how to put dark mode on Instagram? the coolest and healthiest format!


do you know what are the benefits of setting dark mode on Instagram? Here we tell you about it! Using black Instagram is very easy and it’s practically a trend already.

why do most people use Instagram in dark mode? The answer is simple: to give relief to the eyes. That’s why, in this article we will explain how to set dark mode on Instagram and, thus, stop having tired eyes so you can keep on stalking.

According to the Digital Trends portal, “this viewing format reduces the negative effects caused by the light emitted by the screens of cell phones or tablets, which end up affecting your quality of sleep and your vision”.

For this reason, it is important to activate Instagram’s dark mode on Android or iOS – forget about red eyes!

what is Instagram’s dark mode?

Instagram dark mode is the change of all white spaces in the app to black color. It does not change the layout of the buttons or the functions of the application. It is a color variation that joins the trends of recent years.

Windows and macOS operating systems have also joined this trend. Usually, the text was placed on a light background, but in this Instagram night mode, the colors changed order. Now, the background is black and the letters are white.

As we noted lines above, this trend of activating Instagram’s dark mode originated to reduce visual fatigue.

Developing the dark mode has also been a priority for cell phone operating systems. In the case of the Android system, it freely allows you to have a display mode independent of the app. This means that you could have the phone in classic mode (white background) and Instagram with a black background.

Different is the case on iOS, since the app matches the system settings.

why should I enable Instagram’s dark mode?

It is not only Facebook that has arranged the dark mode on Instagram. Actually, this is a general trend. Thousands of apps have developed dark mode mainly for two reasons.

1. A rest for the eyes

We have all experienced eye strain to varying degrees. This is caused by the permanent exposure of the eyes to the screens of cell phones and tablets.

It is necessary to know how to activate the dark mode in Instagram to attenuate the impact of the blue light produced by these devices on our eyes. As Infobae news channel refers:

“We are continuously exposed to blue light, so the cornea and lens cannot block or reflect it. It is no secret that blue light damages our eyesight by affecting the retina of the eye”.

The effects of blue light are burning and eyestrain. For this reason, the dark mode on Instagram aims to reduce these effects.

2. Saving battery life

A secondary, but important, benefit is the energy savings on the cell phone. by using instagram dark mode on Android or iOS, it increases the autonomy of the cell phone .

According to research collected by the phone company Tuenti: “using dark mode can save up to 60% battery”.

As you can read, activating Instagram’s dark mode is not a matter of look. The two reasons above have an influence on our well-being.

how to activate dark mode on Instagram?

Now that you know what dark mode is and what is its importance in your life, don’t you want to know how to turn on dark mode on Instagram? Here we give you all the details:

First step: update your cell phone

If you have iOS 14.6 or Android 10 operating systems (some cell phones with Android 9 Pie also have that option), you can have these new Instagram features. So now you know: if you want to put Instagram dark mode, update your phone as a first step!

Second step: update Instagram

“Another important point to enable dark mode on Instagram is to have the app updated. To check this, you have to enter Apple Store or Google Play (depending on whether you have iOS or Android) and search for “Instagram”. If the “update” button appears, press there“, explains Infobae.

Apple Store/Google Play> Instagram > Update.

Third step: activate night mode

Since we are clear about the procedure to activate the dark mode on Instagram, you should know that there is the option (depending on the operating system you use) to put the dark mode on your entire phone.

Here are the instructions for different operating systems..:

1. Enable dark mode on Instagram for Android

do you have an Android phone? Then, what you need to do is head to Display Settings and enable dark mode. While this option will make your entire cell phone with a black background, it will also turn Instagram black.

These would be the actions you should perform on your Android 10:

Settings > Display > Enable dark theme option.

Note: it is important to take into account how your phone is customized. some people can activate the “Dark theme” in the sliding menu of their screen. Just move two fingers from the top to the bottom to see the options and click on “Dark theme”. This will give you quick access to Instagram black.

Activar modo oscuro en Instagram para Android

2. Enable dark mode on Instagram for iOS

If you have an iPhone and want to use Instagram dark mode, the way is just as simple! you must go to Settings on your device and then to the Display and brightness section. There you can choose whether you want light mode or dark mode.

These would be the actions you need to perform on your iOS 14:

Settings > Display & Brightness > Enable dark mode option.

Something interesting about the iPhone is that you can choose whether you want the color change automatically. That is, based on the time of day. this can be great if you only want these Instagram features at night, because then your screen will change automatically.

Activar modo oscuro en Instagram para iOS iPhone

how to turn Instagram black?

If you only want Instagram to be in dark mode and not your entire cell phone, then you need to enable dark mode directly in the app.

how to turn on dark mode in Instagram? Press the three stripes on your profile in the app, then go to Settings/Theme and finally click on enable dark mode option. Note: according to Instagram’s own blog, this is only valid for Android .

These would be the actions you should activate from Instagram:

Instagram profile > Settings/Theme > Enable dark mode option.

how to set Instagram dark on PC?

If you work in offices or prefer to use the computer to use Instagram you will have run into a problem: Instagram PC does not have a dark mode.

So your eyes will suffer and you will have eyestrain. Fortunately, Internet communities always have a solution for everything.

There is an extension available in Chrome to enable Instagram dark mode on PC. Here we list the steps to follow:

Open Chrome

Go to the Chrome Store

Search: Instagram night mode

Add or install the extension

Open your Instagram account and activate the extension

modo nocturno Instagram en PC

Don’t forget that to put Instagram night mode for PC you must activate the extension. You do this to the right of the address bar, next to where you type web pages.

Although there are several extensions to set the dark mode on Instagram, this process can be done without any other implements other than your keyboard and your desire to type. there are no other tricks!

You just need to add a small code excerpt to the URL of the page, as simple and effective as that. The code you must add is the following: “?theme=dark”, so in your browser it will look like this:

Simple, effective, fast and without waiting for any installation. Of course, for this trick to work and you can have the dark mode of Instagram web, you must always enter the code every time you access the web portal of the social network.

In case you do not want to be constantly changing the URL, our recommendation is that you create a bookmark in your browser, containing the full URL and that’s it. You avoid this tedious process over and over again.

how to disable the dark mode on Instagram?

There are times when we need to leave Instagram’s dark mode. For example, when we are outdoors and we need to enhance the contrast to see better.

Also, we may get bored of Instagram’s dark mode and want to go back to the original color design .

In either case, you can easily disable Instagram black – follow these steps!

1. Turn off dark mode on Instagram Android

Basically, you should follow the same procedure explained above when you were looking for “ How to set dark mode on Instagram?“.

Log in to your profile and click on the three stripes in the upper right corner. You go to “settings” and then to “theme”. Here you choose the “light” option. In this way, you have already disabled the dark mode on Instagram on your Android phone.

Instagram profile > Settings/Theme > Enable light mode option.

In the case of Instagram for Android, in the “theme” menu you will always have three options: light, dark and system default .

This last alternative allows the app to match the mode determined by the system. The app will be in dark or light mode depending on the Android settings.

2. Turn off dark mode on Instagram iOS

As noted above, on Apple cell phones the appearance mode of applications are dependent on the operating system. therefore, if you no longer want the dark mode on Instagram you will have to change the iPhone settings to light mode.

Settings > Display & Brightness > Enable light mode option.

With these data you will be able to configure Instagram as you wish. We know that in this social network to get followers is important, so it is important that you know how to change letters for Instagram so that, thus, you do not go unnoticed.

instagram modo oscuroSource: Pexels

is it possible to activate dark mode on websites?

After reading the benefits of putting the dark mode on Instagram, surely you want to activate the night mode on websites, right? here’s how to do it!

If you want to put an end to those white backgrounds, we tell you that Google Chrome already has a built-in dark mode. However, some web pages still don’t have automatic dark mode.

Instead of waiting for millions of websites to jump on the dark mode bandwagon, Chrome’s new option will make all those bright web pages go dark.

The only downside is that to enable dark mode on every webpage you have to do it manually most of the time. Here’s how to enable it.

First, click on the “Appearance: device theme” option.

Then, click on “Dark theme” and that’s it, you will have dark mode enabled.

how to put dark mode on web pages in Chrome?

want to try night mode on all websites? This option is available as a hidden flag in Chrome 78. In fact, it is an experimental option that you can change or remove at any time.

To find it, type “chrome: // flags” in Chrome’s multifunction box or in the URL section and press Enter.

poner el modo oscuro en las páginas web en Chrome

Search for the “Dark Mode” option in the search box (located at the top) of the Experiments page.

Then, click the box to the right of “Force dark mode for web content” and select “On” for the default setting.

modo oscuro en las páginas webFinally, click “Restart”. Chrome will close and restart all your open web pages. Be sure to save any content before restarting the browser.

that’s it! You have successfully enabled dark mode for all web pages.

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