Clothing slogans: +85 ideas to make your business a “must have”.

You may not know it, but a clothing slogan is almost as essential as ketchup for French fries. Do you want to make your clothing store known in the style of the big fast fashion or luxury companies? Then, it is essential to have a clothing brand slogan that generates an impact on your potential customers.

While logos are a visual identity, the slogan is the auditory representation of a brand and what we as consumers usually remember about a company. Therefore, it is vital that before choosing a slogan for clothing, you collect accurate information from your audience to define the ideal slogan.

As Raúl Ituero, CEO of Damenáme Naming and one of the teachers of the online course on naming strategies: giving a name to your brand, mentions “a successful creative process starts with a good information gathering. This is vital to develop the creative strategy and, consequently, the identity of a brand”.

Additionally, according to Forbes Spain, creating your brand image involves developing a visual identity system that represents the brand’s values and principles, as well as knowing your consumers and developing the message you want to convey.

We know that there are different options and interests when it comes to clothing. As the saying goes, “there are different colors for different tastes”, so in this article we will share with you a list of slogan ideas for clothing in different categories. In addition, you will learn the essential aspects you should take into account when creating a slogan for a clothing store.

Slogan for men’s clothing store

are you planning to launch a men’s clothing business or want to improve an existing one? congratulations! Now it’s time to think of a great slogan for a men’s clothing store and put all the pieces together. To do this, you need to choose an appealing and timeless phrase that your target audience will remember you by.

Keep in mind that your slogan is not only a promise to your customer, but also represents the whole mission of your brand. Basically, your menswear slogan tells the potential customer exactly what you do and why you do it.

To help you in this process, we’ve put together some menswear slogan ideas that will help you captivate this audience. take note!

Be beyond fashion, that’s our style archetype.

We are fashion conscious men, we are men who are not afraid of fashion.

Style is the clothing of your personality.

Clothing is not an outfit, it’s a philosophy.

Clothes are a way of escaping routine.

You are your own best designer.

Style is a matter of instinct, follow your instinct.

Say who you are without talking.

Be a centennial fashion icon.

Fashion is a concept and you represent it.

Dress like it’s your day.

Slogan for women’s clothing store

If you are thinking of starting a women’s clothing boutique, the best thing you can do is to come up with a slogan for a women’s clothing store that perfectly describes your brand.

Surely most of your closet consists of garments from the big fashion brands; however, there are small ventures that offer high quality garments and accessories to their customers. In fact, most boutique slogans promote not only their business, but also promote fashion in general.

As we mentioned before, a slogan should be memorable, easy to remember and, of course, it should add value to your business. That’s why we share with you this list of women’s clothing slogan ideas, just choose your favorite and get inspired to create your own.

12. For your inner chic goddess.

13. Dress in boho vibes.

14. More fun, more freedom.

15. Let your true identity prevail.

16. Build your best version.

17. Be the architect of your personality.

18. Your search ends here.

19. Unique clothes for unique people.

20. Choose wisely, choose us.

21. Leading the fashion of your city.

22. Clothing is what you make it.

23. Style has no rules, you create them.

24. Say goodbye to “I don’t have to wear it”.

25. Smile fits your outfit and is always in fashion.

26. It’s your time to shine.

27. A full life, a life full of style.

28. Don’t say who you are, show them who you are.

29. Dress your attitude.

30. Clothes for your best moments.

31. My closet, my new passion.

32. Meet the place where your search ends.

33. Fashion is our language.

34. Choose yourself, choose your style.

35. Where you get the best lifestyle.

36. Clothing that creates passion.

37. Where passion meets perfection.

38. Get out of here wearing your new style.

39. Exalt your personality, exalt your smile.

40. Dress to immortalize your style.

41. Be your best version.

Slogan for second hand clothing store

do you want to sell used clothes on the Internet or in a physical space? Thrift stores are an excellent place to sell used clothes in good condition at a fraction of the cost of buying them new.

In addition to being a sustainable option, thrift stores provide a unique experience for the buyer. That’s why it’s so important to find a slogan for used clothing that projects the essence of this type of business.

But how do you create a catchy slogan that will resonate with customers? Here are some thrift store slogan ideas that will make your customers happy and, in turn, help you grow your business further.

Believe it or not, developing a slogan for used clothing yourself is a fun way to bring creative inspiration to your store. So become a beneficiary with these slogans for thrift clothing stores:

42. Secondhand clothes that look like top-of-the-line.

43. Fast fashion is not my outfit.

44. Give new life to this closet, adopt a garment.

45. Second chances to clothes, not to your ex.

46. Say yes to circular fashion.

47. Inhabit these clothes.

48. You don’t need to be new to be amazing.

49. Wear clothes with meaning.

50. Build the story of this garment.

51. Fit on the right side of eco-friendly.

tienda de ropa de segunda manoSource: Pexels

Slogan for sportswear store

If you want to start a sportswear brand in the style of Adidas, Nike or Puma, you need a motivational sportswear slogan that inspires your potential customers and helps them work on their own version.

Remember that a sports apparel store not only sells sports apparel and accessories, but also provides a holistic experience for sports enthusiasts. It’s a place where a sports fan looks for the right items for a particular physical activity.

So if you are thinking of launching your sportswear brand, we share with you a list of sportswear store slogan ideas so that you can choose the one that best suits your business objective. Make use of these ideas and play with your imagination to optimize them to your taste and product. Create an authentic slogan and position yourself in the memory of your target audience .

52. Ready to turn up the heat.

53. Look good, train like a beast.

54. Our fabric is stronger than your excuses.

55. Effort and comfortable fabric are non-negotiable.

56. Don’t miss our shirts, don’t miss the motivation.

57. I train, therefore I am.

58. The pleasure of training well.

59. Style is also fit.

60. Accomplishing goals and dressing athletes.

61. Play sports in style.

consumidor tomando foto a su ropa deportiva Source: Unsplash

Slogan for underwear store

In case you didn’t know, underwear is a controversial topic. Due to the particularity of these garments, most underwear ads focus on the image of the model, eliminating traditional advertising tools such as a slogan.

However, some companies in this field, such as Victoria’s Secret or Calvin Klein, have been able to strategically use their slogans for men’s or women’s underwear and create a brand image in the consumer’s mind.

In general, these slogans for lingerie stores are usually clever and creative in communicating the brand message, but if the meaning of the slogan is not clear (and appropriate), it can backfire.

So get inspired with this list of underwear store slogan ideas strategically thought out for this type of business.

62. Wrap it up and highlight your essence.

63. Let’s keep it under wraps.

64. Empowerment starts on the inside.

65. Your perfect accomplice.

66. Change the rules of the game, your comfort first.

67. Design that matches your desire.

68. Shape your sensuality.

69. Don’t dress incomplete.

70. Sensual on the inside, empowered on the outside.

71. Lace that enchants and enchants you.

mujer viendo ropa interiorSource: Freepik

Slogan for children’s clothing store

With so many competitors in the field of selling children’s clothing, your store must stand out from the crowd. Therefore, your slogan for kids clothes should be appealing, creative and relevant to your target audience (moms or dads with kids).

Keep in mind that shopping for children’s clothes is not an easy task, but if your business provides a helping hand to parents, then you will have won their hearts. In this competitive world to make your business famous you need creativity and innovation.

Kids get attention and so do their clothes. your clothing line could grow if you provide comfort and style to kids in one place. here are some of the children’s clothing slogan ideas that you can use for your venture:

72. Everything your child needs.

73. The best fashion for your child.

74. Perfect for every season.

75. Buy high quality clothes for your child.

76. Your child is unique, let their clothes speak for themselves.

77. Little ones make big statements.

78. You’re never too small to wear designer clothes.

79. Warmer than you think.

80. Our children’s clothing is cute, affordable and stylish.

81. Beat the weather this winter with the latest in children’s clothing.

82. Your online resource for your child’s clothing.

83. Trusted and loved by parents.

84. Sizes for every child.

85. Clothing customized to your child’s style.

86. The best clothes for children and at a good price.

tienda de ropa para niñosSource: Freepik

Tips for creating a clothing slogan

By now you have a list of slogan ideas for a clothing company. You also now understand that the slogan serves the function of giving a clear message to the minds of consumers, making them quickly remember a product or, the brand in general.

The creation of a slogan for clothing is a whole creative process that can be carved in a path of constant changes, modifications and negations. All this work is done in order to find the slogan that describes, informs and excites your Buyer Persona.

do you remember the Mad Men series and Donald Draper’s various proposals? That was a great creative design job. The clothing slogan must sell and also give your consumer summary information about the product.

For this reason, creativity and knowledge of your target audience makes the slogan memorable and one that will stick forever in your customer’s mind. As Donald Draper would say “The customer doesn’t like it, we do, that’s why we know it’s good”.

Well, these are the fundamental aspects you need to keep in mind when creating a slogan for your clothing company:

1. Identify the type of slogan you need for your clothing brand

These are some of the questions that can make your job of creating clothing slogans easier:

do you want your clothing slogan to describe the product?

do you prefer it to have information about the product you are selling?

do you want it to be memorable because of an emotion you evoke from the added value of the clothing you sell?

do you want to create and play with existing phrases to capture the attention of your target audience?

Whatever the answer to these questions, you must be clear about the goal of your marketing campaign and what you want to highlight in your audience’s mind with the clothing brand slogan.

objetivos de una marca de ropaSource: Unsplash

2. Highlight the differentiating aspect

is your brand known for being creative, do you want to focus on using eco-friendly products, or do you want to highlight the customization of your garments? Think about what kind of benefit or differentiating aspect of your clothing brand you want to highlight in your tagline.

tienda de ropa para mujerSource: Unsplash

3. Think about the positive feelings of your clothing brand.

Appeal to the positive feelings of your clothing brand. Give a good impression to your audience. For this, there are formulas that help you to refine those ideas that are in your creative mind. Also, later we will give you some examples that you can use for the creation of the slogan for your clothing brand.

One tool that helps you generate free slogans is Shopify, you only have to enter the words you want to include in your slogan and press the generate slogan button. isn’t it great?

consumidora de una tienda de ropaSource: Unsplash

4. Use the elements of a slogan appropriately.

Keep in mind the elements that make up a successful clothing slogan. While creativity and innovation can be your guides, you must start from the previously established to have a profitable slogan in the long run.

Don’t think that the clothing slogan is for you, but for your audience. Therefore, you should use phrases that are easy to remember and that connect with your ideal customer.

5. Make your clothing slogan evoke emotions

The establishment of the slogan for your clothing store is the vehicle that will allow you to create a solid marketing campaign targeted to various channels. We know that a good social media campaign must be accompanied by audiovisual resources and for this, it is important that you find the right content for your slogan. Apply the following formula:

Audiovisual resource + slogan that appeals to positive emotions = close positioning.

Don’t worry, you can count on us in this way of creating your clothing slogan. Before starting and to get out of any creative block, we invite you to think about that emotion you want to generate in your consumers .

mujer viendo ropaSource: Unsplash

6. Get inspiration from examples of clothing slogans of successful brands

from creativity to action! Here are some examples of creative clothing store slogans for you to sow and concretize your idea with the help of the most famous brands.

Nike “Just Do It”.

The slogan of the sportswear brand Nike is more than a commercial reference, it is a state of mind and, why not, a phrase that motivates you to act. Achieving the success of its slogan has been possible with other types of marketing resources, such as storytelling, adaptation of advertising campaigns to social movements and the closeness with its consumers that is based on the motivation to be a high performance athlete.

So, the slogan of this successful sportswear brand is accompanied by a narrative and this is precisely the way they promote themselves: storytelling. Their slogan “Just Do It” is complemented with background stories and gives the possibility to others to narrate their stories .

Such is the case of one of its most remembered advertising campaigns “For Once, Don’t Do It” in 2020, which presented a rejection of U.S. racism. The curious thing about the campaign was the play on words they made with their slogan for sportswear, changing the “Just Do It” to “Don`t Do It” and, for the first time, the Nike logo could be seen upside down .

This resulted in an increase in brand engagement and a call for mobilization with social causes .

Therefore, it is evident that Nike’ s sportswear slogan is always recreated with stories that drive the brand and allow it to innovate when showing its new products, being in the “Top of Mind” of its audience.

slogan de NikeSource: Unsplash

Adidas “Impossible is nothing”.

The slogan of the current Adidas sportswear brand originated in 2004 and, as a curious fact, was based on a fragment of the boxing legend Muhammad Ali in which he says “Impossible is potential. Impossible is temporary. Nothing is impossible”. This slogan moved the audience and has been one of the most emotional marketing campaigns.

If we can establish a difference between the famous Nike and Adidas slogans, it is that the latter, more than motivating to action, refers to a philosophy of life. Therefore, it is a statement of self-improvement in any area of your life.

Adidas’ “Nothing is Impossible” campaign in 2004 was one of the most viewed, as it highlights the idea of self-improvement and effort. The opening is given with Muhammad Ali, but also integrated the participation of athletes and resulted in the current slogan of this successful brand.

We can say that the Adidas sportswear slogan transcends action and points towards a life perspective. Its slogan is highlighted through stories and audiovisual pieces that have a very human approach on the lives of great athletes with the aim of inspiring and empowering its audience.

deportista usando ropa de AdidasSource: Unsplash

As you can see, a clothing slogan is a fundamental element and just as important as the logo. Therefore, its success allows the customer to perceive and make an idea of your product or service, as well as it is positioned in the consumer’s mind due to the emotions it generates.

Remember that the growth of your brand goes hand in hand with the communication you have with your target audience. This is why the slogan for your clothing brand is essential. This slogan must be present not only in your physical store, but also in the templates of publications for your clothing store on Instagram, Facebook, among other digital channels.

want to create a memorable slogan that connects with your target audience? Acquire the necessary tools to strengthen your clothing slogan and have a profitable business model with the help of our online entrepreneurship and business courses.

see you next time!

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