How to recover your blocked TikTok account and “tiktook” like an expert?


did you make a wrong decision and now you don’t know how to recover your permanently blocked or suspended TikTok account? Blocking your TikTok account can have several reasons. But all of them share the same transgression of the community rules of this social network.

However, just like in real life, in the digital world, everything has an explanation and a possible solution. Therefore, you can always learn how to recover your temporarily or permanently blocked TikTok account.

In the following lines, we will teach you, not only how to recover your blocked TikTok account, but we will also give you some tips and aspects to keep in mind about the use of your profile on this platform. And so, you will be able to take advantage of its benefits for your personal or business account.

are you ready? let’s log in!

1. Know the types of blocking of your TikTok account

In the event that you have committed infractions that violate the regulations of this social network on different occasions, the company could block your TikTok account temporarily or even permanently.

what are the characteristics of each of these types of blocking? Here, we present them to you so that you know how to recover your blocked TikTok account according to each of them.

Temporary blocking

If your TikTok account has been blocked in this way, some specific functions of the platform will be disabled. In fact, you will not be able to post videos or post comments. You will also not be able to edit your profile .

The firm clearly states that it has the authority to remove material whose nature violates the community rules. Actions can affect videos, photos, texts, audios, comments, or even livestreams.

The Chinese company details that they will always inform users of permanently blocked, deleted or temporarily suspended accounts of their decisions . It also states that, in all cases, its users will be able to file defenses to recover their blocked TikTok account.

It is also true that TikTok informs you, by means of certain warnings, that your account may be blocked if you do not change your behavior. These are warnings that this social network issues before the first infractions to avoid recovering your blocked TikTok account.

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Another temporary blocking option consists in a restriction of your account related to its display. In fact, your TikTok profile could only be visible, but inactive for posting for days.

When it comes to recovering your blocked TikTok account, keep in mind that the temporary period of this kind of suspension can be 24, 48, 72 hours and up to one week.

Permanent blocking

However, in this guide on how to recover your blocked TikTok account, we want to emphasize that if you have violated the community rules, through non-compliance with the platform’s zero tolerance policy, the blocking of your TikTok account will be immediate; and possibly, irreversible.and there will be nothing left to do, since your profile on this social network will be permanently blocked .

For this reason, we recommend that you take into account the reasons for which your TikTok account may be blocked and that you verify the content that you frequently publish so that you do not have to recover your TikTok account.

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2. Make a “Review Request”

If you have a permanently blocked or temporarily suspended TikTok account, it means that the social network concluded that you have violated its rules.

One of the first methods to recover your blocked TikTok account is to request a review of your case. how to do it? Well, when you get the notification from the app, indicating the suspension of your account, click on it. You must click on “Request review” and continue with the steps established by the platform to recover your blocked TikTok account.

Keep in mind that the Chinese company has decided to invest millions of yuan, both in artificial intelligence, as well as in trained personnel, to monitor each user. And if necessary, notify you that your TikTok account was permanently blocked.

However, this surveillance is not without its pitfalls. That is why millions of people, at some point, receive a permanent block notification and need to recover their blocked TikTok account.

3. Contact the TikTok platform

Another alternative to recover your blocked TikTok account is to use the platform’s contact form from the browser .

If you are a responsible user who has read and practiced TikTok’s digital coexistence rules since the first day you opened the account, then you can file a complaint to the firm to recover your permanently blocked TikTok account. Of course, the company receives millions of review requests for profile deletion, temporary user suspension, or permanently blocked accounts. In other words, the feedback from TikTok will take a few days. Keep this in mind and be patient.

From the TikTok website, you can detail what your problem is. You can also include screenshots to facilitate the understanding of your query. And thus, communicate precisely, what is the complication you are having in relation to the login to your TikTok account.

In the event that the platform analyzes your unblock request and decides to reinstate your account, you will be able to recover your blocked TikTok account without any inconvenience.

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Finally, we would like to point out that previously, to recover your blocked TikTok account, the procedure consisted in sending an email to “” .there, you must indicate your user name and write the reason why your account had been blocked, as well as the time period since when your TikTok profile had been canceled.

However, if you want to optimize your time, please disregard this way because many users have reported that it is not a solution to recover your blocked TikTok account.

4. Avoid actions that transgress the community rules

TikTok states that, not only can you have your account permanently blocked, but the app will be blocked from the device from which you committed the offense(s). Regardless of whether they are new, repeated, minor or serious .

In this analysis on how to recover your blocked TikTok account, it is important for you to know that if necessary, the company will investigate the material posted by the user in other places, to have evidence to support its decision and eventual complaint to the competent authorities. So, be careful with this!

So, in order for you to make the most of the advantages of this social network in your content marketing strategies and not have to recover your blocked TikTok account, it is essential that you make valuable contributions from your profile.

The goal of your content strategy should be to go “For you” on TikTok to go viral, but with quality publications; and above all, not transgress the rules of the TikTok community to avoid the need to recover your blocked TikTok account.

Don’t forget that TikTok has become an essential platform for boosting the productivity of different companies, whose archetypal customers are users who actively participate in this social network.

In this regard, according to an analysis by Statista, in the last year, there have been more than 205 million downloads of the TikTok application, and according to a study by HubSpot, TikTok has more than 1 billion monthly active users globally.

This data evidences the exponential growth that this social network has had and will have around the world. Therefore, to continue using TikTok for B2B companies and not have to recover your blocked TikTok account, you should know the potential reasons for blocking your profile when marketing products or services.

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what are the TikTok community rules?

Well, when it comes to using TikTok, you should know the rules of coexistence so that you don’t have to recover a blocked TikTok account once again.

Thus, there are multiple reasons why TikTok can block your account. In order for you to understand the main causes and to avoid having to recover a blocked TikTok account, we will explain them below:

Use of misleading audiovisual material in your posts.
Use of violent and graphic content: including pornographic material and nudity; and content that promotes discrimination, hatred, violation of human rights and obscenity.
Content that violates the integrity of minors and that can be classified as “Grooming”.
TikTok prohibits the participation of users under 13 years of age: if an account is found to have cheated the system on this point, the account will be permanently blocked, temporarily suspended or deleted.
Encouragement of abusive behavior.
Threats of blackmail.
Engaging in illegal and dangerous activities.
Postings that promote gambling.
Content that violates copyright and intellectual property rights.
If the user is part of a classification of dangerous people for the platform will be blocked.
Plagiarism of content from other platforms: TikTok seeks that all its publications are original.
The publication of audiovisual content with QR codes is prohibited, as well as images and videos with watermarks, as this could be a case of copying from other platforms.

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Well, now you know what are the main reasons why your profile has been blocked on this social network and how you can recover your blocked TikTok account.

Finally, it is essential that in social networks, as well as in all areas of personal and professional life, we act in compliance with the rules of coexistence. yes! Even in the context of digital transformation that we live in today and to avoid having to recover your blocked TikTok account.

Remember that the TikTok platform is a communication and marketing tool for products and services with a great potential reach. Therefore, regardless of whether you use this interface for personal or organizational uses, you must accept the platform’s rules and put them into practice.

Only through responsibility, by generating your content and participating, you will not have to recover your blocked TikTok account; and you will be able to take advantage of all the benefits offered by this interface.

From now on, please do not forget to read the TikTok terms and conditions, as you will avoid the discomfort of having a permanently blocked or temporarily suspended account.

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