20 title fonts for creating spectacular documents

If you want your projects to have more visual impact, title fonts will be your best allies from now on. typography is one of the most crucial elements of design, as it is directly related to the impact and interest your message generates in your target audience.

Therefore, choosing among the different types of fonts for titles you have available should not be a task to be taken lightly. What’s more, did you know that there are some considerations to take into account when performing this action?

For example, according to Hubspot, you should make sure that the title fonts you implement in your designs are legible so as not to confuse your readers and can convey your message clearly. On the other hand, experts recommend aligning the typeface to the image your brand projects.

So, you still don’t know what typeface to choose for your next headlines? If so, don’t worry, in this article we will present you several fonts for headlines that you can download for free and that will be useful for your next works. also, we will show you how to make beautiful title letters by hand and through lettering.

are you ready to start? read on!

Considerations for choosing the best lettering for titles

Before knowing what the best title fonts are, you should pay attention to the anatomy of the fonts to determine what these typefaces are used for, as each one is used to achieve a particular effect.

Mainly, you should consider the following types of anatomy:

1. Serif Font

Serif font or Serif Font is known for its small details at the top and bottom of each letter.

They are mainly used as letter casts for print and also in digital content for short titles or as content on long pages. this typeface was first used in the 15th century and has been a favorite font of many since that time.

2. Sans-Serif Font

Sans-Serif fonts are the fonts that are usually preferred over others because they are clean, modern and legible, making them the most widely used typeface for titles, logos and paragraphs.

3. Script Font

Script Fonts are cursive letters based on handwriting. There are several brands that use them as title letters, among them are Harrods and Paul Smith. Another famous font of this typeface is Coco-Cola and Pinterest.

If you later opt for a script font, don’t forget to make sure that it is legible, as some of them are often difficult to understand at first glance.

tipos de fuentesImage: Jenelle Reynolds

Pretty typefaces for pretty titles

Pretty fonts for titles will set a trend this 2022, because, as we told you before, if you want to add strength to the message you want to convey, the design must be impeccable.

Therefore, you can’t do without them in your next projects! Free up some space on your computer and get ready to download the most beautiful letters for titles that we have compiled for you.


looking for beautiful capital letters for titles? FLIX is a great font for headlines in large text, branding and external advertisements. Additionally, this uppercase font is also perfect for graphic design.

You can use it in creating cool and disruptive logos, promotional content, marketing graphics, business or birthday cards.

flix font

2. Adam.CG Pro

Adam.CG Pro is a typeface from the Sans Serif family inspired by the Futura font, a must-have for eye-catching and engaging headlines.

Its clean and detailed image makes it an essential candidate to combine with subheads or other text to catch the eye of the human eye.

fuente para titulos adam cg

3. Visage Demolished

This title font is used for rustic and desert titles, giving an impression of ruggedness and all-terrain. This is one of the cool title fonts that will help you attract the attention of your customers quickly.

tipo de letras visage

4. Glamor

As its name suggests, this font is one of those letter designs that convey glamour and prestige. This font exudes elegance in headlines and headlines, ideal for the beauty and fashion industry.

Typefaces for modern headlines

Continuing with our list of the best typefaces for titles, if your brand has an avant-garde style and you want to align yourself to it, there are several modern typefaces that you should take into account for this 2022.

Before you start designing, remember that visual impact is fundamental for any project. this is the only way to ensure that your artwork will have an effect on those who view it.

1. Aleo

This is a contemporary typeface designed by Alessio Laiso. Of all the typefaces for titles, Aleo Font stands out for its semi-rounded details and elegant structure, which gives it personality and legibility.

The family of this typeface is composed of 6 styles and they are available free of charge.

fuente de texto aleo

2. Cheddar Gothic

It is a typeface family of 8 hand-drawn styles. You can use it as titles on packaging, posters, stamps, branding, billboards, websites and more. Undoubtedly, these typeface models will give a fresh and different look to your projects.

fuente cheddar gothic

3. Municipal Typeface

This title font has 4 basic shapes, of which the capital letters are the protagonists. You can use it in different online and offline platforms, as well as in various projects because of its combinable appearance.

tipo de letra municipal

Typefaces for titles in Word

did you come into this post looking for the best letter designs for titles in Word? If so, this section is for you, because, in the following lines, we have made a selection of the word fonts for titles that will give what to talk about this 2022.

You have probably used these fonts before, however, from today, you will see them with different eyes, as you will realize that they are excellent to be used as title fonts, since they are eye-catching and legible .

1. Garamond

Garamond is a classic-looking typeface that definitely makes it a more interesting option than the traditional Times New Roman. In addition, you can adjust the text without losing legibility by reducing the font size.

It is a favorite for its easy readability and elegance.

fuente de word garamondImage: Zety

2. Cambria

It is a serif font that has been designed to work very well on computers. It has a robust letter construction that facilitates legibility even at small sizes. Therefore, Cambria is not only limited to being an excellent typeface for titles, it can also be used for body text.

fuente de word cambriaImage: Zety

3. Helvetica

Our classic Helvetica remains in force for this 2022. This is a typeface for neo-grotesque titles. It’s also easy to read, which makes it a popular choice in the advertising world.

did you know that in New York City, as well as in large corporations, they use Helvetica in their signage? now is your chance to include it in your work!

fuente de word helveticaImage: Zety

Typefaces for formal titles

did you know that there is an interesting list of typefaces for formal titles that will set the tone this 2022? yes! Just as you’ve read it.

If you are preparing a presentation for your work team or to expose in front of your potential clients, this list of fonts for formal titles will be an interesting and useful resource for you. check them out!

1. Merriweather

Let’s start with this title font, which in addition to being used for presentations or formal designs, is also a beautiful typeface.

With Merriweather, you will achieve an elegant aesthetic in your presentation. In addition, it is easily readable regardless of the font size and will bring a sophisticated style to your project.

This title font comes from the serif font family and you can use it in bold, italic and regular. So, if you want to achieve the perfect balance between style, elegance and formality this font is an excellent choice.

merriweather font

2. Arvo

Arvo is an ideal typeface for formal titles that want to have a geometric appearance. It belongs to the Slab-Serif family and is known for its versatility and legibility.

As in the previous example, this font also comes in four different versions (regular, italic, bold and bold italic) and depending on the version you choose it can look like a font for classic or modern titles.

Its varied style makes it one of the preferred fonts of this 2022 by industrial companies.

fuente arvo

3. Dose

who says there is no such thing as a formal yet retro title?

The Dosis font is the clear example of the existence of both characteristics in a single title typeface. Double Win! These letters are clean, modern and belong to the sans-serif font family.

It is used by most creative and technology professionals, making it one of the most successful title fonts for presentations of innovative science and technology companies.

4. Montserrat

These are also formal title typefaces belonging to the Sans-Serif family with geometric shapes.

They can be used for website presentations, either in a header, as the headline of any section or as a main banner.

This typeface for titles has a youthful and bold aesthetic without leaving aside elegance and formality. They are ideal for use in presentations with a millennial audience.

montserrat font

5. Bebas Neue

This font has a futuristic aesthetic that works best for formal headings. Bebas Neue belongs to the Sans-Serif family and definitely using it as a headline this 2022 will draw a lot of attention from viewers.

Its aesthetic is futuristic and you can use it for technology-related campaign presentations. also, Bebas Neue combines very well with other fonts for titles such as Montserrat.

bebas neue font

6. Josefin Sans

Josefin Sans has formal title fonts with a minimalist, cut-out style.

According to its creator, this typeface for titles is inspired by the typographic trends of the 1930s, in order to give the font an elegant and vintage style.

It is usually used in formal presentations of fashion, design and beauty brands, due to its sophisticated style. In addition, it has the 4 necessary versions of any font: regular, bold, italic and bold italic.

josefin sans tipo de letra para titulos

7. Roboto

This 2022 the beautiful fonts for titles are also formal and neat, without falling into the boring or classic in the extreme. The fonts for formal titles that will be a must in your presentations are definitely always those that leave aside the classic and go one or two steps further.

So, if you want a typeface that won’t distract your viewers and, at the end of your presentation, they will come up to you and ask, “What typeface did you use?”, then Roboto is one of the best alternatives.

Roboto is known as a neo-grotesque typeface; note that this does not mean that it is aesthetically unpleasing, but quite the contrary, this refers to its gothic origins.

This sans-serif typeface is quite enigmatic, as it is geometric; but it also has open curves. The result is a friendly, professional and elegant font.

estilo de letras roboto

8. Spartan

Within this list of fonts for titles, we could not miss one that allows you to generate a modern, elegant and formal title.

League Spartan is a font derived from Century Gothic Bold, and belongs to the most modern geometric Sans-Serif font to date.

It has a modern, bold aesthetic and is versatile enough to be used as a title or body text.

fuente para titulos y texto spartan

9. Poppins

To finish with our list of typefaces for titles, Poppins is a typeface that is created from the geometric Sans-Serif font. in addition, it supports Latin writing systems, so you can count on the beloved “ñ”.

Poppins Font has a free license, so you can use it for personal and commercial use whenever you want. So use it in your designs and get that touch of modernity and authority that this font conveys.

fuente para titulos poppins

Typefaces for titles

We know you loved the fonts we shared above and, surely, you are eager to know more of the title fonts you can find on the internet. To save you the relentless search you plan to do on Google, in this section we have compiled for you amazing fonts that you can download for free .

We recommend that you take them into account to build your own catalog of fonts for titles, this way, you will always have options at hand to achieve excellence in your projects.

1. The Night Watch

The Night Watch is ideal for designing classic and medieval titles, as well as for horror images. You can use these title fonts in illustrations, posters or design projects of all kinds and give a dramatic touch to your creations.

tipo de letras para titulos

2. Arc

got to convey fun and joy in your design creations? Then this is one of the title fonts you should have in your catalog.

Moreover, you will find it useful not only for titles, but also for logos and for designs with children’s content. If you are looking for free fonts for invitations or birthday cards, this is your ideal choice.

fuentes para titulos arco

3. Caviar Dreams

This title font is perfect for designs that convey elegance, delicacy, and a sense of aesthetics. You can also use it for logos or long texts.

caviar dreams tipos de fuentes para titulos

4. Nordic

This title typeface contains imposing, eye-catching details that will undoubtedly make any design stand out. Nordic is perfect for use in posters, brochures, banners or in the creation of a logo.

fuentes para titulos nordic

5. Mister Pixel Font

Mister Pixel is an unusual title font, perfect for the headlines of a retro graphic design piece.

The design of this title lettering style features, in an exaggerated way, the minimal color squares of the screens, called pixels, creating a lettering typography that will definitely catch the attention of fans of technology and retro vibe.

letras bonitas para titulos

6. Linear

This typeface is perfect as a beautiful title font, especially for modern digital magazines.

It stands out for its clarity and neatness in the design. It has straight strokes with a medium thickness, which makes this typeface can be used for many graphic pieces.

If you want to create striking and formal, but modern headlines, this is your option.

tipografias para titulos lineal

7. New York

want to create an original design, with a sober and elegant title font? then download this free title font and start working your magic!

New York Font, created by Artem Nevsky, contains strokes that denote seriousness and professionalism, which will invite anyone who looks at the design to read. Besides, it is one of the title fonts that includes uppercase, lowercase, numbers and special characters.

fuente new york para titulos

8. Blue Fonte

Blue Fonte has a natural feel that reminds us of personalized handwriting, as this title font is one of the lightest and simplest typefaces.

In addition, it can be used on business cards, posters, logos, magazines, covers and anything else you can imagine.

blue font para titulos

9. Mohave

This uppercase-only header font has a fine and uniform appearance. In addition, it has four categories: regular, semi-bold, bold and italic, which give it the flexibility to be an ideal font for layouts and the creation of various advertisements, pieces and texts.

modelo de letras para titulos mohave

10. Game Over

If you thought you had already seen all the possible title fonts, this one will surprise you even more. Game Over is a fun and out-of-the-ordinary font that will help you give a fresh look to your next projects .

So, if you are a fan of the gamer world, what are you waiting for to include it in one of your designs and amaze your friends?

nombres de tipos de letras para titulos

11. Gomawo

do you like Korean culture? If you answered yes, congratulations, we have a typeface for titles especially for you! The last font we have compiled in this article is called Gomawo (a way of saying thank you in Korean) and it has a Korean style, which is very elegant and delicate.

These features will allow you to adapt it to the project you want to make it stand out from the rest.

fuente para titulos gomawo

how to make title letters?

If you are not convinced by these title fonts, we have a great solution for you: create your own title fonts. just as you read, it is now possible to learn how to make beautiful title letters with the help of techniques like calligraphy and lettering.

Best of all, by mastering any of them, you will have the freedom to create the types of title letters you want, which will help you boost your ability to practice your art skills.

But what are these techniques? We’ll tell you below!

how to make letters for titles with calligraphy?

One of the best-known techniques is calligraphy, the art of writing par excellence, which consists of writing in an aesthetic way while maintaining the same style in a text, so that it can be understood above all else.

Since calligraphy is considered an art, to make letters for titles we must follow a series of steps and know the secrets of calligraphy, starting with the use of certain materials such as a pen, nib, ink and paper. However, you could start with a pencil or pen and graph paper.

Once you have all these materials, it will be time to learn how to make letters for titles thanks to calligraphy. You can follow these simple steps:

Grab the pen: hold the pen by relaxing your fingers and it should be located between your thumb and index finger.
Find the right environment and set up: you will need good lighting and a large table to start practicing.
Start with straight and curved strokes, then try curved and zigzag strokes. The pressure you apply will be key to make thick or thin lines.
let’s write: start by writing your name in your own calligraphic handwriting. Try to maintain uniformity in your style.

how to make title letters with lettering?

Although calligraphy and lettering share the same principle, the latter technique is the art of drawing words. It uses a unique style to convey a message thanks to the different strokes and designs that will allow us to obtain letters for really enviable titles.

Luis Lili, our teacher of the online course Lettering: The Art of Drawing Letters, explains in more detail what lettering is and how it differs from calligraphy.

“Lettering comes from the same principle as calligraphy, but it is more flexible with the procedure and materials. For lettering you can use markers, brushes or even digital media. Lettering is not writing, it is drawing”.

To learn how to do lettering, you will need four basic materials: pencil, paper, ruler and eraser. If you prefer to use digital media, a graphics tablet is ideal.

Once you define your materials, it’s time to do some exercises that will allow us to make letters for titles. Follow these tips.

Start by drawing simple, repetitive lines.
Practice with the alphabet first.
After mastering each letter, you can start writing whole words.
Look for lettering stencils to practice with.

While this art is not as easy as it looks, remember that practice makes perfect. therefore, we advise you to be patient and you will see how you can create beautiful letter styles for titles through lettering.

So, would you take advantage of any of these techniques to create your own title lettering portfolio? Using calligraphy or lettering as a technique you will learn how to make amazing title letters.

ejemplo de letteringImage: Yesica Amaranto’s final project for the Lettering: the art of drawing letters course.

great job! You’ve finished today’s note and now you have more types of lettering for titles than you expected. Remember that, to always have at your disposal lettering styles that give a special touch to your projects, you can put together a catalog of fonts for titles with the options you liked the most from this note.

Additionally, keep in mind that title fonts reinforce the message you are trying to express; for example, according to Canva, thick fonts communicate solidity, while thin fonts communicate lightness.

In addition, the typefaces you use for any of your projects or in your day-to-day life will reinforce the personality you have or want to project. This is why many people nowadays are questioning how to change Instagram fonts to adapt their profile to their personal tastes.

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