WebP to JPG: find out how to convert your images without quality loss

Are you looking for how to convert a WebP file to JPG? If you have ever downloaded an image from a website and it is in WebP format, read on, today we will tell you how to transform that file to another more common format .

If you know how the web works, you should know that the more images you add to a page, and the larger they are, the slower the loading speed will be . and that’s when WebP images come into play, since, according to Hostinger, a WebP image “combines and perfects the best qualities of JPEG and PNG formats by offering advanced compression without loss of quality”.

So, do you understand why websites use WebP files yet? The good thing is that in this article you will learn how to convert a WebP file to JPG so you won’t have to deal with that situation anymore and can take advantage of all the images downloaded from the Internet.

ready? let’s get started!

How to convert a WebP file to JPG by changing the name

The WebP format, pronounced Weppy, refers to a type of image developed by Google that was initially intended to be on a web or mobile application. It is a format used by designers to optimize images for the web.

Let’s look at the first of the methods to convert a WebP image to JPG. You only need to do 3 simple steps:

Right click on the file name.
Select the “rename” or “rename” option.
Change the ending webp. to jpg.

Convert WebP file to JPG with screen capture

Another way to convert a WebP image to JPG is through a screenshot. However, you must be very careful with this option as it does not guarantee that the original quality of the downloaded image is maintained .

In Windows, you can capture the screen by pressing the Print Screen button. This image will be saved in the clipboard and can be pasted wherever you need it.

On Apple, the key combination is Command + Shift + C. The screenshot will be automatically saved on the desktop, in PNG format. In this case, you must consider that the new image will probably have a much larger size than the original WebP image.

Converting a WebP file to JPG with Paint

Yes, you read that right. For those who say that Paint is obsolete, in these cases it can be a great ally

The process to convert a WebP file to JPG is quite simple:

Start Paint, select “open” and find the WebP file you want to convert. Alternatively, you can go directly to the file, right click, select “open with” and choose Paint.
Once the image is open, select the “save as ” option and choose the format you want, for example JPG, PNG or BMP.

Undoubtedly, this is one of the easiest ways to convert a WebP file to JPG. But, if for some reason it doesn’t work for you, you can go to the next step and use external tools.

modificar formato con paint

Source: Hostinger

Convert WebP file to JPG online

The primary thing when converting a WebP image to JPG is to compress it into the ideal format that can be compatible with any program. Users need free solutions to be able to manage their images in the best possible way.

A few years ago, this problem required a lot more resources to do the WebP to JPG conversion. However, now thanks to Google, we can do it online or with the help of some simple application.

We have several options that you can use to change your image formats online:

Squoosh: this web application was created by Google to compress images. Just drag and drop or select the WebP file and choose to convert to JPEG or PNG.
XnConvert: this free program helps you convert your images into all kinds of formats. You can even convert them into RAW files.
Ezgif.com: on this platform you can convert WebP format animations to different image types.
Convertio: it is one of the most used websites to do this process, since it has a much nicer atmosphere and the process is faster.

archivo webp online

Source: Unsplash

Convert a WebP file to JPG with Photoshop

If you are related to Adobe tools, we tell you that in this platform it is also possible to change the format of your images.

What you have to do is download a plugin that allows you to open Webp files, preferably the 32-bit to 64-bit version. Then, you must unzip the downloaded file and open the explorer to locate the Photoshop program. In this folder you must copy the file in WebP format.

To verify that the process has worked, you must open Photoshop and be able to open a sheet that accepts WebP formats.

Convert a WebP file to JPG with WordPress

If you do not want to use digital platforms to convert your images, a more comfortable option for you may be to use WordPress. Under this system, using WebP Express, you can display images in WebP format without problems.

To be able to perform this action, you need a plugin, which will allow you to change the formats of the images. One of the most demanded and recommended options by users is Photon API, which is responsible for doing the same function.

Thanks to this platform, you can have your images converted into different formats automatically.

All you have to do is download these programs and when you open the image in WebP format, you must set the viewing program to be WordPress.

convertir archivo webp con WordPress

Source: WordPress

Bonus track: advantages and disadvantages of the WebP format

When converting a WebP file to JPG, there are some issues you should be aware of before you want to change the format of your image. you may change your mind and decide to keep it in WebP format.

Over the past few years, WebP files have proven to be much more efficient than JPG and JPEG. Here are the advantages and disadvantages of the WebP format.

Advantages of the WebP format

Reduced compression time.
Compression without loss of quality.
Allows you to store XMP and EXIF metadata within your system.
Space saving.
Transparency support.
Animation support.

Disadvantages of WebP format

Maximum resolution of 16,383 x 16,383 pixels.
Browser limitation.
Application limitation.
It does not generate visualization in the download.
Not suitable for all image editing programs.

While the WebP format has many positive things for web creators, it also has certain limitations that turn out to be negative for those who want to interact with this type of files.

However, for those who want to convert a WebP file to JPG, it is likely that they only need the image for use in another format.

As we have seen, there is more than one option for converting WebP files to Jpg. You can choose the one that best suits your needs, depending on what you will use the image for.

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