Crochet for beginners: how to knit step by step Complete guide

Welcome to the crochet guide for beginners! It’s good that you are interested in knowing how to crochet. Crochet is a very nice craft that you can do with just yarn and a crochet needle.

Also known as “crochet knitting”, crocheting is one of the most popular leisure activities in the world that brings a number of benefits to our physical and mental health:

Reduces muscle tension.
Calms anxiety.
Stimulates creativity.
Improves memory and concentration.

It is very common to see our grandmothers creating wonderful knits with this technique, but you can also crochet with the same skill. So, in this article, we teach you what is crochet knitting, what it takes to knit and how to crochet step by step with clear explanations and tutorials to get you started quickly.

Plus, we’ve included some easy ideas that will help you make knitted blouses, pet clothes, amigurumis and more. Also, you’ll be able to download free resources to perfect your crochet knitting technique. already have a needle and yarn? Then, let’s knit!

what is crochet or crochet knitting?

Crochet has been around for centuries and remains one of the most popular yarn crafts today. It consists of creating a looped fabric (which gives volume to the fabric) from yarn with a crochet needle (special for crochet knitting).

It is not difficult to learn to crochet for beginners but, as with all manual skills, it is important that you practice frequently from the beginning. Mastering crochet knitting requires a little perseverance and, above all, patience.

To learn crochet for beginners, start with the fundamental techniques and a few basic stitches that we’ll look at in this guide. Then, once you’ve mastered them, you can move on to intermediate and advanced crochet knitting techniques.

Once you’ve learned the basics, you’ll be able to crochet everything from baby booties to placemats to give as gifts.

persona sosteniendo un ganchillo morado e hilo blancoSource: Pexels

what does it take to crochet?

A plus point for those who want to learn to crochet for beginners is that you don’t need many items. The key tool is that you get a good crochet hook or crochet hook.

There are many sizes and different types of crochet hooks to choose from. But our suggestion is that it is made of aluminum base, which will make the yarn slide easily. In a nutshell, you only need these two things to get started:

4 to 5 mm needle or crochet hook.
Wool or yarn to work with a 4 to 5 mm needle.

The right tools can make your learning easier and set you up for success by choosing hooks and yarn that are easy to work with. Here are our recommendations for the best crochet tools for beginners.


There are different types of crochet yarns in many different weights. From superfine baby yarn to bulky weight yarn. Depending on the beginner crochet patterns you start practicing with, it is advisable to incorporate various types of yarns.

Our recommendation is to start using medium weight acrylic, wool or cotton yarn, which you can buy online or at any craft store.

Medium weight yarn: it is advisable to choose a worsted yarn in Beginner Crochet.
Smooth texture: it is easier to see the stitches when using a plain, smooth ball of wool or acrylic.
Light color: it can be difficult to see exactly where to insert the hook when using a dark or multicolored yarn.

Crochet needle or crochet hook

Crochet needles come in a variety of sizes, shapes and materials. For beginner crochet knitting, you can use metal, plastic or wooden needles. But try to choose crochet hooks that are ergonomic, as they are soft, easy to hold and are a good choice for beginning crocheters.

The most important thing to remember is to match the size of the crochet hook to the weight of the yarn. Use the larger crochet hooks with the thicker yarns, and the smaller crochets with the thinner yarns. Beginner crochet starts with a medium-sized ergonomic needle, such as G6 (4 mm) or H8 (5.00 mm).

You can find more detailed information about crochet needles and yarn types in the links provided earlier in this section.

Pro TIP: If you are not sure what the correct crochet hook size is for your yarn, check the back of the yarn label. It will suggest an appropriate hook size for your specific yarn.

Other crochet supplies for beginners

You may need a few more tools to go beyond beginner crochet knitting. If so, then you can also get:

Yarn needle, or a pack of blunt-pointed tapestry needles.
Marker or a different color yarn or stitch markers.
Small, sharp scissors.
Tape measure.

how to crochet step by step?

let’s get started! You’ve already gathered your crochet tools for beginners. All that’s left is for you to find a comfortable, well-lit workspace. Next, follow the steps and remember, learning to crochet takes practice, so stick with it! Make sure you’ve mastered them so you can start your project.

1. Hold the needle or crochet hook correctly

The first step is to learn how to hold your crochet needle and yarn in a way that feels comfortable to you. Most people hold the crochet hook in their dominant hand and the yarn in their non-dominant hand. You can hold the crochet hook like you would a pencil or a spoon. Try each and choose the shape that works best for you.

Note: If you are left-handed or left-handed, you can reverse the instructions and try beginner crochet with your left hand.

Sujetando el crochet en forma de lápizSujetando el crochet en forma de cucharaImage:

2. Hold the crochet thread properly

We explain it in 4 steps (follow them from left to right):

1. open your non-dominant hand (the one you use the least). The palm should be facing your face. Take the thread and pass it over your little finger.

2. wrap the string around your little finger. when the thread is in front, bring it up to the level of the index finger (the thread should be above the ring, middle and index fingers)

3. Then, wind the thread behind the index finger and pass the thread forward.

4. Now, hold the thread with your thumb and middle finger. Remember that the thread must be taut. If it is loose, it will be difficult to pull when you start knitting.

Haciendo puntos crochetSource: Caprichet

3. Make a slip knot

To learn how to crochet for beginners, you need to know the slip knot. It is the basic stitch of crochet. So, if you want to start a new crochet project, this is the stitch you have to master, because most of them start with it. Follow the steps from left to right.

1. wrap the yarn (the ball part) around the index finger of your non-dominant hand. The yarn should form a sort of circle or ring.

2. now, take the thread (the long part) and pull it through the circle. That’s it, that’s how the slip knot is made. and why is it called that? Because it slides easily through the needle and fits any size needle. that’s it! First crochet stitch secured. Let’s continue.

crochet paso a pasoSource: Ahuyama Crochet

4. How to make the chain stitch

Now that you have the knot made, the next step is to learn how to make the chain stitch. Follow the steps from left to right.

1. hook the yarn over the needle, remember that the needle should be facing your face.

2. Then, drag the yarn to the head of the crochet hook.

3. pass the crochet head through the slip knot (the one you made earlier).

4. This is the correct way to start your chain. what’s next? repeat step 1, 2, and 3.

Cómo elaborar el punto cadena o cadenetaSource: Caprichet

5. Continue with the single crochet or half stitch

This is another of the most used stitches in crochet. It is done like this:

1. insert the needle into the last chain stitch we made previously. Be sure not to tighten the yarn too much.

2.insert the crochet hook into the second stitch of your chain. Check that there are two strands on the needle.

3. hook the yarn over the needle and pull it through the head of the crochet hook. check that there are two strands on the needle.

4. hook the yarn back in front of the needle and pull the yarn through the head of the needle through the two strands.

5. Then repeat step 1, 2 and 3 with the next stitch in the chain.

Crochet punto medioSource:

6. Learn how to knit the purl stitch or purl stitch

To learn how to crochet this stitch, you will need to have a base chain.

1. insert the crochet hook into the third chain.

2. hook the yarn over the needle and hold the yarn at the back. Make sure there are two strands on the needle.

3. Now pass the crochet hook through the fourth stitch of your chain.

4. hook the yarn back in front of the needle and pull the needle head through the stitch.

5. check that there are three strands on the needle.

6. hook the yarn back over the top of the needle and draw the needle head through the first two strands.

7. make sure there are two strands on the needle.

8. hook the yarn back over the needle and pull the needle head through the two strands. And you’re done.

Easy ideas to start crocheting

When you have mastered the stitches you can start practicing some crochet knitting. So if you need a little inspiration to find out what you can do, that’s all we’re here for!

We’ll share with you some easy crochet knitting ideas. These are the hook knits that we have liked the most and that, as a beginner, you can do them.

You just need patience, a lot of attention and all the motivation to do it.

Crochet knitted blouses

sounds a bit challenging, doesn’t it? Surfing the internet we have found several tutorials on how to make a crochet blouse and we have selected a step by step crochet blouse for beginners that we found very easy to understand and make.

take note and start making your crochet knitted blouse!

Before we start with the tutorial to crochet a crochet blouse, you should note that the pattern that has been developed has been made based on the measurements shown in the video.

In the video it will be explained from size S to size M.

The sample for the circles and motifs of the blouse have these measurements:

– 1 circle or also called granny: 8 cm

– 1 motif: 6 cm

Video part I

Video part II

According to Liliana Milca, the creator of this crochet tutorial for beginners, if you want to crochet size L, you need to take these considerations into account:

– For size L you have to join 15 circles.

– Knit the upper part as explained in the video tutorial, if the neckline of the blouse is too open you have to make some adjustments starting from row 8, knitting another row of garter stitch that will be knitted with 2 chains and 1 single crochet stitch.

– In row 9 you will work all with single crochet in the following sequence: 1 single crochet over the 2 chains and 1 single crochet over the single crochet of the previous row.

– And finally, in row 10 you will knit everything in single crochet as in row 9 of the video tutorial.

– The bottom part of the blouse is knitted as detailed in the tutorial.

Other options for crochet blouses

If you think the above blouse is not your style and would like to try other options, we have made a selection of videos that could become your favorite patterns.

So there’s no excuse to put off your first crochet knits any longer.

1. Crochet knitted blouse in spider stitch

2.quick and easy step by step crochet blouse tutorial

3.step by step crochet knitted blouse Betty to crochet a crochet blouse? Openwork blouse with leaf details.

Learning to knit blouses with hook is something that needs a lot of commitment and practice, if you are really interested in applying your wise knowledge and talent in this de-stressing art, then let nothing stop you or distract you because you will go very far.

Crochet dog clothes

do you want to crochet clothes for dogs? YouTube channel Wool and Yarns presents a simple tutorial to crochet clothes for small dogs. For this project, you’ll need colored yarns and a crochet hook of the same thickness as the yarns you’re using.

The crochet stitches you will need to know for this project are chain stitch and garter stitch.

Watch the complete crochet tutorial for beginners and learn how to make the leg and neck opening for your dog’s clothes.

Crochet knitted scarves

One idea for crocheting at a beginner level is to make a scarf with the garter stitch and the chain stitch. Both crochet stitches we saw them above, in case you need to review them.

On the Crochet Feliz channel they tell us step by step how to make your first crochet scarf.

– 4 mm yarn

– 6 mm needle

Keep in mind that the knitting is done lengthwise, not widthwise. Although you can decide the measurements, a crocheted scarf for beginners can be of the following measurements:

Children’s crocheted scarf: Width 10 to 12 cm and length 1.20 cm

Adult cro chet scarf: Width 16 to 17 cm and length 1.50 to 1.80 cm

Once you start crocheting, make chain knots until you reach the desired length of the scarf. Watch the complete tutorial on how to crochet a scarf step by step in this video from Crochet Happy.

To choose the size of needle and yarn to use in this crochet scarf project, it is recommended to use a needle size that is 2 times the size of the yarn. That is, if you choose a 4 cm yarn, use a 6 cm needle.

don’t know how to measure needle and yarn? Don’t worry, just verify, before you start crocheting for beginners, that the hook of the needle is bigger than the wool.

Once you start knitting, make chain knots until you reach the desired length of the scarf.

Crochet flowers

Here are some other crochet knitting ideas. Crocheted flowers can be used in garments, purses, blouses, as pins, in short, they have an infinite number of uses and they look great in all of them.

This step by step is to make some flowers with petals in the shape of a bell and do not worry because this crochet fabric is also for beginners.
flor crochet tutorialSource:

Materials to crochet:

– 30 grams of number 5 cotton yarn.

– Sewing thread in the color of your choice.

– 1 crochet needle of 1 millimeter.

– Sewing needle.

– Wool sewing needle.

Crochet stitches:

– Chain stitch

– Single crochet stitch

-satin stitch

– Garter stitch

how to learn to crochet the flower?

First steps:

– Knit 1 magic ring.

– Inside the ring knit 15 single crochet stitches.

– Close with 1 stockinette stitch to the first single crochet stitch.

– Adjust the ring by pulling the yarn to join it.

primer crochet tutorial florSource:

Step 2:

– Cast on with 6 chain stitches.

– Skip 1 single crochet.

– Knit 1 purl.

– Cast on 3 chain stitches

– Skip 1 single crochet.

segundo paso crochet flor tutorialSource:

– Continue until the end of the row.

– In the last 3 chain stitches, join the third chain stitch that was made at the beginning of the row.

segundo paso flor crochet tutorialSource:

Step 3:

– Go up with 3 chain stitches equal to the first loop.

– Turn the flower.

– In the bow knit 6 purl stitches.

– In the front loop of the bows (place the loop horizontally), pass the needle and knit 5 rods.

tercer crochet flor tutorialSource:
tercer paso tutorial crochet florSource:

– Join where the 7 rods started with a single crochet stitch.

– Knit 4 chain stitches and join them to the next loop with a single crochet.

– Turn the flower over and go up with 3 chain stitches.

– Knit 6 rows in the 4 chains.

– Move to the loop on the side of the arches and knit 5 rods.

– Move to the first of the 7 rows (remember that you replaced this row with 3 chain stitches).

– Join with 1 single crochet stitch.

cuarto paso crochet tutorialSource:

– Continue in the same way in the whole row.

To finish:

– Pass the beginning strand through some stitches, cut it and apply the same to the final strand.

flor crochet final tutorialSource:

In the following video you will find the details to finish making the crochet flower.

Crocheted bags

making crocheted bags is a challenge! Not because of how complicated it is but because of the time it will take you to make all the stitches; but when you see the result it will be totally worth it. crocheting for beginners has never been so easy!

Bolsas tejidas a crochetSource:

You can check the step by step of how to crochet this bag.


This type of crochet is very popular. The word amigurumi comes from two Japanese terms: ami, which means crocheted, and nuigurumi, a stuffed toy.

The amigurumi usually takes the form of an animal or fantastical creature that is best described as kawaii, which means “cute” in Japanese, and is associated with a pop culture aesthetic of things like stuffed animals and pink hearts. This makes amigurumi ideal for children or anyone who likes button noses and pink cheeks.

Although some people have been crocheting for years, they have never tried knitting stuffed animals, but are interested in learning how to make amigurumi! That’s why we’ve made this beginner’s guide to crochet.

Ana Devanna, teacher of the Creating amigurumi course, says: “The moment I picked up a needle and started knitting in three dimensions, it changed my life. It’s like sculpting with wool, it’s something beautiful. Really, it’s something that has no limits: one can imagine and create.”

Curso de creación de amigurumi crehanaImage:

Cool Crochet Applications 2022

Since crochet will never go out of style and is always on trend, technology couldn’t leave it behind. That’s why there are apps that can teach you crochet for beginners and show you new techniques like, for example, Tapestry Crochet.

let’s explore them!

Two Needles – Crochet – Crochet

Two Needles is an app available for Android that will teach you crochet knitting step by step. The app has videos to learn how to crochet hundreds of crochet patterns. Also, you will have access to a section with embroidery and macramé. All in one app.

Amigurumi Today: Crochet tutorials

Amigurumi is an app focused on the creation of crochet characters. If you are a fan of knitted dolls, this app is for you. Learn crochet stitches for beginners and create animals to your liking.

You will be able to make your plush dolls without any problem because the app teaches you how to crochet step by step. Just one observation: most of the videos are in English; but, just by watching the tutorials and seeing the models you can learn a lot.

Knit & Crochet Counter

If you are one of those who like to keep track of your progress by keeping notes, the crochet application Knit & Crochet Counter can be excellent to work with. With Knit & Crochet Counter you can have several projects on the go.

Crochet patterns are very easy to learn, as you can enter rows and it will even tell you the estimated time you have left to finish a project.

The best part is that you can download it for free and it connects to Ravelry, a Reddit-like community with thousands of forums and groups offering tools and libraries of crochet patterns. It also serves as a personal notebook for crafty artists to keep track of their projects.

Guide to hand embroidery stitches

As you can see, crochet stitches are diverse, so, in this guide you’ll learn the main hand embroidery stitches and master them like an expert. And best of all, you’ll be able to make your own designs on garments, napkins or any fabric surface. it’s up to you!

Guía de puntos de bordado a mano

Guide to embroidery flowers

do you want to customize your clothes and give them a spring style? don’t worry, with this free resource you can embroider flowers to match your best outfits.

Guía de flores para bordar

Download the free flower embroidery guide here.

Handbook of embroidery from various cultures and regions

The history of crochet brings with it a lot of ways to inspire us when we knit or embroider by hand. This art not only allows us to transmit messages or thoughts, but also our culture. And the fact is that crocheting or knitting in other materials helps us to leave a distinctive stamp on the world.

Therefore, in this handbook you will learn more about the embroidery of different cultures and regions, such as Mexican embroidery, Peruvian embroidery, Colombian embroidery and European embroidery.

Handbook de bordados de diversas culturas y regiones

Remember that practice makes perfect. So to go beyond crochet knitting for beginners, you can learn fantasy stitches and create, according to your imagination, many other stitches such as crochet medallions, headbands and more. Teacher Maria Julia Mackeprang, from the Crochet Knitting Techniques course, mentions:

“Crochet is a versatile and generous technique that has managed to reinvent itself throughout history. It has always stood out for one great virtue: it only exists if it is hand-knitted. It builds all its pieces in alliance with a single needle, supporting loops upon loops in a language of stitches and spaces that gives life to a variety of wefts, designs and patterns”.

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