5 pages to make synoptic tables and improve your reports

Stop using PowerPoint and Google Slide when there are many pages to make synoptic tables. There are multiple tools that will help you make creative synoptic charts, to surprise everyone in your presentations and reports.

If you already know what synoptic charts are, now it is time to discover the pages and web applications that you can use to create them. That is why in this post we have compiled for you 10 applications and web pages that will help you to make your synoptic tables.

1. Lucidchart to make synoptic tables

Lucidchart is a web application to make synoptic tables, that allows you to create a great variety of flowcharts, synoptic charts, concept maps, etc.

It offers a wide variety of templates that you can modify to your liking and edit. However, you can also create your own templates to elaborate your reports and represent information.

Once your project is finished, Lucidchart allows you to share your work with your team members, edit in real time the synoptic charts and share through online presentations.

Lucidchart makes it easy to import and export your charts from Microsoft Visio, ideal for companies working with Microsoft 365.

You can learn more from the Lucidchart website.

cuadros sinópticos realizados en lucidchart

Source: Lucidchart

2. Miro to make synoptic tables

Miro is a powerful platform that offers multiple templates to create a wide variety of artwork for your presentations. Designing and developing synoptic charts is very easy in Miro, either from its website, mobile application or desktop app.

Among its most important advantages are:

Multiple functions for collaborative work.
Real-time editing and development with dozens of collaborators per project.
Export and edit Miro projects on other platforms.
Adaptable design to elaborate.

Miro templates allow you to make various presentations and diagrams to elaborate a marketing and sales strategy, such as a buyer journey.

need pages to make summary charts? Then put an end to that suffering with Miro.

You can learn more features from the Miro website.

creación y edición de cuadros sinópticos y mapas conceptuales en la plataforma miro

Source: Miro

3. Xmind

Xmind is a powerful software with which you can elaborate any kind of diagrams, mind maps and develop synoptic charts. Xmind is perfect for working on your projects and preparing presentations.

Its free version has several functions that you can take advantage of to organize your ideas.

If you pay for the professional version, other export and import functions are unlocked, such as including images from your computer inside your synoptic charts and mind maps, exporting in png, pdf and svg formats, etc.

This platform offers you several templates with which you can elaborate diagrams as a corporate blog strategy.

You can get to know all the functionalities from the Xmind website.


4. Microsoft Visio

Microsoft Visio is ideal for companies working with the Microsoft 365 ecosystem of tools, as the collaborative environment offered by Microsoft Teams, OneDrive and Azure makes it easy to integrate Microsoft Visio to make business summary charts.

Together with the Microsoft 365 ecosystem of solutions, Visio provides enterprise-level information security and privacy, ideal for corporations with different levels of hierarchy.

This is definitely one of the pages to make synoptic charts that you should know if you work with the Microsoft suite.

You can learn about all the features on the Microsoft Visio website.

microsoft visio te permite realizar cuadros sinópticos y diagramas de flujo para tus presentaciones

Source: Microsoft

5. Creately

Creately is a web application that allows you to organize ideas in synoptic tables, while it has templates, table generation, concept hierarchy and real-time collaboration.

This web application allows you to export your synoptic tables to other formats for use in your presentations, such as png, svg and pdf, so you can send them directly to your collaborators.

You can get to know Creately here and discover all its functions and applications.

creately sirve para elaborar organigramas y hacer cuadros sinópticos para presentaciones corporativas

Source: Creately

you already know several pages to make your synoptic charts!

As you can see, all these applications are perfect for making reports and presenting corporate information with your work teams. If you want to discover how to make more creative and clear synoptic charts, you should know our online courses on infographics and graphic pieces.

To specialize in the graphic representation of information, you can’t miss our online course on the basics of infographic design. If you are consistent and apply yourself in the realization of your final projects, in no time you will be making synoptic charts that will impress your coworkers.

keep learning!

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