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As digital designers, we aspire to create the best web pages and ensure that our users enjoy a pleasant browsing experience; in addition to guaranteeing security and a quality visual interface. don’t you think so?

So, most probably you have come to our article looking for website designs. what defines one website as better than another? Several factors that you should take into account, such as the case of the interface or its operation, for example.

now we do! We have compiled the best website designs, thanks to portals such as Awwwards, considered the largest community of web designers worldwide and that will undoubtedly inspire your projects or your brand to raise its potential.

In this article, we will share with you the best websites and we are sure that they will be your source of inspiration in your day to day, and at the end of the article we will tell you which are the best options for free web design.

get ready to add the best website designs to your “Favorites” tab in your browser!

Key elements that make up web page design

Before seeing which are the best websites you should be inspired to create your next digital project, it is important to be clear about the key elements that you can not miss when facing a web design.

The way you combine these elements will result in a certain style and a certain way of working. When you visit professional websites, what captivates the user is precisely the total result of all those decisions made by the designer or the work team.

what should you take into account when creating or analyzing a website?

1. Concept

When thinking about web page designs, there are multiple alternatives. The message that the site seeks to communicate, beyond its commercial or marketing objectives, is one of the fundamental elements of web design.

While keeping in mind the purpose for which we create the page is really crucial, when we talk about design per se, the best web pages are those that impact us at first sight and convey a specific concept.

A great exercise to determine the concept of your website is to answer the same questions we ask ourselves when thinking about your brand identity. After you are clear about what you want to say with the design of your website, you can use the rest of the elements to make it concrete.

2. Color Palette

As you will see in the examples of the best web pages that we will show you below, the use of colors is one of the main resources used by web designers to transmit the concept we are talking about.

the best strategy to achieve it? Learn how to create a color palette that identifies your brand and use it as a guide throughout the entire web design process.

Remember that you should opt for both complementary and opposite colors to generate contrast at certain moments of the design. One of the must-haves of any web design guide is to choose contrasting tones between figure and background. but be careful, they should not always be black and white, let yourself be creative and come up with new ideas.

3. Multimedia files

Another of the great allies in the creation of web pages are the elements that we insert in forms other than text blocks. For example:

Static images.





Audio files.

You will notice that in the list of the best web pages, designers have used these resources very cleverly. It is not always necessary to write or communicate directly an action that you expect from the user, if you are creative, you can achieve great results combining these elements in what is a web layout.

4. Navigation structure and Call to Action

Yes, we just said that it is not always necessary to directly invite the user to read a certain note or click a button. but what happens if, within your business or marketing goals, you have to reach a particular percentage of sales or downloads? Adding CTA’s to your web design is another fundamental point of any site.

When thinking about the development of the web page, you must take into account what exactly you want users to do once they enter the site. This point is closely related to the navigation structure that the members of the work team will design.

where does the user get to as soon as he enters the site? What is the next window of information that opens? Do you have a drop-down menu? These are some of the questions you should ask yourself in a web page elaboration process.

5. Responsive design

In addition to creating a navigation map that shows how you want the user to navigate your site, you must choose the colors that best suit your brand identity, add multimedia files that keep visitors interested and prioritize the visualization of your web page. The best websites have a responsive design.

what does this mean? You need to think about what your user needs and act accordingly. If the most traffic to your site is generated from mobile devices, you must adapt the appearance of your site to that device.

User experience is the holy word in the world of web design. why would you invest so much time in a product that doesn’t address the pain points of your buyer persona?

We know that content is very important, but so is the way you communicate it. Take into account all these key elements and be part of our list of the most creative websites. Now, let’s get to work!

Best websites for design agencies

We know that creating or redesigning a website design is not an easy task. It requires constant research to offer an unforgettable experience to those who will visit it for the first time or in any case surprise our most frequent visitors.

If you have a digital agency, this selection is a must for you and your team because you will have the best inspiration to create better websites.

1. Black Mother

Web design with strategy

Recognized as one of the best websites by Awwwards and developed by the Brazilian agency, Bloquo, Black Madre is a visual arts studio that offers artistic content for the advertising, fashion and music sectors.

It has a website design that at first glance we find from the reel, portfolio, contact and social networks; and by scrolling we can know every detail.


sitios mejores diseño web agencia cultural

Source: Awwwards

2. AQuest

Multimedia web design and animation

you’ll love this design agency! AQuest was a 2014 finalist as one of the best website designs by the Awwwards community. The Italian creative agency magically combines the world of multimedia and animation.

If you are looking for website templates for your agency, you have to be inspired by this one as, not only it has a great design, but also a whole fantastic navigation experience. One of the interesting websites you can’t forget.

sitios web diseño web interactivo

Source: Awwwards

3. Jam3

Combine your multimedia files and get a concept like Jam3

can you imagine entering a website and feeling like you are on a chronological journey into the future? Enjoy this visual and exquisite web design (activate your headphones, you won’t regret it).

Jam3, a design and experience agency from Canada, has created one of the best websites for its 100 wins. Quality audio content, colorful animations and gradients make it one of the best examples of interactive websites, where the user is not a passive entity, but a participant in the discovery.

diseño web elegante degradado

Source: Awwwards

4. Marx Design

When less is more, minimalism in web design

If you are a lover of minimalism and the less text, the better. The New Zealand website Marx Design will become one of the best reference websites for you.

With a sober air and images from their portfolio throughout the web design, you will be pleasantly surprised when you place your cursor over each project. Do you remember the concept of UI? This tool is super interesting when you know how to use it just like Marx Design.

minimalismo diseño web agencia creativa digital
Source: Awwwards

5. Cubex

An example of 3D Animation

One of the best three-dimensional graphics and animation oriented websites is Cubex, a UK based agency that provides branding and design solutions.

Animations help to capture the attention of our users and interact within the design of the website. Just don’t forget to add amazing calls to action or CTA’s to make them click where you want them to!

diseño web tridimensional agencia creativa
Source: Awwwards

6. Amets Contese

Eye-catching is also important

If we talk about the best graphic design and illustration websites, we cannot miss the opportunity to talk about Amets Contese, which has a very particular feature: it is designed under a very eye-catching profile.

In essence, this portal conveys its message through images and colors that are certainly very striking. It is very useful if you are an illustrator or graphic designer looking for ideas and sources of inspiration that you can use for the development of your work.

And, most curious, is how little text there is on the site. The scarcity of words on the website serves to optimize the time it takes to search for a service on the portal. Undoubtedly, one of the best web pages to take into account.

amtes contese pagina web

Source: Amets Contese

Best e-commerce websites

Many medium and small businesses have decided to take the big leap into the digital world due to the health crisis and this has driven a high demand for website design. Avoid making these mistakes on e-commerce sites if your goal is to create the best e-commerce websites.

1. Penarosa Watches

Take advantage of 3D images

An Italian e-commerce website that stands out for conveying the elegance of its products. One of the best web designs is undoubtedly Penarosa Watches, because this web design has an interface that allows the future customer to customize in 3D the model of his favorite watch, without the need to go to a physical store.

do you dare to create a 360° experience for your e-commerce?

mejor diseño web interactivo relojes premium

Source: Awwwards

2. EarCouture

Traditional graphic design hacks

high-end headphones with futuristic presentation? You have to visit EarCouture, a Japanese portable audio store, as their website design brings together colorful gradients and a combination of classic typography.

mejores sitio web comercio electronico 

Source: Awwwards

3. Gucci

Sensory experience to the top

Since its breakthrough in 2011, the Parallax effect is no longer associated with video games and is more relevant than ever for 2022. And who wouldn’t be encouraged to browse these web page designs if they produce a creative experience of scrolling through their pages.

Dare to create one of the best websites in your region with this beautiful inspiration from Gucci.

mejores sitio web gucci

Source: Awwwards

4. Ma True Cannabis

Design the site with your user in mind

A website goes beyond colors and combinable typographies. Although they must be present, since they give harmony and visual warmth to the website design, you should not neglect a precise description of the products, images of the catalog, recommendations, among other details.

As Stephen Moyers, from the specialized portal Spinx Crafting Digital, points out, what makes Ma True Cannabis one of the best websites is that “the website offers a strong user engagement and e-commerce functionalities merge into a seamless experience”.

mejores sitios web productos ecommerce

Source: Awwwards

5. Active Theory

Live your best digital experience

If you decided to enter this list of the best websites, you are probably interested in immersing yourself in a unique digital experience. And, with Active Theory, you will have just that, a chain of experiences.

On this website, you will find amazing professional content, which you can use as inspiration for your strategy to get users to buy your products.

This website was considered among the best websites in the world, for reasons such as the following:

Large text sizes.

Electric Colors.

Satisfactory effects after experience.

Futuristic designs.

So, if you want a unique moment to discover the best websites, take into consideration the most relevant aspects of that portal. You should make sure that the site is responsive, complies with the information standards and takes advantage of the opportunities it offers you.

active theory pagina web

Source: Active Theory

5. Leather also seduces

If you thought that talking about “best websites” and “leather products” don’t go hand in hand, prepare to be amazed. Here’s a leather automotive products business that decided to make their website the most amazing of all products.

Upon entering the Couro Azul website, you’ll discover a readable and, of course, accessible options menu (everything an options menu should be). You will also be shown a video, in which you will see the manufacturing process with leather, with interesting details in their various works.

Like other pages we have mentioned, this is a single landing page. Therefore, as we scroll to the end of the web page, we will see boxes that add to the content.

And, of course, it has a responsive design, which gives the user the same experience on whatever device they are using. Do not hesitate to visit one of the best websites on the market.

couro azul pagina web

Source: Cuoro Azul

Best websites for food products

dedicated to designing websites for restaurants, food and alcoholic beverages? welcome! We made a list of the best websites for you to innovate in 2021, so take note of this virtual tour…

1. Microbrasserie À la Fût

Web innovation

Microbrasserie À la Fût Craftbeers on another level! We found one of the best websites on the internet, with an intuitive and user-friendly visual presentation. At first glance, you get the menu and, as if it were a catwalk, the diverse catalog of their beers glides magically.

mejor pagina web cerveza artesanal

Source: Awwwards

2. Simply Chocolate

Interactive design

Let your physical packaging not only make your customers fall in love with your chocolate… but also transfer that experience of unwrapping chocolate to your website design. Is it possible?

for creativity, web design and programming there are no barriers, and a clear example is Simply Chocolate. Visit their website and interact with their packaging.

diseño web interactivo ux

Source: Awwwards

3. Take Boost

Predominance of backgrounds and text

One of the trends of 2021 is to have web page designs with very large text backgrounds and, usually, accompanied by 3D illustrations.

Take inspiration from website models such as Take Boost ‘s , which is characterized by its large titles, use of bold text and emojis; besides, together with the scrolling, you get to know the product, ingredients and benefits of this vitamin supplement.

diseno tridimensional mejor sitio web

Source: Awwwards

4. La Pierre Qui Tourne

Web illustration

The use of illustrations is also a trend in web design as it allows to reinforce the identity and brand image, differentiate from the competition and generate a connection with the customer. This is how La Pierre Qui Tourne approaches it , add more personality to your web designs!

diseño web ilustracion alimentos 

Source: Awwwards

5. Eat Genesis

The combination of good design and interface

In this list of best websites we cannot leave out Eat Genesis, an organic food portal that has a solid structure and a very interesting design.

It has all the necessary information in a single landing page, having as an additional detail the nice illustrations that appear when you scroll down the web page.

What really stands out about this portal (and what makes it one of the best websites) is its commitment to represent, as faithfully as possible, the essence of your business. Therefore, through illustrations and symbols is that it seeks to capture this identity.

eat genesis pagina web

Source: Eat Genesis

6. Chef JFB

Elegance and class

A food website should catch the attention of guests and help them consume the product. For this reason, it is important to have a website design in line with what customers expect from your business.

And that’s the case with Chef JFB, the official website of the prestigious chef Jean-Francois Bury. Although it may seem somber that black predominates throughout the website, the creator made sure to give it a touch of distinction, which helps to define and be clear about the type of business it is.

When you enter, you will see a video representative of the brand and you will appreciate the quality of the images and videos (excellently developed), which will draw your attention to the portal at first sight. And the fact that it occupies a single landing page, in which you will see all the main information, is an extra point for this to be considered one of the best websites.

chef jfb pagina web

Source: Chef JFB

Best websites for architecture and history

To make better websites that stand out for their usability and apart from good visual design, we recommend these tips to create a website, where we detail the creative process that you must perform previously.

let’s continue with the selection of the best websites!

1. FRans Hals and KesselsKarmer Museum

Great user experience strategy

Digital museums are already a reality and, during these times of health crisis, it is important to keep them active through a good website design.

The Frans Hals and KesselsKramer Museum in the Netherlands has innovated by engaging the everyday citizen. In addition, the use of large geometric shapes and colors gives it an air of freshness and creativity.

mejores sitios web dinamico interactivo

Source: Awwwards

2. The highloft

An example of elegance and sophistication

The Highloft is one of the best websites, where you will find an elegant and sophisticated design. Combined with the black and white of minimalism, the page shows versatility and contrasts with the background guide lines.

It should be noted that this website design has a very particular section, presenting specific data and questions in the form of primers, where the user can change without any problem, to focus on what interests him.

mejor sitio web arquitectura

Source: Awwwards

3. Hot Black

Geometric and abstract shapes

In Hot Black, we can see that abstract shapes are present in the best web page designs. They provide balance, modernity and professionalism, and this element is an essential companion to highlight the web page design.

diseños paginas web figuras abstracto

Source: Awwwards

1. Where is Poland

An example of the use of multimedia files

One of the best multimedia websites is Where is Poland, as it perfectly combines illustration and videos.

Let’s remember that videos are an essential element in web design and communicate in a more visual and attractive way the image of your brand. give life and movement to your website design!

mejores sitios web cultura

Source: Awwwards

2. In my world

Inspire your next portfolio

If you have in mind to make a creative portfolio to showcase your audiovisual skills, In my world is one of the best social and thought-provoking content web designs to inspire you.

exposicion audiovisual arte mejores paginas web

Source: Awwwards

3. Dans tes yeux

The perfect balance between programming and web design

A beautiful exhibition that moves from start to finish, Dans tes yeux is an example of web design where the art of programming and web design is present along with human warmth and sensitivity.

mejores paginas web audiovisual

Source: Awwwards

4. Foam

Highlight your photographic composition

Although we can no longer visit art galleries or museums, the advance of technology and the design of better web pages bring us closer to living the experience of virtual tours.

Foam presents an online photographic exhibition in such a dynamic way that, every time we move forward with the mouse or the touch screen of the cell phone, it is as if we were inside an art gallery and the artist telling us about his creative process.

exposicion fotografica mejores paginas web

Source: Awwwards

5. Brandon Johnson

Learn and marvel at the same time

One of the best websites that we present in this list is Brandon Johnson’s, which will not only amaze you with its images, but will also serve as a learning tool due to its didactic value.

what kind of photos will you get in this portal? Mainly of planets. The photographs that Johnson adds to its website are very diverse and varied. Also, the animations contribute to make the experience on this website even more spectacular.

Its design has a multi-layered background and textures, which adds depth to a two-dimensional page, since it gives a feeling of being even in outer space itself.

If you want to know more about planetary systems and such concerns, you will find Johnson’s portal one of the best web pages.

brandon johnson pagina web

Source: Brandon Johnson

And to give you much more inspiration for professional web design, we recommend our list of HTML tags and CSS properties, with basic terms about these programming languages.

Which will be very useful for the creation of the best web pages.

The best courses to become a professional in web design

We have already told you which are the best websites to get inspired to create your next designs. Do you think you still lack the tools to achieve those designs you are looking for? Check out the following courses that ana launched especially for creatives like you: and develop websites from scratch in WordPress

If you are just starting your journey in web design, we recommend these classes to learn how to create web pages that will help you attract your ideal clients, increase your income and increase your impact on the world.

Thanks to this course you will see:

How to develop a web page from the moment one, from getting a hosting to the complete layout of the website.

Choosing the most suitable option for your business goals: or

You will learn the importance of font sizes, styles and types of fonts for web pages, as well as design and color palette to develop your style guide.

You will discover types of web page structures and how to create sections that serve a purpose, so that your website has an attractive and easy to understand structure.

You will learn what a plugin is, what it is used for and how to activate plugins once installed.

We hope that our selection of the best websites will help you to do a better job where innovation and creativity are not lacking. see you next time!

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