+20 best apps and sites to download Instagram videos for free

Surely more than once you’ve wondered how to download instagram videos. Whether it’s to save your next workout routine, the recipe of that dish you want to replicate in your kitchen, tips to take care of your first little plant or just a funny video to share with your friends.

If we talk about photos, this task can be easier. Just take a screenshot and you are ready to go. However, if you want to download videos from Instagram you need to use reliable apps. And considering how important Instagram is nowadays (according to BigCommerce, the social network already has more than one billion active users), there are so many apps and websites on the Internet that it is best to follow certain recommendations on which one to use.

So, check out our top free websites and apps to download videos, stories, photos and Instagram Reels, which are safe applications to save any recording on your cell phone or computer .

Have that list of Instagram accounts you’ve been stalking at hand and let’s get started.

1. iGram

Website to download Instagram videos

iGram is a website that allows you to download Instagram videos easily and quickly. Moreover, it is designed to be used on any device: smartphone, tablet or computer.

Another plus that this platform has for downloading videos is that it has no download limit. Plus, it’s free!

2. InstaDownloader

Website to download Instagram videos

The second tool that allows you to download photos and videos through a simple and easy download is InstaDownloader.co.

Thanks to it you can download Instagram videos in a few minutes and download photos without capturing the screen and cropping it. A plus is that it also works to download the famous IGTVs.

how to use this website? Follow these steps:

Copy the link of the Instagram video
Paste it in the white rectangle
Click on the “download” button
that’s it! Your video will start downloading

3. w3toys

Website to download Instagram videos

This platform is very popular for downloading Instagram videos, stories, IGTV, highlights and photos. W3toys works in the same way as the other websites for downloading Instagram photos and videos.

The recordings will be downloaded in MP4 format. You will probably see ads when you click the download button; don’t worry, it won’t last more than a minute.

the best thing about this app to download videos for free? The quality of the downloaded videos is in HD.

4. DownloadGram

Website to download Instagram videos

Next on the list is DownloadGram. It is an online tool that facilitates you to save Instagram videos in high quality MP4 format.

The design of this website is simple. Copy the url of the Instagram post, paste it and hit the download button. Note that it may open another page when you click on the URL field, just ignore it and go back to the tool to download your Instagram video.

5. Downloader for Instagram

Extension to download Instagram videos

If you use Google Chrome as your default browser, the easiest thing you can do is to download an extension to download free instagram videos. For those who are used to squeeze Chrome’s tools to the fullest, this option is the ideal one.

how to get it? You must enter the link that we share below and hit the “add to Chrome” button. This app to download Instagram videos is available in English. Once you have downloaded the extension, a button will appear on the file you want to download and you just have to click it to start the operation.

You can download photos and videos of posts, stories, featured stories, reels, IGTV and photos of tagged posts. It is also possible to download profile photos. If you are really interested in all the content of an account, Downloader for Instagram allows you to download ALL* posts, stories, featured stories, IGTV and tagged post photos in one ZIP file.

6. IGDownloader

Website for downloading videos from Instagram

IG Downloader is a very easy to use website and can give you great results when it comes to downloading instagram images online. This service allows you to get high resolution images and is compatible with Mac computers and Android or iPhone devices. Moreover, it offers much more than just downloading videos, these are its tools:

High quality video downloader.
Private video and photo downloader.
Profile downloader.
IGTV, Reels and profile pictures downloader.

To use this page to download instagram videos, we advise you to follow these steps:

Login to Instagram and search for the post with the image you want to download.
Copy the link to the post by pasting the three dots in the upper right corner.
Open the Instagram Downloader page and paste the link in the input box, then press enter.
Once the system loads, click on the download link to save the photo to your preferred device.

7. Reposter for Instagram (Regrammer)

App for downloading videos on iOS (has a free version)

This app is very simple and will be one of your favorites for downloading videos on Instagram. How to use Reposter?

Copy the URL of the Instagram video you want to download.
Open the Reposter app and paste the URL.
Click Preview.
Select to download the Instagram video to your device or publish it

8. REC

Application to download videos on iOS

Another alternative to save an Instagram video, if you have an Iphone, is to record your cell phone screen. TheREC app allows you to record videos with audio. You can export the recordings to your photo library.

In addition, you can edit and trim the videos using the tools on your phone.

The recordings will be made in full screen and is a good resource if you want to save a video post from Instagram.

9. Insaver

Video downloader app for Android

take advantage of this great photo and video downloader for Instagram! The app is available for Android, it downloads your files in HD and saves them directly to the gallery . It is 100% free and safe, in addition to downloading videos, you can repost and share on other social networks.

In a few steps you can download the content you want, copy the tags and repost. This app to download instagram videos is very simple to use and proposes two ways to achieve what you are looking for:

Use “Share to”: open Instagram and click on “Share to…” and select “Insaver”.
Use “Copy link”: Open the video on Instagram and click on “Copy link”

10. +Download 4 Instagram Twitter

Application to download videos on Android

Android users have many options when it comes to downloading Instagram videos from mobile.

One good option is the +Download 4 Instagram Twitter app. This app also serves to save Twitter videos.

11. FastSave for Instagram

Application for downloading videos on Android

FastSave for Instagram is another well-known Instagram video downloader for Android. In a few simple steps you can download Instagram photos and videos from your mobile.

12. Story Saver App

App to download Instagram Stories on Android

It’s time to see the apps to download free Instagram stories and highlights. If you use them as we show you, in less than a minute you will have your favorite Instagram Stories in your camera roll.

did you know that, in addition to downloading videos, you can create filters for Instagram stories and for your recordings?

It’s one of the best tools for downloading and saving Instagram stories for your business or personal account.

If you are from the Android team, this app will be a great friend to save Instagram stories and IGTV posts on your device. All the content of the stories you download, using Story Saver, will be stored in the app.

13. Tutuapp for Iphone

App to download Instagram Stories on iOS and Andoid

Tutuapp is actually a platform that allows you to download Apps in the App Store or Google Play style. With it, you will be able to install Instagram ++, which will allow you to download Instagram stories. how to do it? Follow these steps:

Download the free version and when it finishes go to Settings > General > Device Management > Trust Beijing Nation Sky Network Technologies.
You accept all permissions by clicking on “trust” and exit Settings to return to the Tutuapp store.
In the app’s search engine type “Instagram ++”. Select that option and download it.
When the download is finished, log in with your IG username and password and you will notice that the interface is identical to Instagram.
Select the story and click on the arrow icon located at the bottom right.
The app will ask you where and in what size you want to save the Instagram Stories download, choose the options and the story will be saved on your iPhone.

14. InstaVideosSave App

This is another good video downloader option for your Instagram Reels, it is totally free and downloads your videos in MP4.

Since it doesn’t use Instagram’s API (Application Programming Interface), you can freely download videos without entering any personal data.

Key features to download free Instagram videos:

It keeps the original video quality.
You can download it from your cell phone, computer or tablet.
No need to install any software. Use InstaVideoSave from any web browser.
And you can use it as many times as you want for free and without registration.

how to use this app to download Instagram videos?

Copy the link to the Instagram Reels video.
Open Instavideosave.com
Paste the video link into the white box at the top of the page.
Click the “download” button and when the download process is complete a button to save the Instagram video will appear.

If you don’t know where the link to download the IG Reels video is located, follow these steps:

Open the Instagram app
Enter the Reel you want to download
Click on the three dots that appear on the top right of the publication.
You will find the “copy” option, click it and you have the link.

15. Expertsphp

Application to download videos from Instagram Reels and TikTok

If you are an Instagram and Tiktok lover and you are looking for a single application to download videos from your favorite networks, we introduce you to Expertsphp. You can download the videos you want in mp4, mp3 and even HD without watermark and also from any device (cell phone, laptop or mobile) .

If you are thinking of using this software from your smartphone, we tell you how to do it:

Open Instagram on your cell phone.
Click on the three dots that appear on the Reels posts.
Choose “copy link”.
Paste the link in the search box and then click on download.

Almost all apps to download Instagram photos and videos follow the same steps. Easy, isn’t it?

16. Savefrom.net

Application and web extension to download photos from Instagram

If downloading videos seemed very easy to you, you can’t imagine how easy it is to download photos from Instagram, I bet you can do it almost with your eyes closed.

Several of the apps to download videos from Instagram -that we have mentioned in this article- fulfill the function of downloading photos, but as we know that you like to have more options we share with you some more.

If you usually use Instagram web you can easily download photos with Savefrom.net. This software works great on mobile or desktop. For all Android users, this app has an exclusive version and also has an extension for your PC.

This tool is ideal for creative social media users who use content from other accounts as a source of inspiration.

17. Instaprofile

Website to view profile photos

did you know that there is a way to view and download Instagram profile photos in large size? Just as you read it and we are not playing with your feelings.

To find out how to download Instagram photos in large size and stop zooming in on your crush’s profile picture we bring you this little gem that will make your digital life easier. InstaProfile is a platform that allows you to view any Instagram profile picture (private or public) in large size .

On this website you can enlarge the photo and see it in its original size. Best of all, you can do it from any mobile device and from any computer. Discover some ideas for profile pictures that will increase your visibility on Instagram and pass the zoom test of all your followers.

18. Ingramer

Website to download Instagram photos and videos

Ingramer is a great tool to download Instagram photos and videos on different devices. Moreover, this online application allows you to collect photos, videos and download Instagram Stories and IGTV on PC, Mac, Android or iPhone. You just need to paste the link and you will automatically get the photos or videos on your device.

19. SocialDown

Website to download Instagram photos and videos

SocialDown is a great Instagram video and photo downloader that is available to use online at no cost, and it allows you to save your Instagram profile picture in HD quality (yes, you won’t need to zoom your magnifying glass on the image anymore).

It also lets you download other multimedia files to social networks such as SoundCloud and Twitter.

20. Save IG Live Story

Google Chrome extension to download Instagram Live Stories

You already know how to download videos from Instagram, but do you know how to download a live video from Instagram? with this extension you can do it!

The first thing you should do is check if the live was saved in featured or in the instagrammer’s feed. If so, follow these steps:

Install the extension in Google Chrome, which will allow you to download the file as long as the Instagram Live video can be viewed in your web browser.
Refresh the Instagram page to view the live video.
Click on the live video you want to download.
If you have Windows, you can right click the video and then enter “inspect”.
You will get the developer window.
Find the result that has “mp4” and copy the text to another tab.
You will see the video with a black background. Right click on it and save it.

21. SnapInsta

Website to download Instagram live feeds

Another great tool for downloading IGTV is SnapInsta, which, in addition, will also let you download videos and photos from that social network – all in one! Best of all, you don’t need to register or log in to download Instagram videos. You simply paste the url of the video you want to download from IGTV and that’s it.

Its main features are:

IGTV Downloader: in case you can’t watch IGTV at that moment, you can download the IGTV video to your computer, and make sure you can watch it again later. This way, you won’t need to have internet.
Download Instagram videos: SnapInsta was created to let you download IG videos for any purpose you want.
Download Instagram photos: SnapInsta’s Instagram Photo Downloader allows you to save any Instagram photo or collage without any difficulty. With SnapInsta you can download a single post image as well as download multiple Instagram photos.
Download Reels from Instagram – SnapInsta’s Instagram Reels Downloader feature will help you download your favorite Reels to your device.
Instagram Stories Downloader: Instagram stories are the ideal way for people to share their daily lives. Sometimes, you want to archive a story you like, but the feature is not supported by the app. SnapInsta was created to solve that problem: to help people download Instagram stories and view them at any time.

22. Toolzu

Website for downloading Instagram live

Toolzu is a website to download Instagram live videos that you should save in your favorites. Among its main features, we highlight:

It has no cost; it is 100% free.
You don’t need to register
You can use it from any browser
It allows you to download Instagram videos in high quality

23. SaveInsta

Website to download Instagram live

SaveInsta website is another one of our favorites for downloading IGTV. But, you can also use it to download stories, images, profile pictures and Reels. First, simply copy the link of the video or image.

how to do to download Instagram videos in mp4 format with SaveInsta? Follow these steps:

Copy the url of the file you want to download
Paste it into SaveInsta search box
Save it to your computer or device

is it legal to download videos or photos from Instagram?

Apps to download videos or photos from Instagram are useful if you find a content that you find interesting, you can use it as a source of inspiration for your business and personal brand, or simply download Instagram videos for private use.

Don’t forget that the video belongs to an Instagram user, so you should always be ethical and use the information responsibly. In case you want to repost someone else’s content, ask for permission!

If you don’t know the person who uploaded it or it’s really unreachable, we recommend you not to upload the downloaded video as if it were yours, but if you do, always add the credits.

Tips to improve your Instagram content

First of all, you should keep in mind that, in order to boost your personal or business account, you need to create a content plan. the reason? Your followers need a certain structure or certain style to stay hooked to your proposal. The reality is that the type of content will depend on your goals; let’s see how to leverage your instagram photo and video downloads:

If you are looking to make money with Instagram, either through sponsorships or by marketing products through that channel, it is important that you take inspiration from famous influencers or brands. To do this, you can save examples of successful accounts with apps to download Instagram photos for free.
Create a content calendar to guide your publications. For example, if you are going to download a video from Instagram to publish it on your networks, you can write down the day and time when you will do it in this calendar.
When you are going to download videos from Instagram to post on your social networks, analyze if it is really consistent with your values or those of your brand. Also, it should be harmonious with your personal brand!
interact with your audience! Ask your followers what they think of your content, what they would like to see on your account, from which places they read you, etc. This will give you the most important guidelines to put together your content plan, and you’ll be able to download Instagram photos and videos that interest your audience.
that’s it! We have already seen what are the best options for downloading videos on Instagram. Now you can save your favorite videos from this social network to watch them later.
good luck!

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