Drawing techniques: Make incredible artistic creations and look like a professional!

Whether as children or adults, drawing techniques have accompanied us in some of the stages of our lives and although we do not always have great talent to know how to draw, the truth is that it is very useful to release our feelings and capture, through drawing, our feelings or emotions.

That is to say, from an early age we begin to explore art through the doodles or sketches we make. However, this does not imply that we have a gift for drawing, in fact “To learn to draw it is important to know the basic techniques for beginners, be disciplined and have a lot of patience,” highlights the page of El Confidencial.

ready to learn the best drawing techniques and look like a pro? discover everything you need to start drawing and become a great artist. Let’s get started!

1. Pencil drawing technique

The pencil is a basic instrument that is known by most of us, because, on several occasions, we have used it to make sketches or doodles in our notebook, when we were still in school or high school.

But did you know that there are different types of pencils and that each one has a specific function? just as you read it, there are some that are oriented to stronger strokes that can be used for the outline of some figures; while others have softer strokes. would you like to know how they are classified? Well, we’ll tell you right away.

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The pencils oriented to strong strokes are those belonging to the “B” category, which range from n°1 to 9.

9B – 8B – 7B – 6B – 5B – 4B – 3B – 2B – B

Then, there is the “HB”, which is the midpoint between strong and soft strokes. In addition, it is the most frequently used when you want to make notes or annotations.

Finally, there are those pencils with a soft tip, which correspond to the “B” line and allow for softer strokes. Something you have to keep in mind when drawing is that the higher the number, the softer the tip of the pencil.
H – 2H – 3H – 4H – 5H – 6H – 7H – 8H – 9H


2. Drawing technique with sanguine

have you ever heard of sanguine? it is a very old dry drawing technique, which is based on acerine, a mineral form of ferric oxide. Paintings that began to use this material emerged during the Paleolithic period, at the end of the 14th century.

The sanguine can be found in various presentations such as: bar, powder or pencil, the latter is one of the most popular forms in which this material is used, which also resembles the style of charcoal.

The name of this drawing technique comes from “blood”, because the shades that can be obtained by using this artistic tool, revolve around a range of reds that allows to obtain the following tones:

Orange red
Ochre brown
Sepia, etc.

The sanguine drawing techniques are ideal for portraits, landscapes or nudes that want to take advantage of chiaroscuro and volume, due to its main quality, luminosity.

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3. Drawing technique with ballpoint pen

do you remember when you used to doodle with a ballpoint pen on the last pages of your notebook? believe it or not, this is one of the most used drawing tools by those who are just starting to get into the world of design.

For beyond being used to write or make notes, the pen allows you to develop amazing minimalist drawings.

just as you read it! Although it seemed like a school prank or a way to kill boredom, somehow, the drawings you made in your school years, can be considered as a form of artistic expression.

Certainly, in order to get the most out of the pen, it is necessary to know and learn the various drawing techniques that exist, since in this way you will achieve better results in the sketches you make and you can capture different effects on the support on which you are working.

4. Charcoal drawing technique

Charcoal is another of the tools that accompany the main artistic drawing techniques. This material is one of the first used by man to make sketches or designs on different types of flat supports. In addition, you can find it in different presentations, either hard or soft.

The use of this design tool requires the knowledge and handling of its techniques, since this way you will be able to obtain better finishes in the drawings you make.

In addition, unlike other pictorial instruments, charcoal allows you to obtain different strokes, using the same tool. All you have to do is vary the inclination or position at the moment of drawing and that’s it!

Charcoal is not very easy to use, in fact, at the beginning it may seem very complex, since it requires a special technique to obtain the strokes you want in your drawing. However, once you learn how to employ it properly, you will notice how practical it can be.

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5. Drawing technique with oil pastels

If what you’re looking for are drawing techniques that allow you to better explore with colors, one of the most recognized is oil pastels. what is it about? It is an artistic design tool that allows you to make incredible creations that are in limbo between drawing and painting.

This technique is used by both beginners and art professionals, due to the practicality of use and results it offers. The presentation of this drawing tool is like that of a crayon or stick, with which you can obtain vivid drawings that look like they were made with paint.

The best of all is that due to its composition, oil pastels do not need water and can be used on almost any type of support, whether paper, wood, plastic, etc. In addition, one of its main qualities is that it does not get dirty as other artistic tools or materials do.

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6. Airbrush drawing technique

have you ever heard about drawing techniques using airbrush? basically, the airbrush is an instrument used in the artistic world to spread paint or paint on all kinds of bases, allowing to obtain more realistic and cleaner finishes.

This tool is made of stainless steel and is characterized by being able to spray, in a fine way, the paint on the creations you are making. This technique is ideal for those who want to obtain smoother and sharper finishes in the drawings they make.

Due to the way it works, the airbrush is perfect for all types of support such as metal, plastic, wood, among others. However, it should be noted that due to its degree of complexity, it is a tool that is mainly used by art connoisseurs or professionals.

7. Drawing technique with black stone

As you go deeper into the artistic world, you will discover more drawing techniques. One of them is the one that uses black stone. This is a metamorphic rock that is used for the development of various design tools.

If you go to an art store, you can find it in its pencil presentation. This tool allows you to obtain finishes very similar to charcoal, with the difference that it is easier to use and does not usually stain the paper or the base on which you are working.

The black stone is ideal for any type of support such as canvas, notebooks, etc., and its use is usually recommended for the development of portraits, nudes, landscapes or simpler sketches.

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what did you think of the drawing techniques we have presented? Amazing, right? Start practicing each of them and surprise with amazing artistic creations that will make you look like a professional in this field.

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