how to draw cartoons? master the 7 key steps!

think learning how to draw cartoons is hard? Good news: It’s not! Best of all, you can do this process in just 7 steps. Do you want to master this technique without suffering in the attempt? You’ve come to the right place.

In this article we will teach you how to draw caricatures step by step, besides, so you can better understand what this art consists of, we will share with you some previous considerations to draw caricatures .

Finally, you will discover a series of tips to learn how to draw caricatures. After reading this article, your cartoons will look spectacular!

Gather your materials and… let’s start!

Previous considerations for drawing cartoons

before learning how to draw cartoons, you must have some previous considerations to make your art look spectacular. To begin with, do you already know what a cartoon is?

In a few words, the concept of caricature tells us that it is the process of distorting the appearance of living beings. Interesting, isn’t it?

Now that we are clear about this concept, for you to master how to draw cartoons you should consider the following points:

Proportions of the skull
Midpoint of the face
Rules of thirds
The measure of the eyes

Keeping these points in mind, learning how to draw caricatures step by step will not be difficult for you. Besides, your results will be great, because you will know how to draw caricatures with symmetry.

If you want to know more in detail what each aspect implies, take a look at our Guide to transform a realistic face into a cartoon.

Okay, let’s go straight to the steps!

how to draw cartoons?

If your main concern is to learn how to draw cartoons easily, in the following lines you will find out. In just 7 steps, you will discover how to draw a cartoon from a photo.

are you ready to learn how to draw caricatures of people with pencil and paper or with a tablet for graphic design? Excellent, let’s start with the steps to draw caricatures.

1. Search for references

The first step to draw easy caricatures is to look for references. The options are endless! You can choose a portrait of your favorite actor or singer, of a friend or family member, and why not, you can also draw a caricature of yourself. choose your best selfie!

Wait, do you need more inspiration to apply the following steps? Check out this post on Korean animation to get inspired by these animated caricatures and create your own.

2. Identifies features

The next step to learn how to draw caricatures is to identify the features of your model. Delimiting the size of the eyes, nose and mouth will help you draw a caricature easily.

3. Draw baselines

In this step to learn how to draw caricatures, you should draw your cartoon portrait with basic geometric lines: rectangle, oval, circle, etc.

Since this process is used since classic cartoons appeared as a reference to delimit the composition of the face, you should not go into detail.

4. Exaggerate features

it’s time to exaggerate your character’s features! This step is key to learn how to draw animated cartoons. For example, if your character has an oval face, you should make it even more oval.

5. Define the features

In the fifth step of our guide “How to draw cartoons” you must define your character’s face .

We recommend you to start with the face and hair, as they require less detail. Afterwards, focus on the mouth, nose and eyes .

6. Exaggerates eyes

Another essential point you can’t neglect in our “How to draw cartoons” guide is the size of the eyes, so it’s of utmost importance that you focus on them for a moment and exaggerate their size.

7. Emphasize the character’s expression

To finish our guide “How to draw caricatures” you should emphasize the expression of the person you are drawing. Therefore, answer the following questions: How is your character? is he/she pensive, scared, happy?

Add as many details as possible so you can convey that emotion through the drawing.

Final recommendations

If you want to learn how to draw caricatures of animals, the process is the same. You should also exaggerate the shape of the face and its features.
Keep in mind that if your goal is to learn how to draw funny caricatures, you will have to resort more to exaggerations, as we indicated in step 4.

Tips to learn how to draw caricatures

By this point of the article you already know how to draw a cartoon step by step, congratulations! However, we couldn’t end our guide “How to draw cartoons” without a section of tips so you can draw the best cartoons.

take note!

Check books and look for anatomyreferences so you have a point of reference about the human body.
Practice your drawing technique every day. don’t know how? Check out these exercises to learn how to draw step by step.
Don’t lose sight of the proportions of the face. Although a cartoon drawing is an exaggerated representation of a character, it must be symmetrical .
Although it is necessary to add detail to your caricatures, you should not exaggerate, remember that it is not a realistic drawing and, in this case, the general predominates.
If this will be your first time drawing caricatures, you can start by portraying the characters from the front. Then, it will be easier for you to draw characters from another point of view, for example, in profile.
We have reached the end of the note, now you know how to draw caricatures in a simple way, in just 7 steps. We hope you can apply them and test your creativity. this will be a good opportunity for you to practice your drawing technique with different characters.
best wishes!

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