These barber cuts for men will make you look better than David Beckham


what are the best barbershop cuts for men? how do you make your barbershop customers leave your establishment happy and feeling like Hollywood stars? Simple: you must discover the barbershop cuts that are on trend.

As a specialist, you must be able to guide your client based on what is currently in fashion. As Fernando Elo, professional barber and teacher of the Professional Barbering course, tells us: “we must be able to propose to our clients a change that they do not find in traditional barbershops and, above all, that makes them feel good”.

So, if you want to have a high-impact business that provides solutions through a quality service or, simply, have an idea of the next style that will be in trend to ask for it in your next barbershop appointment, this note is for you.

Finally, don’t miss our final section with a bonus in which we will tell you some details you should keep in mind about beard styling .

Get your scissors and machines ready… Let’s get started!

Barber cuts for men

all right! You’re one step closer to knowing the barbering cuts for men that will allow you to improve the service you provide in your establishment. The history of barbering has changed over the years, and today, customers are looking for a service that escapes the traditional, elevates their appearance and allows them to look good.

Before choosing any of the barbershop haircuts for men, you must keep in mind that it will depend on your client to feel comfortable as the days go by, but, above all, to feel the difference between any other service and the one you offer.

So, shall we go straight to the best barber cuts for men in 2021? Take note!

1. Fade

First on our list is one of the most popular no receding haircuts for men these years. This cut should be done as a fade, with no noticeable strokes or sharp lines, and longer hair on top.

Corte de barberia Image: Pinterest

2. Buzz

looking for barbershop cuts for men with receding hairline? This is the one! According to the Termix portal, it’s ideal for men who are starting to experience hair loss and have thin faces.

Corte buzz para hombre

3. Military

Among the names of barber’s cuts, this is the most common. But be careful: don’t confuse it with the Buzz cut! Although they are similar, the military cut is longer on the sides and in the center of the head, and requires, in addition to the machine, a pair of scissors to unify both sides.

Specialists in men’s haircuts recommend it for pronounced faces and fine hair .

Corte de cabello militarImage: All things hair

4. Mullet

When you hear the name of this men’s barber cut you probably remember the 70’s, because it was the style that set the trend during that time. To work a Mullet correctly, you should keep the following in mind:

Cut the sides and the top with a 4″ machine
Leave the lower part longer, without retouching.

The length of the back will depend on the customer’s style.

Corte mullet hombreImage: Flickr

5. Undercut

have you seen Peaky Blinders? Here’s Thomas Shelby’s signature Undercut . This style consists of wearing the hair very short from the bottom up to the temples. Then, from the crown of the head, it is left long.

do you dare to wear this barber’s cut? the undercut is suitable for everyone!

Corte undercut hombreImage: DMarge

6. Pompadour

This men’s haircut was a trend in 2017. However, it is regaining popularity today. What does it consist of? Basically , it involves wearing the sides very short and the upper area in the form of a toupee.

In other words, a bit of Elvis Presley style in 2021.

Corte pompadour hombreImage: Talk Business

7. Mushroom

what are the straight haircuts for men’s barbershop haircuts? There are several, but if you’re looking for a trendy one, the short Mushroom is the one. The style brings together a circular, straight cut that reaches the top of the ears.

However, over time, it has adapted to a style that includes a short fringe that ends at the temples. Some hair salons focused on men’s haircuts already include it with this modification.

Corte hongo para hombreImage: All Things Hair

which barber cut to choose?

While the list of barbershop haircuts for men is long, not every style is for everyone, don’t you think? So, among so many barbershop haircuts for men, how can you recommend the best one to each of your clients?

Our barbering expert, Fernando Elo, sums it up for us in the following words: ” It is very important to be able to read people. Pay attention to the client’s physique, that is, look at their clothing from head to toe. Sometimes clothes, shoes or accessories give us some signals of what we have to do”.

Therefore, before choosing one of the types of haircuts for barbershop men, give yourself some time to observe very well who is coming to ask for your services. This way, you will be able to make an accurate recommendation and avoid unsatisfied clients.

Cortes de peluqueria hombreImage: Unsplash

Bonus: Don’t forget the beard!

while we ‘ve focused on barbering cuts for men, we wanted to remind you that the beard is also important to achieve harmony on your clients’ faces.

According to the Gilette blog, to add contrast and dimension to your clients’ face you should consider the type of face they have, for example, whether it’s square, circular, oval or rectangular, and recommend what suits them best.

Therefore, in addition to a hair salon with haircuts for men, you can become a full-service salon and offer beard shaping or trimming as well as shaving, which, if done correctly, becomes a ritual.

For our expert, Fernando Elo, the shaving process must be performed with precision and detail, with all the necessary implements. In addition, he recommends performing it on an empty stomach, when the skin and blood are better predisposed.

Perfilado de barbaImage: Unsplash

we’ve reached the end of the article! What did you think of our barber cuts for men? Any of the previously described cuts will provide a flattering style to whoever wears them, it’s time to look good!

So, if you are passionate about the men’s grooming industry and you are thinking about starting a business, it’ s time to get to work. We’ll help you with this Excel work plan format so you can put your ideas into concrete form; the rest is up to you. Best of luck!

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