The best apps to schedule posts on Instagram quickly and easily

do you have a tight schedule and want to learn how to schedule posts on Instagram? Undoubtedly, in recent years, one of the fastest growing social networks has been Instagram. Whether for its system of uploading photos and stories or for the ease of getting followers, Instagram has become the perfect channel for many influencers to become better known on the internet .

However, if you really want to get results on this social network, you have to be very consistent with your publications, as that is going to allow you to generate more interactions. So, if you are starting in this world and you have other responsibilities to fulfill, it will be necessary for you to learn how to schedule publications on Instagram, a very common practice among content creators.

As we always think about how to make your life easier, today we bring you more than 15 apps to schedule posts on Instagram quickly and easily. We are sure that, at the end of reading this article, you will have a new ally to publish photos on Instagram.

go unlock your phone, we’re about to get started!

1. Hootsuite

The best app for scheduling posts on Instagram par excellence

For excellence, if we talk about scheduling a post on Instagram, Hootsuite is one of the first options to consider. On this platform you can manage all your social networks, have a comprehensive view of them, plan your campaigns, along with an analysis of the most important metrics for each social network and a message tray to respond to your users’ queries.

In its free version, which lasts 30 days, you will be able to connect up to three social networks and schedule publications on Instagram automatically, without final confirmations manually to publish.

However, you must remember that only one user will be able to monitor the accounts and schedule on Instagram. When accessing the paid options, you will work in a team and will have several account monitoring options available along with advanced security options.

how to schedule content in Hootsuite?

Scheduling posts on Instagram from Hootsuite is very easy. Here are the steps:

Connect your Instagram account to your Hootsuite account.
In your Hootsuite dashboard, click the pencil icon and then select Post.
In the “Post to” section select the Instagram account you want to schedule a post to (this is in case you have multiple linked ones).
Write the post and add the visual content. If you need to, you can edit the image right there.
Click “Schedule for later” in the bottom right corner and select the date and time you’d like to publish your post.

that’s it! You can monitor your posts later in the Hootsuite scheduler.

2. Later

An app to schedule posts on Instagram always free

“Free forever” is the promise of Later, an app to schedule posts on Instagram for free. You can use it both on the web and on your mobile or tablet to create campaigns and content constantly. And if that wasn’t enough, it recommends hashtags to use in our campaigns, a key tactic in this social network.

By using a visual platform, you will be able to see how the month will look when scheduling Instagram posts on a calendar. This way you will have an overview of your account’s publications and avoid mistakes. This is key because, according to Neilpatel, if you schedule your content at the right time, you can achieve up to 39% more traffic on your social networks.

If you don’t have a design team to schedule Instagram posts, the tool has default options to design photos in a few clicks. And if not, you can also use our free Instagram templates.

How many Instagram posts can I schedule with Later?

In its free version, you can register a user, a set of social networks and up to 30 posts per month.

In addition to publishing content for Instagram, you will also be able to respond to your followers’ comments and analyze metrics for Instagram.

So, it offers all these benefits along with two important features:

Simple and user-friendly interface
Highly visual content

programar contenidos en Later

Image: Later

how to schedule content in Later?

We summarize it in simple steps:

Download Later and register.
Upload images and videos to the included storage.
Start scheduling Instagram posts from the calendar.
Select the content and write the text.
When the day and time comes, Later will show you a notification that it’s time to publish the content.

A couple of clicks in the app will be enough and that’s it, you have your Instagram content published.

3. Planoly

The most fashionable app to schedule posts on Instagram

If you love aesthetics from start to finish, Planoly is the app to schedule Instagram posts you were looking for. Along with the content calendar, this app to schedule on instagram will let you upload photos, stories and videos with beautiful designs to complement them and grow on Instagram.

As if that wasn’t enough, this app to schedule posts on Instagram allows you to see how your feed will look like when you upload your content. You can use this application both on your cell phone and on your desktop.

In its freemium version, you’ll be able to schedule up to 30 publications per social network, but only one user will be able to access it. On the other hand, you will have the ability to edit your content and get the basic metrics.

In this sense, Planoly allows us to schedule publications on Instagram:

In a highly visual way
Schedule posts on Instagram that drive traffic to our website

Programar posteos en Instagram con Planoly

Image: Planoly

how to use Planoly?

The first step to schedule content with Planoly is to register on the site. Then, you will be able to visualize your feed on the left side of the screen. There you will see both what is already published and what you are going to schedule.

To schedule an Instagram publication you must click on the image you are going to use, or drag it to the desired day and time in the calendar.

Eva Klobuznik recommends using this platform to schedule images if you are only going to work with Instagram, as it is very visual and intuitive.

planoly programar contenidos

Image: Planoly

4. Sked Social

The best Instagram scheduling app for freelancers and agencies

ever heard of the famous Schedugram? Now in its renewed version, Sked Social, is the perfect app for scheduling posts on Instagram if you are a freelancer or work in a social media agency with several accounts at once.

Among its main features, its capacity to store a large number of multimedia files for organic or paid campaigns stands out. With several options for scheduling Instagram posts, you can edit like a pro in record time, and thus be efficient in managing your schedules.

is it possible to know the performance of your competitors when scheduling Instagram posts? Yes, that is possible with this application, it will provide you with detailed metrics to plan and rethink your strategies, and thus, optimize your results.

If you are going to work in large teams, take into consideration:

It does not charge for users in the paid versions
You will be able to manage many teams and clients in a friendly way

how do I use Sked Social?

Unlike other apps that schedule content, Sked Social won’t send you a notification or a reminder: it will directly publish the content on Instagram.

All you need to do is sign up, link your social networks and let the app do the rest of the work. it will also allow you to schedule Instagram stories! Even those with a swipe up link included.

5. SocialGest

The comprehensive Instagram platform to schedule posts efficiently

If you want to comprehensively manage your social network, SocialGest is a must download. This app will allow you to integrate various platforms such as Canva, Google Drive and Dropbox to work efficiently when you need to schedule publications on Instagram.

It will be your best ally to work on campaigns due to its multiple components for this social network, such as its UTM link generator, the different styles when scheduling your publications, its sweepstakes manager along with advanced performance analytics to know, in detail, the interaction with your community and grow on Instagram.

Unlike the previous app, with SocialGest you will have 15 days to fall in love with its multiple features. Paying from $6.99 per month, you will be able to access almost all of its features and will be able to boost

how does SocialGest work?

SocialGest’s calendar is useful for organizing scheduled publications in a quick and intuitive way.

Once you select the content you want to schedule on Instagram, you can reschedule, pause content, approve other users’ posts and save posts in drafts. In addition, you will be able to see how the Instagram feed of the account you are managing looks like.

This app lets you use the option to publish content automatically on Instagram (with a set limit) or work with the push notification system.

programar contenidos socialgest

Image: SocialGest

6. Agorapulse

App to schedule posts on Instagram and other social networks

With Agorapulse you can schedule posts on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook. This app is available for computer, cell phone or tablet, and is able to help you schedule posts like a pro.

If you are one of those people who prefer to check everything one last time, this is the ideal option for you. It will send you a reminder before publishing content for Instagram and you can check that everything is perfect every time you share with your community.

do you like to know what your customers are saying on this social network? great! This app also has social listening and reporting options for you to design and plan all the content before scheduling posts on Instagram.

how to schedule content with Agorapulse?

Here are the steps to schedule posts successfully:

From the app or from desktop, go to the “Post” tab of the Instagram account you want to publish to.
Add an image, description and choose the schedule option.
Choose the date and time you want to publish the post.
The post will be added to the list of scheduled content and at the right time, you will be notified.
When you click notification, the app will redirect you to Instagram, where the image will appear and all you have to do is “paste” the text to appear.

contenidos en agorapulse

Image: Agorapulse

7. Preview

The perfect platform for content management

With more than 7 million instagramers among its ranks, Preview has several options for photo editing for Instagram, and a royalty-free photo bank to boost your content on Instagram.

In the same style as Planoly, you will be able to visualize how your feed will look when you have published all your content. In addition, you can add screenshots, various hashtags and repost without any problems. We should also highlight its diverse options with respect to photo editing for Instagram.

With this tool, you’ll be able to do the following:

Plan, edit and schedule your media files
Play with your feed to visualize how the new content will look like
Use multiple filters
Add various groups of hashtags along with those suggested by the app
Schedule content in bulk

best of all? You won’t even need to register or have an internet connection when scheduling posts on Instagram.

Gestión de Contenidos en Instagram con Preview

Image: Preview

how to use Preview to schedule content?

The first step is obviously to download the App and then link it to your Instagram account.
Then, you can upload images to Preview’s content gallery.
Finally, you just need to choose one of the images, write the text and select the “Schedule” option, setting the date and time. And that’s it, those are the steps to schedule content on Instagram.

programar contenidos con preview

Image: Francesc Ricart

8. Postcron

A platform for easy and efficient post scheduling

Just a click away, in its extension for Google Chrome, you can schedule posts on Instagram and other networks such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Pinterest. In that sense, Postcron will be useful for more than one platform, but there’s more:

You’ll be able to configure and add watermarks to all your posts
With the ability to schedule up to 1000 posts at a time

Programar publicaciones en Instagram con Postcron

Image: Postcron

how to schedule content with Postcron?

We tell you how to schedule posts using Postcron:

Register on Postcron and link your social networks.
Once you are in the Dashboard, you must add the accounts you want to schedule posts to.
Select the account where you are going to schedule posts and start writing your post.
You can add links, images or videos.
Select the “schedule” option and set the desired date and time.
Once you have finished uploading your posts, you have the possibility to review your scheduled posts. To do this, you have to click on the Past Posts or Future Posts.

programar Postcron

Image: Postcron

9. Onlypult

The best platform for scheduling posts on Instagram fast

with a focus on sales? Onlypult is a good option for scheduling posts on Instagram associated with micro-landings to generate conversions. Available for PC and mobile, it is a friendly, fast and easy to use platform.

All you have to do is sign up and start scheduling Instagram posts. With several filters, text options and emojis, it sure has features that will surprise you.

too many profiles to manage? Do it with up to 20 at a time and grow on Instagram with all your customers or brands. In addition to this, you will have editorial calendars and effective hashtags that will increase your visibility on the platform.

Although Instagram shows you a history of your community’s presence (and you could guide you from there), this app suggests the ideal time and day to schedule posts on Instagram.

how to schedule posts with Onlypult?

To schedule posts on Instagram with Onlypult, all you have to do is write your content, upload the multimedia content and select the desired date and time. that’s it!

programar contenidos Onlypult

Image: Lifestyle Squared

10. Social Pilot

The ideal application for scheduling posts on Instagram

This app will be a great help for scheduling content on Instagram and other social networks. the best part? It’s just a click away with its Google Chrome extension. If you are looking for economy in paid plans, this tool has competitive offers compared to other options on the market.

how to publish scheduled content with Social Pilot?

Just follow these steps to schedule posts on Instagram:

Click on “Posts” and then press “Create post”.
Write the content and add the image to share
Select the Instagram account where you want to do it from
Click on “Add to queue” to schedule posts on Instagram
Set the date and time

how about now? Just wait for the reminder, approve the content and you’re done.

11. Buffer

Schedule social media content comprehensively

Buffer is another great tool for scheduling posts on Instagram and other social networks like Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin, Pinterest and Google Plus. It is a very easy to use tool that offers other features in addition to scheduling content. Although it is in English, it is very intuitive and you won’t have any problems with the language.

This application to schedule posts on Instagram has both freemium and premium options. what are the differences? The number of posts that can be scheduled per month, the number of profiles and social networks that can be linked, the users that can be created for the same account and the analytical data.

how to use Buffer to schedule content?

We tell you the steps you need to follow in this app to schedule posts on instagram for free and paid.

Sign up or log in.
Connect Buffer with your social networks (the free version will only allow you to link three accounts).
Go to the main screen, and a box will appear to write your Instagram post.
Once you’re done, you must choose between the different options:

Share Next: add that post to the queue of scheduled posts
Share Now: publishes the post at that time
Schedule Post: allows you to schedule the post

Once the publication is confirmed, with its corresponding day and time, it will remain in the queue of scheduled posts. From there you can modify or delete it if you wish.

12. Grow Social

Continuing with this list of applications that will help you schedule posts on Instagram, we introduce you to Grow Social. Although it is in charge of scheduling posts on Instagram, the functions of this app can help you plan your Instagram feed. For example, with Grow Social you can configure your hashtags to get a greater reach, location, and it even lets you get results from your competitors.

Likewise, with Grow Social you can create predetermined direct messages that will be sent automatically when a new follower writes to you or someone wants to contact you. This application to schedule publications on Instagram is paid, although it has different price ranges. If you want to try Grow Social you can use the free 3-day version. what are you waiting for?

13. Etus

are you thinking about scheduling posts on Instagram from your computer while doing other activities? Thanks to Etus, you can do that and much more! This tool works directly from the browser and allows you to easily and quickly schedule all the Instagram posts you want.

If you want to publish a post on Instagram, you’ll be able to write a description for the photo, include hashtags and even use the app’s own filters to edit them. In addition, Etus not only lets you schedule Instagram posts, but you can also link several accounts and publish them simultaneously.

Etus has a free trial version, although it doesn’t have all the benefits. If you are interested in getting the full version of this tool designed to schedule posts on Instagram, it has individual and business versions at different prices.

However, a negative point of Etus is that, for the moment, it is only in Portuguese, so to get the most out of this quick-access tool you will need to understand at least a little bit of that language. we recommend you take a look!

14. Metricool

Metricool is another app aimed at supporting users who want to start getting deeper into the world of social networks and constant publications. In addition to supporting you to schedule posts on Instagram, Metricool is responsible for analyzing, managing and increasing the digital presence of your personal brand on different platforms .

For example, this app to schedule posts for Instagram gives you the possibility to link Facebook, Twitter, and even LinkedIn. In this way, you can be sure of the good diffusion of your accounts.

And that’s not all, within the app itself you’ll be able to view the metrics of all your publications and even manage digital advertising. Among its main advantages, we have that the free version of Metricool is quite complete, since you can enjoy almost all its tools. However, if you are willing to invest, the paid version costs about 8 dollars.

ready to try one of the best apps for scheduling posts on Instagram?

15. Sociallix

Let’s move on to talk about Sociallix, another artificial social media manager that will not only help you schedule posts on Instagram, but will also allow you to perform other important actions.

For example, among them is the ability to draw up specific calendars for the entire month and plan the Instagram feed. Thus, you’ll be able to schedule publications on Instagram and be more aware of other tasks on your social networks, such as answering messages or coming up with new content.

In addition to providing the classic analytics to study the progress of your publications, it will also launch recommendations to ensure that your future marketing campaigns succeed without problems.

Sociallix has a very complete basic package, although the paid version is very accessible, since you only have to pay one dollar a month. However, a negative aspect of its accessibility is that it is only available for Android .

what do you think of Sociallix!

16. Kuku

Kuku is an app created in 2015 to support businesses and content creators in organizing and scheduling posts on Instagram and nine other social networks, such as Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, etc. Precisely, that has been what has given it the title of one of the best organizational and marketing tools currently on the market.

According to expert Laura Figueroa in the Instagram Strategies for Business online course, the key to boosting any business on Instagram is to manage to reach other social networks. In this way, interactions will increase and your products will be more exposed.

Among Kuku’s plus points is its user-friendly and easy-to-understand interface. Even if you are not an expert in scheduling Instagram posts or creating calendars, Kuku will make your experience child’s play. Another advantage is the ability to use a free version to access multiple platforms.

However, not everything can be good. The main criticism of this app for scheduling Instagram posts is that it can’t be used on iOS, so if you have an iPhone or a Macbook, look for an alternative. Also, its data analysis tool is very basic, since from the social networks themselves you can get more accurate data.

17. Zoho Social

Zoho Social is an extension of the great Zoho franchise, which is oriented to social network management and, of course, to help you schedule Instagram posts automatically.

Like other options on this list, Zoho Social constantly launches recommendations to tell you the best times to post on Instagram. It also includes a calendar to organize the Instagram posts you have in mind. we guarantee you won’t miss any photo you have pending!

Also, Zoho social has one of the best analysis systems, so you can know in real time how the interactions on your account are moving. Undoubtedly, Zoho social is a great option that we recommend to improve the organization of your Instagram feed and thus obtain a greater reach on social networks.

18. Tailwind

If you are looking for applications to schedule posts on Instagram. you probably enjoy the most visual and dynamic social networks. One of the best external applications for Instagram is Tailwind, with which you can plan thousands of publications without problems, fast and easy.

Just like other apps we have seen throughout this list, in Tailwind you can preview how to organize your Instagram feed with all the publications you schedule. Also, Tailwind has precise information about the times and days to have a greater reach among your followers.

Another important feature of Tailwind is that itallows you to plan all the content in different themes. For example, if you upload a lot of travel photos, you could create different country tags. It’s definitely a great way to keep your feed very attractive!

A very good advantage of Tailwind is that although the full version is paid, it has a free version that has all the benefits. Although you will only be able to schedule and publish on Instagram 30 posts at a time. As for the disadvantages of this app, you can’t schedule posts simultaneously with other apps. So, if you want the same post to be on different networks, you will have to do it manually.

19. Storrito

As for the last application to schedule posts on Instagram in this list, we can say that it is a little different. Unlike the previous options, Storrito, instead of scheduling posts for your feed, is going to take care of scheduling stories on Instagram .

Nowadays, scheduling stories on Instagram, as it is an express content to stay connected with all your followers. However, not many apps allow you to schedule Instagram stories. Storrito is in charge of helping you in this aspect, without the need to send notifications to your email. What’s more, the process is completely free. You’ll be able to publish up to 50 stories on Instagram without any problem in the trial version.

On the other hand, if you feel that your metrics have grown, you can purchase the premium version, which will allow you to publish 100 stories per month at the price of $15. While it may sound a bit pricey, definitely scheduling and posting stories on Instagram constantly will help you grow in the social media world in no time.

hopefully, with the help of these 19 apps to schedule Instagram posts you’ll be able to organize your feed without any hassle! Remember that while you need to stay very active on social networks to gain popularity in the digital world, you shouldn’t let that become your whole world.

Always try to make time for other activities you enjoy and share a healthy lifestyle with all your followers. We are sure they will be very grateful.


So, what was your favorite app for scheduling posts on Instagram? see you next time!

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