20 programs to design houses that will allow you to compose dream spaces

Home design software is the proof that you can have the home of your dreams as you have always imagined it. However, turning your home into a cozy and attractive place is a huge challenge, especially when you have to communicate to a specialist how you want the spaces of your home.

To avoid communication problems between what you want and what the architect understands, you can use programs to design houses and show explicitly what you want. Nowadays, with the advance of technology, designing houses has become an activity that everyone can do, it is enough to have a little knowledge on the subject.

Also, if your goal is to become a professional architect in the long term, home design programs will serve to greatly enhance your career, because, according to Luis Carlos Lozano, professor of the course Sketchup from scratch for architects:

“Programs to design houses are a key tool for the presentation of architectural and engineering projects, as they will allow you to make virtual tours, have panoramic views and elevate the experience of perception of structures and understanding of spaces.”

So, eager to know which one is the best among so many programs to design houses? Here are 20 free and paid home design programs, so that you can decorate the spaces of your home yourself and simulate the home of your dreams through virtual reality.

1. AutoCAD

Software to design houses in 2D

This software to design houses focuses on the development of plans and architectural details in 2D, therefore, it is usually combined with 3D design programs that we will detail later .

On the other hand, it is excellent for knowing where to place the furniture, since it is very accurate with the measurements. However, you will have to have enough spatial vision if you want to imagine the area in its 3 dimensions, through the execution of the view drawing.

Also, you will need a rigorous knowledge of this program to design houses, especially if you want to visualize textures and colors. however, you can easily place patterns such as a wood floor or porcelain tile.

On the other hand, there are many pages to download blocks that facilitate architectural drawing. They can be furniture blocks or plant blocks.

2. SketchUp

The easiest 3D modeling program

SketchUp has a software for designing house plans that is not as sophisticated as AutoCAD, but it allows you to have textured plans. In addition, it is very easy to learn and the interface is quite intuitive, you just have to watch tutorials to learn how to use it.

The good thing about this program, (the big reason why many love it), is that it has plenty of 3D blocks that you can download for free.

Even, many brands of furniture or lighting fixtures are registered on that page, so if you want to know how the Sierra Furniture furniture will look like in your home, for example, you can visualize it.

Also, you can download this program on your mobile or design your house in 3D online and free from the desktop version, you decide!

3. 3D Max

House design software with a premium experience

This 3D house creator will let you visualize high-quality architectural renderings, model interiors with a high level of detail and bring your projects to life through animation and visual effects.

You will also be able to work faster thanks to the automation flow available in the platform. According to the creators, it is designed to facilitate the process so that you can focus on creating attractive and useful designs quickly.

4. Revit

Boost your project’s efficiency and accuracy

This program for designing houses will be very helpful for you to start modeling in 3D and achieve a high level of detail. in addition, you can automatically update floor plans, elevations and sections as your project progresses.

On the other hand, this software to design houses is collaborative and will let you work in real time with your team. as if that were not enough, this tool provides your team with all the facilities to develop a project from the study to the construction site.

5. ArchiCAD

Develop projects of all sizes

For some, this program for designing houses is one of the most intuitive on the market. Due to its outstanding features, including a regularly updated list of materials, many users prefer it over other alternatives.

In addition to being a collaborative platform, this home design software brings your projects to life through its virtual tour function. your clients can really feel like they’re on the construction site!

6. Blender

Free software to design houses

This online 3D house design software is one of the most relevant on the market, as it can be used throughout the entire creation process, from modeling to creating videos for the presentation of the project.

Additionally, this 3D house creator offers you the following:

Create animated or still visualizations.
Quality similar to the paid alternatives.
Generate accurate architectural models.
Easy to use interface.
Real-time editing.
Ecosystem of add-ons.

Blender is one of the best programs to design houses for those who are just starting in the field of architecture, because it is a powerful, efficient and totally affordable tool.

7. Home Design 3D

A program to easily simulate a house

Continuing with our list of the best programs to design houses, we present one of the most popular applications to decorate, organize and design your house without the need for internet connection.

With this platform, you can design the interior and exterior of your house with its 2D and 3D function to add, edit and move rooms, walls and objects. In addition, you will be able to choose the best interior colors for your home thanks to its wide catalog of shades.

Other advantages of using Home Design 3D include the following:

Tutorial to start using the program.
Available on iOS and Android.
Easy export of the project to Dropbox, OneDrive and email.
3D visualization of the designs.

On the other hand, the main disadvantages of this home design software is that, in its free version, you will not be able to export the created project or save it. for this, you will have to subscribe to the premium versions with a price starting at US $6.99.

8. HomeByMe

A program to design houses with which you can share your ideas

If we talk about programs to design houses, it is inevitable to mention this web platform that has a varied equipment of decorative elements, such as sofas, beds and tables, among other furniture with which you can recreate any of the interior decoration styles.

In addition, if you opt for this home design software, you can enjoy the following advantages:

High quality 3D graphics.
2D and 3D views.
Fast rendering for exporting the design.
Social function with which you can see the designs of other users and vice versa.
Possibility to design several rooms and floors.

On the other hand, according to some HomeByMe users, the only bad thing about this software compared to other programs to design houses is that it does not have a mobile application and is not very easy to use for those who are just starting to design houses. However, as you know, it’s all a matter of practice!

9. Planner 5D

A program to design the interior and exterior of your house

Another home design software is Planner 5D, a software that has more than 10 million downloads so far.

One of the main reasons why users prefer this home design software is that, besides being able to design a house online, it is also possible to build and decorate gardens and terraces with the help of the “Exterior” tool.

Moreover, it offers you the following benefits:

Intuitive graphical interface, very easy to use
Large catalog of decorative elements
Variety of home accessories
Available for download on Windows 10, Android, iOS and Mac.

However, compared to other programs for designing house plans, Planner 5D’s graphics in its free version are not that realistic. therefore, if you want HD rendering, you will have to opt for the paid version which starts at US $6.99.

10. Amikasa

A platform for designing houses online

We continue with the list of programs to design houses, and now it is the turn of a platform to design houses online in 2D and 3D formats that is used by many users to entertain themselves in their free time .

Amikasa pagina diseño casas

Here are some of the advantages of designing your house online with Amikasa:

Great ease of use.
Works online.
User-friendly interfaces.
Fluidity to work in the program.
Predesigned templates.
Available for Windows, iOS and Android.
Varied list of home decor elements.

To top it off, Amikasa is totally free! However, for it to work properly, you must make sure you have a good internet connection .

what are you waiting for to try it out?

11. FloorPlanner

A program to design spaces intuitively

FloorPlanner is one of the programs to design houses with more years in the market and has a large number of subscribed users. Recently, its graphical interface has changed to become more intuitive and easy to use .

According to the FloorPlanner website, learning to design houses with its software is a very simple activity due to its intuitive design, so you will be able to learn how it works quickly

Following that line, this page to design houses offers you the following:

Generate house plans quickly.
Works directly from the browser.
Good visual representation of the plans.
Toolbar with descriptive icons.
Spanish version.

Although some users report some difficulties to export their projects, FloorPlanner is still the favorite of many, because, if you want to opt for the premium version, you can extend the benefits you have for a cost of US $5.00 per month, one of the lowest rates in the market. it’s worth a try!

13. Tinkercad

Free online house design software

If you have no experience in the field of design, this may be your favorite alternative among all the programs to design houses, because, besides being very intuitive, it offers tutorials to learn how to use all its functions .

Also, Tinkercad offers you the following benefits:

Being part of a community of designers
Ease of use
Augmented reality experience
Project exchange with other designers
Export projects in simple steps
Data protection

So, if you want to put your first designs on the table and you are still learning how to use home design software, we recommend it!

14. SmartDraw

SmartDraw is another home design software that you should take into account when carrying out your projects. This software is very simple to use, so it is ideal for those who are just starting their way in architecture or interior design; but it also has tools advanced enough to carry out large and complex projects.

The best thing about this software to design houses is that it has a large number of pre-designed templates with which you can save time and work. To start using it, all you need to do is create an account or sign in with Google.

The only notable disadvantage that SmartDraw has is that its free trial only lasts for seven days, so after that time, you need to pay for the program’s license. However, you can start using it and contrast it with other home design programs to find out which one best suits your needs.

15. Roomstyler 3D

This is a program to design houses very similar to HomeByMe, which we told you about recently. We mean that with this software you can make models and create house designs in a very simple and fast way, since its interface is optimized to facilitate the work of users.

With Roomstyler you can design floor plans, and its users can navigate through them obtaining 3D views. Similarly, it should be noted that this program to design houses has a YouTube channel where you can see very specific tutorials on its operation, so in case of any doubt, you can turn to them.

To start using it, unlike other home design programs, it is not necessary to register or create an account. In addition, it can be used for free, so it is worth trying it out to see how it works for you.

16. DFS Room Planner

This home design program is not only useful for those who are into architecture and interior design, but it also works great for people who are into filmmaking and need to do planimetry. If you need to design a space, for whatever your purpose, with this web application you can achieve it.

In addition, DFS Room Planner has a built-in furniture series that can help you see what the space would look like with a sofa, a piece of furniture, a TV, and pretty much anything else you can think of. Likewise, with this home design software you can change the color of the walls, choose the color and texture of the floor, and do a lot of other things.

We are sure that you will be able to take advantage of this program and make incredible works. By the way, we recommend you to alternate between 2D and 3D views so that you can improve the quality of your designs.

17. Homestyler

With Homestyler you can also carry out your projects without any complications, since this program to design houses offers you everything you need to make a good interior design. To get started you just need to create an account or log in from your email, Facebook or Twitter.

This home design software offers you a 10-day free trial in its basic version, with which you can create from the decoration of a small space like a room, to that of a whole house. You also have free templates available, import images, and upload projects from other home design programs such as AutoCAD.

The only downside to this home design software is that you must have a minimum knowledge of interior design to use it. So we recommend you watch the tutorials that are available on the same page of the web application, just click on the icon provided for it.

18. Neo Foyr

Designing houses is very easy with Neo Foyr, a program that has very advanced tools and a simple and user-friendly user interface. To use it you just need to create an account or log in with Google, open a new project and start designing.

The program also has a library of textures and furniture with which you can do many things, from designing rooms, to planning how your new bathroom, living room or kitchen will look like. You can also get inspired by looking at the work of other users, as the project gallery is open for the public to take reference of what can be done with the software.

In Neo Foyr you can also render your work and create a 360-degree view to showcase your projects, although for that you must pay the license, which costs US $59 per month. We recommend you use it if you are in the interior design business and are looking for a web application that allows you to get results as good as those of home design programs such as Autodesk Revit.

19. Chief Architect

We have no doubt that Chief Architect is one of the best programs for home design, so we recommend you take a look at it and contrast it with the other software we have mentioned. Just keep in mind, before making the comparison, that unlike programs like Homestyler and Neo Fyor, it is not a web application, but a program that you must download and install on your computer.

It is a program that interior designers, architects, remodelers and builders can easily use to project a realistic image of the jobs they want to do. The software is easy to use, and with it you can achieve high quality 3D designs and renderings.

Likewise, we have to highlight that it has a very extensive library of resources and materials. So you will not have to resort to any other program to design houses in search of a texture, a material or a furniture item. The cost of the software is US $49 per month, and you only need to have a computer with at least 4 GB of RAM memory and 5 GB of free hard disk.

20. Home Designer Suite

Our list of programs to design houses ends with Home Designer Suite, a software that you can use to brighten up your ideas and achieve incredible designs. It is an ideal program for architects and professional interior designers.

The program is designed by the same company that developed Chief Architec, the difference is that with this solution you will find more tools to develop your projects in a professional way.

It is not just a software to design houses, because with Home Designer Studio you can carry out both residential and commercial projects. Likewise, we must emphasize that its finishes are very attractive, since the program allows you to create very realistic 3D models.

Okay, after reviewing the list of home design software that we have prepared for you, you are ready to design your home! While these software programs are the most used by professionals to design houses, there are others, such as Lumion, that will help you render your projects.

We are sure that, in time, you will be ready to revolutionize the architectural design scene by creating all kinds of buildings, from traditional houses, to buildings and offices, etc.

good luck!

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