30 free calligraphy fonts for Windows and Mac, enrich your fonts today!

With an infinite number of free calligraphy fonts on the internet, finding the right calligraphy font for your needs can be a difficult task. Perhaps you need decorative, eye-catching fonts for a simple design, or you’re simply looking for more modern calligraphic fonts for a formal design.

The point is that calligraphic fonts have many uses and it is best to combine them with a simple typeface to balance them out. Therefore, if used sparingly, you can perfect your creations and even break the rules for a bolder result.

That’s why we’ve selected 30 free calligraphy fonts with great versatility, from romantic and feminine to monoline calligraphy fonts that will give a masculine and strong character to any of your designs. ready to download the best free calligraphy fonts and give a special touch to your designs? Let’s get to work!

1. Brownies Cake by Asd Studio

This is one of the newest and most downloaded calligraphy typefaces from Dafont. It is an elegant, delicate and timeless script font. It works great for special date cards, wedding invitations, logos and other designs with romantic touch.

Brownies Cake.

Image: Freepik

2. Malina Script Font by Paula Create

Malina Script Font is one of the handwritten calligraphic letters designed by Paula Create. It is available in our WP tools and is ideal for applying on wedding invitations, blogs, inspirational phrases, book covers, among others. We can be almost sure that these elegant cursive letters will add a wonderful touch to your projects.

Malina Script Font.

Source: WP

3. Mystical Snow by sronstudio

This is the free calligraphic font suitable for crafts, stationery, packaging, labels, special events, photography and watermarking. It is a very complete font that you can start using right now.

Mystical Snow.

Font: Dafont

4. Euphoria Script Font

this is one of the newest lettering fonts in our toolkit. It is a perfect typeface to make your titles, short lines of text and avant-garde fashion and gastronomy designs more attractive.

Euphoria Script Font.

Font: WP

5. Secret Winter by sronstudio

With this script font you can improve your graphic image on social networks, create a logo, invitations for your events and those of your friends. Download it and let your imagination run wild.

Secret Winter.

Image: Freepik

6. Rolest script font by awwwards

Rolest is a classic but edgy script font. It was created by Vunira and is ideal as a typography for logos, especially for clothing or gastronomy. The free version you can use it to customize your social media posts.

Rolest script font.

Source: fancy-fonts.com.

7. Recollect Retro Bold Font by StringLabs

have you found yourself in front of a vintage design and haven’t found the right font for your texts? Recollect combines taste and 80’s retro style. It is a free calligraphic font that can be very useful to go back to the past, also to give personality to hairdressing, motorcycling, coffee shop businesses, among others.

Recollet Retro Bold Font with Vintage style.

Font: Fancy-fonts

8. Grand Amoura by ReyreyBlue

This free calligraphic font is ideal for your most romantic designs and invitations to weddings, anniversaries and other events. When you use it, it will look like a handmade typeface.

Grand Amoura.

Font: Dafont

9. Slainte Script Font

This font has been in WP tools for a while now and still it doesn’t lose its relevance. Try making a fresh and elegant design with this font and renew yourself in this 2022 making the best posters, illustrations and postcards with this script font.

Slainte Script Font.

Font: WP

10. Hello Honey by Ef Studio

This calligraphic typeface created by Ef Studio is very feminine and fresh. If you have a romantic project in mind, on our side you already have the typographic option, now make magic!

hello honey.

Source: 1001fonts

11. Nature Beauty by Billy Argel Fonts®

Among the most used fonts is Nature Beauty, a typeface that adds freshness and elegance to your designs. Apply it in environmental projects. It also works well as a typeface for makeup stores. how would you use it?

Nature Beauty.

Image: Freepik

12. Cream Candy by Ef Studio

Cream Candy is a very useful script typeface for lettering. It gives your designs aesthetics and movement. Remember that this free calligraphic font is for personal use only. But, you can always find more ideas of lettering fonts in our blog!

Cream Candy.

Image: Freepik

13. Adriana by Kong Font

This is a calligraphic font created by Kong Font. Normally it has a cost but if you download it through the download link that we will leave you can have this free script font from Dafont. Take advantage of it and surprise with your designs. Start with a logo!


Font: Dafont.

14. Muthiara by Abo Daniel Studio

This font created by Abo Daniel Studio gives compositions the elegant and subtle touch they need. Pair it with other minimalist typefaces and get ready for compliments. It’s a beautiful calligraphic font.


Font: Dafont

15. Amarillo by Francis Studio

Continuing with our list of free calligraphic fonts we present Amarillo, a decorated typeface with which you can give your designs an avant-garde style. We invite you to try its application and then we challenge you to stop using it. will you succeed? We love it.


Image: Freepik.

16.billion Dreams by Mans Greback

If you are looking to give your design movement and fluidity this typographic trend is one of the most recommended options in terms of script fonts. It is an option widely used in brands that want to reflect youth, freedom and rebellion. We are sure that with these free calligraphic fonts you will be able to develop great ideas that will surprise this 2022. when do you start designing?

Billion Dreams.

Source: Freepik

17. Brownhill by Faisal Tanjung

Brownhill looks like handmade typography because of its soft lines and strokes. Therefore, we recommend you to use it to your advantage to include it in romantic and tender designs, with which you want to reflect subtlety. This is one of the calligraphic fonts that adds originality and art to your designs, so use it in packaging, invitations and logos.


Source: Pixelbuddha

18. Thirthy by Susy Type

One of the most original Dafont calligraphic fonts. The thickness of its stroke gives versatility and modernity to the designs it accompanies. It seems a risky font but if you try it by including it in posters you already have, you will realize that it is perfect. give it a try!


Font: Dafont

19. Seascape by Anmarkk

Handmade typefaces make a design look natural, that’s why Seascape is an alternative to give your texts closeness. Hence, it is a font used for wedding invitations and cards, for signatures, greeting cards and social media posts.


Font: Pixelify

20. Stay Classy by Solidtype

Stay Classy is one of the free calligraphic Dafont fonts that, like Seascape, adds closeness and naturalness to designs, as its strokes seem handmade. It is a very feminine font, so if you are targeting this audience you will probably achieve a connection with your designs.

Stay Classy.

Font: Dafont

21. Botera Stencil Font by Javi Montoya

Composed of regular calligraphy fonts with serif and stencil, this exquisite typeface is ready to shine in your designs. It was created as a typographic project based on the environment of Valdepeñas (Ciudad Real, Spain) and its winemaking heritage for wine production, but now it can be part of your free calligraphy font collection.

When you download this calligraphic font, you automatically get two versions of it, which you can apply to your projects with all the ligatures, numbers and variants of the old style.

Botera Stencil Font comes with useful tools that will make your design skills become almost unlimited. So feel absolutely free to let your imagination run wild using Botera in your branding projects, ads, prints, posters, invitations, apparel, and many other ideas that may come to your mind.

Botera Stencil Font.

Image: pixelbuddha.net

22. Fenway Script Font by Pavel Korzhenko

A unique and flowing handwritten font, characterized by a vintage style, is Fenway. You can easily fall in love with its incredibly versatile style.

You can use this free calligraphic font to create spectacular designs by reviving the retro American typography of baseball games. While you don’t need to be a fan of the sport, with a few clicks, you can transform an ordinary project into an eye-catching one.

In fact, it’s perfect for designing logos, t-shirts, posters, cards and other vintage stuff. Fenway will make your community fall in love with its beauty, and BONUS baseball illustrations will add even more fun and genuine American atmosphere. Download it now and start playing with one of the most fun free calligraphy fonts on our list!

Fenway script.

Image: dafontfree.io

23. Crash One Typeface by Pathero Studio

This is a unique and trendy free calligraphy brush font. If you need to have it on all kinds of branding materials, logos, cards, quotes, and any other awesome project you are working on, Crash One is the ideal typeface. Crash One contains standard characters, lowercase, uppercase, numerals, punctuation, ligatures, and international characters.

One great advantage this great calligraphy font offers is that if you don’t have a program that supports OpenType features, such as Adobe Photoshop or Illustrator, you can access all the alternate glyphs via Font Book (Mac) or Character Map (Windows). Also, it is available in OTF and TTF files.

Crash One.

Image: behance.net

24. Inter UI by Rasmus Andersson

If you are a Sans Serif lover, here is the complete Inter UI family. Inter offers both traditional calligraphic font files (one per style, e.g. Bold Italic, Medium, etc.) and modifiable fonts with all styles in a small file size. This means you can mix and match the weight and angle of the italics to your liking, forming theoretically infinite variations.

This free calligraphic font includes several OpenType features, such as contextual alternates, which adjust punctuation based on the shape of the surrounding glyphs, tilted zero for when you need to disambiguate the “0” from the “o”, tabular numerals, etc.

Inter is a carefully crafted calligraphy font designed especially for working with small text sizes on your computer screen.

Inter UI.

Image: bypeople.com

25. Borsok Typeface by Dastan Miraj

Another of our other calligraphy fonts available for free download is Borsok by Dastan Miraj, a bold font with smooth, thick outlines and multilingual support. If you’re looking for a bold and fun calligraphic font for making greeting cards, posters or craft and scrapbooking projects, this is the font for you.

It’s perfect for branding, apparel design, product packaging, elegant text, quotes, and more. it’s also great for children’s designs!

Borsok Font is a calligraphy font that includes uppercase and lowercase characters, numbers, punctuation, and symbols that will get you noticed immediately because of the robust look of its strokes.


Image: dafontfree.io

26. Greta Grotesk by Tal Shub

The creation of this uppercase calligraphic font was inspired by several of Greta Thunberg’s posters, the famous Swedish environmental activist. After extracting the letters from the posters that appeared in some of her photos, Tal Shub set about the task of tracing and then vectorizing them with the help of his climate-focused design company, Uno.

It’s certainly worth taking a look at the Instagram profile gretagroteskfont so you can appreciate each of the glyphs included in this free calligraphic font, whose background is undeniably valid in this day and age.

Greta Grotesk.

Source: instagram.com

27. Soffa Sans by IKEA

Known as the “world’s most comfortable font,” IKEA’s Soffa Sans must also be one of the few free calligraphic fonts inspired by a meme. where did this come from?

When IKEA introduced a feature for consumers to design their own sofa online, it opened the floodgates for web surfers around the world to use such resources to create any shape and font they could think of.

In response, the Swedish home furnishings giant partnered with London-based agency Proximity London to create a Vallentuna sofa font in isometric (pixel-based) and bird’s-eye view (vector-based) versions.

However, like Greta’s font, this calligraphic typeface does not include the letters å, ä and ö of the Swedish alphabet, as used by both the brand and the activist. That is why some Swedish type designers have gone to great lengths to demand the accents mentioned in these handwritten fonts.

Soffa Sans.

Image: ikea.com

28. Kristina Bold by Sherwin and Conrad

Also known as “Kristina.Bold.”, this free download is a calligraphic font based on the handwriting of a stroke survivor, a sudden interruption of blood flow to a part of the brain. The brainchild of creative duo Sherwin + Conrad in collaboration with Kristina, who survived stroke, they took the handwriting for typography and digitized it. how did they get there?

In 2013, Kristina suffered a life-changing stroke, losing many cognitive abilities such as writing. Since then, Kristina has struggled to teach herself to write again, winning a day-by-day struggle between her mind and body.

Inspired by her determination, Sherwin + Conrad created this handwritten font using their graphic design expertise from Central Saint Martins in London. Speaking to Kristina via Facetime, the survivor wrote the characters in English and Swedish, before scanning and emailing them to Conrad and Sherwin.

Now, what is the idea of having such a calligraphic font?

The ultimate goal of its creation is to get publications and newspapers to change the typeface on their front pages to Kristina Bold on World Stroke Day, so donations to charity are also welcome via the font’s download page.

So if you didn’t know about stroke or how to support this cause, Kristina Bold is just in time for World Stroke Day on October 29, 2022.

Kristina Bold.

Image: kristinabold.com

29. Simbox by Monika Gause

This free calligraphic font takes the geometric font genre to the next level. It combines different shapes to create a unique lettering design, starting from a handwritten sans serif font designed with colored elements. The package includes uppercase letters, numbers and punctuation, and color alternation.

However, the disadvantage is that they are not compatible with older programs and the colors only come in OpenType (OTF) format. Anyway, the calligraphic font works very well so you can make logos and short titles and you can vary your headers.


Image: behance.net

30. Bread Clip Neue by Steph Davidson

Coming across free and attractive calligraphy fonts may be relatively easy, but coming up with unusual calligraphy fonts is much harder. Such is the case with the fonts created by Canadian Steph Davidson, who doesn’t consider herself a typographic artist.

She is an art director who has designed games, websites, illustrations and referencing the aesthetics of the old Internet as Art Director at Bloomberg in New York.

Her Bread Clip Neue is a typeface based on bread clips. that’s right! The little plastic things you use to close the bags you keep fresh bread in to keep it that way.

Bread Clip Neue has all the letters, big and small, with all the glyphs and numbers you need. Fresh out of the oven this month, the calligraphy font can be the perfect accompaniment to your baking or bake sale projects. You can see what the calligraphy font looks like in the image below.

Bread Clip Neue.

Image: femme-type.com

Tips for choosing free calligraphy fonts

Calligraphic or script fonts are recognized for looking like handmade typography, and they are precisely inspired by the strokes of this type of writing. There are different variations of calligraphic letters and that is why there is a diversity of free calligraphic fonts on the web.

Choose a calligraphic font that matches your branding

Some calligraphic typefaces are more elegant, more eye-catching, romantic or more cursive or regular than others. Although they belong to the same typeface family, each one has a different connotation. Hence the importance of choosing correctly the free calligraphic font you are going to download and knowing how to apply it correctly in your designs.

According to Grand Agency, calligraphic fonts transmit dynamism, an artistic touch, warmth and personalization and it is important to know their meaning because with them we transmit a message and in the case of companies a brand value.

Know the styles of script fonts

As we mentioned before, there are many variations of calligraphic fonts, the font and typography resource page Font Meme divides them into two: “the formal script, much like cursive, which mimics 17th century calligraphic masters (the ones that look like a bird’s feather or metal quill) and the casual ones, which tend to be wider strokes, like American Idol typography.” Dafont classifies script font into calligraphy, school, handwritten, brush, brush, scribble, graffiti and Old School.

Source: Famfonts

Avoid using calligraphic fonts all the time

Calligraphic typefaces are eye-catching and, therefore, the freelance portal LanceTalent recommends using them sparingly so that they don’t dominate your design.

Nowadays, many brands combine calligraphic strokes with other minimalist typographies. Check out this example on Grupo Bimbo’s Instagram account and get inspired to look for script fonts for Instagram. To find out what type of font you could use to make this composition, get to know the most acclaimed fonts.

Source: Instagram Grupo Bimbo

Downloadfree script typography orcalligraphic fonts will allow you to convey a message of subtlety, elegance and femininity. By the way, if you are looking to increase your collection of brushes to create your calligraphic fonts or other type of design, we recommend you to check out our free collection of Photoshop Brushes.

So much for our post on the 30 best free calligraphy fonts. do you already have your eye on some for your next projects? The fonts we’ve listed are just some of our favorites, but the web is full of free calligraphy fonts and typefaces to download and use.

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