Creative Word cover pages: Make your work shine at first glance

Learning how to make creative Word cover pages can save you a lot of trouble. Do you have a document to deliver and want it to stand out from the rest? Well, from the first glance, you can leave the reader wanting more, thanks to an amazing design that will leave them breathless.

Whether you want to impress your bosses or be number one in the class, with these free Word cover templates, you will definitely make your documents more attractive and original.

Keep reading this article to find out how to make creative cover pages for your Word papers, and give your personal touch to all your work! In addition, you will learn what a creative Word cover page is, as well as some tips, recommendations and examples to create a great design.

let’s get started!

what are Word cover pages?

Word cover pages are the first thing we can see in a document, since they are placed at the beginning of the document and serve to provide the reader with the most essential information about its content.

In addition, Word covers are the ones that are responsible for leaving a first impression, since they introduce the text superficially, making it more or less attractive to start reading the document.

It is for these reasons that it is important to create creative Word cover pages, since they will give your document a plus that will make it stand out from the rest. This can be very useful when you want your Word work to be more attractive and interesting in order to attract the attention of the person or persons to whom it is addressed.

For example: When you send your teacher your homework, you want your document to look unique and the care you put into it to be noticed. Or when you send your boss a document to present a report and you want it to look professional and memorable.

And, very importantly, we are talking about Word. One of the most useful and effective Microsoft Office tools, not only for presentations and papers, but also for more elaborate documents. If you have doubts about this, learn how to make a flowchart in Word and you will see that we are loaded with reasons to affirm this.

titulo portada de word

Source: Unsplash

what do you need to make creative cover pages for Word?

To make creative cover pages for Word papers you need the following:

1. Background images for Word cover pages

Before you start making creative cover pages for your Word work, you need to gather a few elements that will help you make the process faster and get the most beautiful cover pages in your Word documents. One of these components is background images.

To get these background images for your Word cover pages, all you have to do is go online and do some research, check out the many free image banks on the web and look for the picture or image you want to use as a background.

You can search for images by color or by the name of a specific element or theme. For example, to make a Word cover with a pink background, you can go to Unsplash and search for “pink”, select the image or images you like and download them.

2. Sticker images for Word cover pages

Another of the elements that will help you to make creative covers for your Word works, are the images without background or sticker images.

This type of images will help you decorate your Word cover pages and give them an artistic touch. You can use backgroundless images of illustrations, decorations that simulate different types of paper, washi tapes, stickers, etc.

3. Nice fonts for Word

Finally, if you want to make creative covers for your Word works, downloading a few lettering fonts will be of great help, since you will be able to create beautiful titles in Word and covers with lettering in Word.

tipografias de word

Source: Pinterest

what information should a Word cover page have?

Before you think about making creative Word cover pages, you need to consider the elements that you need to appear in the presentation of your document.

If you want to deliver good work that is well done, you need to make sure it looks as presentable as possible. So, beyond adding relevant content, your creative cover page should have a number of pieces of information that identify the product as it should be.

The material you add on the cover can vary, but basically, a creative cover for Word should have the following requirements:

1. Title

We know that the title is the prelude to any content we are going to present. It doesn’t matter if you are doing one of the following jobs:

A school assignment

An employment report

A thesis presentation

Student assignments

The title should serve as an opener, so that the reader knows what he or she will find when reading your document. So you should try to make it as concise and understandable as possible. And, of course, it should match your creative cover page for Word.

2. Subtitle

This point is not essential, but it can be of great help for the presentation of your work. do you want to make a creative Word cover that will captivate anyone who reads your material? Then a well-crafted subtitle can be of great help to you.

what should your subtitle contain? If your title is not concrete and accurate enough, a subtitle can help you better specify the topic you will talk about in your work. In other words, it works as a kind of complement to the title.

However, if the title is self-explanatory and leaves no room for doubt, then you can dispense with it.

3. Author’s name

Making a creative cover in Word is a process. And there must be a person, not only behind the process, but behind all that work… So you must present it as it deserves.

Of course, we are talking about you, the creator of that document, whose name has to be on the cover page. Unless, of course, that work is not done by you, in which case you should put the name of the author of that work.

hacer portada en word

Source: Unsplash

4. Name of the institution or place of work

where is this presentation being directed? This should also be reflected on the first side that the reader of the document sees.

When making creative Word cover pages, you should take into account these kinds of details that sometimes are not necessary, but inserting them gives a more professional tone to the work done.

5. Image

When making creative Word cover pages, you can use a prominent image, which can generate a greater impact on the person who is going to read the work.

However, the effect can also be the opposite. An image inserted in a context in which it has nothing to do can generate rejection in the viewer, so you must measure this point very well.

Especially because it is an element that is not essential when making creative covers for Word, but it can be useful, if you consider it appropriate.

6. Date

It is very important that you add a date or year to the document. All work has to be located in time and space, so adding the date would be the best thing to do.

With these points, you will already have enough training to start designing your creative Word cover pages. Remember that the most important thing is to choose the ideal design so that you can do the best job possible.

how to make creative Word cover pages?

To make creative covers for your Word documents, just follow these steps:

1. Open Microsoft Word and create a new document

Simply click the start button on your PC and select the Microsoft Word program.

When the application is open, create a new document with the size you prefer to start creating your creative cover page in Word. We recommend using one of the predefined sizes, such as letter size.

crear portada en word

Source: Microsoft Support

2. Customize the format of your cover page in Word

Now that you have created a new document, go to the Page Layout tab and choose the Margins option. You can create your own custom margin settings or choose one of the default settings.

diseño de word

Source: Microsoft Support

In this tab you can also change the page size or orientation again, so that your creative cover page in Word fits your work perfectly.

3. Create your color palette in Word

If you want to customize the colors of each of the elements you add to your creative Word cover pages (such as text or shapes), you can easily create your own color palette and use it in Word.

There are several websites that will help you create a nice color palette for your Word cover pages, such as the Coolors website, which suggests “thousands of beautiful color schemes”, where you can generate your own color palette and see the RGB code of each color to be able to pass them to Word.

Now, if you need some inspiration, this neon color palette guide can come in handy for your projects.

how do you transfer the colors to Word? Very easy, just select the text or shape you want to change the color of and select the More Colors option in the color panel.

A window will open with a color picker where you can click and drag the mouse to the color you like best. However, you can also use the options below to select a specific color using its RGB code.

paleta de colores en word

Source: Microsoft Community

4. Add a background for your cover page in Word

To add a nice background and make your Word cover page look more creative, you have two options:

Color background for Word cover pages

To create a creative cover page for your Word work with a solid color background, click the Layout tab and select the Page Color option.

colores de los temas en word

Source: Microsoft Support

Then, use the color picker to change the page color to the one you prefer. and that’s it! That’s how easy it is to change the background color of the pages to make your Word cover more beautiful.

Background image for Word cover pages

To use an image as a background in a Word cover page, you must have the image previously downloaded and save it in your gallery or in your files. Then, go to the Insert tab and select Images, the File Explorer will open, where you can search for your image and select it to add it to your document.

insertar word

Source: Microsoft Support

In the upper right corner of the image, a small box will appear and when you click on it, a small panel called “Layout Options” will open. Select the Square option, so you can freely move your image around the page and adjust it to fit the idea you have in mind for your creative Word cover.

5. Decorate your Word cover page

In this step, you will find it very useful to use images without background that you have previously downloaded, since it will be easier to decorate your Word cover page and make it more creative with this type of images. The procedure for adding these images to the document is the same as adding an image to use as background.

You can even use Word’s Remove Background option in the Format tab to make the background of a downloaded image transparent.

word formato

Source: Microsoft Support

In addition, you can also add some of the program’s native shapes such as circles, squares and lines or draw freehand shapes. You can access all these tools from the Insert>Shapes tab.

However, it may happen that, when you add several images and activate the Square option, they get messed up and some of them are on top of others. If you want to fix this, just arrange them by right-clicking on the image you want to move and using the Bring to Front or Send to Back options, which are used to change the order in which they are stacked on top of each other.

6. Create a nice title in Word

Now that you have designed your own creative cover page in Word and decorated it to your liking, it is time to add the title and the corresponding data.

To create a nice title in Word, you need to create a text box from the Insert tab. Then, type inside the Text Box the title or data you are going to add to your creative cover page in Word.

When you are done, right click on the Text Box and select the Fill>No Filloption andthe Outline>No Outline option. Then select the text for formatting, in the Home tab select the font you prefer, change the size and color of the text.

To make a title with shadow, copy and paste the text box with your title and change its color (one light and one dark). Then use the Bring to Front option, so that one of the two is above the other and change their position until they are almost at the same height.

7. Export your document

Finally, save your creative cover page in Word by pressing the Ctrl+G keys or export your document to PDF by clicking on the path below:

File>Export>Create PDF document

and you’re done! As you can see, creating your own creative Word cover pages is very easy and you will be able to give your personal touch to all your documents.

portada de word

Source: Unsplash

Tips for making creative Word cover pages

Now that you know how to make creative Word covers, do you think that’s the end of it? Well, actually, it might be. But this is Crehana, there’s always something extra for you.

For that reason, we leave you with some tips for making creative covers that can come in handy for your work in Word. want to know what can help you?

1. Choose your colors wisely

We have already talked about color palette. The tones of a work in Word can completely transform it, so we recommend you to think about this matter when you are making your creative cover.

To do this, you should carry out a previous planning phase, in which you can define the colors of your cover. If you are a company, then make sure that the palette you choose is related to the colors of your logo (or to the tones of your brand).

A good trick is the one presented by the Medium portal, which suggests that the key, before choosing any color palette, is to try to “see what the colors you plan to use really represent”.

Now, in case you are a student, your cover should be aligned with a formal tone and a color palette that is in accordance with both the subject and the institution to which you will deliver the work.

2. Don’t let the formatting issue weigh you down

Getting creative cover pages for Word implies that you have control over aspects such as the following:

The layout of the content

The forms

The texts

If you add an image to your cover page, you may unnecessarily ruin the formatting. For this reason, we recommend you to use text boxes, which will serve as independent sections of your presentation and you will be able to write whatever you want, without altering the formatting.

You can also try using the tables offered by the application to organize your texts. With them, you can also work with your texts in independent sections, similar to what a text box offers you.

Even the Word tool itself offers layouts that can be useful when designing your creative cover pages

3. Choose your resources wisely

We already mentioned what your cover page should contain, didn’t we? Well, in order to be able to match them in the best possible way, you should resort to the best tools that the Internet has to offer in this type of cases.

what do we mean? We mean that you have at your disposal:

Image banks (Pexels, Pixabay or Unsplash are free)

Background templates

Designs and strokes

Find those resources you have at your disposal and take advantage of them, to create the most amazing creative Word covers of all.

4. Save your cover

Just as the Microsoft Office program provides you with a number of default cover pages… you can save your own too!

Imagine you’ve designed the most pro creative cover page in the history of Word. are you going to let it go to waste on a single job? what if you want to redo it later and it doesn’t turn out the way you wanted? Don’t worry, we give you the tip to save it so you can use it in the future:

Select all the content using Ctrl + E

Go to the Insert tab and click on Cover Page

Once the options are displayed, choose the option to Save selection in a gallery of covers…

Assign a name to your cover… and you’re done!

diseño con paletas de colores

Source: Unsplash

Creative and beautiful cover page ideas for Word

Now that you know how to make your own creative covers for Word papers, you’re probably wondering what style you can give them and looking for ideas to make your Word covers beautiful.

here we have the solution! We’ve collected some Instagram accounts of aesthetic Word covers that can inspire you to create your own and we’ve left them below.

Also, don’t forget that you can totally free download these creative cover templates for your Word work, what are you waiting for?

In these Instagram profiles, you can find creative and beautiful Word cover pages inspiration for your college papers and digital notebooks:

First, we have this example from user @aprendeli on Instagram. Fresh, innovative and nice, for homework and schoolwork presentations.

idea plantilla aprendeli

Source: Instagram

Subsequently, we bring you a creative cover for cultural events, specifically with cinema. With a recognizable color palette and identifiable design, this template from @roos_notes on Instagram is one to consider.

idea plantilla roosnotes

Source: Instagram

Finally, we close our post with a more creative idea and designed for more informal presentations than the previous ones. This is the model made by @bloomingnotes_ on Instagram.

idea plantilla bloomingnotes

Source: Instagram

We hope you liked this article and above all that it will be very useful for you to start creating your own creative covers for your work in Word.

have fun!

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