Fun conversation topics to make you the life of the party


At some point, we are all looking for fun conversation topics to get to know someone, or just to relate better with our friends and family.

This course will certainly boost your conversations with others:

Have you ever been at a loss for what to say in a moment of constricting silence?

Knowing what to say to someone can be a challenge, especially when you are just getting to know them and struggling to break the silence.

Don’t worry if you’re not sure how to approach conversation topics, in this article we’ll give you lots of ideas for fun conversation topics so you can start relating better to your loved ones.

How to have conversation topics?

Having interesting conversations is not always possible, sometimes our mind goes blank and we simply don’t know what to say.

Knowing how to communicate with others is one of the most important social skills a person can have, some even say that the beginning of humanity happened when we discovered language.

But how do you know if you have fun conversation topics?

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To find out, it is enough to evaluate how well you are conversing, think about your last bat-pope and try to remember if it all came naturally and if you had a quiet conversation.

If you want to have interesting things to talk about and stand out for always bringing fun topics to the table, you need to expand your horizons and research all the topics that might interest you.

Knowing enough about a topic can help you improve your relationship with your favorite people and may even give you something to talk about with someone you don’t know.

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Fun topics to talk about with family members

Finding topics to talk about with someone in the family is not that complicated, the level of intimacy and the time we spend with our relatives ensures that we have a lot of things in common to talk about.

Even so, it is likely that, because of busyness or distractions, we do not spend as much time with our family as we would like to.

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There are many fun topics of conversation that can help you strengthen your family ties, and spend more than a pleasant evening with those who are with you daily.

Here is a list of interesting topics to talk about with your family, we guarantee you will have fun with the people you love the most.

1. Family stories and anedotes

2. Plans for the future

3. Culinary treats

4. Holidays and special dates

5.emotional intelligence

6. Personal dreams and goals

7. Media

8. Current topics

9. Passatempos

10. Emotions

With these conversation topics and some assertive communication techniques, your relationship with your loved ones will become closer and closer.

Fun conversation topics to talk about with friends and colleagues at work

Topics to talk about with friends or work colleagues are often somewhat similar, and although the level of intimacy between them may vary, there are always general topics of conversation that can be useful for any environment, and any group we are in.

If you have trouble finding what to talk about to make it a pleasant conversation when you get together with your friends, you can take note of these conversation topics.

1. Personal life facts

2.personal aspirations

3.professional goals

4. Sports

5. Policy

6. Economy

7. Religion

8.pastry recipes

9. Music

10.motivation at work

Some of these points can even be used if you are looking for topics to be discussed at a work meeting. Being clear about your professional aspirations and goals, for example, can help you perform better in your work environment.

Fun conversation topics to talk about on the phone

Although many believe that communication over the phone can be flat and annoying, there are many fun conversation topics that can be used to keep the conversation flowing.

The topics to talk about on the phone can be very varied. Besides, phone calls continue to be one of the most effective forms of communication, and from time to time we find the need to have conversations on the phone.

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Don’t worry if you don’t know what to talk about in a phone call, with our recommendations of interesting topics to talk about you can extend your phone calls for as long as you want.

No matter if it is a difficult conversation, there is always something to help reduce the tension.

Here are some fun conversation topics that you can use for your phone calls.

1. Information about what happened during the day.

2. People you know

3.outdoor activities

4. Engraved experiences

5. Plans for the day or week

6. Talking about family

7. Favorite places

8. Gostos e passatempos

9. Important memories

10. Films and serials

With these topics to talk about on the phone, your phone calls will be one of the most fun activities of the day. They are also fun conversation topics that you can use to communicate with anyone at a distance.

it is important that you don’t just concentrate on bringing your new conversation topics to the phone, listening with empathy to your interlocutor will also help you make a good connection.

Issues for chatting via chat

The chatting issues are usually a bit impessive, the barrier of the phone screen sometimes prevents us from communicating with people.

If you want to know how to have a good conversation by WhatsApp, just learn how to ask good questions so that everything works in the best possible way.

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By good questions we do not mean asking the other person what they think about the weather, or things that may not make much sense.

Here we not only leave you with a list of fun conversation topics, but also the right material for you to know what kind of questions to ask when writing through an instant messaging app.

1. Favorite books

2. Art

3. Social media topics trends

5. Technology

6. Common interests

7. Travel stories

8. Entertainment programs


10. Opinions on current issues

On these topics you can ask an infinite number of questions that interest the other person in the conversation.

Here are some examples of how to have a fluent chat conversation using the questions strategy.

What are your favorite books?
Have you seen Khaby Lame’s videos on Tik Tok?
What do you like about the latest elections?

With a little imagination, you can find the right questions to have a quiet conversation.

Conversation topics for getting to know someone

When we are getting to know someone, it is normal to feel a little nervous and not find fun conversation topics to interact with the other person.

It can also happen that in the midst of embarrassing silences we turn to some conversation topics that, instead of helping us, can generate tension, and that probably are not the best ones to talk about with a person we are just getting to know.

Temas de conversación divertidos para conocer a alguien
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We recommend that you avoid talking about politics or religion in your first conversations with a new person. Instead of these controversial issues, it is better to write these fun conversation topics, especially for the first meetings.

1. Work

2. The world of the future

3. Favorite films

4. Past experiences

5. Humor

6. Relationships

7. Expectations

8. Personal notes

9.short, medium and long term objectives

10. Esteem encouragement

We can assure you that these conversation topics are ideal for building trust in another person, and for getting to know the basics about their life.

They are very general topics of conversation that do not affect anyone’s susceptibility, and that can help you get closer and discover what are the interests and motivations of the person you are getting to know.

Our last recommendation for fun conversation topics is about ….. The !

With our courses, you will not only learn to converse with someone in a fluent and natural way, but you will be able to train for everything that is necessary to succeed in anything you set out to do.

We are now at the end of our article on fun conversation topics that you can use for any occasion. We hope that all our recommendations will be useful for you, and that from now on, you will know very well how to converse with any person.

Remember that, in order for everything to flow, you need to help yourself with a little confidence and security when speaking.

We wish you a lot of success.

See you soon

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