+90 funny jokes that will make all your colleagues laugh

Stressful days at the office? want to cheer up your coworkers and bring out conversation in witty ways? In that case there’s nothing better than laughter, and to make them laugh you’ll need funny jokes.

Since finding good jokes can be a challenge, we decided to make our own top 90 with the best short and funny jokes, so you can keep them handy and share them with your coworkers. They’re perfect for a good laugh and to release some stress. You know what they say, laughter is the best medicine.

These are short jokes, but good ones, so good you’ll want to jot them down, so get a pencil and paper, because we’re about to get funny.

Short, funny jokes to tell quickly

The best office jokes are the short, funny jokes, the ones you can tell your coworkers in an instant, without having to neglect what you’re doing, or throw your colleagues off the scent.

This is what we have for you:

who are the wittiest? The bald ones, because they’re not the dumbest.
how do magicians look after lunch? Magorditos.
what’s the last straw for brooms? Having an allergy to dust.
I went to get books for fatigue but they were out of stock.
where do fleas go when they die? To the flea pit.
how does a jaguar greet another jaguar? Jaguar you.
why do golfers wear two pairs of pants? They are worried they might have a hole in one.
how does a chemist say goodbye? acid a pleasure.
-My brother’s been riding a bike since he was 6 years old.
-Still not getting off?
do you know why zombies are eco-friendly? Because they are zombie-degradable.
two antennas got married, the ceremony was the most boring, but the reception was great.
it was a joke so bad, so bad…it made fun of the smallest jokes.
what’s the name of Bruce Lee’s healthy cousin? Broco Lee.
what’s the last straw for a gardener? Getting stood up.
what does one roof tell you that it misses another? Techodemenos.
what does syntax mean? That it’s time to take the bus.
what is the most difficult book of all? The math book, because it’s full of problems.
he waited for the traffic light to turn red and then Robinson Crusoe.
-Patient: It still hurts.
-Doctor: Hurting, don’t follow the patient anymore.
what’s the last straw for Batman? That Robin does it.

Funny jokes may not seem like a big deal, but they are not only funny, they also mobilize the entire Internet. According to Statista, 64% of young Mexicans use social networks to see memes and funny jokes, and they prefer this type of content over news and information about their families.

sounds incredible, doesn’t it? But it makes perfect sense. After all, who can resist a good joke? They are the perfect remedy for a day at work and suit all types of humor.

looking for more funny jokes? Read on, we still have plenty for you.

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Pun Jokes

Pun jokes are as common as they are funny, and are part of those anti-stress items we should all have on hand. Take a look at these funny jokes and be amazed by their witty puns:

what do you call the son of some elephants? Elinfante.
what’s wrong with elephant jokes? They are irrelephant.
-Do you like Vivaldi’s Four Seasons?
-Where in the subway are they?
what did the boa say to the hunter? The boa bit you.
what do zebras do when they are friends? Zebrazan.
-You’re asthmatic.
-And is it serious, doctor?
-No, it’s spelling.
Be like a proton and stay positive.
what did one fish say to another fish? Nothing.
There’s been a fire at the zoo…flames are the prime suspect.
what did a goose say to another goose? vengansa!

You can’t deny that these pun jokes have quite a bit of wit behind them, they may not be the best jokes in the world, but they sure do serve to get a few laughs out of you.

Funny jokes about work to laugh with your colleagues

There is no better way to face a hard day at the office than with funny jokes about work, those that represent everyday situations and make you laugh with how well they reflect or exaggerate certain common places.

-My son is like a fish in water in his new job.
-Does he work a lot?
-Nothing, nothing and nothing.
to finish the interview, tell me more about yourself, what are your favorite hobbies?
-Frodo, Bilbo, Sam…
-Boss: I know the salary is not enough for you to get married, but believe me, someday you will thank me.
my beloved Friday, I’ve been missing you since Monday.
i am such a good worker that I need 6 months vacation twice a year.
sometimes I want to celebrate Fridays, but then I remember that I also work on Saturdays.
there is nothing more beautiful than waking up thinking it’s Thursday and finding out it’s Friday.
Work is sacred, don’t touch it or mention it.
remember how much fun vacations used to be? I forgot that too.
love your bed as yourself.
the best part of work is Friday.
-I’m looking for a job.
-Would you like to be a gardener?
-Leave money? More like I need to.
what did the doctor diagnose you with? Acute workers’ disease.
whatever happens, we’ll always have Friday.
never underestimate the power of the weekend.
every bad employee has a Monday.
worker’s karma has a name: Monday.
i don’t have a problem with work, it’s work that makes everything difficult for me.
typical, you come back from work after two weeks of vacation and you already forgot how to do everything.
think about it, if you don’t have a job, it’s impossible to get fired.

do you dare to repeat them in front of your coworkers?

i’m such a good person that I don’t get up early so that God can help someone else.
laziness is the mother of all vices, so you have to respect it and obey it.
my laziness leaves me no free time to do anything.
when I get up I get hungry, when I eat I get sleepy
If only Google could help me find my keys.
it’s not laziness, it’s inner peace.
not lazy, sedentary.
so as not to leave things half done, I’d better not even start.
what does Santa suffer from when he loses a reindeer? Kidney failure.
I live like Han, Solo
I don’t do anything in advance, I like adrenaline.
my life is like my phone, it has more memes than it should.
no media, let them be complete.
internet: everything can be a meme until proven otherwise.
it’s impossible to argue with a DJ, he’s always changing topics.
Laziness is not a bug, it’s a lifestyle.
what does a cow do if it closes its eyes? Concentrated milk.
diet? Diet is always tomorrow.
the best thing about being healthy is that everyone says hello.
you can’t stay in Hawaii, the locals stay with you.
how does Batman go when it’s cold? Whisking.
life is like a video game, every time you pass a level comes a harder one.
surfing the internet is making peace with spelling mistakes.
it’s not that I eat for gluttony, it’s that my spirit animal is the panda bear.
don’t do today what you can put off until tomorrow.
typical: You go on Netflix and there’s nothing to watch.
i don’t have a problem with Monday, he has a problem with me.
if sleeping is an art, I am a true artist.
every weekend has its Monday.
what does Dracula order as soon as he enters the bar? A glass of blood.
money can’t buy happiness, but it’s much better to cry in a Ferrari.
do you have a cold? Do.
the good thing about being a freelancer is that you can work from home, the bad thing about being a freelancer is that you can work from home.
why did the printer go into cardiac arrest? It suffered a very strong shock.
donald prefers to use a keyboard and Mickey Mouse.
i’m not lazy, I invest my energy selectively.
what is the saint of shoes? Saint Dahlia.
money doesn’t pay for happiness, but without money you pay for nothing.
I don’t know if it’s that I love sleeping, or it’s that I hate being awake.
the week has one Monday too many.

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now that’s a good repertoire of funny jokes! Now you have more than enough short, funny jokes to tell your coworkers. As I’m sure you’ve noticed, telling jokes that actually make you laugh is harder than it looks.

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