Download and print the best box templates to give as gifts or to sell products

On the Internet there are millions of box templates to download for free, many of them customizable to suit your taste and the needs of your business.

If you need molds for commercial boxes, but you don’t know where to find free and good quality resources, don’t worry, we will make some recommendations that can help you.

In this article we share with you a list of 40 free and paid resources that you can download quickly and easily. We include from cupcake box templates to shoe box templates, so you have many templates and pages to find what you need.

1. Gift Box Templates

No gift is complete without the right wrapping, and the best way to package your gifts is to use a box with pretty, eye-catching motifs. This is a very useful box template if you are thinking of giving a gift to your favorite person, particularly because it has a pretty flower design and space for your dedications.

Download the templates

Plantillas de cajas para regalo

2. Box templates to print and assemble with the family

Having fun as a family is very easy, all you need is some free time, a little creativity and an activity to share. With this pack of box templates to print and assemble, you have a part of the requirements assured, since it contains six molds for boxes that you can download and assemble as a family.

Download the templates

Templates de cajas para armar en casa

3. Candy box templates for children’s parties

is your favorite nephew’s birthday coming up? Surprise him and help him organize his birthday party with these kid-themed box templates. Our pack includes three box templates to assemble and use for children’s birthday parties.

Download the templates

Plantillas de cajas para fiestas infantiles

4. Molds and templates of boxes for Halloween decorating

Halloween is a favorite date for kids, especially for costumes and candy. If you want to make boxes to take advantage of the opportunity to sell them or for your kids to go trick-or-treating, these candy box templates are the best option. Just download and print them.

Download the templates

Plantillas de cajas gratis para halloween

5. Christmas gift box templates

If you are thinking of making some Christmas crafts to give as gifts to your friends or family, these folding packaging prototypes are the ideal complement. These are 10 models of cardboard box templates in which you can pack all your Christmas gifts.

Download the templates

Plantillas gratuitas para cajas de navidad

6. Easter Box Templates

Easter celebration is becoming more and more common, so you can’t be left behind in the fun. If you want to celebrate and have fun with your family, we recommend you to use our Easter folding boxes.

Download the templates

Plantillas para celebración de pascua

7. Cupcake box templates for your venture

If you have a bakery business, you should think about what kind of packaging to use to sell your products. To help you, we share two cardboard box templates that you can use to package your cupcakes. remember that presentation is important.

Alejandra Forero, teacher of the structural design for packaging course, talks about the importance of choosing the right box template for the presentation of a product:

“Although many suppliers say that a good product is guaranteed to be successful, they underestimate the power of packaging. In this day and age, where you have millions of products on a shelf or on a website, it is basically the product packaging that can help you stand out and convey emotions in consumers. Many studies confirm that the first thing a consumer remembers about a product is its color, then its shape and finally its brand.

Download the templates

Plantillas de cajas para emprendimiento

8. Pattern for making boxes with figures on the lid

With this template you can create square boxes with an ornament on the lid, the only thing you have to do is to make the edition and select the figures of your choice.

Download the template

Plantilla de caja con estrellas

Source: Vecteezy

9. Templates for candy boxes

Freepik is the favorite place for graphic designers, and from today, it will be yours too. On this page there are thousands of free and paid resources to download, so if you need templates for candy boxes, you can search and download one like this one that we share with you.

Download the templates

Plantilla de caja para dulces

Source: Freepik

10. Wedding favor box templates

Weddings are one of the most beautiful celebrations ever, make sure to etch yours in the memory of your loved ones with these keepsake box templates.

Download the templates

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11. Heart-shaped box templates

If you still don’t know what to give your partner for the anniversary celebration, you can start by using a heart-shaped box to package your gift. No matter what detail you have in mind, this packaging will help you to surprise your favorite person.

Download the templates

Plantilla para caja en forma de corazón

Source: Next to Nicx

12. Hexagonal shaped box molds to assemble

There are millions of printable box templates in PDF, but one of our favorites is the hexagonal shaped box template. This pattern is very useful for storing personal items such as jewelry, watches or any type of small gift.

Download the templates

Molde para caja hexagonal

Source: Vecteezy

13. Triangular shaped cake box molds to assemble for cakes

Here we share with you a box template to pack cake slices to sell. In addition, on the download page you can configure the measurements of your box mold according to your preferences and needs.

Download the templates

Empacar rebanada de pastel en caja

Source: Template maker

14. Printable square box mold

Square boxes are the most versatile way to store anything, so why not sell them? This printable square box mold can be used to customize your own box patterns and start selling them.

Download the template

Molde de caja cuadrada

Source: Vecteezy

15. Mug box templates

A personalized mug makes a great birthday gift, so if you’re in the business of selling them you’ll have a good flow of customers in your business. To boost your sales you can include them in a decorative box that catches the eye, and this mug box template is the one.


Google Cardboards: Templates to make your own glasses!Plantilla de caja para tazaSource: Grafikteca

16. Pattern for making pizza boxes

If you sell pizza and you are tired of using a generic box to pack it, we recommend you to download this pizza box template. With it you can customize your design and include elements such as your logo and your social networks.

Download the template

Source: Freepik

17. Vectorized shoe box templates

Although it may seem that a shoe box does not need so much design, the truth is that packaging is important for all products. With these shoe box templates you can give an attractive presentation to your products and make your customers remember your brand.

Download the template

Plantillas de cajas de zapatos

18. Box templates with measurements of different shapes

Before using your own eco-friendly packaging to distribute your products, you must make sure that the measurements are appropriate. For this reason, we share with you some box templates with different shapes in which you can customize the measurements to your liking.

Download the templates

19. Pattern for making picnic boxes

If you are thinking of giving a surprise breakfast as a gift, this picnic box pattern is the one. It has enough space to hold all your gifts and is very easy to carry.

Download the template

20. Box templates to print and use in deliveries

Since the arrival of Covid online sales and home delivery have increased, so we recommend you to download this pack of delivery box templates in .psd format.

Download the templates

21. Free rectangular box templates for printing and assembly

If you are looking for a rectangular box template, one of the best sites where you can find free resources is All Free Download. To help you understand what we are talking about, we share with you a template to make product boxes in which you can include your logo and the characteristics of what you sell. besides, it is in .eps format!

Download vectorized template

22. Molds for Milk Box cardboard boxes

Christmas gift box templates can be very varied, so you should choose according to your taste. This Milk Box style box template is ideal for giving a small and creative gift.

Download the templates

Template de Milk Box

Source: Next to Nicx

23. Molds for diamond style gift boxes

This type of gift box molds have double utility, you can use them to store small gifts or to decorate some spaces in your home.

Download the templates

Plantillas de cajas en diamante

Source: Next to Nicx

24. Printable box templates for food packaging

The food business is one of the most profitable businesses, so it’s a good idea to start developing your projects and get some profit from your creativity. These box templates will help you with the packaging process for food products.

Download the template

25. Box templates to print and pack six packs

Craft products have an added value that attracts the attention of the youngest segments of any type of public. This cardboard box template will help you pack craft beers in six pack format.

Download the template

26. Box templates with sizes for business cards

If you already know how to make a business card to give to your clients, you just need to print them and have a place to keep them. These printable PDF box templates will help you to contain and protect your business cards.

Download the template

27. Template to make a tissue box

If you need a tissue dispenser box mold, you can download this template that will help you create a perfect box to carry in your cart.

Download the template

Modelo de caja para pañuelos

Source: Behance

28. Template to make a round box

This round box or hat box template is ideal for packaging gifts, especially if they are chocolates or knick-knacks. all you have to do is choose the download format, print it and assemble it!

Download the template

Modelo de caja redonda

Source: Template Maker

29. Pattern for making pyramid-shaped boxes

In Template Maker you will find a wide variety of templates for cardboard boxes, among which stands out the pyramid-shaped box template. You can use this template to make a box to store chocolates to sell or give as gifts.

Download the template

30. Template to make a box in the shape of a briefcase

A briefcase shaped box is very useful if you need an organizer that you can carry around. Even some box making patterns can be used to sell products in a rather eye-catching format.

Download the template

31. Vectorized box templates for chocolates

Continuing the trend of ideas for entrepreneurs, with these chocolate packaging box templates you can start packing handmade chocolates to sell them.

Download the template

32. Vectorized box templates for Chinese food

The downloadable box templates are not only for printing and building, you can also use them to make a mockup and upload a presentation of how your products will look like to social networks.

Download the template

33. Pillow box templates

Pillow box molds can be used to pack gifts or some products you want to sell. This template we share with you is very nice and easy to make.

Download the template

Tamplate de caja en forma de almohada

Source: Template maker

34. Hamburger box templates

If you have already read our article on how to start your hamburger business, then you are ready to take the next step and give shape to your project. With this square hamburger box template you can package your products and start selling them.

Download the template

Plantilla de caja para hamburguesas

Source: Template Roller

35. Template for donut box

Donuts are one of everyone’s favorite sweets, so starting to sell them is a good idea for any entrepreneur. This donut box template is ideal for your first home delivery.

Download the template

36. Cereal box templates

If you are just starting out with your packaging projects, this folding carton template will help you practice creating cereal box designs.

Download the template

37. Exploding box template with lid

An explosive box is a perfect gift to surprise your loved ones, that’s why we share with you a box template that you can use to make your own explosive box at home.

Download the template

38. Templates for toy boxes

Selling handmade toys can be complicated by the competition in the market, however, with this box template you can customize your products and capture the attention of customers. all you have to do is use an eye-catching color palette!

Download the template

Molde de caja para juguete

Source: Vecteezy

39. Mold for rectangular box for potato chips

If you started a new business and need a nice and easy to assemble potato chip box template, this resource is what you’re looking for. Best of all, you can print it out and use the box to sell live in your business or include it in your home delivery box.

Download the template

Source: Vecteezy

40. Cake box templates to assemble for cakes

To finish off, we share with you some downloadable box templates that you can use to pack birthday cakes.

Download the template

Caja de pasteles moderna

Source: Vecteezy

We hope that the box templates we share with you will help you fulfill your purposes, whether you use them to package your gifts or to distribute the products of your venture.

We recommend that you use the right cardboard paper when printing, because although this list only includes templates for quality boxes, poor paper can work against you.

see you soon!

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