Discover how to create backgrounds for Instagram Stories with these tricks

If you entered this note it’s because you love uploading stories to Instagram, right? we can’t deny that we do too! However, we know that the exercise of uploading stories can become monotonous, but today we want to give you some tips so you can learn how to

create creative Instagram story backgrounds

and you can get out of the routine so you can start uploading unique stories.

There are different simple tricks within the app to create stories on Instagram, but we’ll also tell you which apps you can download to make your stories shine on their own. would you also like to know

what are the best gif packs for Instagram?

? This note is for you.

table of contents:

Backgrounds for new publications (iOS and Android)

Circles, lines and shapes with low opacity

Gifs and eraser tool

The best gif packs

Backgrounds for featured stories

Apps to make stories on Instagram

1. Backgrounds for Instagram stories: Backgrounds for new posts (iOS and Android)

We start this note with a simple, but very creative trick. are you one of those people who like to announce their new posts in their stories? This trick will make you forget those plain colored backgrounds and help you create cool backgrounds for your Instagram stories.

Image: Quedense Ahí Channel

This process varies depending on the operating system you have, but for everyone’s sake, we’ll tell you how to add backgrounds to new Instagram posts in your stories on both iOS and Android.

Backgrounds for new posts on iOS

Part One

The first thing you need to do to create backgrounds for Instagram stories is to log in to the AppStore and

download the Picsart app.

Then, go to the bottom of the application and go to the Color Backgrounds section. There,

select the transparent background color


Choose the crop option and choose the size for Instagram Stories.

Select the image from your gallery that you want to use as a background for Instagram stories. You can also search for stickers or backgrounds within Picsart that can accompany your Instagram story.

Zoom into the image

until it fits the size of Instagram Stories.

Finally, save the image to your gallery.

At the end of this part, you should have a result like this:

Image: Burgundy Shot Channel

Part Two

Go to Instagram and add some of your posts to your story.

Then, go to the gallery, select the image you edited in Picsart and click on the “copy” option.

Go back to the Instagram story, hold down the screen and press the “paste” option.

Adjust the images, and that’s it! You now have a background for Instagram stories that will accompany your new posts.

Image: Burgundy Shot Channel

Backgrounds for new releases on Android

So far, Instagram for Android doesn’t have the feature to add additional images to stories, but there is an easy way to be able to do it and create the best backgrounds for Instagram stories.

The first thing you need to do to create backgrounds for Instagram stories is to enter the PlayStore and, just like on iOS, you need to download the Picsart app.

Perform the same steps we described above to create the background you prefer and save it in the gallery.

Now, in order to paste the background or any image to your story,

you must download the GBOX application.

You may be wondering

what is GBOX and what is it for?

in a nutshell, GBOX is a

keyboard that you can install on your Android

very similar to the popular SwiftKey or Google’s Gboard. The difference is that GBOX has a shortcut to add images to Instagram so you can create backgrounds in Instagram stories.


Go to Instagram and add some of your posts to your story.

Then, make sure you have GBOX selected as your smartphone’s default keyboard and at the bottom, tap the image icon:

Search and add the edited background in Picsart, adjust the images, and you’re done! You now have a background for Instagram stories.


You can use Pinterest to download backgrounds for Instagram stories. there are thousands!

Image: Pinterest

You can also go into Picsart to create stories for Instagram by adding a bunch of stickers and designs within the app. are you up for creating stories? We’ll leave you with this video to get you in the mood.

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Backgrounds for Instagram Stories: Circles, lines and shapes with low opacity

The next trick is to use different keyboard elements and play with colors to create creative Instagram story backgrounds. Let’s look at several examples:


To make a circle in an Instagram story, just type a dot on the screen and expand its size with your fingers. These can be used to accompany some text or an image and make it a complement in your Instagram story background. We leave you with this example of a Tik Tok user who uses different symbols to add value to her story.


Straight lines are a very good tool for creating backgrounds for Instagram stories, as they make the composition more attractive. To make a straight line in an Instagram story you just need to press the underscore (_) on your keyboard several times to get a straight line and place it as you like.

We leave you another example that involves different horizontal and vertical lines to create a story that simulates a photo developing tape. surely you will be encouraged to create your own!

Shapes with low opacity

Another trick to give a touch of creativity to Instagram story backgrounds is through square or rectangular shapes with low opacity. first, open the story section in Instagram, add a dot and make sure that the text box has a colored background.After the dot, press the space bar several times and in this way, you will create a rectangular figure that you can expand and place anywhere in the story to give it color and geometry.

Backgrounds for Instagram Stories: Gifs and Eraser Tool

did you know that you can use to texture or colors of a gif and use them as a background for an Instagram story?

Image: @josedaniel.b (Tik Tok)

Instagram’s catalog of gifs has a lot of colorful options that you can take advantage of to make your stories more vivid. Here’s a great idea:

Create a new story and open the gif finder.

Select a gif that has bright or vivid colors.

Then, fully expand the gif across the entire screen, making sure it covers every edge of the story.

Then, save the story to your gallery.

Close the current story and open a new one, but this time upload the clip you just saved.

Select the brush as if you were going to make a stroke and choose the color you want.

Press and hold the screen for two seconds and the whole story will be covered with the color you selected.

Finally, select the eraser tool to write over the story and you will see that the texture of the gif will be the background of each letter.

We share this idea from TikToker Katarina Mogus to encourage you to create your own backgrounds for Instagram stories using gifs.

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Backgrounds for Instagram stories: The best gifs packs

We know that going into the catalog of gifs for Instagram can be overwhelming, as there are so many designs that sometimes we don’t know which one best fits our story. To give you a solution, there are a group of words that correspond to groups of super varied gifs that can accompany your backgrounds for Instagram stories. Here we tell you some of the best gif packs for Instagram.


as the name suggests, this is a set of minimalist gifs that fit perfectly with any type of story for Instagram, You can find frames, geometric figures and other elements that will accompany in a subtle way any image you want to add. You can also find more designs of this type by typing the words.

ohlalalita, greendotori




want to add a fun touch to the objects in your Instagram stories? Fransolo is the key word. They are a set of cartoon eyes, hands and mouths that you can add to the elements that make up your stories to make them much more original.


If you’d like to add stripes for captions in Instagram stories, typing tape in the gif finder will let you choose a bunch of horizontal ribbons that will serve to animate the words in your stories.


with this category you can add different moving phrases to your Instagram stories to accompany any occasion. These gifs are great for accentuating any moment you decide to share. You can also get more phrases by typing the word


in the gifs search engine for Instagram.

The uncommon place / malenaflores / ilustralle:

a selection of gifs with a very subtle pastel color palette. You can find different figures to make your Instagram stories more creative.


Turn your Instagram stories into retro photographs. With this category you will have many options of frames for your stories that simulate a photograph developed from a Polaroid.

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5. Instagram Story Backgrounds: Featured Story Backgrounds

While we have already taught you how to create backgrounds for Instagram stories, we also want to tell you how to create backgrounds for featured stories. It’s a very simple process for which we recommend the following websites:


As you well know, on Pinterest you can find ideas for any situation, and it is an excellent tool to find backgrounds for featured stories. We recommend that you type the word background in the Pinterest search engine so that you have plenty of options to choose from. Download the one you like the most and save it in your gallery.

Image: Pinterest

Icons8 / Flaticon / Freeicon

After you have downloaded your backgrounds for featured stories, you can complement them with an icon that represents the content of those stories. For this purpose, Icons8, Flaticon or Freeicons are very complete websites that allow you to download a wide variety of icons for featured stories.

Image: Freeicons


As we mentioned at the beginning of this article, Picsart is an excellent application that not only lets you edit photographs, but also has an extensive gallery of stickers and designs to create backgrounds for outstanding stories. With Picsart you’ll be able to combine backgrounds for Instagram stories and icons for Instagram in an easy and intuitive way.

Image: Softmany

6. Apps for making Instagram stories

Last but not least, we want to close this note by recommending you 3 apps to make stories on Instagram so that you are encouraged to try them and you can start creating unique content for your Instagram.


Canva is one of the most loved and used Instagram story creation apps by users. It has a whole catalog of templates to make posters, posters, publications and stories for Instagram. Its mode of use is so intuitive that you will be able to create pieces for your Instagram in a matter of minutes. Try it and we know you won’t regret it.

Canva is available on iOS and Android, but it also has a desktop version.

Image: Canva


do you want simple and minimalist designs for your stories? Unfold allows you to create simple yet elegant pieces through different templates that are easy to customize. Although Unfold has a paid version, with the free version you’ll have access to 25 templates for your Instagram stories.

Unfold is available on both iOS and Android.

Image: Influencermarketinghub


Finally, Mojo is one of the applications to create Instagram stories with multiple animation options. The advantage is in its categories, as you can select templates related to visualize food content, fashion, photography, news and many more.

Image: Eloutput

Just like Unfold, Mojo also has a paid version and a free version, but we’re sure that, with the templates available, you’ll be able to create backgrounds for your Instagram stories.

Mojo is also available on both iOS and Android.

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It’s time to let your creativity flow to generate your own backgrounds for Instagram stories. We hope that each of these tips will motivate you to create original and creative content for your profile or your business.

are you more into stickers or shapes? do you prefer to download an app to create backgrounds for Instagram stories? Whatever the answer is, remember that the most important thing is that you experiment, test and choose the content that you like the most.

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