50 ideas and tips for comfortable and functional small kitchens

Small kitchens can be a diamond in the rough, with the right tips you can take advantage of the smallest space available in your kitchen and make your kitchen not only small, but also modern, pleasant and functional.

you do not know how to fix a small kitchen, do you think that the available space does not allow you to have a nice kitchen?

In this article we will tell you what you can do to design and decorate small kitchens in a quick, simple and economical way. Our tips and ideas for small kitchens will help inspire you.

1. Small kitchens with folding tables

If you want a small kitchen design that includes a small dining space, your best option is to include a folding table. These types of tables are very useful, since we can use them when we need them, and then we can fold them and store them to recover space.

Decoración mesa plegable para cocina

Source: Ikea

2. Adapt your kitchen to the corners

Sometimes it can be tricky to know how to decorate a small kitchen, especially if you’re dealing with elongated spaces. A good trick for using your kitchen cabinets is to make the most of the corners.

Cocina con muebles esquineros

Source: Ikea

3. Small kitchens with bars

Small kitchens design with bar is trendy, so you can include a bar and incorporate small decorative elements to match it. You can match the color of the stools, or use a designer lamp to reinforce your personal style.

Cocinas pequeñas con barra

Source: Pretty Decorations

4. Small kitchens for singles

When space is at a premium, it is best to do without some appliances and opt to use an executive fridge and a small electric stove. Small kitchen models with these features are perfect for single people with little room to experiment.

Cocina pequeña y moderna

Source: Ikea

5. Small kitchens with open shelves

A good idea for those looking for small, modern kitchens is to use shelves without doors. This way we can display our nicer items and use less space in storage.

Cocina con estanterías abiertas

Source: Homify

6. Use the height of your kitchen

Designing and decorating small kitchens doesn’t have to be complicated, especially if you have good ideas to take advantage of the space. We recommend you to use the height of your kitchen to install shelves, cabinets or shelves in which to store your utensils or groceries.

Cocinas pequeñas con espacio vertical

Source: Pinterest

7. The importance of lighting

Lighting is one of the most important factors in the composition of small kitchens. We recommend that you try to have a space with good lighting and use lamps that stand out for their decorative value.

Lámparas decorativas para cocinas

Source: Canal digital 21

8. Use only what is necessary

In our article on modern minimalist style bedrooms, we talked about the trend towards designing comfortable and practical spaces. The same goes for small kitchens, so a good idea is to organize your kitchen only with the objects that you will use very often.

Estilo de cocinas pequeñas minimalistas

Source: Home Decor

9. L-shaped kitchen design

Whole kitchen designs for small spaces usually include all the indispensable elements of a kitchen. If you want to optimize space and have room for everything you need, the best thing to do is to use an “L” shaped design.

Diseño para cocinas en forma de L

Source: Pretty Decorations

This kitchen design allows you to organize everything and keep a space to walk through the space comfortably.

10. Get spaciousness by using mirrors

Mirrors are one of the most useful small kitchen decor elements out there. Using them helps us to generate a visual effect of spaciousness and are ideal to highlight the beauty of a place.

Decora tu cocina con espejos

Source: Decosfera

11. Decorate with a blackboard

Chalkboards are fashionable, they are a simple and very practical type of decoration in some occasions. In addition, decorating small kitchens with chalkboards is very simple, you just need to paint one of the walls with black paint or buy a sticker with a chalkboard model.

Pizarra decorativa en cocina pequeña

Source: Luladu

12. Use windows to illuminate

Having windows in a small kitchen not only serves to decorate and give a feeling of spaciousness to the space, they are also an excellent source of natural lighting that will give warmth to any type of kitchen.

Ventana para iluminar cocinas pequeñas

Source: El Mueble

13. Choose backless chairs

Traditional chairs tend to take up a lot of space and do not fit well in alternative dining rooms. One way to decorate and optimize space in small kitchens is to use high stools with decorative motifs.

14. Hang your pots and pans

You can find some ideas for small kitchen decorations with what you have at home. A good example of this is the decorative value of utensils that you can hang in places like the walls or ceiling.

Decoración para parades de cocinas pequeñas

Source: Unsplash

15. Adapt a multipurpose island

Small kitchens don’t usually have islands, but in case you have extra space to fit one, ideally you should use it for multiple purposes. Depending on the location, you can use it for cooking, eating and storing some of your utensils.

Isla para cocinas

Source: El Mueble

16. Paint with light colors

Small, modern kitchens are usually painted in light colors, mainly white. Choosing the right color will help you convey a sense of cleanliness and spaciousness that works even in the smallest of places.

Paleta de colores para cocinas pequeñas

Source: Unsplash

17. Use glass doors

A glass door can help us to have more clarity in a small kitchen, in addition, it is useful to generate a feeling of spaciousness in the space and to connect the kitchen with the other spaces of the house.

Puertas de vidrio para cocinas

Source: El Mueble

18. Take advantage of natural light

Natural light is an indispensable element in any interior decorating style, and the best way to take advantage of it is through windows. If you install a couple of windows for small kitchens you can have an illuminated space and a more pleasant view.

Cocinas pequeñas con luz natural

Source: Davinia Cocinas

19. Apply wood details

You can achieve a simple and economical kitchen decorating style if you use wooden materials. Their prices are very affordable and they are one of the main elements in most modern interior decorating styles.

Cocinas con aplicaciones de madera

Source: Unsplash

20. decorating small kitchens with plants?

Plants are one of the most relaxing things in the world, using them for decorating small kitchens allows us to liven up the spaces and create an atmosphere of harmony. In addition, plants are very inexpensive and easy to find.

Plantas ornamentales para cocinas

Source: Elle Decor

21. Open concept small kitchens

There is nothing more effective to increase the feeling of spaciousness of a place than eliminating walls. A small kitchen without walls can be integrated with the dining room, for example.

Cocina de concepto abierto con comedor

Source: Unsplash

22. Elongated kitchen designs

In city apartments it is very common to find small kitchens with elongated shape, so it is necessary to find a distribution of furniture that allows you to use everything in an orderly manner. We recommend that you use only one of the side walls and leave the other one free, so you can move around the kitchen very easily.

Cocina con disposición alargada

Source: Facilisimo Decoration

23. Use a rustic decoration

To have simple and modern kitchens do not need much, we can decorate with rustic elements and natural origin, and get very nice results aesthetically.

Cocina abierta rústica

Source: ARQHYS

24. Forget about tall cabinets

Tall cabinets can become very useful, mainly because they help us to store everything we need. However, a design option for small kitchens is to do without them, as they can sometimes overload the space and generate a feeling of enclosure.

Cocina sin armarios

Source: Hello

25. Decorate with your storage jars

To give your kitchen an organic decorating touch, you can contemplate the idea of buying some clear storage jars to store some of your groceries. To decorate small kitchens, sometimes we just need a little creativity.

Tarros de almacenamiento decorativos

Source: Unsplash

26. Use a pull-out pantry

In kitchens for small spaces, it is essential to take advantage of every millimeter. A good way to achieve this is by installing pull-out pantries in spaces where nothing else fits. This way you can take advantage of the height in narrow spaces to store groceries.

Modelo de despensa extraible

Source: Casa en orden

27. Choose the right furniture

Kitchens for small spaces have limited proportions, so you will have to make an effort to choose a type of furniture that fits the dimensions of the place.

Cocinas pequeñas con poco mobiliario

28. Linear design kitchens

These types of kitchens are designed along a single wall and fit an open-concept interior design model. They are regularly used in apartments and are ideal for taking advantage of the length of an elongated kitchen.

Cocina con diseño lineal

Source: New urbe

29. Recessed lighting fixtures

Kitchens for small homes can use chandeliers as an organic and functional decorative element, however, if you don’t have a high ceiling, long chandeliers should not be an option. A great alternative is to use recessed lighting lights in the ceiling, which will also help you to have a modern style small kitchen.

Cocina con lámparas empotradas

Source: Santo Santiago

30. Small and modern kitchens

Modern kitchens are characterized by minimalism and the use of light colors, in addition, to generate a sense of order, leave few utensils available to view. The ideal is to place everything in a suitable storage place.

Características decorativas de una cocina pequeña

Source: Interiores Magazine

31. Apply a contrast of colors

Although for small kitchens it is usually recommended to use cream or soft colors, you can play with a contrast of tones to give your kitchen personality.

Cocina con contrastes

Source: Pinto mi casa

32. Adapt your kitchen to the environment

To know how to decorate small kitchens, the first thing you should take into account is the environment, because depending on whether it is a beach apartment or a house in the mountains, the needs will change, and consequently, your decorating style as well.

Cocinas de diseño pequeñas

Source: El Mueble

33. Look for fluidity

Before you start decorating small kitchens you must keep in mind the importance of the fluidity of space. In addition to being aesthetically pleasing, your kitchen should be functional and practical, in this sense, it is essential the order and organization of all the elements.

Cocina bonita y fluida

Source: El sumario

34. Take care of the finishes

In any type of kitchen, including small kitchens, it is important to be meticulous with the finishes. Your kitchen must comply with the exact measurements, proportions and distribution of the elements.

Diseños de cocinas integrales para espacios pequeños

Source: Style & Deco

35. Kitchens with “U” design

You can check out some small kitchen ideas in a “U” shape if the space you have available for the kitchen is square. This format allows the circulation through the space to be more fluid, so cooking will be much easier.

Diseño cocina pequeña en U

Source: Home Space

36. Use glass shelves

Furniture for small kitchens can help us to decorate the space and generate a sense of harmony if we use them in the right way. A good recommendation is to use glass shelves, which will also help us to create the impression that the space is larger.

Mobiliario con cristalería para cocina

Source: Tecnoreview

37. Small kitchens with japandi style

To decorate your kitchen with this oriental style, you only need to use some elements of nature such as wood in any of its presentations, you can also complement with some ornamental plants.

Modelo de cocina japandi

Source: Pinterest

38. Separate and distribute the spaces

Although some ideas for small kitchens recommend us to have a linear distribution of space, however, separating the water, fire and preparation area, can help us to get around more smoothly when using the kitchen.

Espacios separados en cocina

Source: Casa y diseño

39. Small kitchens with industrial style

This decorating style for modern kitchens is inspired by loft-style interior decoration. The idea is to decorate with elements such as brick walls, industrial lamps and steel elements.

Estilo industrial loft para cocinas

Source: Home solution

40. Use some colors to complement

Color changes the personality of any space, and in the case of small kitchens, it can be a great ally. You can decorate your kitchen by including some colorful elements that highlight its character.

Colores complementarios en cocinas pequeñas

Source: Vanitatis

41. Use shiny furniture and items

A model of small kitchens that attracts a lot of attention, is the one that uses a composition based on the shiny effect of its elements. If you use bright furniture and appliances you will manage to create a very pleasant lighting sensation.

Formas de iluminar una cocina pequeña

Source: Remodel your home

42. Go for built-in appliances

To decorate small kitchens and take advantage of the available space, you can choose to embed your appliances such as the stove and refrigerator. This way you can integrate each of the elements in the composition of your design.

Electrodomésticos empotrados en cocina pequeña

Source: Mi Carpintería

43. Use movable cabinets

A good idea to optimize the space of a small kitchen is to use mobile auxiliary units, with which you can complement your storage furniture. In addition, when you don’t need them, you can move them easily.

Auxiliar móvil en cocina chica

Source: The Birth Geek

44. Decorate with square and octagonal tiles

The use of square mosaiquillos and octagonal tiles can help you decorate your kitchen, particularly in the water area and on the backsplash. They are usually used in different colors than the paint on the walls.

Elementos decorativos en cocinas pequeñas

Source: Pinterest

45. Don’t forget about the electrical installations

If you want to have a functional kitchen, you should think very well what will be the arrangements of the power points, because you don’t want your appliances to be without power because the points are far away or because they simply don’t exist.

Puntos de corriente en cocinas modernas

Source: El Mueble

46. Opt for modular furniture

The best way to design the composition of a small kitchen is by using modular furniture. This type of furniture is perfect because it adapts to the needs of any space, plus you can change its location very quickly and easily.

Tipos de mobiliario modular para cocinas

Source: Ikea

47. The floor as a decorative element

In small kitchens there are many decorative elements, including floors. We suggest you to use hydraulic ceramic to enhance the use of textures, shapes and colors in the kitchen.

Piso hidráulico en cocina pequeña

Source: Habitissimo

48. Use small furniture

Respecting proportions is one of the most important things in interior decoration, therefore, you should use furniture that is coherent with the dimensions of the space.

Cocinas con muebles pequeños

Source: Espacio deco

49. let your kitchen be just a kitchen!

Small kitchens shouldn’t include items that clutter them, so it’s best that you don’t use the available space to include things that don’t belong in the kitchen. If it doesn’t serve you for cooking, then it shouldn’t be in the kitchen.

Modelo de cocinas pequeñas funcionales

Source: Furniture from Spain

50. Tailor your kitchen to suit you

Our list of kitchen ideas for small houses can help you get inspiration when designing or decorating your kitchen. However, we recommend you to adapt the kitchen design to your particular needs.

Ideas para cocinas pequeñas personalizadas

Source: Hello

Although interior design may seem a bit complicated, looking at some photos of small kitchens can give you some inspiration. As you may have seen in our list, a small kitchen can be beautiful, comfortable and functional.

We hope our tips will help you achieve the design and decorating style that best suits your needs.

see you soon!

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