+10 best sites for creating free animated presentations

Want to make animated presentations that make an impact? When it comes to exposing a topic through a presentation, PowerPoint has been the industry standard for years. However, with the evolution of technology and the needs of businesses, other alternatives to create unique presentations have entered the market: animated presentation sites… and for free.

Today’s motion presentation pages allow you to visualize data, create exhibits, share the screen and present a topic to an audience in an intuitive way. This gives the possibility to make webinars or other types of presentations with more useful and effective tools. So we have ranked the +10 best sites for you to create not only free animated presentations, but also great slides and visual stories.

This selection is based on ease of use, presentation features, support, integrations and other aspects so you can make your free interactive presentations professionally. So, welcome to the +10 best free animated presentation sites!

1. Wideo

If it’s all about reliability and speed, then we have to recommend Wideo. This online platform allows you to create digital presentations and animated videos. Wideo accommodates all the elements so you can easily replace them with your content. It is really easy to use.

Wideo has graphics, vectors, backgrounds and elements that you can add to your presentations, but you can also create your own graphic line together with a designer and upload it to Wideo.

By the way, with a platform like Wideo it can take you less than 3 hours to make your animated presentation. Once you have it ready, you can publish it on social networks, download it directly from the web or save it as a video in mp4 format.

This kind of web pages break boundaries and you don’t necessarily need to have advanced animation skills to use them, because their interface is so intuitive that you will be able to create an animated presentation by yourself

2. Powtoon

This is a platform to make digital presentations and videos that will also meet your expectations. Powtoon is an online program that allows you to create animations in a very simple and fast way. It has diverse resources that will help you create professional and incredible works.

Besides, it offers a number of animated resources worked by its own team of designers. To use them, you just have to add and adjust them to your presentation.

However, a disadvantage of Powtoon is its prices, since compared to other paid digital presentation platforms it is a bit expensive.

3. Emaze

With Emaze you will be able to share professional and attractive presentations, thanks to its HTML editor. This platform offers hundreds of professionally designed templates (including 2D and 3D templates) that will surely suit your needs.

If you want your digital presentations to look more visually appealing, add audio, photos and videos. Once your project is finished, you can download it as PDF, mp4 or upload it to your social networks.

You can also import presentations from PowerPoint and PDF files and automatically convert them into Emaze templates.

Emaze has a free version that allows you to create and share up to 5 projects, but it also offers three payment plans with greater benefits.

4. Canva

Canva is an easy-to-use online graphic design tool. It is accessible from a web browser or mobile app. It allows you to create images, professional-looking graphics and offers a wide range of free resources. But you can also access better resources from $1.

Another feature of Canva is the diversity of customizable templates for social networks, as well as for animated presentations, printed documents and even digital book covers. All these templates are designed to optimize any type of information.

how to make presentations in Canva?

Just open Canva (it’s free to register) and choose the presentation template that matches the topic you want to present. You can also create one from scratch.

Upload your own images or use the ones provided by Canva.

Edit your images, add filters, graphics, etc.

Edit the template texts.

Animate your elements. Canva has six effects available.

Save your presentation, share it by mail or via URL. You can also embed or download it (in PNG, JPG, PDF or as a PowerPoint document).

5. Prezi

Prezi is an online tool for creating stunning animated presentations. It is similar to Microsoft PowerPoint, but offers some unique features that make it a good alternative.

Most digital presentation tools use a slide-based approach, which moves back and forth (like the pages of a book). Prezi, however, uses a dynamic canvas. Instead of using slides, Prezi has a very large, dynamic canvas that allows you to move the presentation to go straight to the frames you need.

Unlike other presentation tools, such as PowerPoint or Keynote, Prezi is completely free. If you want to use some additional features, you can pay to unlock them. Although everything you need to create and share a dynamic Prezi is available for free.

Another important feature of Prezi is that it runs entirely through the web browser, which means there will be fewer compatibility issues than with other programs like PowerPoint. A digital Prezi presentation will always look the same, no matter what computer you are viewing it on.

6. Swipe

This is one of the online platforms that allows you to create digital presentations from any mobile device. In its most basic form, Swipe is a bit like Slideshare, but more powerful, as you can create animated presentations between multiple users.

To create a presentation in Swipe, you have to drag and drop files to load them into the app. These can be images, presentations (such as Keynote), PDF files or other content from the web to the library, even YouTube videos.

Digital presentations in Swipe can be controlled and ‘streamed’ live from any device over the internet. When the presenter swipes any slide in the presentation, others who uploaded the shared URL see the progress of the presentation in real time.

7. Visme

If you need to create a stunning digital presentation, but don’t have design skills, try Visme. This online tool has much of what other tools do on their own.

On the web, there are tools that help you create images, others that are useful for creating infographics or creating reports. The main advantage of Visme is that it brings all these capabilities together in one. With Visme you can create digital presentations, infographics, reports, web content, product presentations and wireframes (for a new website or app).

Another interesting aspect is its extensive library. It contains icons, templates and many professional images to choose from.

Its templates are numerous, customizable and there are templates for every piece of design you need, that is, you can start from a generic template (whether a presentation, an infographic, a report or a wireframes) and edit all its elements according to your criteria.

8. Slidebean

A website for making animated presentations that harnesses the power of artificial intelligence (AI) to create amazing slides is Slidebean. It offers excellent ease of use and customization options to achieve amazing results.

Let’s see what are the main features of this website for creating animated presentations:

Automation – Slidebean’s algorithm automates the formatting and finds the most suitable layout for each element of the animated slides. This level of automation saves a lot of time when creating sophisticated and feature-rich presentations.
Extensive gallery: its wide gallery of design templates for animated presentations serves a variety of purposes, including classroom presentations, business proposals, thesis presentations and introductory presentations.
Template samples: it offers a large number of sample templates from companies like Uber and Airbnb to keep users up to date with the latest trends in animated presentations, or you can have your own custom template designed by the Slidebean team.
Easy website integration: it can be easily integrated into websites through a simple HTML script without the need to install additional plugins. It is also compatible with all operating systems.


Being a cloud-based animated presentation making site, users can use it from anywhere and from any computer via the Internet.
You can easily export your files to PPT or PDF format for offline use.
It offers all kinds of color palettes and quality fonts.
Slidebean is more than just a free interactive presentation site, as it offers reporting and user tracking features to measure the reach of your content.
It is equipped with all the professional features to effectively create professional animated slides with the ability to add bullets, quotes, titles, text, videos, images, fills, icons, graphs, charts, tables and much more.

With Slidebean you can make your animated presentations for free, as it offers a free trial version. Then you must take a subscription. Essential and Premium subscriptions are available for $29 and $45 per month, respectively. The advantage is that its business plan is customizable and budget-driven.

Image: slidebean.com

9. VideoScribe

This is a tool for creating whiteboard animations and explainer videos. If you want to achieve creative exhibitions, VideoScribe will help you do it.

have you seen those videos where a hand draws what a voiceover explains? This animated presentation format is also known as “explainer” video and is very effective for educational and marketing purposes.

VideoScribe videos are in this style. want to make a similar one, but don’t have animation skills? Don’t worry, with VideoScribe you don’t have to.

In fact, it’s a pretty intuitive platform. In addition, it includes a free library of images and sounds, and has cloud support to access your projects from wherever you are. It is available as a desktop version and as an iPad app.

The desktop version of VideoScribe offers a seven-day free trial.

10. Haiku Deck

If you want to make a clear, simple and attractive digital presentation, you need to try Haiku Deck. This paid platform (it has two plans) allows you to design presentations on the web, iPad or iPhone.

It has a wide variety of templates, layouts, image filters and elegant fonts for your presentations. It also gives you access to more than 40 million free and free-to-use images.

Your digital presentations are saved in the cloud and are easy to share with any device.

11. Google Slides

This Google tool is a great alternative for making engaging animated presentations. Google Slides is available for free to all users using Gmail, G Suite or their Google account.

It offers excellent flexibility and convenience and helps users manage interactive presentations through different features, such as themes, fonts, embedded videos and, of course, animations!

Let’s now take a detailed look at its main features, advantages and disadvantages:

Cloud-based: Google Slides does not require you to install any software, as it works as a software as a service (SaaS), meaning it is cloud-based and stores your work right there. It helps you collaborate, create and edit animated presentations for free. The animated slides you develop are accessible from any machine, anywhere in the world.
Cross-browser compatibility: You can access your free interactive presentations from multiple browsers such as Firefox, Internet Explorer 11, Chrome, Microsoft Edge and Safari (for Mac).
Google Presentation Templates: Offers different free animated presentation templates that you can create with ease.


Several people can collaborate on the same presentation simultaneously from different locations.
If you are looking for free animated presentation sites, most of the essential features and templates of Google Slides are available without any payment.
You have the option to do offline editing, which gives you the opportunity to create free animated presentations without having to rely on the Internet exclusively.
It allows screen sharing and streaming via AirPlay and Chromecast.
Users can download their animated presentations in PPTX format, so PowerPoint presentations can be opened in Google Slides.

You can download your presentation as a PDF and upload it to platforms such as Slideshare.
Use Android or iOS devices as remote controls to control speaker notes.
Features the option to use Google Hangouts to deliver animated presentations to a remote audience and save them to Google Drive.
Offers chat, comment and review functions for real-time collaboration.


When making opening animated slides in PowerPoint-and vice versa-it is possible to encounter formatting issues in some places.
Offline editing is only available in the Chrome browser for Windows and Mac.
Some features are missing compared to PowerPoint files.

For users looking for free animated presentation sites, Google offers a free version of its Slides software. However, if you want full access to premium features, you must purchase the paid subscription of $6 per month, which, in turn, comes with a free trial.

Image: google.com

12. Genially

This online platform allows you to create interactive content of all kinds, including creative animated presentations.

Advantages of Genially

Everything you do can be easily shared via social networks, WhatsApp, email, etc.
It has its own resource bank and allows you to integrate much more than just images.
It has a wide variety of templates for presentations.
With the “designer mode” your presentations will be aligned to perfection.

how to use Genially?

Register on the site using your e-mail address and create a password
Enter the menu and click on “Create with Genially”.
Choose the type of resource you want to create and the template you like (you can also create a presentation from scratch.

The free version of Genially is quite complete, however, you will not be able to download your presentations or remove the logo from the platform. The paid version of Genially starts at $7.49. The master plan costs $20.82 per month, while Team (intended for teams) costs $79.15 per month.

Image: genial.ly

13. Knovio

Creating presentations on Knovio is a great option if you want videos to take center stage. This platform allows you to insert customized videos to accompany your presentation, a resource you can use, for example, when conducting training.

This tool can be quite useful to capture the attention of your audience, since it creates a closeness with them by talking to them “directly”. In addition, it saves time, since you only need to create the recording once.

Advantages of knovio

You can create synchronized presentations with customized videos.
Allows you to export your videos and presentations in HD format.
Gives you statistics of the people who have seen your video.

Knovio offers a free version to get started, but it also has customized plans depending on who is going to use it: companies, teachers or students. there’s something for everyone!

14. Apple Keynote

Apple offers Keynote pre-installed on its Mac and iPhone devices with an intuitive interface that allows users to create elegant and eye-catching animated presentations with little effort. Key features include:

Presenter tools: features tools such as “voice-over” that help enhance the digital presentation experience for both the presenter and the audience.
Slide Layout: offers a variety of slide layouts, including icons, animated presentations and slide transitions.
Cloud-based version: also offers a cloud-based version that can be accessed from any device, anywhere.
PowerPoint compatibility: users can easily export Keynote presentations to PowerPoint. They can also open, edit and save PPT files in Keynote.


Enables live collaboration from multiple locations through the chat feature.
You can use the Keynote Remote feature to control your digital presentations from mobile devices: iPhone, iPad or iPod touch.
It provides a preloaded presenter view and a preview of the next one, as if using PowerPoint.
You can use Keynote Live to deliver free animated presentations remotely from an iPhone, iPad or Mac with an Internet connection.
Better transition and animation effects compared to other tools.
Create drawings on the iPad using Apple Pencil or your fingers.
Offers support for real-time collaborative editing.
Offers well-designed templates and integration with all Apple devices.


You can only access the cloud version if you have an iCloud account.
Has some compatibility bugs when converting to PPT due to different file types.
The drag-and-drop feature is still not very well developed.

If you’re an Apple user looking to make free animated presentations, the Keynote app comes free of charge on all Apple devices, including iPhone, iPad and Mac computers.

Image: apple.com

Free PowerPoint templates for your digital presentations

Well, after knowing the best programs and websites to make free animated presentations, we have something special for you. These are our free presentation templates that both you and your audience will love.

You can choose from different free designs ready to use in PowerPoint and Keynote, or you can choose by editing only the elements you need to update your interactive presentation you have worked on before, whether in business projects or not.

PowerPoint Templates for Gastronomy Businesses

looking for high-impact digital PowerPoint presentations? With our PPT templates you can make successful animated presentations with more than 10 templates.

The X note: PowerPoint Templates

This resource offers 4 free PowerPoint templates for you. Download this free resource and innovate the design of your animated presentations.

PowerPoints to summarize and organize your information

Presentations can become twice as long as they need to be, with slides full of text and no images in sight. how can you make sure you don’t fall victim to these mistakes in a digital presentation?

We’ve come up with 3 PowerPoint templates for you when designing your next presentation for your team, class or clients. We are sure you will love them.

Education PowerPoint Presentation Templates

do you work in the education sector? We have a resource for you: 3 PowerPoint templates with original designs for your animated presentations.

Original Backgrounds for PowerPoint Presentations

If you need new backgrounds for your interactive presentations, we invite you to download our free PowerPoint templates. You will find three different models that you can edit as you wish.

Templates for presenting complete PPT reports

need to present a report? Download our free PowerPoint templates and streamline this process. By downloading this resource, you will find 3 templates with different statistical diagrams and graphs that will help you summarize your information and make amazing animated presentations. we hope you find them useful!

Business Powerpoint Presentation Templates

We have business PPTs for you. If you need to make a last minute presentation, these templates will get you out of trouble. To tell you a little more about this resource, you can find 3 ready-to-edit PowerPoint templates.

Download free Business PowerPoint Presentation Templates.

Creative Summary Chart Templates

As we mentioned earlier, to make a successful presentation you need to use creative graphics that will attract attention at first glance. If you want to explain, for example, a creative concept of an advertising campaign, what better than to do it through an outline that allows you to break down the ideas? The synoptic table is one of the best tools to synthesize the most important data of your project in a structured way.

ensure your success! Download this pack of creative synoptic chart templates, customize them in your own way and make your animated presentations stand out.

Free Downloadable Flowchart Templates for PowerPoint

If you are looking for a perfect alternative to make an organizational chart for your company, then these free PowerPoint templates will be very useful for you. do you work in the Human Resources area and you were asked to make a presentation about the new management? In this pack you will find different organization chart templates to choose from and edit with the information you need.

As any entrepreneur, you also need to have a clear vision of the structure of your business. With these downloadable resources you will be able to achieve it.

Formal PowerPoint presentation backgrounds

do you have a new project presentation and want your information to look organized? Then you need to download this pack of backgrounds for formal PowerPoint presentations.

Remember that it is not only vital to have a lively presentation, but also to keep a content style for your slides. So, keep in mind the design of your slides and make your presentations successful.

Backgrounds for pastel colored PowerPoint presentations

If you have already used the default PowerPoint backgrounds to the max, don’t worry! We bring you a collection of backgrounds for your presentations with a palette of pastel colors that will make your audience fall in love with them. Who doesn’t love pastel shades?

The truth is, the use of these magical shades transmit confidence and tranquility just by looking at them. use these backgrounds in your animated presentations and add that authentic touch to your speeches!

Nature PowerPoint Presentation Backgrounds

If the previous pack of backgrounds was not enough for you, we share with you some more that will give your digital presentations a feeling of nature in its maximum splendor. forget the classic PowerPoint backgrounds and download these original wallpapers!

Free Keynote templates for your animated presentations

The success of your animated presentations is linked to the presentation of your slides. If you want to increase the effectiveness of your presentation, add the best Keynote animations.

Animations help your audience remember the information you’ve shared, as well as engage more with your content.

Here we have the best free templates for your digital presentations. From presenting a Facebook report to business proposals to logistics presentations. With these tools, you’ll be able to wow the crowd!

Keynote template for presenting a Facebook report

need to make a digital presentation of a Facebook report? Keynote makes it possible. Choose a design and get to work!

Keynote template for your business presentations

If you are a loyal Apple user, this resource is waiting for you. Download our FREE Keynote template for your digital business presentations and surprise your audience.

Keynote template for logistics presentations

If you need new designs for your Keynote presentations, we have made a template for you. Improve your logistics presentations and optimize your design time with this template.

In short, from an organizational point of view, it’s all about choosing the best tool based on certain specific features, i.e. the page for making animated presentations that you feel good with and that makes your life easier. Before making your final decision, ask yourself the following questions:

do you need to collaborate with multiple stakeholders from remote locations?
are you looking for a modern digital presentation tool with videos, animations and advanced features?
do you plan to pay for the software or look for a free tool?
do you have the IT infrastructure to install the software or would a Saas, cloud-based service work better?

If you think about these questions, you can easily find in the above list of free animated presentations the most suitable option for your needs.

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