10 big and fluffy dog breeds that will make you fall in love at first sight

Do you love big, fluffy dog bre eds but feel like you don’t know the ins and outs of each one yet? do you have an uncontrollable fanaticism for large dog breeds with long hair and need to choose your favorite?

Of all pets, dogs are one of the most popular. There are small, medium and large breeds, with different types of character, coat and builds, but none can match the types of large, shaggy dogs that will be the protagonists of this article.

So, if you have no problem exposing yourself to an excess of tenderness… It’s time to learn about the top giant and hairy dog breeds!

let’s get started!

1. Golden Retriever

Although they have the ability to grow up to 61 centimeters and weigh 40 kilograms, the Golden Retriever is one of the big and hairy dog breeds that, at the same time, is one of the smallest on this list.

Its history begins in the mid-19th century in Scotland, but, today, it is one of the most famous, intelligent and popular dogs in the world, with a wavy coat that sets it apart from the rest.

Golden Retriever dentro de las razas de perros grandes y peludosSource: Pexels

2. Afghan Greyhound

Few animals have the particularity of having a coat similar to human hair and one of the exceptions is the Afghan Greyhound, recognized as one of the large dog breeds with a long hair that makes an impact.

Like the Golden Retriever, this dog does not even come close to the giant dog breeds because it can reach a maximum height of 69 centimeters and a weight limit of 34 kilos. here what is striking, as we already mentioned, is its coat.

To give you a rough idea, the Afghan Greyhound has such a long hair that it even has to receive special care so that it doesn’t get hurt by stepping on it.

Galgo Afgano como una de las razas de perros grandes con pelo largoSource: Pexels

3. Komondor

If you come across a Komondor dog, it’s almost impossible not to look twice because, besides being one of the largest dog breeds in existence, it also has a beautiful and very particular coat .

But… Why is it considered one of the most striking large and shaggy dog breeds of all time? For the following reasons:

They can reach up to 90 centimeters in height and a weight of 80 kg.
It is capable of escaping unharmed after an attack by wolves or larger animals, thanks to the fact that its fur prevents the passage of bites.

4. Samoyed

If your dream has been to have a dog that is as close as possible to a stuffed toy, then the Samoyed, identified as a large and long-haired dog breed, is the one.

This type of large, shaggy dog has its origins in Russia, so thanks to its double-coated coat, it is perfectly suited to tolerate heavy snowfall, extreme cold and long hours of exposure to the sun.

Samoyedo como uno de los tipos de perros grandes y peludosSource: Pexels

5. Chow Chow

Although the Chow Chow is not a tall dog (because it reaches 56 centimeters) nor a heavy animal (since few exceed 30 kg), it has a very robust build and is one of the most amazing large dog breeds with long hair in the world.

And, if we talk about physical characteristics that identify this breed from China, it is impossible to rule out the color of its tongue. Unlike almost all dogs in the world, the Chow Chow can have a blue, black or purple tongue.

Chow Chow y sus fotos de razas de perros peludosSource: Pixabay

6. Newfoundland

Its name comes from the fact that it is a breed of giant dog native to Newfoundland, Canada. this type of dog has been bred to help fishermen on boats.

As for its coat, “it has a double coat of fur that keeps it warm even in icy waters”, according to Diario AS, which is perfectly complemented by its enormous size: it can weigh up to 90 kilos and measure up to 76 centimeters .

On the other hand, despite being a large and calm dog breed, it is characterized by needing a lot of human company. depression in dogs is very common and more so in a Newfoundland, therefore, you should always give it a lot of love.

Terranova identificado como uno de los perros mas grandes del mundoSource: Pixabay

7. Saint Bernard

The Saint Bernard is one of the most well-known mountain dogs on the planet. And it is included in the list of the largest dogs in the world as it reaches, with normality, 90 cm in height and a maximum weight of 100 kilos.

On the other hand, remember that a St. Bernard suffers a lot from the heat. so, one of the ways to prevent the most common dog diseases, in this case, is to avoid it being in places with very high temperatures.

San Bernardo como una de las raza de perros mas grande que existenSource: Pixabay

8. Irish Wolfhound

The Irish Wolfhound is a gigantic animal that fits perfectly in the category of big and hairy dog breeds, given that some of them can reach 90 centimeters and weigh more than 50 kilos .

As its name indicates, it is one of the Irish large dog breeds and to this day is a very popular dog in Europe. Its behavior is excellent and “it has a life expectancy of 6 to 8 years“, according to Hospital Veterinari.

And, as for its coat, at first glance it has a sloppy style because it is extensive, hard and with great resistance .

Lobero Irlandés dentro de las razas de perros grandes irlandesesSource: Pixabay

9. Leonberger

In case you are looking for a big, intelligent, strong and reliable pet, then look no further among the different breeds of large shaggy dogs because a Leonberger is the most suitable.

This animal, which can easily reach 80 centimeters in height and 75 kilos, makes an impact at first sight and not only because of its size. It happens that its coat is abundant and stands out thanks to the powerful muscles that these types of big, hairy dogs usually have.

and their behavior? Specialists insist that, after reading some dog training books and a lot of training… You can tame the beast!

10. Tibetan Dogo

It is said that a picture is worth a thousand words, and when it comes to the Tibetan Mastiff, sentences are not enough to describe the amazing size and coat of this giant dog breed.

With a maximum weight of 100 kilos and a height that can reach 65 centimeters, it is hard to imagine that this animal, native to Tibet, can run at almost 48 kilometers per hour, but it happens.

On the other hand, its fur is super abundant, which gives a wild and unique look to this large and shaggy dog breed.

Dogo del Tibet como uno de las razas de perros grandes y fuertesSource: Pixabay

Each of the large, shaggy dog breeds we’ve reviewed have proven to us that they are a wonder, just like all dogs out there in this world. So, remember that if you decide to add one to your family, you will be doing an act of love and, at the same time, of great responsibility .

A dog, like any animal, needs care and a lot of time and dedication. you must set priorities in your daily life to give it the attention it deserves, and one of the best ways to achieve this is through our schedule of personal activities, ideal to combine with all our lifestyle courses.

So now you know, learn to love and care for your pet!


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