50 fun conversation topics to make you the life of the party

At some point, we all look for fun conversation topics to get to know someone, or simply to get to know our friends and family better.

have you ever been at a loss for what to say in a moment of awkward silence?

Knowing what to talk about with someone can be a challenge, especially when we’re just getting to know them and have a hard time breaking the ice.

Don’t worry if you don’t quite know how to bring up conversation topics, in this article we’ll give you over 50 ideas on fun conversation topics so you can start relating better with whomever you want.

Fun conversation topics to talk about with family members

Finding topics to talk about with someone in the family is not that complicated, the level of intimacy, and the time we spend together with our family members ensures that we have a lot of things in common to talk about.

Even so, it is likely that because of busyness or distractions we do not share with our family as much as we would like to.

There are many fun topics of conversation that can help you to strengthen your family ties, and spend more than one enjoyable evening with those who are with you on a daily basis.

Here is a list of interesting topics of conversation to have with your family, any of them can help you to have a good time with the people you love the most.

1. Family stories and anecdotes.

2. Plans for the future.

3. Tastes about cooking.

4. Holidays and special dates.

5. Emotional intelligence.

6. Dreams and personal goals.

7. Fears.

8. Current issues.

9. Hobbies.

10. Emotions.

With these topics to talk about and some assertive communication techniques, your relationship with your loved ones will become closer and closer.

Temas para hablar en familia

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Fun conversation topics to talk about with friends and co-workers

Topics to talk about with friends or coworkers are often somewhat similar, and although the level of intimacy between one and the other may vary, there are always general conversation topics that can serve us for any environment and any group we are in.

If you are having trouble finding something to talk about when meeting with your friends to make it a pleasant conversation, you can take note of these topics to talk about.

1. Facts about personal life.

2.personal aspirations.

3. Professional goals.

4. Sports.

5. Politics.

6. Economy.

7. Religion.

8. Pastry recipes.

9. Music.

10. Motivation at work.

Some of these points can be used even if you are looking for topics to talk about in a work meeting. Making clear what your career aspirations and goals are, for example, can help you perform better in your work environment.


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Fun conversation topics for talking on the phone

Although many believe that communicating over the phone can be tedious and boring, there are many fun conversation topics that can be used to keep the conversation flowing.

The topics for talking on the phone can be very varied. In addition, phone calls remain one of the most effective forms of communication, and every now and then we find the need to have conversations over the phone.

Temas interesantes para hablar por teléfono

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Don’t worry if you don’t know what to talk about on a call, with our recommendations on interesting topics to talk about you can extend your phone calls for as long as you want.

It doesn’t matter if it’s a difficult conversation, there’s always some topic that helps us reduce the tension.

Here are the fun conversation topics you can use for your phone calls.

1. Information about what was done during the day.

2. People you know.

3. Outdoor activities.

4. Funny experiences.

5. Plans for the day or week.

6. Talk about the family.

7. Favorite places.

8. Likes and hobbies.

9. Important memories.

10. Movies and series.

With these topics to talk on the phone your calls will be one of the most fun activities of the day. They are also fun conversation topics that you can use to communicate remotely with anyone.

It is important that in a phone conversation you do not only focus on bringing up your new conversation topics, listening empathetically to your interlocutor will also help you to generate a good connection.

Topics to talk about in a chat

Chat topics are usually a bit impersonal, the barrier represented by the phone screen sometimes prevents us from communicating closely with people.

If you want to know how to have a good conversation by WhatsApp, you just have to learn how to ask good questions so that everything flows in the best way.

By good questions we don’t mean asking the other person what they think about the weather, or things that may be a bit meaningless. Quite the opposite, to have interesting topics to talk about, you should ask things that the other person is interested in answering and that they feel comfortable with.

Temas de conversación para WhatsApp

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At this point we not only leave you with a list of fun conversation topics, but also the right material so you know what kind of questions to ask when writing through any instant messaging application.

1. Favorite books.

2. Art.

3. Social networking topics.

4.gaming trends.

5. Technology.

6. Common interests.

7. Travel stories.

8. Entertainment programs.

9. Cryptocurrencies.

10. Opinions on current topics.

On these topics you can ask an infinite number of questions that interest the other person in the conversation.

These are some examples of how to have a fluent chat conversation using the questions strategy.

what are your favorite books?
have you seen Khaby Lame’s videos on Tik Tok?
what do you think about the last election?

With a little imagination you can find the right questions and have good conversation topics to talk about on WhatsApp.

Conversation topics to get to know someone

When we are getting to know someone it is normal to be a little nervous and not find fun conversation topics to interact with the other person.

It can also happen that in the middle of awkward silences we resort to some conversation topics that instead of helping us can generate tension, and that probably are not the most appropriate to talk to a person we are just getting to know.

Temas de conversación divertidos para conocer a alguien

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We recommend that you avoid talking about politics or religion in your first conversations with a new person. Instead of those lurid and controversial topics, you ‘re better off jotting down these fun conversation topics, especially for the first few encounters.

1. Work.

2. The world of the future.

3. Favorite movies.

4. Past experiences.

5. Humor.

6. Relationships.

7. Expectations.

8. Personal anecdotes.

9. Short, medium and long term goals.

10. Pets.

We can assure you that these topics to talk about are ideal for building trust in the other person, and for you to get to know the basics about his or her life.

They are very general conversation topics that do not affect anyone’s susceptibility, and that can help you get closer and discover what are the interests and motivations of the person you are meeting.

Personas tienen temas de conversación en una cita

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how to have conversation topics?

Having interesting conversations is not always possible, sometimes our mind goes blank and we just don’t know what to say.

Knowing how tocommunicate with others is one of the most important social skills a person can have, there are even those who say that the beginning of humanity took place when we discovered language.

But how do you know if you have fun conversation topics?

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To find out you just have to evaluate how well you are doing conversationally, think back to your last chat, and try to remember if everything went naturally and you had a smooth conversation.

If you want to have interesting things to talk about, and stand out by bringing up fun conversation topics at all times, you need to expand your horizons and research all the topics that might interest you.

Knowing enough about a topic can help you improve your relationships with your favorite people, and even give you something to talk about with someone you don’t know.

If you are interested in developing your social skills and having fun conversation topics for public speaking, we recommend that you check out our online course on Effective Communication: Learn to Speak in Public.

With this course you will learn how to manage the art of public speaking and body language. In addition, you will find the best techniques to combat stage fright, generate empathy and confidence, and captivate anyone with your conversation topics.

Tips for your conversation topics to generate a good conversation

Now that you have a good repertoire of conversation topics you may think you are ready to talk for hours with anyone. However, having a topic of conversation is not the only thing you need to generate interest in other people, the truth is that you need a little more than that.

Up to this point you know how to bring up a topic of conversation to talk to someone, but you lack knowing how to keep the conversation flowing, and the other party interested. but there’s nothing to worry about, because just as we gave you interesting conversation topics, we’ll give you some tips to make your chats very entertaining and you can talk to whoever you want as long as you need to.

Demonstrate knowledge of your topics of conversation

Conversation topics are interesting when you can talk about them properly. In fact, some people say that it’s no use having an ocean of knowledge if it’s an inch deep.

That is, in order for people to be interested in your topics for conversation, you must demonstrate that you have knowledge of what you are talking about. Also, if you don’t know much about the topic, you are likely to have an awkward time, especially if the other person does.

In order for you to accomplish this, the best thing you can do is to have conversation topics about things that interest you a lot, this way you will be confident about the things you say and you will be able to answer any questions if necessary.

Change the subject whenever necessary

If your conversation topics don’t seem to be very interesting to the person you are talking to, you always have the option to change the subject and try other things. For example, you may want to talk about cryptocurrencies and bore the other person with the conversation, in those cases, it is best to switch to other interesting topics to talk about.

The idea is that you identify if the other person is interested and if he/she considers that what you are talking about is a good topic of conversation.

To be able to change the topic of conversation easily, you need to have a good repertoire of interesting conversation topics. We already told you about 50 ideas of fun conversation topics, but you can expand the list and incorporate everything that interests you and that you think can have a good effect on your conversations.

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Identify commonalities with other people

To avoid boring the other person with the conversation topics you use, it is advisable to think about what are the things you have in common and what kind of interests you can share.

You can also ask the person directly what topics of conversation they are interested in. Remember that questions are a good way to bring up fun conversation topics, especially since the other person may be interested in answering you.

If you are a man and you want to have topics of conversation with a girl, the most important thing is that you respect her interests, that you listen carefully to what she says and, above all, do not force the conversation or bring up topics to talk about that may be annoying for her.

the main thing to make a conversation topic flow is respect for the other person and their interests!

Manage your body language well

Another point you should take into account, if you want your speaking topics to be interesting and allow you to have a pleasant conversation, is the use of body language. Much of communication is mediated by our gestures, so you should try to manage your body language and convey confidence when speaking.

This is essential when it comes to conversation topics to get to know someone, especially because in the first meetings people are often nervous and, to some extent, say things a little awkwardly.

Your body language should serve as a tool so that the other person also feels confident, and the conversation topics can flow very naturally. This tip is very important for those who want to create a connection with the other person when chatting.

Adapt your conversation to the context

The topics of conversation also tend to acquire a particular tone depending on the context, there are spaces in which you can be informal, and others in which you should keep some distance.

For example, if you want fun topics of conversation with your boss, you should probably adapt the conversations progressively, until you have developed a space of trust to talk about more informal things.

The same goes for chat or WhatsApp conversation topics, the tone of the chats is usually different when you are not in front of the people we are talking to. Context determines everything, and there are some conversation topics that can serve very well for some contexts, and have the opposite effect in others.

Don’t forget storytelling

Another thing you should do to make your talking points engaging and captivate the attention of the people you talk to is to use some storytelling techniques.

That is to say, you must learn how to tell things and organize what you are going to say, because no matter the topic of conversation you choose, if you know how to tell stories, you will have a good talk assured.

Depending on the person you are talking to, you can apply one technique or another, but the important thing is that you speak in a way that is pleasant.

As you can see, all the tips we give you so that your conversation topics are effective and you can develop connections with people are interrelated. Therefore, you should try to apply them in all your conversations.

The rest you should leave to practice, because speaking well is a social skill that develops over time. So don’t worry if the first few times your conversation topics with friends, family or people you are meeting don’t flow, with time you will learn to master the art of the word and you will be able to communicate with people in a totally natural and interesting way.

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With our courses you will not only learn how to converse with someone fluently and naturally, but you will be able to train yourself to succeed in anything you set your mind to.

In addition, with these courses you will be able to have conversation topics about nutrition, music, yoga, writing, baking and much more.

We have reached the end of our article on fun conversation topics that you can use in any occasion. We hope that all our recommendations will be of help to you, and that from now on, you will know very well how to make conversation with anyone.

Remember that for everything to flow, you must help yourself with a little confidence and security when talking. If you have confidence in yourself and do not put pressure on yourself when talking, you will surely be able to get many interesting conversation topics.

We wish you a lot of success.

see you soon!

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