The best screen recording software: the guide you need in your life


Apart from messaging apps and social networks, screen recording programs have become a necessity for everyone. If you’re reading this blog post, it’s because you’ve probably wanted to record a video to show how to use an online resource or how to browse a particular website, right?

To prevent you from wasting time looking for options, in this post we will give you a list of the best applications to record the screen of a PC, laptop or cell phone; considering price, ease of use, installation mode and some other details. What do you think?

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Free PC Screen Recorder Software

The screen recording programs we will discuss here can be used without the need to pay for a subscription. Moreover, they are one of the best options on the market.

Also, you should know that depending on the operating system you use, you may have a screen recording software preinstalled on your computer.

1. Windows 10 Game Bar

Maybe you have not noticed, but if you use Windows 10 you have to know that there is a free program built into the desktop that allows you to capture videos quickly and easily. This is a desktop bar designed for gamers, but it works perfectly to show any image you are watching on your screen.

how to record screen in Windows 10?

Click the Windows key + G.

Activate “record with microphone” if needed.

Click on the red dot to start recording and stop to stop recording the screen.

Finally, in the “videos” folder of your computer you will find the recording.

grabar pantalla en barra de juegos de Windows 10

Source: Windows 10

If you have Windows 10 you can stop looking for programs to record screen, because with this Microsoft application you can record everything you want from your computer.

2. Loom

One of the best programs to record screen that you can download or use as an extension is Loom, a tool that can help you record everything you need for your work meetings.

Here are the steps you need to follow to record your screen with Loom: the desktop app or the Loom extension in Chrome.

grabar pantalla en Loom

Source: Loom

2.start recording by clicking on the blue wheel icon in the top bar of Chrome or directly in the app on your desktop. Just select the on-screen display option, select the image quality and click start recording.

Aprender a grabar la pantalla desde Loom

Source: Loom

You should know that Loom has a limit of five minutes of recording, so you will have to split your recording into several parts. This is one of the most widely used screen recording programs at the corporate level, so we recommend you download it to use it in your work.

3. OBS Studio

OBS Studio is a popular open source software, completely free to use and without limitations, that is, you don’t have to pay anything to download it.

These features make it a widely used tool, for example, in the gamer world. Apart from these functions, it is also one of the best programs to record videos of your screen and you can use it for live broadcasts on Twitch, why not?

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It is free of charge.

It has HD format in image recording and streaming.

No time restriction.

It has high quality video and audio capture with noise blocking.

It has filters for video color.


There is no user guide easy to find.

The interface requires some practice time.

grabar pantalla en OBS Studio

Source: OBS Studio

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4. Camstudio

This is another free screen recording software. It is intended for recording tutorials or demos, either to show the progress of a work or to send an explanation to your co-workers.

Camstudio allows you to save the file on your computer or to export it to other platforms. It not only offers output in AVI format, but also provides the option to export in SFW.


It is free of charge.

You can make a selection of screen fragments to be recorded.

Export to AVI or SFW is possible.

It has a friendly interface.

It has no time limitations for recording.


Export file with more weight than usual.

Added installation of unwanted applications.

grabar pantalla en CamStudio

Source: CamStudio

Paid programs for screen recording

If you are looking for a good screen recording software, you should check the list of paid programs that we will discuss in this section. Here we will tell you which are the best screen recording programs for which you could pay a license or subscription.

5. Icecream Screen Recorder

Unlike OBS, this application is more intuitive, with a very clear interface and allows you to record video or simply take a screenshot of a fragment of the screen.

In this program to record screen you can access its free version that has a limit of 5 minutes of recording, or pay the 29 USD that costs the pro version without time limits and without watermarks.

how about trying Icecream Screen Recorder? Here are its advantages and disadvantages.


A free version is available.

It is very easy to use and understand.

It has options to capture image on any fragment or even on the mouse cursor.


Few video format options.

No file sharing.

Does not offer backup and recovery for recordings.

grabar pantalla en Icecream screen recorder

Source: Icecream Screen Recorder

6. Camtasia

If you want a more sophisticated screen recorder, Camtasia is an option to consider for video tutorials, video courses, live webinar recordings, etc.

Among several of its features, it allows you to make use of its template and music library, has a section to annotate your editing and lets you import media to your recording. In addition, it has a 30-day free trial, although its license has a one-time payment cost of 249.99 USD.

In addition, there is a special price of $169.99 USD for those who are part of educational institutions or non-profit organizations.


It is available for Mac and Windows.

It has an editor that allows you to drag and drop videos.

It has several formats to export.

It has an option to organize multimedia files.

Record microphone and system sound at the same time.


Not so intuitive for animations and transitions.

It has a high price to pay.

grabar pantalla en Camtasia

Source: Camstasia

7. Screencastify

Very similar to Loom, Screencastify is a Chrome extension that is very easy to install and use. It is one of the best programs to record screen, and it is also an excellent alternative for those who do not need so many video editing features.

This screen recorder has a free version with a 5-minute video limitation. On the other hand, its paid version costs 49 USD per year.


Full screen, single tab and webcam capture.

Offline recording.

On-screen annotation options.

Quick autosave to Google Drive.

Recordings can be uploaded to YouTube.

You can export to GIF, MP4 or MP3.


Basic editing options.

No desktop application.

grabar la pantalla en Screencastify

Source: Screecastify

8. Bandicam

This screen recording program is very useful if you are in creative professions such as design, photography or animation. Its main advantage is the video quality, which allows you to capture images in 4k ultra HD.

It is an excellent tool for screen recording when you want to put together a Photoshop tutorial or when you want to show graphics without losing sharpness.

Bandicam has a free version with a 10-minute recording limit and watermark. Paid versions include a single-pay license for one device for $39.95 USD and for two for $59.96 USD.


High image quality.

Option to draw on the video.

Superimpose webcam image over video in progress.

Allows capturing videos from external devices such as webcam, smartphone or playstation.


Only available for Windows.

grabar la pantalla en Bandicam

Source: Bandicam

9. Screenflow

This is a screen recording software that works exclusively for Mac. Unlike the QuickTime application that comes bundled with Apple devices, this application offers professional features for screen recording, editing and file sharing.

As shown on the Screenflow website, this screen recorder is intended to help teachers, marketers and vloggers in their creative processes. It has a free version and a paid version ranging from $129 USD and up.


High quality image recording.

Large library of 500,000 clips to use.

Option to record iPad and iPhone screen.

Professional animation and graphics.

Several options to publish on Youtube, Vimeo, Wistia and more.


The cheaper paid version does not provide access to the media library and support.

Screenflow grabar la pantalla en PC

Source: ScreenFlow

Apps to record your mobile screen

As time went by, screen recording software stopped being exclusively for computers, and software to record screen on cell phones started to be developed.

In this part of the article we will share with you the best applications to record screen from your mobile device.

10. Apowersoft unlimited

This is an all-in-one screen recording software. When you purchase it, you have access to several apps with different functions for video processing. Two of the most interesting ones are Apowersoft iPhone/iPad Recorder and Apowersoft Android Recorder, both of which serve as mobile screen recorders and also as a mirror connected to your computer or laptop screen.

If you buy the unlimited version for $59.95 USD per year, you have access to all software packs from this company. On the other hand, if you only need the phone screen recorders, the cost in both cases is 39.95 USD per year.


Use on iOS and Android.

Connection to computer or laptop via Airplay and WiFi.

Easy recording start.

Real-time recording and image transfer to PC.

Customization options.


The video editor has basic functions.

As you have seen, there are countless programs to record the screen of your laptop, PC or mobile. Free or paid. now you have no more excuses! It is very easy to share what you are doing on any of your devices with a screen recording program.

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