+300 free Illustrator brushes that you won’t want to share with anyone


looking for free Illustrator brushes that will save you time and speed up your work? Then you’re in the right place, on the right note and, why not?just one step away from downloading the best +300 brushes for Illustrator that every designer wants to have (or at least the vast majority).

Because, as our teacher, Mr. Lemonade, points out, “learning how to use Illustrator is something that, without a doubt, will help you boost your creativity as it is one of the most important programs in the creative and visual medium”.

Now, let’s get to work!

Free artistic brushes for Adobe Illustrator

We have made an exquisite selection of free brushes for Adobe Illustrator to use in your personal or commercial projects.

Vintage shadow brushes for Illustrator

If you are looking for shadows, lines and effects to use in your projects, this pack contains a variety of vintage shadow brushes for Illustrator that you can use in your retro style projects.

They are ideal for use on flat surfaces to give texture or shine. Choose the style you like best or the one that best suits your design needs.

Semitone Brushes for Illustrator

If you are looking for different and creative Illustrator brushes, these halftone brushes consist of narrow stripes made up of dots of different sizes and styles. You can use them if you’re designing a comic book or a retro-style graphic piece.

choose the one that best suits your projects!

Abstract brushes for Illustrator

looking for simple but creative strokes for your projects? In this pack of abstract brushes for Illustrator, which you can download for free, you’ll find different types of subtle strokes that you can start applying in your designs.

Explore different styles and choose the one that best suits your graphic pieces.

Spray brushes for Illustrator

want to download free spray brushes for Illustrator? If you’re looking to recreate the effect of a spray can in your digital projects, these Illustrator brushes will add a creative touch to your graphic pieces.

These spray brushes are ideal for accompanying illustrations that contain elements of painting or urbanism.

Assorted brushes for Illustrator

If you want to download very different brushes for your designs, you’ve come to the right place. With this pack of free assorted brushes for Illustrator you can add a touch of authenticity to your projects. Explore different strokes, patterns and lines of different types for you to apply them wherever you prefer.

Noise Brushes for Illustrator

looking for a creative effect for your design projects? If you download free noise brushes for Illustrator, you can add a variety of textures to your graphic pieces.

You can use these brushes for many purposes, such as adding a grainy effect, recreating a special texture or even simulating the sparkle of fireworks. These are just a few ideas, but you can use these brushes as you prefer.

Dot brushes for shading

By downloading this pack of dot brushes for shading, you will be able to use them in Illustrator to accompany your graphic pieces or illustrations. These brushes will give your objects a rough texture, ideal for use in urban or architectural designs.

Pen and Ink Brushes for Illustrator

The pen and ink brushes are a set of circles and semicircles that you can apply to your graphic pieces. They are ideal for creating wildlife and nature environments.

Take advantage of this free resource and use it in any of your projects.

Rope brushes for Illustrator

how about downloading this pack of rope brushes for Illustrator? They are ideal for decorating natural environments or situations where you need to involve knots or bows.

Let your creativity fly and use them wherever you prefer.

Spray and Hatch: Artistic Brushes for Illustrator

This collection of 20 artistic brushes for Illustrator will help you draw easily.

The Illustrator brush pack has everything any artist needs: 10 spray and 10 hatch brushes to create more realistic textures. Create volume, shadows, highlight details and more.

Shader Brushes Pack for Illustrator

If you’re looking for resources to inspire your creative side, this Illustrator shader brush pack will reflect all the potential you can achieve in your designs.

already know everything you can do with Illustrator? Take advantage of this software not only to use your brushes, but also to create great works of art.

Each of these 12 Illustrator brushes will fulfill an essential function in your projects. From darkening and adding shadows in certain areas to creating messy hand-drawn patterns.

Use this Illustrator brush pack on illustrations, logos, posters, and anything else that can inspire you.

Brushes for Illustrator: spray paint splotches

Another option for your artistic designs is to make it easy for you to create a spray paint brush. These paint smudge brushes for Illustrator are the coolest pack we’ve found.

This set of 10 brushes will help you bring life and realism to your vector illustrations. You can make different stains between big and small depending on the pressure of the brush.

Crown brushes in Illustrator

With this set of Illustrator illustration brushes, you’re almost done with your Christmas cards. Thanks to these brushes you can create ornaments or wreaths to make festive decorations with just one click.

30 Decorative border brushes for Illustrator

you’ll die in love with this set of hand-drawn border brushes for Illustrator! This downloadable file contains over 30 brushes that mimic bohemian style decorative borders.

7 Feather Brushes for Illustrator

Feather designs are all the rage, and you’re bound to come across some feathery creation at some point.

With this free Illustrator feather brush pack, you can forget about having to design a feather, detail by detail. we know that’s a real pain in the ass!

15 colorful Illustrator brushes for free

Many designers prefer not to take any risks and choose a simple palette of 2 or 3 colors. gray, black and white if possible!

But if you like to take risks and go all out, then you need to download this pack of colorful brushes for Illustrator as soon as possible.

Check out this list of +150 free watercolor brushes for Illustrator. You can use these resources commercially or personally.

Transparency Brushes for Illustrator

looking for a watercolor effect for your design projects? Take advantage and download these transparency brushes for Illustrator, you will be able to add subtle strokes to your graphic pieces and give them a magical and delicate style.

You can use these brushes for text, titles or paint your illustrations as you prefer.

9 free Illustrator watercolor brushes for Illustrator

Leonard Posavec is the creator of these free watercolor Illustrator brushes.

This pack of “Japanese style brushes” has 9 high quality Asian calligraphy, ink, digital watercolor brushes for designers, illustrators and professional artists.

Floral watercolor brushes for Illustrator

This pack, which you can download for free, consists of 38 floral watercolor brushes for Illustrator. It’s ideal if you’re working on any wedding project.

Use it to create backgrounds or embellishments on wedding invitations, greeting cards, floral website designs and more.

You have different varieties of watercolor brushes for Illustrator: flowers, stems, grass, branches and leaves.

Handmade watercolor brushes for Illustrator

Within this collection you will find 6 hand-drawn watercolor brushes for Illustrator.

They are ideal for any kind of project that involves illustrations and freelance design creation, everything you need to become a digital illustrator.

These Illustrator brushes are high quality and realistically created to bring a natural look to any illustration, plus they’re free! Download Anna Ivanir’s Illustrator brush pack of 6 brushes for Illustrator and use them in your designs.

Watercolor pastel brushes for Illustrator

If you really love pastel colors, then you’ll love the 9 pastel shades of these watercolor brushes for Illustrator.

This is a beautiful fusion between pastel colors and hand-drawn strokes to give a realistic touch to your designs.

You can change the colors in Illustrator. Use this brush pack for digital or print media. And also use it as a tool for the new graphic design trends 2021.

90 watercolor Illustrator brushes for Illustrator

This is one of the largest packs of free watercolor Illustrator brushes you’ll find online.

If you’re looking for different brushes that add realism and naturalness to your projects, we’re sure you’ll have fun with these 90 Illustrator brushes.

12 watercolor brushes for Illustrator

If you need to make more artistic strokes without so much design, download this set of 12 free watercolor brushes for illustrator.

You can make strong or more subtle strokes, wide or thin, dark or in gray tones. let your creativity fly with these Illustrator brushes!

13 free watercolor brushes

These watercolor brushes for Illustrator have such a clean and delicate stroke that you’ll be able to draw anything with them.

They could even be considered lettering brushes for illustrator because of the precision of their stroke. And best of all, they are free!

Brushes for drawing in Illustrator

These brushes will be your perfect complement to draw in Illustrator and these techniques will be your best friends to practice pencil drawing.

Pressure brushes for Illustrator

If you’re looking to recreate the same effect of a strong stroke that you make with a marker or a pen, with this pack of pressure brushes for Illustrator you’ll be able to accompany your graphic pieces simulating those same features.

They are ideal for infographics, titles or any project that involves text, so take advantage and download them for free!

Dry brushes for Illustrator

Today we share with you a series of dry brushes for Illustrator to download for free, with which you can recreate a rustic or realistic painting stroke and apply it to your designs.

We invite you to try each one of them and choose the one that best suits your needs

Brushes for drawing and illustrating in Illustrator

Get authentic illustrations with these 25 brushes for drawing in Illustrator, you can download them for free.

Have fun producing different styles of linoleum and woodcut art with these brushes. With this pack for Adobe Illustrator you can choose from a wide variety of brush shapes including fine strokes, texture fills and shading for realistic techniques.

Brushes for drawing lettering in Illustrator

This package is wonderful if you want to learn how to work with lettering brushes in Illustrator.

It has 30 brushes for Adobe Illustrator cs6 free or any higher version. You will be able to give your vector illustrations a natural freehand look.

download these free lettering brushes for Illustrator, so you’ll have the tools you need for lettering! These are some of the elements you’ll find in this Illustrator brush pack:

Ink brushes

hand made ai brushes

Image: graphicsfuel

Download these free lettering brushes for Illustrator

Crayon texture brushes for Illustrator

These crayon strokes you only get with texture brushes for Illustrator. They are perfect for any illustration that needs a bit of charm and innocence.

When you download these Illustrator brushes you get 40 high quality crayon brushes and a version for use on graphics tablets like Wacom.

Hair Brushes for Illustrator

It never hurts to have a pack of illustrator brushes to recreate hair, eyebrows and line art in general. With these brushes you no longer have to spend time worrying about how to make hair look realistic enough.

if you usually design people, download this free Illustrator hair brush pack, because it’s for you!

Stitching Brushes for Illustrator

this Illustrator brush set will make your life easier! If you work designing fashion, or just have a related project to do, you have to download these free sewing brushes for Illustrator. With this set, you’ll be able to illustrate seams of various types and sizes to accompany your garments.

Cloud Brushes for Illustrator

Yes, that’s exactly what you’re reading: these free Illustrator brushes are for creating cloud and rainbow designs in pastel shades. make the sky complete for a children’s illustration!

This set of vector cloud brushes for Illustrator you have to download (and it’s free!) and it’s ideal for birthday cards, children’s decoration designs or to accompany cheerful and positive phrases.

Star brushes for Illustrator

Continuing with the theme of representing skies, with this set of drawing brushes for Illustrator you can add stars of all types and sizes to your creations.

illustrate the prettiest starry skies you’ve ever seen! It’s available for free download: take advantage of these star brushes for Illustrator.

Smoke Brushes for Illustrator

You probably don’t have to make a design with smoke every day, but if you ever need to, it’s best to have everything ready.

This pack of smoke brushes for Illustrator (you can download it for free), will get you out of trouble when you need to illustrate a fire or a hot plate of food. make super realistic designs!

Pencil brushes for Illustrator

This Illustrator brush pack, available for free download, contains over 90 options of different pencil strokes as well as markers. be free to take your creativity to the max with all these brushes!

Free Illustrator Calligraphy Brushes for Illustrator

who doesn’t find oriental art amazing? With these calligraphy brushes, you can be a real expert in Chinese calligraphy.

how to download and install brushes for Illustrator?

If you want to speed up your design or illustration process, there are two alternatives. On the one hand, studying an illustration course from scratch will make you an expert in the subject. On the other hand, downloading brushes for Illustrator will help you optimize your work to finish your artistic projects in a short time.

Therefore, in this article we will briefly tell you how to download Illustrator brushes for free and install them.

You will see that the process is very simple and these steps can be useful for you

The first thing you have to do is download the Illustrator brushes that you have decided to use for your projects.
After downloading the folder in ZIP format, you have to double-click it to extract and unzip its contents.
You will find the Illustrator brushes in .AI format.
Continuing with the process to install brushes in Illustrator, open the Illustrator program and follow these steps: Window > Brush Library > Other Library. Locate the brush for Illustrator cs6, or any version, and click open to install it.


and that’s it! The brushes for Adobe Illustrator will appear in your library.

how to save in the brush library for Illustrator?

Another important point is to use the brush library to save your new brushes in Illustrator.

In the Illustrator brushes panel options, select “save brush library”.
You can choose to save it in the default folder or create a new one. If you choose the latter option, every time you want to use your new brushes, click “open brush library” and select the file you want.

Choose the option to view your new Illustrator brushes by name.

This will help you keep order. Don’t forget to click on “persistent” to automatically open the library when you start the program.

If you want you can customize all these options by applying the necessary settings in the Illustrator shortcuts.

More tools for your Illustrator designs

To finish this list of Illustrator brushes and close with a flourish, we bring you a series of tools that will complement your work and make your designs much more professional, from backgrounds for invitations to guides, handbooks, and textures that you can use in your next projects.

Remember that you can download all these resources for free!

Backgrounds for invitations with plants

do you have an important event coming up and you’re thinking about invitations? Here we bring you a list of invitation backgrounds that you can download, edit and use in your wedding or party designs.

Rose Invitation Backgrounds

Download the rose invitation backgrounds, they are perfect for more romantic settings! Besides, why not use it for such a special occasion as a wedding party?

Elegant Invitation Backgrounds

want to have a very elegant party? how about the gold and black color scheme? they are perfect for your event!

Silver Wedding Invitation Backgrounds

do you want to celebrate your Silver Wedding Anniversary and don’t know how to make the perfect invitation? or have you been commissioned to design these invitations and want to have a reference to base your work on? take advantage of these silver wedding invitation backgrounds, the download is free!

Watercolor Invitation Backgrounds

These watercolor style invitation backgrounds are ideal for those whose passions lie in the world of art.

Minimalist Invitation Backgrounds

Minimalist invitations are all the rage. what better than to have this resource in your design toolbox just in case?

Floral Invitation Backgrounds

what about flowers? They are a must at almost every event. So, take advantage of these backgrounds for invitations with flowers and make the celebration excellent even in this detail!

Backgrounds for vintage invitations

Another trend is vintage fashion and decor. For those who love older styles of clothing or those who are passionate about collecting items from over 100 years ago, you can’t miss vintage invitation backgrounds that reflect this trend that characterizes them so much!

Screen printing templates

have you ever done silkscreen printing? If you still don’t dare to experiment with this design technique, we bring you these screen printing templates for you to download for free and use in all your productions.

Format for brandbook

If you are designing your brand strategy, it is very important that you have some considerations to take into account when launching into the market.

A brandbook is a guide that will help you define all the necessary elements for your brand, we leave you this format to build your own.

Template for web design proposal

You are probably getting into several aspects of design for different platforms (such as web design).

We know that at the beginning it may be difficult to think about how to present a web design proposal. don’t worry, here we leave you a template so you can put together your proposal in a super complete and professional way.

Guide to deliver a logo to a client

have you ever designed a logo but you don’t know how to deliver it to your client? Well, we bring you the solution: a guide with the keys you need to know to deliver a logo to your client in a professional way.

Branding manual for characters

Directly from the Brand Character Illustration course, comes this template that is designed so you can apply your characters to your brand like a professional.

Creative synoptic chart template

do you need to make a synoptic chart to be clear about the creative you want to do? To get you out of trouble, you can download our creative synoptic chart template. It’s free and will make a real difference in your presentation.

With this outline, you will be able to better organize information and break down ideas. Thus, you will be able to have the data in a more synthesized way, with the relevant and highlighted information.

Exercises to draw daily

To make excellent drawings, undoubtedly, it requires a lot of practice. Therefore, here we bring you these exercises to draw daily, a super guide that contains 13 exercises that will help you improve your drawing technique, with tips, tools and a guide to start drawing from the most basic to the most complex level

Besides, doing exercises to draw better has many benefits. Because it is likely to improve your visual memory, generate more confidence in your sketches, among others. there are those who say that it relaxes them and disconnects them from problems!

Graphic Design Quote

do you want to take your first steps in the world of freelance work? can you imagine yourself working on many projects simultaneously? Then you will want to know, first of all, how to make a graphic design quote in a professional way and that is up to the circumstances.

Weekly Calendar

In addition to the graphic design quote, to be able to work with several freelance clients, you will probably need a weekly calendar that will help you to organize yourself very well. And if you study at the same time you work, you will certainly need a lot of order to keep both aspects in balance.

Organization is key to be able to reach the proposed objectives and goals, otherwise everything may seem chaotic or you may forget important issues along the way because you do not keep order.

Imagine that you have many clients, several agreed deliveries with deadlines… Most likely you need a weekly calendar to help you put order in all the work. Take advantage of this Excel!

Watercolor PNG resources for your illustrations

are you a fan of watercolor? Surely, then, in more than one design you will want to include watercolor resources to make your illustrations and design projects ready according to your expectations and tastes.

This is a style of painting that continues to enchant art lovers and, why not, graphic designers, illustrators and marketers as well.

That’s why, if you are also part of this team of watercolor fans, you can’t miss these watercolor png resources (which, moreover, are free!).

Freehand drawing template

think you still have a lot more to improve in your freehand drawings? haven’t dabbled in this yet? The solution is in these freehand drawing templates.

This template is a guide for you to learn and perfect the freehand drawing technique. It details the step by step on how to make an illustration.

Guide to illustrate narrative

have you been curious to learn how graphic narrative works are made? In this compilation, we share good (and flexible) practices so that you can illustrate graphic narrative.

Handbook of tools for your inner illustrator

do you want to know which are the 5 online tools you need to bring out your inner illustrator? These tools will help you to improve your work as an illustrator. go ahead and give your best!

Torn paper PNG images

looking for torn paper PNG images? would you like to use this in a free Illustrator template? This resource has 3 torn paper images and its editable Illustrator version, with more than 20 paper patterns.

icons and graphics

Finally, to complete the necessary resources for your designs, we leave you some coffee shop icons and flat graphics for you to download and use wherever you want. don’t miss them!

arrows in PNG for your designs

looking for a pack of PNG arrows to highlight your illustrations? This is a resource that never fails in designs, because it allows an easier reading and a faster connection of ideas.

Plastic texture: plastic textures for your projects

Textures are an excellent option to make a different proposal in the projects we do. In this case, this free add-on that you can download has the effect of plastic textures. are you going to miss it?

Vintage text effect for Illustrator

This Illustrator template is ideal for those who have in mind projects that go back to a style of several years ago. yes! We are talking about the famous and popular vintage style that is so fashionable today and that you can’t miss.

what did you think of this list of free Illustrator brushes? We know how important time is for a designer, that’s why we created this list of resources so you can streamline your work and make it more effective. You can make your work more productive and optimal with these tools that we have left here.

You have more than 300 brush options to get any design and illustration project going. We trust your artistic creativity to get the most out of brushes for Illustrator and to keep exploring

see you soon!

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