How to draw a cat step by step? Quick start guide to fall on your feet

Take the first step as a cartoonist: learn how to draw a cat easily and quickly and surprise your cat and your friends with your illustrations .

In this article we tell you how to draw a cat step by step, and some tips to get your career as an illustrator off the ground.

Drawing a cat is quite easy, and you can choose between a realistic cat, a kawaii cat or a cartoon style cat.

It doesn’t matter if you’re a beginner, if you draw in your spare time or if you’re a professional illustrator: drawing cats in pencil will be your new favorite de-stressing activity .

Grab a blank sheet of paper, a pencil and Miaaaau! Sorry, I mean, let’s get to work!

Tips for drawing a cat

Before we teach you how to draw a cat, we want to give you some basic tips that every illustrator should keep in mind. Take note:

Look for drawing tutorials

It’s normal that you have doubts and need help to perfect your drawing techniques. Therefore, help yourself with tutorials, guides or internet resources.

Dedicate at least 2 hours a day to your drawing practice

Practice makes perfect: set aside a time in your agenda, disconnect from all distractions and start drawing a cat step by step. Another day try another animal, and so on until you are more comfortable and can draw fancy drawings.

Image: MyCrafts

Experiment with different drawing styles

Don’t be afraid to try different drawing techniques until you find one you’re comfortable with.

Try cartoon, anime or kawaii style, or just do realistic drawings. Use a graphite pencil or have fun creating with a stylus and your digital tablet.

Set up your drawing space

Choose a room in your home where you can keep all your drawing materials and allow you to concentrate on illustrating. Make it a place where you can learn how to draw a cat and practice without interruptions.

Be patient

After a few months you will surely be ready to sell drawings on the internet, and in a few years maybe your artwork will be famous in the world.

That said, let’s move on with this guide to learn how to draw a cat in simple steps.

How to draw a cat easy?

In this step-by-step how to draw a cat tutorial we will rely on a cartoon style and use geometric shapes. Here are the steps:

1. Make a sketch drawing of the head and body

Make a circle for the head. Then, add a vertical and a horizontal line, crossed, in the center of the head. Make a large oval to draw the cat’s body.

Source: wikiHow

2. Draw the cat’s face

The next step in learning how to draw a cat is to add the eyes by making two small circles, and then the nose and mouth. Make an oval figure sticking out on each side of the head.

3. Draw the cat’s limbs

Draw the two front legs with cylindrical shapes and a circle at the back of the body, which will make it look like the cat is sitting (you can look at the finished drawing below to guide you better).

4. Draw the cat’s tail

This is the easiest part of drawing a cat: draw a long and curved figure

5. Add the cat’s mustache and final details

You can add a collar and tousle it a bit, making relief to its mane.

Image: wikihow

great! Now you have your cartoon cat ready to color.

how to draw a kawaii cat?

If you would like to draw a kawaii style cat, then follow the steps below:

1. Draw the cat’s head

The first step to draw a kawaii cat is to make a circle that has the bottom most flattened part.

2. Draw the body of the cat

Now, make another smaller circle under the head. They will overlap, so you have to erase the part of the body circle that is inside the head circle. This step is key if you want to learn how to draw a cat and become an expert.

3. Draw the cat’s ears

Draw two simple triangles on top of the head, with rounded tips.

4. Draw the cat’s limbs

Inside the circle of the body draw its front paws, its hind legs will be placed on the outside, at the bottom. Then draw the tail on the left or right side, wherever you prefer!

5. Draw the cat’s face

If you’ve come this far, it’s because you’ve almost mastered the process of how to draw a cat, so this step will be super easy for you. You just have to draw two small circles that will be the eyes and a number 3 lying down, which will be its mouth and nose.

And you already have your easy kawaii style cat drawing finished. Now, if you want, you can add some details, like whiskers and some spots.

Image: ComoDibujarKawaii

Cat pictures to draw

Since we want you to really learn how to draw a cat and make the best cat illustrations afterwards, we leave you other guides you will love.

Kitty to draw in a few steps

This guide is perfect for practicing a more elongated variant of the typical drawn cat images, what do you think?

Image: Pinterest

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This instructable is a good choice if this is the first time you are going to practice how to draw a cat. super easy and fast!

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Children’s drawing of cat

Learn how to draw a cat with this super easy step by step. Plus, it’s perfect for the little ones!

Image: Art Projects for Kids

Image of cute kitten to draw

we love this step by step! It’s a girly variation of the classic cat drawing.

Image: CuantaFauna

do you already know how to draw a cat? we hope you found these guides useful!

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