idea of lettering and using calligraphic fonts in Word, read on! Below we’ll show you some font options that will work for you.

Creative fonts for Word

If you want your document to stand out for its originality, then you should pay attention to the following list of creative fonts for Word.

11. The Night Watch Font

If you need to give classic or medieval touches to your Word document, The Night Watch Font will help you consolidate both styles. You can even use it to evoke mystery or for a horror theme.

It is an unconventional retro font with modified serifs, which will draw attention to any material. use it in illustrations, posters, etc. Undoubtedly, it is one of the fonts for Word that you must know!

download The Night Watch Font

font para word

12. Blackletter Font

If gothic style is your thing, Blackletter Font is the font for Word you need. Being bold, curvy and pointed, this typeface not only conveys strength and rudeness, but also a great impression.

Using vintage typefaces like Blackletter will undoubtedly make your Word document super creative. The best part: it’s a free font.

download Blackletter Font

tipografía para word

13. Quattrocento Font

Following the trend of fonts for Word inspired by a historical era, we recommend downloading Quattrocento. This font is ideal for texts in a minimum size, its structure makes it one of the most readable fonts for Word that you can find.

Download Quattrocento Font

Páginas para descargar fuentes gratis

14. Playfair Display Font

This is a typeface for Word with a good creative touch, it is also striking for its natural and subtle decorations. it is ideal for writing texts of all kinds.

It is mainly used for the header of news pages, and for some titles with a deep stylized effect. If you want to take advantage of our list of free Word fonts, we recommend that you download our resource for making a Word template.

Download Playfair Display Font

Fuentes en Word

15. Alexandria Font

If you want to have beautiful fonts for Word, Alexandria is what you are looking for. this font is perfect for replacing the seriousness of Arial with something more eye-catching and fun. Its style is very similar to that of the typewriter font in Word, although with a very attractive touch of informality.

Download Alexandria Font

Tipografías para Word gratis

16. Derivia Font

Any text written with Derivia will captivate the intended audience, as it is a creative and sober typeface .

Its stylized structure gives it a touch of elegance that few typefaces for Word manage to possess. can you imagine reading one of your favorite books with this beautiful font?

download Derivia Font

Tipos de letras para escribir en Word

17. Interstate Font

If you are looking to fill your texts with vitality, then Interstate is the Word font you need. It is a typeface designed with meticulous care, and it was inspired by the road signs of highways, avenues and streets. Therefore, it is ideal for quick reading.

download Interstate Font


18. Vonique 64 Font

If you want to download fonts for Word with a retro style, you should choose Vonique 64, this retro font is sophisticated and minimalist. Vonique 64 is inspired by the urban style of big cities such as London, New York and Paris, and is ideal for use in the design of creative covers for your work in Word.

download Vonique 64 Font

Fuentes retro para descargar

19. Typo Round Font

Typo Round is one of the most beautiful fonts for Word that you can find on free font download sites. Its rounded style is suitable for all kinds of informal text. You can even use it to make creative designs for social networks.

download Typo Round Font

typo font

20. Titillium Web Font

Having this font in Word will help you a lot to develop your creative projects .

This is one of the typefaces for Word that stands out within the category of modern fonts. Its style is sober, and it is perfect to use it in all kinds of titles.

download Titillium Web Font

Descargar letras modernas

21. Typo Writer Font

do you want to have a typewriter font in Word? you can download Typo Writer to write texts with a vintage feel. Besides, this font is compatible with any purpose you can think of. You can include it in logos, diplomas, or formal texts.

download Typo Writer Font

typo writer

Children’s fonts for Word

If you have to make a text document for a child audience, you’d better look for a suitable Word font. here are some options!

22. Lazer 84

Lazer 84 is a retro style brush font inspired by the 80s. So, if you are looking for a fun word font, this is the one. It includes numbers, symbols and accents, and it’s completely free.

download Lazer 84 Font


23. Antipasto Font

One of the most important features of San Serif typefaces for Word is their usefulness with almost any text, no matter what subject you’re writing about.

Antipasto has thick lines and a perfect separation between each letter, making it a comfortable font for long texts, although it also works for short texts, such as those in recipe books.

download Antipasto Font

Fuentes modernas para Word

24. Vag Rounded Font

does this font look familiar to you? If you have the impression that you know this font for Word, it is because it is the font of the well-known German car brand Volkswagen. In addition, this font is very popular in the field of advertising because of its rounded style features.

Download Vag Rounded Font

vag rounded

25. Vag Rounded Font

Having a good cursive font in Word is no longer impossible. stay Home is a perfect cursive font to give a little sweetness to everything you write. This is a font as warm as home, if you want to accentuate the titles and subtitles of your texts with the beauty of curves in a perfect letter, then this font is the complement you need.

download Stay Home Font

Stay home

26. Futura Font

Curiously, we would think that, by its name, the personality of this typeface responds to futuristic and technological themes of the 21st century. However, we can recognize the geometric style of his letter and the agreement with the typographic styles that were fashionable in the years at the beginning of the twentieth century.

This typeface for Word was created in 1927 by Paul Renner, who gave it a deep geometric style. We recommend you download it because it will become one of your favorite fonts for Word; besides, we are sure it will make a big difference in the titles of your texts.

download Futura Font

futura font

Modern fonts for Word

are you tired of the vintage style, so popular lately? Then these fonts for Word with a modern style will be your new best friends.

27. Bodoni Font

To download beautiful fonts for Word you should start with Bodoni. Although this font has a basic look, it is very popular in the world of advertising because of its versatility, you can adapt it to virtually any type of document. Its simple shape is ideal for capturing the reader’s attention.

download Bodoni Font

Bodoni font

28. Sanchez Font

If you want to have more serif letters in Word , this font is the option you were looking for. In addition, this font for Word comes in a bold style that allows you to highlight with great depth what you want to express.

Download Sanchez Font

Letras para Word sanchez

Funny fonts for Word

add some fun to your Word documents! These fun fonts will make your texts much more eye-catching.

29. Back to Black Font

Back to Black is a handmade font by Misti’s Fonts. It is a fun font for Word that is usually used for business cards, logos and phrases. It is a free vintage typeface for personal use.

download Back to Black Font

back to black

30. Uptown Elegance Font

This font is ideal for writing your resume with a more informal and fun tone. It is a fully readable font for Word in titles or long texts. The only limitation you have when using it is the reduced amount of special characters included in this font.

Download Uptown Elegance Font

uptown elegance

Classic fonts for Word

looking for a classic style for your documents? Take note of these Word fonts.

31. Frutiger Font

A no-lose choice, literally, since it is the font used to mark airports. It was created specifically for Charles de Gaulle airport in 1968, then became popular in the rest of the world. As it seems, Paris always sets the trends, even in our list of fonts for Word.

Download Frutiger Font

frutiger font

32. Helvetica Neue Font

If you want to write with one of the most popular fonts for Word in the world, this font should be on your list of highlights. When we talk about Helvetica Neue we enter the major leagues of fonts for Word, particularly because this font has been used by big brands such as Jeep, 3M, and Microsoft. This font has enough strength and flexibility to adapt to any of the texts you write.

download Helvetica Neue Font


33. Simple Print Font

This font for Word is another good option for making short texts or simple titles that stand out because of the typeface used. With a thin and different structure, Simple Print is useful to brighten up your cards, invitations, or creative texts.

download Simple Print Font

simple print

34. Simplicity Font

having a handwritten font in Word is possible! Although there are many options that you can download to give a nice style to your texts, we recommend downloading Simplicity.

This font for Word is striking and modern. Its curves resemble handwriting without any exaggerated elements.

download Simplicity Font

Letras elegantes para descargar

35. Lato Font

All Word fonts tend to be somewhat basic in general, but by downloading Lato, you’ll not only have one of the most beautiful Word fonts, but you’ll be able to use an ideal font to make an impressive resume.

According to Canva, this font is serious but friendly, and because of its neutral character it is ideal for resumes.

download Lato Font

lato font

36. Montserrat Font

If you want Word fonts for expressive titles, then you should download Word typefaces like Montserrat. This font has more than 20 styles, and it is inspired by the old posters of a neighborhood in Buenos Aires called Monserrat.

With this font you will be able to create incredible titles, you just have to make sure you complement it with letters that do not steal its prominence.

download Montserrat Font

montserrat font

Calligraphic fonts for Word

In this last section of fonts for Word, you will find great options of free calligraphic fonts that you will undoubtedly fall in love with.

37. Malina Script Font

Malina Script Font is one of the handwritten calligraphic letters designed by Paula Create. It is ideal to apply on wedding invitations, blogs, inspirational phrases, book covers, among others.

We can be almost sure that these elegant cursive letters will give a wonderful touch to your Word documents.

download Malina Script Font free

Malina Script Font herramienta Crehana

38. Euphoria Script Font

If you are looking for a font to make your titles more attractive, Euphoria is your ideal choice. It has short lines of text and a unique avant-garde design. Undoubtedly, you must have it in your list of fonts for word!

download free Euphoria Script Font

Euphoria Script Font Crehana

39. Slainte Script Font

This typeface has been in the tools for some time now and still does not lose its relevance. Try making a fresh and elegant design with this font for Word, which is perfect for posters, illustrations and postcards.

download free Slainte Script Font

Slainte Script Tipografía Gratis Crehana

40. Nature Beauty Font

Among the most used fonts is Nature Beauty, a typeface that adds freshness and elegance to your Word documents. It works very well for environmental texts, as well as for beauty projects.

download Nature Beauty free

Nature Beauty fuentes caligráfica gratis

41. Streetwear Free Font

Another option for lettering in Word is Streetwear, a vintage and elegant typeface, inspired by the fashion and sports of the 60s and 70s. This font is unique and fun at the same time, and perfect for texts, logos and creative phrases.

download Streetwear Free Font

fuente para word

According to Luis Lili, professor of the course Lettering: The Art of Drawing Letters, this calligraphic style “is a worldwide trend in design”, and more and more brands are choosing to use it in logos, graphics, posters and more. why not start using these lettering style fonts in your Word documents? i’m sure more than one of them will catch your attention!


Lettering guide from scratch

Take your first steps in the art of lettering. Before you start, make sure you have these basic tools: paper, pencil and eraser.

All the fonts for Word mentioned in this article have creative features that will help you to give a striking touch to any text.

No matter if you are looking for fonts for lettering in Word or if you need a font that will help you give depth to your academic writing, in our list of fonts for Word you can find just what you need. Also, you can check out our lettering courses and create your own typefaces!

We hope our article will help you with your purposes, and that you will find the lettering designs for word you were looking for.

see you soon!

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