+350 free Procreate brushes that your designer friends will envy!

looking for free Procreate brushes (stop suffering)? Here you’ll find free Procreate brushes for an infinite number of uses! Because we know your favorite tools of the trade, designer friend, we have a great gift for you: over 350 free Procreate brushes.

Be the envy of the competition (no, you can share these Procreate brushes with anyone you want).

We know how hard it can be to find free Procreate brushes, that’s why we’ve put together this list so you can have a wide variety of tools to help you complete your great creative projects.

take advantage of them!

Free lettering brushes for Procreate

We start this list with free lettering brushes for Procreate. These brushes can be used for commercial or personal use.

Thick and Thin Lettering Brushes

This lettering brush for Procreate goes from the thickest and heaviest lettering to the thinnest and most delicate. All this happens when you vary the pressure of the pencil.

thick brushes procreate

Image: missymeyer.com

and learn more about Missy Meyer.

Chalk brush on Procreate iPad

This chalk brush is perfect for your chalkboard textured art projects that you can create on your Procreate iPad.

It’s made of a standard shape and granulation that allows it to load fast on your iPad. And it comes with a 2048×2048 chalkboard background on which you can try out your new Procreate brush.

Pincel de tiza en Procreate

Image: missymeyer.com

Curling Ribbon Calligraphy Brush for Procreate

This brush for Procreate is as curly as perfect curls. This free brush is designed exclusively for use with the Apple Pencil.

This lettering brush for Procreate is pressure sensitive. For best results it is recommended to use it with a stylus.

The strokes follow the angle of the pencil so you should hold it perpendicularly for best results.

brushes Procreate gratis

Image: gumroad.com

Procreate cloud lettering effect brush

ever imagined lettering in the shape and texture of clouds?

This Procreate brush will blow your mind and make you create messages in a digital heaven called iPad.

pinceles Procreate gratis

Image: gumroad.com

Download for free and learn more about a_create_mine

5 free to use lettering brushes for Procreate

looking for other cool lettering brushes to use on your website? These wonderful Procreate free brushes are made for bloggers, content creators and designers. Undoubtedly, a brush pack that will attract users’ eyes to your website, blog or other platform.

pinceles de lettering para Procreate

Source: Folio Procreate

Marquee: one of the best free Procreate brushes you can’t afford to miss

This is a completely original lettering brush for Procreate that will add a touch of fun to your brush collection. You’ll love to see the amazing artwork you can create with this Procreate brush. it’s perfect for starting all kinds of drawings and for adding details to your creations!

pinceles lettering para Procreate gratis

Source: Procreate Folio

Watercolor Brush for Procreate

who doesn’t love watercolor brushes? Watercolor brushes are one of the best resources for creating artistic, hand-painted-like drawings.

We share with you the best watercolor brushes for Procreate for FREE and if you also design in Photoshop, we have more than 350 watercolor brushes for you.

Free brush pack for Procreate 5

This free brush pack for Procreate 5 can be used not only to paint with watercolor effect but also to create in a very similar way to Artstudio Pro 2.3.

You can use this brush pack for Procreate by Carles Carbonell for free for personal or commercial use.

pinceles Procreate gratis

Image: Carles Carbonell

18 watercolor free brushes for Procreate

yes, how you read it! There are 18 free watercolor brushes for Procreate.

They are incredibly functional if you need to liven up some boring background or add a watercolor effect to any art project.

These brushes for Procreate are so soft and subtle that you will make any design look more interesting and unique.

The 01-06 brushes are soft and light. They add texture and depth to your designs.

Brushes 07-12 are a little more defined and creamy.

Brushes 13-18 are for the finishing touches of your project. They mimic flowers and look like very realistic watercolors.

pinceles procreate gratis

Image: folio.procreate.art

CrayonArcade Procreate Brushes: 4 free watercolor brushes

These 4 Procreate Brushes will help you create projects based on watercolor drawings.

They have been designed from scratch with unique brush textures and shapes to bring the dynamic look of watercolor to your digital projects in a realistic way.

Plus, if you mix the shades of these 4 brushes for Procreate you’ll get amazing results.

pinceles Procreate gratis

Image: gumroad.com

Procreate brushes for illustration

In this list you will find Procreate brushes that have been created for use in illustrations regardless of style and technique.

They are free to use so you can explore them and use them in your artistic illustrations, if you know how to make a digital drawing, you will be able to take full advantage of them.

5 Free Bubbles for Procreate

any mermaids under the sea to illustrate? or some bubble bath you’d like to paint? Any reason is good to download these free brushes for Procreate.

brushes procreate gratis

Image: Abbie Nurse

15 texture brushes for the Procreate app

These 15 texture brushes for the Procreate app are divided into 10 hair brushes and 5 eyebrow brushes.

Give the shape you want to your characters with these brushes for Procreate. Play with the different types of hair and eyebrows to create original and unique drawings.

brushes para Procreate

Image: gumroad.com

8 free skin palette brushes for Procreate

These 8 brushes for Procreate free have a wide range of colors for different skin tones, from light to dark.

skin brushes Procreate gratis

Image: gumroad.com

5 oil style brush strokes for Procreate

Oil paint will give you realistic brush strokes in Procreate.

The brushes for Procreate are made from what are considered traditional brushes: natural bristles and a combination of colors in each stroke.

These free Procreate brushes include: small liner (ideal for fine details), true oil (round brush for real oil painting), bristle brush (has more visible hairs in the stroke), super web brush (large brush for mixing oily colors) and the legacy smudger brush.

pinceles oil painting procreate

Image: tiptopbrushes

Pen effect in Procreate for free

Get a pen effect in your drawing with this free Procreate brush.

It behaves like a real pen, so we recommend you to increase your shadows with pen pressure and raster.

Use this Procreate brush in smaller sizes, as if it were the tip of a real pencil and work on the same layer to take advantage of the brush blending mode.

brushes procreate gratis

Image: sadielew.com

Create comics with these 7 brushes for Procreate free

This set of brushes for Procreate free will allow you to create comics from scratch.

They have everything you need to conceptualize a piece from the sketch phase to painting: basic pencil brushes, ink and paint. With them you could create your own webcomic and publish it on the internet.

pinceles free Procreate

Image: gumroad.com

20 free skin brushes for Procreate

Everything is better with a little something extra, and this brush pack for Procreate is perfect for adding color to your illustrations. Enjoy a variety of new free brushes that you can try on your next masterpiece. these 20 free Procreate brushes are exactly what you need!

skin brushes para Procreate gratis

Image: Procreate brushes Work

Procreate Sketch Brushes for Sketching

do you want to make your sketches with a more handmade finish? don’t worry, here are some brushes for Procreate that simulate the texture of a graphite pencil.

Procreate Brushes: 3 free brushes for sketching

If you want to dazzle with your sketches, these 3 free brushes for Procreate will help you to capture your first ideas in a realistic way. And the best thing is, they will give you a look as if you were drawing with a Copic Marker.

pinceles procreate

Image: Folio

3 Free Pencil Brushes for Procreate

Draw like a professional illustrator and get the best effects in your pencil drawings with these brushes for Procreate in the Paper-Freebie 21x21cm.

pinceles procreate gratis

Image: Gumroad

Fed’s Procreate Brushes

want to draw your favorite gadget? With these 5 free brushes for Procreate you can bring all your tech device sketches to life.

pinceles Procreate gratis

Image: Skillshare

(to download, enter the following password: ILoveDesign)

Wella brush for free Procreate

do you want to give realism to your drawings? Then this free Procreate brush will be very useful for you. bring your sketches to life with this Procreate brush!

Wella pincel para Procreate gratis

Image: Procreate Brushes Work

Procreate Brushes for Paintings

If you are looking to add color to your illustrations, in this list you will find free Procreate brushes that you can use on your favorite digital platform.

Remember to use them wisely. Excessive use of Procreate brushes can sometimes distort the idea you want to show!

6 Watercolor brushes Procreate

This is a pack of free Procreate brushes with watercolor effects such as waves, blurring, etc. You can easily create banners, logos and illustrations for your art projects.

Watercolor brushes Procreate 

Image: Procreate Brushes

Free BrushUp Brushes: 6 realistic and natural Procreate Brushes

The Procreate brush pack includes 6 brushes; 2 “Gouache” brushes, 2 “Oil Painting” brushes and 2 “Watercolor” brushes. Get your hands on these wonderful Procreate brushes and make an impact with your illustrations!

pinceles procreate

Image: Inspirationhut

48 free Procreate brushes for a paint splatter effect

If you want to take the feel of wet and watercolor effects beyond the default Procreate brush set, these 48 Procreate brushes are for you.

pinceles Procreate

Procreate Brushes for Inking

As an illustrator, you should always have the best tools for drawing your comic strips up to date. how about trying these Procreate brushes? They will surely give you a professional finish.

Auld Inks for Procreate: 62 free to use Procreate brushes

This Auld Inks brush pack consists of 62 Procreate brushes inspired by the most famous illustrators in world history. You can find everything from sharp nibs to ultra dry ink brushes. you decide how to use them!

pinceles Procreate de uso gratuito

Image: Dribbble

51 Retro Comics Procreate Free Brushes

want to give a retro effect to your illustrations? Stripes, lines, dots and swirls, all the shapes you want you can make with these 51 brushes for Procreate. prepare the illustrations you’d like to turn into comics and change them to create posters, ads, banners, website designs, clothing and much more!

pinceles procreate gratis

Image: Pixelbuddha

Texture brushes for Procreate

The levels of detail that Procreate’s texture brushes can add are impressive. If you’re ready to give your artwork a new level of depth, these brushes for Procreate will come in handy.

30 free Procreate brushes at your disposal

looking for natural and original shading? If so, this brush pack for Procreate will give a natural shading effect to your projects. In addition, the 30 texture brushes will help you create classic patterns such as comic dots.

You can use these Procreate brushes for commercial illustration, editorial, digital collage, painting and much more.

pinceles de textura Procreate

Image: envato elements

16 free Procreate brushes to add texture to your artwork

This is a perfect collection of Procreate brushes to help you bring your drawings together. With 16 different texture brushes you can let your imagination run wild and make your creations unique. try them out!

pinceles de textura Procreate

Image: Procreate brushes

30 free Procreate brushes for mandala lovers

These brushes for Procreate free are mandala-shaped brushes that are very fashionable among interior designers. You can download these free brushes to create attractive designs and figures to renovate your home.

pinceles Procreate gratis mandalas

Image: Folio Procreate

Pointillism brushes for Procreate

We share with you the best pointillism brushes for Procreate, with which you can give fine detail to your artwork. By using these free Procreate brushes, you will be able to create an illusion in the viewer to see them blended into a complete image. Amazing, isn’t it?

10 free brushes for Procreate

This collection of Procreate pointillism brushes will add a realistic and dynamic effect to your illustrations. With these 10 Procreate brushes you can create new artistic projects or even give your old artwork a breath of fresh air.

Pinceles de puntillismo para Procreate

Image: Procreate brushes

how to import brushes into Procreate?

To import brushes into Procreate the first thing you have to do is download the brushes on your computer and save them in some cloud (iCloud or Dropbox) or you can also choose to download them directly on your iPad.

If you decide to download the brushes for Procreate to your iPad as a zip file, you can unzip them with free apps like File Explorer: File Manager or iZip.

First you have to open a new canvas and tap the brush icon to open the Brushes panel.
Select the folder where you would like to install your brushes for Procreate.
If you wish you can create a new folder by tapping the + button at the top of the brush set list.

procreate instalar brushes

Image: makeuseof.com

Then tap the import button in the dialog box.

brushes instalar procreate

Image: makeuseof.com

You will see the files on your iPad. Find the folder containing your downloaded Procreate brush.

brushes procreate instalacion

Image: makeuseof.com

Select the brush for Procreate that you want to install. The screen will return to the Procreate application with the brushes panel open.
and you’ll see your new brush installed!

brushes procreate

Image: makeuseof.com

how to create brushes for Procreate?

Downloading brushes for Procreate is a good way to save time and customize your designs with attractive patterns that highlight your composition. However, not only can you download brushes for Procreate, you can also create and customize your own.

Moreover, doing so is relatively easy, although of course, you must have talent and knowledge of the program in order to get worthwhile results.

Here we will show you how to create brushes for Procreate in a fast, simple and fun way. You just need to have some time and a lot of desire to unleash your creativity.

We recommend you to take out your notebook and start taking notes on the steps you need to follow to create brushes for Procreate. At least while you record the process in your mind and let your muscle memory do everything automatically.

1. Open the Procreate brush library

The entire procedure for creating brushes for Procreate is done from within the application itself, so you’ll need to open Procreate, create a new canvas and click on the brush icon that appears at the top of the screen.

When the pop-up panel appears with the library of brushes for Procreate that you have installed on your device, press the button with the “+” symbol to start creating your own brushes for Procreate.

2. Select the shape settings

at this point, you’re going to start creating your Procreate brushes proper! When you open the brush studio panel, the first thing you should do is choose a name for your new list of custom Procreate brushes, so you’ll be sure to find them quickly when you need them.

After that, you will need to select the Shape or Shape Source option to select a shape file that will serve as the basis for creating your Procreate brush style. To do this you need to click the import button and choose one of the following options:

Import a photo.
Import a file.
Source library.

As you can see, you have many options for importing a shape and creating Procreate brushes. But, in order not to mess things up, we recommend you to start with Procreate’s shape library, with which you will be able to edit in a faster and easier way.

3. Start editing your brush shape

After you have selected one of the many shapes available to create Procreate brushes, you should start editing the parameters that will style your new brush or brush group.

We recommend that you make a couple of strokes on the drawing pad to see how the shape you selected looks, and start thinking about what details you can add or improve.

From the same shapes panel you can select and edit the following parameters related to the shape of your Procreate brushes.

Rotation (orientation of the shapes).
Count (number of overlapping shapes).

Similarly, you also have options to make the shapes narrower or wider, and edit some additional settings related to the orientation of the shapes of your Procreate brushes on a Cartesian axis. These settings are for creating more advanced Procreate brushes, so we recommend you edit only the ones mentioned in the bullets.

4. Select the fill font

Just as you did with the shapes, with the fill you can also import a file, or use other options such as the Procreate library. Just select the “Grain” option and enter the fill editor.

Once you select the fill, you will see how your brush changes its composition on the drawing pad. At this point you will need to edit the following options to customize your Procreate brushes:

Spacing (fill spacing).
Jitter (fill vibration).
Fall off (fill fade options).

If you have followed the steps up to this point, you may have noticed that little by little your Procreate brushes have taken shape. There are only a few more modifications left to finish setting up your own brushes.

5. Configure additional brush studio settings

The customization options you have for your Procreate brushes is very wide, because the program gives you the options to configure even the smallest details. In order not to make this an endless section on how to create brushes for Procreate, we will mention the most important ones.

When you start working with the program you can try all the options and choose the settings that best suit the Procreate brushes you have in mind.


With this option you can customize the behavior of your Procreate brush depending on the pressure of the Apple pencil. Just edit the taper pressure parameters by selecting the pressure level, opacity, size and some other customization options.


This is one of the options that has the most influence on the final result of your Procreate brushes. With it you can edit the composition of your brush edges, which will give more depth and style to your design.

Wet Mix

did you like the water color brushes for Procreate? Well, with this brush customization option for Procreate you will be able to create a brush with the same characteristics. From the Wet Mix you can edit the following points:

Dilution (the amount of “water” your Procreate brush will have).
Charge (determines the amount of “paint” that the brush will have, so as you paint, it will run out and create an effect similar to watercolor paints).
Attack (used to set the level of “paint” that comes out of the brush depending on the speed you use to draw).

As with the other settings, in the Wet Mix panel you have many options for editing your brushes for Procreate. The ones mentioned here are the most basic and useful.

Color dynamics

As you can infer from the name, this is the color dynamics that will affect your Procreate brushes. These are some of the parameters you can configure:

Stamp color jitter: with this option you can modify the values of brightness, saturation, and secondary colors of your brush shape, among other things.
Stroke color jitter: you can edit the same parameters for stroke color jitter.
Colour pressure: you can edit the same parameters for the Apple pencil pressure effects.

These are the basic settings, but you have many more options available within the color dynamics to customize your brushes for Procreate.

Apple pencil

This last setting in our list of options for editing your own brushes for Procreate is useful for determining what the Apple pencil’s usage parameters will be. That is, with this option you can choose how your brushes will behave according to the movements you make with the Apple pencil.

Although there are other settings to create and customize your Procreate brushes, you already have the basics to get started and create brushes as attractive as those in the list of brushes for free Procreate.

just use your creativity and start having fun!

Types of brushes for Procreate

There are several types of brushes for Procreate; but, it is important that you know the most basic ones to start creating your first artistic pieces in this app.

Our teacher Valinski from the Discover your illustration style: from paper to screen online course tells you more about the types of brushes for Procreate in this video.

Procreate is a very powerful tool when it comes to digital drawing on the iPad. In fact, it is one of the leading editing and illustration programs, and is used by most graphic design professionals in the world.

The real power of Procreate is in its brushes. So if you want to get the most out of this application you should download this list of free Procreate brushes because – friend and artist friend – they can take you a long way.

When it comes to drawing on iPad, there is definitely no other tool better than Procreate, not for nothing is it a favorite of professional and amateur designers.

This tool is definitely a very powerful element to bring any artwork to life, plus, with it you can achieve much more than what a computer or laptop regularly allows.

it’s worth downloading it to your iPad and using it!

We hope our list of free brushes for Procreate will help you create real pieces of art.

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