how to put a code on TikTok? earn money the easy way!

do you want to earn money, but you don’t know how to put a TikTok code? Whether you are the one who uses the code or the one who generates it, you will benefit from this excellent business idea that this app had.

In this article, we show you how to put a TikTok code, as these are elements that are one of the easiest ways to generate money quickly in the app. Of course, it only works if you are the one who sends the code to your family, friends or followers from other social networks.

But that is not the only key to the success and boom that TikTok is having in recent times. As many experts in the field of social networks, such as our professor Sebasti√°n Silva, state:

“The algorithm that the creators of TikTok developed is the key to the success of this application: That is the main reason why millions of users around the world spend hours and hours scrolling in front of the screen.”

However, if you are just starting to explore the possibilities on this social network, and the first thing that brought you to it is a friend’s code, we explain how to put a code on TikTok without complications.

In addition, we will tell you in more detail about this and other strategies to earn money on TikTok. don’t miss a single detail!

what are TikTok codes and how to earn money with them?

Before learning how to put a code on TikTok, it is useful to know what they are.

TikTok codes are simply invitation codes that can be sent from the app itself to other people who, if they create an account using the code you have generated, can earn you some money.

The amount will vary depending on how often that person uses TikTok. For example, if you stay between 7 and 10 days subscribed and using the app, a specific amount will be established. This amount can be up to 15 dollars per user (as the one who places the code also charges a percentage for having used the invitation link).

what is the 6-digit TikTok code?

The 6-digit TikTok code refers to the confirmation code that the app sends you to verify the invitation code you have entered in the first place. In addition, a similar number is generated when you want to reinforce the security of your account by making modifications in this section.

It happens to many users that they do not receive the 6-digit code to confirm the invitation code. If you encounter the same problem, we leave you with this YouTube video tutorial on how to fix the 6-digit TikTok code not received.

In short, by putting a code on TikTok you are entering a kind of referral system that will earn you often if you are the one who invites others, while you will only earn once if you are the one who enters someone else’s code.

As a useful resource, we leave you this easy TikTok calculator to compute your earnings through this method. Although it will also help you with other methods to generate money in this app, which we will talk about later.

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how to send a code in TikTok?

Well, knowing how to send an invitation code in TikTok is not very complex. But you will have to take into account a small hack that we will show you below:

When you make your account on TikTok, you will see that at the top of the section corresponding to your profile there are several icons. Among them, the second one, from left to right, which looks like a coin, will take you to a page explaining the TikTok QR Code or TikTok Bonus:

This will invite you to share your code, and after clicking on that section, a unique code will be generated with instructions to follow.

In theory, it can be shared via social networks and messaging apps. But we recommend using only WhatsApp to share the code, because if you use a social network like Facebook, the app will close automatically.

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how to enter a TikTok code to earn money?

Now we show you how to enter a code in TikTok, if you are the one who receives the invitation code from a friend or influencer you follow.

All you have to do is download the app, install it, create your account, access the currency section of your profile and enter the invitation code in the corresponding space.

why don’t I get an invitation code in TikTok?

It happens very often that many users when looking for where to put the invitation code in TikTok detect that the option does not appear.

This happens almost always to users who have accessed from other social networks, such as Facebook or Instagram, because TikTok only accepts codes from people who create a new account.

So, instead of logging in through your accounts on other social networks, you must generate your own on TikTok in order to earn money and receive the amount of the code they have sent you.

see, now you know how to set up a code on TikTok!

Remember that you can send as many codes as you want, as long as you don’t SPAM (for example, sending your code to more than 20 contacts per day). But if you are the one who wants to receive money by submitting a code from a friend or influencer, you will only earn money once.

In other words, if you are looking for how to put more than one code on TikTok, you are definitely not opting for a practice that the app considers legal. Check TikTok’s legal regulations for details on this and other practices that are not allowed on the platform.

Learning how to put a code on TikTok will do you little good if you have a business or company profile and want to profit from TikTok.

how to make a lot of money with TikTok codes?

We are sorry to tell you that, with the great acceptance that TikTok has at the moment, there are few countries where users do not already have an account on this social network.

Therefore, your options to earn a lot of money on TikTok are reduced to content creation. Of course, unless you have a business, in which case you could use these tips on how to make videos for business on TikTok.

You’ll find that making funny videos on TikTok is a very effective way to build audience loyalty, but the strategies for doing so are more complex. Pay attention to these additional resources.

If the idea of generating content to become an influencer really appeals to you, we invite you to take a look at our category of online digital marketing courses, where you can find numerous lessons on social media marketing.

See you soon!

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