Find out how to download videos from web pages and use them in your projects

If you are one of those who are wondering how to download videos from web pages, your days of doubts are over! We know that on many occasions having that video you saw on the Internet at hand is more than necessary.

Whether as a source of inspiration for your next project or to consult some information, downloading videos from the Internet is a skill you should develop as soon as possible.

In this article we will tell you step by step how to download videos from web pages on PC or mobile using several alternatives so that you can get the audiovisual content you want in the palm of your hand. When you are done, you will know how to download a video from a web page in a matter of seconds and some tricks to edit your videos in case you need to.

1. Make sure you have a stable Internet connection

Before learning how to download a video from a web page, the most important thing is to have the necessary elements for you to do it quickly and easily. Fortunately, the requirements to perform this process are quite simple and you probably already have the first of them without planning ahead.

First of all, to be able to download a video easily you need a stable wifi connection. In case you don’t have a wifi network you can connect to, you can also work with mobile data. In addition to the connection, it is important that you have the link to the website where the video you want to download is hosted, whether it is a social network like Facebook or a website like YouTube.

Now that you have everything you need to start downloading videos from the Internet, let’s go straight to the downloading tools and some tricks to make it easier and faster.

persona viendo un video de InternetSource: Pexels

2. Choose an online download tool

To download videos from the Internet, you can make use of a variety of free tools that you will find available online. The option you use will depend on several factors, such as the location of the video and the weight of the file.

Some popular online website options that you can use when downloading videos from web pages are:, and All of these tools will work for portals, such as YouTube, Dailymotion and Facebook.

3. Choose the video format

The next step of how to download videos from websites is to select the video format you want to save directly to your computer. In case you see that the video is not processed when it should, we recommend you to try some other website mentioned above.

Also, when selecting the download format, keep in mind that you will have options of audio and video (MP4 and WebM), or audio only (MP3). It is preferable to use the MP4 format, since you can later separate both materials if you prefer.

4. Define the video quality

At this same stage of the process of how to download videos from online web pages, you will probably also find video quality options. The most frequent ones are: 1080p, 720p, 480p and 360p. Choosing a lower quality option will make the download faster, as the file will have less weight.

If you have an optimal download speed, take advantage of downloading videos from Internet pages with the best quality, since you will be able to compress the size if necessary to ensure that your image is the best possible.

In case you want to edit in Adobe Premiere some of these issues in the video you downloaded from a website, we recommend you to have our free Premiere shortcuts guide at hand. working this way has never been easier!

5. Download the video

Well, you are now at the last stage of how to download videos from websites for free. Remember that you can download videos with url from any page on these online platforms. To do this, you will have to apply the following steps:

Enter the source page of the video you want to download.

Find the video you are going to download from the Internet.

Copy the link to the video from the URL bar.

Enter a video download site that suits your needs.

After entering the website, find a text field.

Then, you will need to paste the link to the video, you can use Ctrl+V in Windows.

Then you will have to click on the download button. You will see the video start processing and then you will be able to choose the download formats.

Click the download button again to complete the process.

Video Editing

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The Premiere Pro interface, the creation and system of projects and sequences.

How to export in Premiere and import files from other software such as Photoshop or Illustrator and to have a total management of sequences. You will also be able to import videos you downloaded from the Internet.

The editing tools to learn from how to put text in Premiere to incorporate effects such as transitions and animations.

How to refine your post-production technique to the next level with freeze-frame techniques, speed changes, marker use, time remapping, shot stabilization and multi-camera editing.

If your goal in knowing how to download videos from websites is to use them in your projects, then in this course you will learn how to edit your own videos in Premiere for social media, such as YouTube, or for any media you need.

Other alternatives to download videos from the Internet

As you can see, knowing how to download a video from an online website is extremely easy. However, there are other online platforms, programs, Chrome extensions and apps that allow you to download videos from Internet pages not only from your computer, but also from your cell phone .

Below, we will show you some tools that will help you download any video from the Internet, be it websites, blogs, social networks, etc. take note!

1. OBS Studio

If you already know how to set up OBS Studio to make live broadcasts and give your video a great style, then you’ll find it easy to master this program. Now it’s time to take advantage of this digital tool with another feature. You can use OBS to download videos from any website.

Note that this is not a download option per se, but you will be able to get the same result. With OBS you will be able to take a screenshot of the content that appears on your computer along with the corresponding audio.

Remember that when you record screen to download videos from web pages directly to your computer, you will capture any other additional element that appears on the screen of your computer, such as the cursor, pop-ups or the intermittence when loading a video.

how to download OBS for free?

Before you start capturing screenshots with OBS, you will need to download the program to your computer. Here’s how to do it easily. Please note that it is available for Windows, Mac and Linux.

Log in to OBS Project.

Select the system you use on your computer.

Open the downloaded file.

Select the installation steps in the pop-up window.

Click the Install button.

Select Finish.

how to download videos from the Internet with OBS Studio?

With the previous steps you have already installed OBS Studio on your computer, now it’s time to know how to download videos from web pages. are you ready? Pay close attention to the following tutorial.

Open in the browser the link to the video you want to download.

Open OBS Studio.

In the OBS window, find the Start Recording button and click it.

Enter the window where the video is and play it.

Once the video finishes, return to OBS Studio.

Click Stop Recording.

After this procedure, your video will be recorded and available for viewing. If you want to go to the file folder, go to File and then click Show Recordings.

logo de OBS StudioSource: OBS

2. QuickTime

Just like using OBS Studio, QuickTime will also record your cursor and the elements that appear on the screen. To accompany the screen recording, you will need a digital tool that captures audio from your Mac so you can download any video from the Internet in good quality.

how to download IShowU?

IShowU is a plugin that allows you to capture audio from a Mac. Fortunately it is a free tool from the Internet. Now, to download this plug-in you will have to execute the following steps:

Enter Shiny White Box.

Select Catalina, if you are using MacOS Catalina or Mojave. If you are using earlier versions, click Download.

Open the “.dmg” installation file in your downloads folder.

Double-click the IShowU Audio Capture.pkg file.

Complete the steps in the installation window.

Click on Install.

Enter your password.

Select Install Software. Here you can close or restart.

Tutorial to connect the IShowU plugin

With the previous steps on how to install this program to download videos from the Internet you will have already managed to have it on your device but how to make your Mac recognize the plugin? For that you will have to follow a new tutorial in order to configure the output sound settings.

Click on the magnifying glass in the upper right corner.

Type audio MIDI setup and press Enter.

Then, select the Plus (+) symbol at the bottom of the audio devices menu.

Click on Create a multiple output device.

Check the Embedded Audio and IShowU Audio Capture checkboxes.

Double-click Multiple Output Device and rename it to Screen Capture.

Set the “Screen Capture” device as the main audio output in System Preferences.

how to use QuickTime to download videos from web pages?

With these steps, your audio is now set up for recording. Now it is time to download a video from the Internet.

Open QuickTime on your Mac.

Go to File and select the New Screen Recording option.

Click on Options and select the IShowU option.

Now, click on the Record button, this will start recording your screen.

Then, you will have to go to the browser where the video is and play it.

At the end of the video, go to File and then to Stop Recording.

When you complete these steps you will have a preview of the video. To save it, just go to File and then Save. Name your file and click Save again.

logo de QuickTimeSource: Freepik

3. VLC Player

If you use this video player as default and you don’t want to search for new tools, you should know that you can download videos from web pages directly from VLC Player. how to do it? Here we tell you how:

Copy the URL of the video you are interested in.

Once inside VLC, access the ”Media” or ”File” menu and click the ”Open Network Location” button.

This is where you should copy the URL and then click on ”Play”.

Once you have done that, you should go to the ”Tools” option and look for the ”Codec information” area.

Then, you must press CTRL + J and select the content of the ”Location” field.

Once you have done this, you must open the browser and copy the content in the search bar. The video will automatically appear.

If you right click on the video, the ”Save as” option will appear. Click on that button and you will be able to download it to your computer.

VLC Player en versión móvilSource: Freepik


We know that YouTube is one of the most precious sources of videos that exist today, and this is evidenced by the more than 2 million active users that use this social network monthly, according to Hootsuite data published in Juan Mejia’s blog.

No tutorial on how to download videos from the Internet could miss this point. With this website you can download and cut YouTube videos that you so much want to have on your computer.

On the one hand, you can do it directly from the link of your YouTube video. how do you do it?

Open the video you want to download on YouTube.

Replace the “https://www.” with the letters ss.

It will automatically redirect you to where you should copy the url of the video you want to download.

Finally, choose the quality of the video and click the “Download” button.

Savefrom página para descargar videos de YouTube

5. ClipConverter

Another tool that works perfectly when downloading a video from YouTube is ClipConverter. It is compatible with both computers and tablets and mobiles and includes the audio of the video in the download. Here are the steps to do it:

Open the ClipConverter website.

Copy the link of the video you want to download and paste it into the “Multimedia Address” option.

Click Continue. Here you can change the file name and choose the video quality.

Click the Start button to start the download. A new window will open and you must click the Download button. that’s it! You now know how to download a video on YouTube.

descargar un video en YouTubeSource: Pexels

6. iGram

You already know how to download videos from websites, you just need to fully master social media. Especially when you are looking for creative inspiration or you are working on some digital marketing project and need examples of viral videos, knowing how to download videos from Instagram can be very useful.

As you already know, downloading videos or images directly from the Instagram app is impossible. What you can do is to use an online tool or apps to download videos from Instagram. One of the most popular and effective ones is iGram.

To download your video, all you need to do is:

Go to the official Instagram app and find the photo or video you want to download.

Click on the three dots and choose the Share link option.

Select Copy to clipboard.

Go to the app to download the Instagram content and paste the link you just copied.

Click on the Download button and then the content will be automatically saved to your mobile.

descargar videos de InstagramSource: Freepik

7. Web Video Downloader

Web Video Downloader is one of the best Chrome extensions for downloading videos from any website. If you are looking for convenience, you just need to add it to your Chrome browser, and you are just one click away from downloading videos from the Internet.

Since it is a Google Chrome extension, it is very reliable and even skips annoying promotional ads. With this, you can download different types of videos, including MP4, AVI, MOV, etc.

Web Video Downloader

8. Video Downloader Pro

Video Downloader Pro is a professional magic tool through which you can download videos from web pages in a matter of seconds. The most interesting thing about this website is that it is absolutely free and a very professional web video downloader.

Unlike other video downloader websites, Video Downloader Pro has the unique feature of being an online tool that translates into many different languages and also has a Chrome extension.

So add the extension to your browser, open the website from where you want to download the video, click the extension button and download the video to your device. you’re done!

Video Downloader Pro

9. 4K Video Downloader

4K Video Downloader is an advanced website for downloading videos from the Internet with ease. It is a bit different from other conventional web video downloaders that are online and require installation before using it.

4K Video Downloader also supports multiple platforms and supports several popular languages. While it has a free version for downloading videos from websites, it still has some limitations, such as 30 downloads per day. Meanwhile, its premium version offers unlimited downloads.

Another feature of the 4K video downloader is that it allows you to download 3D and 360-degree videos. You can even download a playlist or an entire YouTube channel along with subtitles. There are many other premium features to choose from. Simply install the 4K video downloader and enjoy the amazing features.

4K Video Downloader

10. Link Video Downloader

Link Video (LVD) is an online web video downloader and converter that allows you to download audio or video files from various websites, such as Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, Tumblr, Blogger, Soundcloud and many more.

In fact, it is a free and easy-to-use tool. One of its great attributes is that it offers you various formats to extract a video from a web page. You just need to copy and paste the URL of the desired video and click the download button. Once the video is converted, you can simply download it to your own device.

Link Video Download

11. Keepvid

Keepvid is another website that allows you to download videos from any website without programs, you can even download content from social networks. For example, you can backup your Facebook videos and download your favorite music from YouTube or hundreds of websites you like in MP3 format to your device so you can listen to it offline.

Keepvid is a very reliable web video downloader that gives you a feature that only a few offer. With it you can download the entire content of a YouTube playlist. It also provides you with additional information when downloading MP3 videos from YouTube including video metadata (artist name, title) that can help you later.


12. AceThinker

If you are looking for how to download videos from protected websites, AceThinker allows you to download videos from popular websites and social networks, such as YouTube, Vevo, Dailymotion and many others. This online platform has no download limit or any other restrictions. It is fast and very easy to use.

Simply copy the URL of the video to be downloaded, paste it into AceThinker’s address bar and then click the download button. It is also compatible with all the latest browsers and requires no installation.


13. FB Down

FBDown has a feature that allows users to download videos from a private web page that would otherwise not be viewable, especially from Facebook. Even if you can’t watch the video on Facebook natively.

To download a private video, go to the video page on Facebook, press CTRL + U to view the source code, then paste the code into the downloader. you’re done!

descargar videos privados en FB Down

14. Web Browser

If you have already tried all the alternatives and none of them were really useful. Here is one last way to download any video from the Internet. The steps are a bit more complex, but with patience and care you will surely be able to do it.

With your video open in the browser, you must go to the drop-down menu with the three dots on the top right corner of the screen.

There hover over the “More Tools” option and click on the “Developer Tools” option.

On the right side of the screen a table with many options and buttons will open. Go to the “Network” tab and choose your video link.

open it with the “Open in new tab” option. Here you will see your video without codes.

Right-click to save it to your computer.


Tips for downloading videos from the Internet

With all these methods, you now know how to download videos from web pages quite easily. We hope that some of these alternatives will be very useful to you. And, of course, we can’t leave without giving you some final recommendations.

Remember to hide the cursor from your screen. place the indicator in a corner and you will see that it will disappear from the recording. Also, be sure to put the video in Full Screen mode or press F11, this way you will get optimal video quality.

In the case of screenshots, to keep only the material you want to use, keep in mind that you can then cut the beginning and end of the video with programs such as Adobe Premiere .

It is likely that screen recording will not work on streaming services and you will see a black screen due to the rights of the material. In these cases, several of these alternatives for downloading videos from the Internet offer a download option for offline viewing.

hombre viendo videos de YouTubeSource: Freepik

Now that you know how to download videos from websites, you can learn more about video editing software and take your knowledge to the next level. We recommend that you explore our online video courses and determine which one most closely resembles your goals.

That’s all for today, see you next time!

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