Discover how to create an iCloud account and forget about the lack of space on your devices

Do you have storage problems on your devices? Then discover how to create an iCloud account and enjoy endless possibilities to have plenty of space available in the cloud.

In the era in which information and knowledge become more important every day, it is not surprising that you want to create an iCloud account, since this is one of the most interesting proposals offered by Apple for your smart devices.

If you want to have this convenient (and necessary in some cases) online storage option, in this article we will show you how to sign up for iCloud.

It doesn’t matter if you want to do it from an iPhone, a Windows PC or an Android device. we show you step by step!

what is the iCloud account?

Before learning how to create an iCloud account, it would be interesting to briefly review what iCloud is and its main functionalities. As we have already talked about that topic in another note, in this article we will summarize it with the help of a sentence from our professor Edwin Romero, who teaches the Cloud infrastructure fundamentals course:

“Multiple platforms we use today are kept alive by the cloud. Platforms like Spotify, Netflix and YouTube are stored there. The cloud has become a technological enabler, it has become that strategic ally that serves those companies to provide new services, technologies and expand their market.”

iCloud is a cloud service provided by Apple for users of its devices. It allows you to store videos, documents, applications and almost anything you need to store.

Just by having Internet access, you can view, manage and download what you have uploaded to this cloud, from any device as long as you previously have an Apple ID.

Regarding the latter, it is important to note that, although Apple allows you to use the same email address for the Apple ID as for the iCloud ID, they are not the same services. To create an iCloud account or sign in to iCloud on a new device, you will need to have an Apple ID first.

Advantages of creating an iCloud account

Now, once you have a general understanding of the features of this service. Here are some advantages of creating an iCloud account:

ICloud accounts are free, and at least the first 5 GB of initial storage as well.
Having an iCloud account allows you to have the iCloud Drive service.
You can save your contacts in iCloud.
You can access the Keynote tool, as well as upload or download Keynote templates.
You can create an iCloud mail account, this iCloud email is recognized by containing, after the username, the domain
It allows you to configure the iCloud mail account to synchronize it on multiple devices.

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how to create an iCloud account on each device?

Now, let’s see how to create an iCloud account step by step. We tell you in advance that it is a very simple process, and that, while you set up your account, you will discover, if you have not already done so, how to make a free Apple ID and how to create an account on the App Store.

shall we get started?

how to create iCloud for iPhone/iPad/Mac?

Creating an iCloud account on an Apple device is extremely simple, as these are specifically designed to support the iCloud feature. Therefore, they have a section within each operating system application, so you can access/create your account:

1. Check your iOS/iPadOS/macOS version

This is not always the case, but sometimes older versions of Apple’s operating systems can cause iCloud to work with errors. Therefore, it is recommended that you check that your version of iOS (in the case of iPhones), iPadOS (in the case of iPads) or MacOS (in the case of Macs and Macbooks) are up to date.

To do this:

Go to “Settings.”
Go to “General”/ “Software Update”.
Verify that you have the latest system update. Currently, on iOS devices and iPad OS is version 15.2, on Mac devices it is MacOS 11 Big Sur.

2. Create an Apple ID

If you don’t already have an Apple ID, it’s time to create one:

Go into “Settings”/”iCloud.”
Enter your ID or if you don’t have one yet, click on the “Don’t have an Apple ID or forgot it?” option to create your account.
Click on the “Create account” option and fill in the form with your personal data. Pay special attention to the email address and password you provide, as you will need it to confirm your identity in the next step.

3. Perform the verification

Using the email address you have previously provided, or your phone number, you will receive an email or message with a password that you must enter in the registration form to verify your identity.

After this step, you only need to accept the Terms of Use and the Privacy Policy of the company to be able to have your Apple ID. If you do not accept these policies, you will not be able to finish creating and using your Apple ID.

4. Activate iCloud

Finally, the only thing left to do:

Return once again to “Settings”.
Enter the “iCloud” section and enter the Apple ID you have already created.

how to create an iCloud account from PC?

To create an iCloud account on a Windows or Chrome PC, you only need to open your preferred browser and go to the website. This is possible, because being an online portal, it is compatible with any operating system:

1. Create your Apple ID in the browser

The first thing, once you enter the iCloud website, is to do the following:

Look for the option under the box to put your Apple ID and password, which says “Don’t have an Apple ID yet? Create one now.”
In this last sentence you will find a link to start the account creation.

2. Fill in the form to create your Apple ID

In this form you will have to:

Put some personal information, an email account to link and a password.
You will also have to provide 3 security questions and their answers.
Enter a password and confirm it.

After a simple Captcha, you will verify your account.

3. Verify your account and accept the use policy

The next step is to access the email address you provided during registration:

Type the code you received in the email in the form.
If you don’t see the email in your inbox, check your Spam folder.
Take a look at Apple’s Terms and Conditions of Use and accept them.

4. Start using your account

And that will be it; from here you will be able to access the iCloud web portal, entering both your account and your password. This way, you will take advantage of the company’s service and all the features it offers.

how to create an iCloud account from Android?

Creating an iCloud account from an Android device is done almost identically to how you would do it on Windows, since you only need to access the browser and the iCloud website, and follow the same steps as detailed above.

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Creating an iCloud account is the easiest and most effective solution to the space problems your devices have. As you can see, it is very easy to create it, so you will have this solution in a quick and simple way.

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