Discover your life purpose with these examples and achieve your professional development

Having a life purpose can lead you to a state of well-being in which you feel inspired to make decisions to improve your current situation and fulfill your goals. However, many people have difficulty finding their meaning in this world.

do you ever feel like you don’t know where you’re going, that you’re missing something but don’t know what? When you are not clear about your purpose in life, it is normal to feel a bit disoriented. However, there are different methods you can use to find it.

In this article we will explain what a life purpose is, why it is important to have one and what you can do to find it. In addition, we will also provide you with some tools that will help you reflect on what plans you want to achieve in the future.

what is a life purpose?

When we talk about a life purpose, we are referring to what motivates us to keep striving every day. It reflects what we want to achieve to achieve our happiness and is the reason why we are willing to make sacrifices and implement habits in our daily lives.

There are different types of life resolutions, such as being somewhere, creating something, gaining more knowledge, doing something new, or feeling a particular emotion. No matter how old you are, it is never too late to find your life purpose.

The moment you find your life purpose, you will want to do everything in your power to achieve it, which will trigger a series of changes in your routine that will make you grow as a person and develop your capabilities.

However, you should not consider your life purpose as the solution to all your problems. Although it will help you to have a very high level of satisfaction, it does not mean that it will exempt you from all your additional responsibilities.

The road to finding your life purpose is full of exciting situations. If you want to learn how to find what drives you to keep doing your best every day, stay tuned to this article.

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Examples of life resolutions

still not clear on what a life purpose is? Here are some examples that will inspire you, or at least serve as a guide, when you want to discover yours:

“To fightagainst social injustices and stand up for those who have no voice.”
Make the world a better place for all species to live together.”
“Tocreate fantastic and inspiring stories for other people.”
“Todevelop my spiritual side to the fullest and guide other people who want to follow the same path.”
“Tocreate pieces of art that captivate viewers and leave a legacy that lasts through time.”
“Tocreate a successful and internationally recognizedcompany that enjoys great prestige and improves people’s lives.”
“Tobuild a home where love and respect prevail among the various members.”
To be recognized internationally for having made significant contributions within my field of expertise.”
“Tolearn about different areas of knowledge and then share it with others.”
“Tocreate an invention that is revolutionary and makes people’s lives easier”.

As you may realize, life purpose is more related to what you want to do or the lifestyle you want to have. It is not about how much money you make or the position you hold within a company. Once you are clear about your purpose, you can begin to define your personal aspirations and map out a plan of action for success.

why is it important to have a life purpose?

Having a life purpose is very beneficial for any person. According to Personal Excellence, a personal development blog, there are 5 reasons why you should have a purpose in life:

1. Life purpose is a starting point

Having a purpose in life is when you can lead a more conscious life. While this does not mean that all your problems and worries will disappear, when you have clear goals you will be able to make better plans and make the right decisions to achieve what you want.

2. It helps you to be clear about what is important and what is not

After finding your life purpose, you may realize that you have spent a lot of time thinking about things that take you away from your goal. However, by having your goals clear, you will be able to direct your attention to those things that are really important to you.

3. It allows you to have a meaningful life

By pursuing a purpose, your life will be filled with meaning and you will make the decisions that are most aligned with your goals. You will no longer be a person who gets carried away by the rest, but you will take the reins to build the life you have always wanted, with a job that suits your needs and surrounded by people who are compatible with you.

4. You will have constant motivation and passion

Once you have discovered what your purpose in life is, you will wake up every day full of energy and with the ability to stay motivated in the work you are doing, since you are aware that each thing you do will bring you closer to your goals. This significantly benefits your emotional state.

5. You will achieve success on your own terms

Many people consider the purpose of human life to be success. However, success is the effect of doing what you love rather than being an end in itself. That’s why you must first identify what really matters to you, and then channel all your energy into making it happen.

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how do I know what my life purpose is?

Finding your life purpose can be a complex process. In fact, many people tend to get stressed out because they can’t find what they are passionate about, however, you need to be patient and avoid putting pressure on yourself.

If you want to know what your purpose in life is, youwill have to do a lot of self-reflection to get to know yourself better and discover where your inclinations lie.

The portal Very Well Mind, which deals with mental health issues, mentions 7 strategies to find your life purpose.

1. Donate time, money or talent

Something that can help you find your purpose in life is to help those around you. Having altruistic attitudes such as volunteering in an organization, donating money to charity, or simply being empathetic, will give you a feeling of satisfaction and happiness.

2. Pay attention to the comments

Sometimes, it is difficult to realize yourself what things you are passionate about. However, one way to find out how to discover a life purpose is to ask the people around you what they think of you or what qualities they can highlight about you. Also, you can take note every time someone compliments you or makes an observation about you, so you can analyze that information and look for patterns that repeat themselves.

3. Surround yourself with positive people

You will never find your life purpose if you surround yourself with negative people, the people around you say something about you. If you start surrounding yourself with positive people, they will inspire you to make productive changes to find what you are passionate about.

4. Start hanging out with new people

Find out what the life purpose of a person you don’t know is. Although conversations with strangers may be awkward at first, they will open your eyes to new activities, causes and career opportunities you didn’t even know existed. You’ll be motivated to try new things where you may find your purpose.

5. Explore your interests

Another way to find out how to discover your life purpose is to pay attention to the things you like to talk about and share on social media. These things may be a clue that reveals the true causes that give your life meaning.

6. Consider the injustices that bother you

Many life purposes are based on fighting against some social injustice. For example, animal abuse, civil rights violations, labor exploitation, among others. Identify the cause you are passionate about and you may be closer to finding your purpose.

7. Discover what you love to do

Finally, your life purpose may be strongly linked to those activities you love. Reflect on your skills, talents and passions, and think about how you can transform them into something more meaningful.

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how to fulfill your life purpose?

Once you find your life purpose, it is important that you feel motivated enough to keep trying your best to achieve your goals.

Jaume Casas, in his course The Power of Habit Creation, mentions 3 factors of intrinsic motivation so that you can feel motivated to modify your habits to fulfill your purpose in life.

1. Autonomy

It is the capacity we have to do things by ourselves. You must be aware that, no matter what your life purpose is, everything depends absolutely on you and you are the main source of energy to move forward.

2. Progress

It refers to the ability that one generates throughout the development of the habit. That feeling of noticing the changes little by little is what will help us to motivate us. Likewise, progress gives us the ability to monitor and detect when something is not working well in order to correct it. This way you will be closer and closer to fulfilling your life purpose.

3. The purpose

It is what helps us connect with what we really want in our life, our values and our mission. If the goals and habits we are trying to achieve are truly aligned to our life purpose, we will have more strength to achieve it.

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Tools to find your life purpose

In Crehana we don’t want you to leave this article without having the necessary tools to discover your life purpose. That is why, below, we attach two resources to download that will help you find your passion.

Guide to create a dream map

what did you want to do but never dared to take the first step? It’s time to overcome your fears and take the risk to achieve all your goals. This dream mapping guide is the tool you need to write your destiny.

Download this guide to create a dream map and learn how to make a mural that will inspire you to strive in your day to day life.

Word template for life project planning

Having a life project is very important for your personal development, as it will allow you to have a clear idea of what you want to do and where you want to go. Thus, you will be able to elaborate a suitable action plan for the fulfillment of your purposes.

By downloading this life project template, you will be able to access a scheme in which you will have to enter information about your mission and personal vision, your principles and the different aspects of your life that you want to improve. In this way, you will have your goals clear and you will give meaning to your life.

Books that can help you find your purpose in life

Knowing what is the purpose of life is something that the human being has been pending for a long time, and the amount of publications that exist on examples of life purposes and motivation is very wide.

It is a good idea to take a look at some books and their advice to find a life purpose, because maybe you can find good recommendations to turn your life around and start living better.

At this point we want to share with you a list of books that can be very helpful to find your life purpose. We are sure that after reading them you will have a more complete vision of the reason why you came into the world, and you can start the path that will lead you to fulfill your life purpose.

Your life purpose

Just by reading the title of this book you can get a good idea of the topics it deals with. It is a kind of guide with which you can learn what a life purpose is, and begin to identify what meaning you want to give to everything you do.

Your life purpose is a book of self-help and spirituality with which you can explore some examples of life purposes, and connect with yourself to know which path leads you to live fully.

This text has a very light reading, so you can use it to discover what is the purpose of life, even if you do not like to read much. It is very likely that its author, Laín García Calvo, will grab you from the first paragraph and you will enjoy all the advice he has to help you improve your life.

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7 signs that you are on the right track

This book is one of those tools that you can use to discover your life purpose and know if you are taking your life on the right path. Its author, Victor Escorche, assures that there are 7 signs that you can take as a reference to know if you are living in the best possible way, and if you are on track to fulfill your life purpose.

In summary, these are his recommendations to find your life purpose:

1. Identify your principles and values, as they serve as your compass, and tell you if you are doing what you consider to be the right thing.

2. Discover your personal power, because with it you will be able to recognize what you can achieve and develop your self-esteem.

3. Investigate if the path you are following is the right one, because your life purpose may imply making certain changes.

4. Choose a path that you are passionate about, because then you will feel happy with what you do.

5. discover the possibilities you have to develop your talents.

6. Clearly express your desires and try to fulfill them.

7. enjoy the journey, and don’t focus on the results.

These steps, according to Escorche, can help you find your life purpose.

A new earth: an awakening to your life’s purpose

The author of this book, Eckhart Tolle, is one of the most important self-help and spirituality writers in the United States, and he has a very long list of advice that can help you find your life purpose and improve your current situation.

The original name of this book is A new earth: awakening to your life’s purpose, but you can easily find the Spanish translation published by Grijalbo. Tolle’s reflections in this work are not only about life purpose, but also about human consciousness, the current state of humanity, and the problems associated with the ego, among other things.

If you want to discover your life purpose and start living in a more conscious way, this is a good book to start looking into the subject and discover the ways in which you can achieve it.

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Living with intention

This work by Mallik Chopra also has some examples of life purpose that you can use as a reference. In addition, it teaches you a series of steps you can follow to discover the life purpose you have.

According to Chopra, once you ask yourself questions such as: what is my purpose, how can I serve, am I living with intention? You can begin to walk through eight basic steps that begin with the path to intention, and end with beginning to live with intention.

This book also has an epilogue by Deepak Choopra that serves as an inspiration, and with which you can discover what a life purpose is, how you can achieve yours, and how you can live a fulfilling life. we are confident that you will enjoy this book from cover to cover, and that you will be able to use it to achieve your life purpose.

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5 steps to discover your mission in life

According to David Topi, the author of this book, there are 5 steps that you must go through to know what your purpose in life is, and this personal development guide explains what these steps are and how to go through them.

Topi’s advice is ideal for people who are looking for their life purpose, especially because he explains how you can use your personal skills to work on what you want and get the most out of it.

Likewise, he explains how to live with passion, enhance the talents you have, and be satisfied with what you get out of life. These are the steps to follow:

1. Define your purpose in life.

2. Discover what talents and abilities you have.

3. Find professions related to your skills.

4. See how your profile fits with the professions you found.

5. discover what is your ideal profession and your life purpose with it.

In the book these topics are developed in a very broad way, so it is a good idea to read it and find out what is the purpose of life for you.

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The Ikigai Method: Awaken your true passion and fulfill your life purpose

Ikigai is a Japanese term that can be translated as “the reason to live”, and many authors use it to explain what the purpose of life is and give personal development advice.

The idea of this book, by Héctor García and Francesc Miralles, is that you discover what your passion is and you can fulfill your personal purposes. But how to do it? The proposal of these authors is that you balance the teachings of the past with your decisions in the present and your goals for the future, so that you can act with purpose and live in a more conscious way.

Libro método ikigai

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We hope this article inspires you to find what you are passionate about. Remember that in order to find your life purpose, you must go through a process of self-knowledge and reflection. Practicing meditation can help you reach that state of connection with yourself that you need.

see you in the next post!

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