+90 Restaurant slogan ideas to help you position your brand

Thinking of opening a food venture soon? this list of restaurant slogan suggestions is what you need! It’s not enough to have a great name and logo, the slogan is the key piece that will help you position yourself in the consumer’s mind so they can easily remember you.

In this article you will discover the elements of a good slogan for restaurants, and thus attract the attention of more customers. In addition, we will show you some inspiring phrases that will help you improve the experience in your establishment.

Continue reading this article and discover more than 90 examples of slogans for classic, healthy, vegan, hamburger restaurants and more. they will be of great help to inspire you to create your own and start a food business that is destined for success.

Considerations for creating a slogan for your venture

Before we get started with memorable restaurant slogan examples, let’s start by looking at what goes into creating a food advertising slogan.

what should be taken into account? Well basically, it’s paramount that you know what a restaurant slogan should and shouldn’t include.

In short, you must focus very well on what you offer and what makes you special. For people who do not know you, a restaurant slogan will act as a letter of introduction and will give them an idea of the type of service you are going to offer.

We know that the dishes and the experience you want to provide are excellent, but this is not always clear to everyone. Through an advertising slogan, you will be able to create a point of trust and project a good visual image of your business.

Through a restaurant slogan you can give clear messages, such as that you use high quality products or that their experience in your restaurant will be like at home (or somewhere where they feel comfortable). In this way, you will be able to awaken the consumer’s interest.

what should you include?

do you want to know what key elements you should take into account when creating a slogan for restaurants? First, you must be clear about what a slogan is and what are the types of slogans there are, so that you are already familiar with its concept.

Next, we will tell you the main factors you have to consider when creating a slogan for your food business, so that it can make an impact and help you build customer loyalty. These are:

Direct words: the slogan for restaurants must be understood at first sight, so the consumer can easily remember your brand.

Emotions: as stated in ICR Evolution, it is proven that the emotional factor influences 67% of the purchase decision, therefore, your slogan for restaurants must evoke those that go according to what you offer.

Up to 8 words: this is the ideal length for a restaurant slogan. if it’s shorter, it’s better! Remember that it must stay in the consumer’s mind, so it’s better if it’s not complicated.

Unique attributes: a restaurant slogan should boost your brand, therefore, you should include the characteristics that make you different from your competitors.

Lots of creativity: try to create a restaurant slogan that makes your business stand out. Create a phrase that stands out and is not boring.

Surely you are wondering how you can achieve a phrase for your food business that meets all these characteristics and not fail in the attempt. although it is not an easy task once you find the right slogan, the rewards will come quickly and you will be able to attract customers to your food business easily and quickly.

But don’t worry, we’ ll take care of that for you. If you are ready to know all the restaurant slogan ideas we have for you, join us in the following lines.

Restaurant slogan ideas

it’s time to get inspired with 60 slogan ideas for your food business! Here are the best examples of restaurant slogans for restaurants of all kinds: from those that focus only on burgers to those with a vegan menu

take note!

Creative slogans for restaurants

If you’re looking for inspiration on restaurant slogans that are creative, you’ve come to the exact spot where you’ll discover amazing ideas to add to your business! Here we show you what slogans you can use for your restaurant:

1. We take care of your food, we take care of you.

2. Always the best.

3. The home of true pleasure.

4. The flavors that will make you feel good.

5. It knows you well.

6. We know what you like.

7. Only the best at your table.

8. We feed you well.

9. Full belly.

10. Lunch, dessert, relax.

11. If you don’t get full, we’ll serve you more.

12. We know what it means to eat well.

13. You’ll always want more.

14. You’ll come back for more.

15. Challenge your tastes.

what do you think of these 15 creative slogans for your new business? do they make a positive impact on the customer? some of them are even very funny! Remember that one of the essential points when creating a slogan for a restaurant is to base it on the insights of the target audience. If you know your audience well, they will feel challenged by everything you communicate.

Now, in the following section we will tell you which are the slogans for healthy restaurants, in case you are considering the idea of offering fit food.

slogans for healthy restaurants

Time to get fit. Over the years, it’s more common to see people leaning towards a healthy or fitness lifestyle. If your dining establishment follows this trend, or you’re evaluating the possibility of offering fit dining ideas to your diners, you need to have a restaurant slogan that will catch everyone’s attention.

To that end, here are some examples of healthy restaurant slogans you’re sure to love

16. We take care of you.

17. We take care of you.

18. Be fat without guilt.

19. The pleasure of feeling good.

20. Health on your plate.

21. A little health in every bite.

22. Passion for health.

23. We love to take care of you.

24. We want to see you happy.

25. We make it healthy.

26. Everything commercial but better.

These slogans for healthy restaurants are catchy, aren’t they? And they get to the point. Plus, in a few words, you get across what this restaurant offers. Because clarity in communication and direct words are essential for an effective message.

If you want to know what are the slogans for seafood restaurants, read on! That, below, we tell you all of them.

Slogans para restaurantes saludablesSource: Pexels

Slogans for seafood restaurants

At sea, life is tastier… Who doesn’t love the sea? In addition to giving us fabulous landscapes, seafood has a special charm. There are more and more fans of this cuisine, so it is also important to include in our list of slogans, the best slogans for seafood restaurants.

If your food venture specializes in this type of cuisine, you have a long list of attributes that you can take advantage of to create an impactful slogan. From the aesthetics of the dishes, to the nutritional value of your ingredients. But now, let’s focus on the most eye-catching seafood restaurant slogans we found

27. From the sea to your mouth.

28. The authentic taste of the sea.

29. Shrimp that goes to sleep, we put it on your plate.

30. Fresher.

31. Like in the sea.

32. From the sea the food is tastier.

33. The best from the sea.

34. Authentic freshness on your plate.

35. The freshest ingredients.

36. Fish and seafood of the best quality.

37. From the sea.

38. The sea has never been so close.

Something that stands out in these slogans for seafood restaurants is the freshness of the words. Have you ever imagined the sea and the feeling of tranquility that this scenery transmits? well, it has happened to me too! So keep these slogans in mind because they are very catchy, ideal for seafood lovers.

and what about slogans for burger and steak restaurants? This is another business that doesn’t fail, in fact they are everywhere! Read on as we tell you about them.

Slogans para restaurantes de mariscosSource: Pexels

Slogans for hamburger and steak restaurants

Now, the other side of the coin would be the food ventures focused on burgers and meats. These restaurants are the most common in every city. Truth be told, who doesn’t like burgers? they are delicious! However, you should keep in mind that burger stands are numerous almost everywhere in the world, that’s why you need to create a slogan to sell burgers that is unique and creative. this way you will be able to differentiate yourself from your competition!

And if you are still hesitating whether or not you should open a venture focused on preparing burgers, maybe this is the sign you were waiting for to have your own “burger shop”. that’s right! Don’t forget to choose a good slogan for hamburger restaurants or else your business won’t have any advantage over the rest.

Here we help you with some suggestions:

39. Faster and delicious.

40. Incredible taste.

41. Mr. Krabs would be jealous.

42. The best flavor on the grill.

43. Kings of meats.

44. Excellent ingredients, best burgers.

45. Share the best moment with friends.

46. All the combinations you can imagine.

47. The authentic taste of the grill.

48. Grill masters.

49. An experience to share.Slogans for vegan restaurants

More and more people are choosing to lead a conscious lifestyle. Veganism no longer sounds strange, but rather like empathy with all the living beings around us. That’s why, recently, there has been a boom in restaurants that cater to offering the best vegan food you can find.

Let the public know what a delicious experience they can enjoy at your establishment by including any of the following examples of vegan restaurant slogans, which help you convey the message that all the ingredients you use are animal cruelty free.

50. We don’t eat our friends.

51. Experience conscious eating.

52. Live and let live.

53. Let’s save lives, one bite at a time.

54. Feed yourself with life.

55. Feed yourself with real ingredients.

56. We want you green.

57. Natural is health.

58. It doesn’t get more natural than this.

59. Vegan flavor.

60. Eat vegan.

As we mentioned earlier, veganism is increasingly present in global society. So the myth that vegan products bring low profitability to businesses has been left behind. If in your city there are few restaurants offering vegan food, make a difference and put one yourself! By the way, you can use these creative slogans for vegan restaurants that will delight your audience.

Of course, do not forget that it is important to do a market study, because sometimes intuition is better left for other types of decisions, especially if you have a very small capital.

Slogans para restaurantes veganosSource: Pexels

Slogans for sushi restaurants

what about sushi restaurants? Such a delicious food for rice and seafood fans. In addition, it is perfect for vegans and vegetarians, as there are healthy versions of sushi that do not have meat. This is a typical Japanese dish that has conquered palates around the world, that’s why we share with you some phrases to sell sushi that you can not fail to use in your business.

On the other hand, if you are going to develop your own sushi restaurant, we recommend you to make some innovations in the dishes to differentiate yourself from your potential competitors. do you want to know what slogans for sushi restaurants you can use in your business? Pay attention to the following:

61. The great taste of sushi.

62. Freshness guaranteed.

63. We know how to cook sushi.

64. From Japan to your table.

65. Mouthfuls full of flavor.

66. Quality and freshness assured.

67. Love at first sushi.

68. For sushi fanatics.

69. For those who know about sushi.

70. Explosion of freshness in your mouth.

what do you think of these slogans for sushi restaurants? We are sure that these proposals will serve as a source of inspiration to find the perfect slogan for your food business. On the other hand, if you are thinking of having a Mexican restaurant, we invite you to keep reading this note because you will also find some very interesting ideas.

Slogans para restaurantes de sushiSource: Pexels

Slogans for Mexican restaurants

mexican food is your passion and having your own Mexican restaurant would be a great dream come true? are tacos the first thing you’ve thought of when tossing around the idea of having your own food restaurant? say no more! Let’s see what Mexican restaurant slogans you can use for your business:

71. Tacos de encanto.

72. Mexican flavor.

73. One taco a day.

74. The taste of Mexico.

75. Authentic Mexican food.

76. We know how to make tacos.

77. The pleasure of Mexican food.

78. Flavors that make you travel to Mexico.

79. Flavors that are good for the heart.

80. Mexican food.

Slogans para restaurantes mexicanosSource: Pexels

Slogans for Italian Restaurants

Italian cuisine is one of the most delicious in the world, and we’re not just talking about pizzas! But also lasagna, ravioli, fettuccine and many other dishes. That’s why, if you are thinking of having your own Italian food establishment, here we bring you some ideas of slogans for Italian restaurants that you can use in your advertising.

81. Fresh pasta.

82. Italian flavor.

83. Travel to Italy from the restaurant.

84. Flavors that transport you to Italy.

85. Discover Italy from the palate.

86. Italian tradition made restaurant.

87. We know how to cook Italian food.

88. La cucina italiana.

89. Typical Italian food.

90. Made with Italian passion.

The proposals you find in this list will help you to awaken your imagination and come up with creative concepts from which you can develop and elaborate your own restaurant slogan. This phrase is the one that will help you to build customer loyalty and make them associate your brand with a specific concept.

Slogans para restaurantes italianosSource: Pexels

Improve attention with these restaurant slogans to attract customers

After having known the best restaurant slogan ideas in the previous sections, surely you already have a clearer idea to develop yours.

But it doesn’t end there, so that the consumer can enjoy a complete experience, how about incorporating some phrases for food companies that will help you make your customers feel more comfortable?customer service is very important, don’t neglect it!

Complement the restaurant slogan you choose with some of the best restaurant phrases for customers that we have compiled for you:

Welcome phrases for a restaurant

Let us spoil you.

Relax, you’ve come home.

We’ll take care of making this moment special.

Today we will spoil you.

Don’t worry, we’ll take care of you today.

We’ll take care of you today.

Farewell phrases for restaurants

Thank you for choosing us.

We are happy to be with you on any occasion.

We look forward to seeing you again.

Happy to have served you today.

Thank you for including us in your day.

Thank you for coming.

Both welcome and farewell phrases for restaurants can be used to decorate your establishment or you can also include them in the menu of your restaurant.

Inspirational phrases for restaurants

Now we have for you a selection of the best phrases for restaurants that you can use as decoration in your establishment, to create a more striking and welcoming atmosphere. This way, people will enjoy a pleasant experience while they enjoy their meal.

In addition, you can consider these options as phrases to promote restaurants because you can include them in your social media posts. Do not neglect your presence in the digital world, nowadays it is of the utmost importance.

take note!

– “Here you eat like at home but without having to wash the dishes”.

– “The best social network is a table full of food and surrounded by the people you love”.

– “Full belly, happy heart.”

– “Love is as important as food, but it doesn’t feed” – Gabriel Garcia Marquez.

– “I’ll go on two diets because with one I stay hungry”.

– “After a good dinner, one can forgive anyone, even one’s own relationships” – Oscar Wilde.

– “Everything you see I owe to spaghetti” – Sophia Loren.

– “There is no love more sincere than the love of food” – George Bernard Shaw.

– “If you want a person to come into your life, invite them to share your table and cook for them”.

– “If you think your life is in the hands of the gods, you are wrong. It is in the hands of the cooks.”

– “After your house, this is the best restaurant in the world.”

– “Good sense and an empty stomach don’t get along.”

persona-arreglando-mesas-restauranteSource: Unsplash

Tips to create a slogan for restaurants

want to know how to create a slogan for a restaurant? The first thing you need to be clear about is the story you want to tell with your brand. To do this, Cecilia Rodriguez, teacher of the online course of Branding and visual identity for startups, suggests doing a brand sprint, which is a process by which you manage to land all the abstract ideas you have in relation to your brand in something more concrete.

The brand sprint is composed of a series of exercises that are as follows:

1. 20-year work plan

If your company is successful, it will most likely last for a long time. That’s why in the first exercise you have to look into the future and think about what your business could be doing in 20 years. You can start by projecting 5 years into the future, then 10, 15 and so on until you reach 20. This way, you will make sure you have a slogan for your restaurant that can match your long-term goals.

2. what? how? why?

The next exercise that will help you in the process of creating a restaurant slogan is to answer the following questions:

what does your business do: write a phrase or sentence that describes your business.

how do you do it? what distinguishes you from the competition: you can talk about the ingredients you use in your restaurant.

why do you do it: write the main reason why your business exists.

3. Core values

The restaurant slogan you use must be perfectly aligned with your brand values, which refers to the principles that the business has when making decisions. Ideally, you should have only 3 values and order them according to their priority. If you know your most important brand value, you will find it easier to make decisions, clarify your message and differentiate yourself from the competition.

4. Core audiences

For a restaurant slogan to be as accurate as possible, you have to define a specific audience. Think, whose opinion matters to you? Remember that your brand may not only be important to your customers, but also to other businesses, reporters, advertisers, among others. Make a list of all your possible audiences and then determine which one is the most important.

5. Brand personality

The meaning of a restaurant slogan will depend on the personality of your brand. Here is a list of attributes that can help you define this aspect of your business:

Friendly / authoritative

Young and innovative / immature and classic

Playful / serious

Massive / premium

Conventional / rebellious

6. Competitive landscape

Finally, in order for you to create a restaurant slogan that is unique and different from the rest, you have to evaluate your business’ competition. To do this, you’ll need to make a list of all your competitors (restaurants related to your establishment or located in the same area). Then, group the businesses according to their brand personality (are they expressive or reserved? are they modern classics? Finally, you will have to position your business in the group that best matches its personality. In this way, you will know who your main competition is and you will have to devise a way to differentiate yourself from those establishments.

By performing each of the exercises we mentioned above, you will be able to learn more about your business and choose that restaurant slogan option that resonates most with your proposal.

personas-comiendo-restauranteSource: Unsplash

what did you think of our restaurant slogan ideas? we hope you liked them. Remember that it is not necessary to include any of these slogans verbatim. We recommend you to use your creativity to adapt them according to the needs of your business.

let’s dazzle everyone! see you in the next article.

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