Looking for the CMYK gold color of your dreams? Discover the hidden secrets of gold

The brilliance of CMYK gold color can be very captivating (if not let’s remember Gollum from “Lord of the Rings”). That is why we have decided to dedicate this article to CMYK gold color and its other versions, such as RGB gold color and pantone gold color

If you don’t know how to get the hexadecimal gold color, what is the gold color palette or what are the colors that combine with gold, in this blog post you will find the answers. In addition, we will explain how to make gold color in Photoshop, Illustrator, Corel and other graphic design tools.

We will also tell you on which platforms you can get gold PNG vectors and elegant gold backgrounds. We know they will be very useful for your designs or illustrations. Finally, we will tell you what are the gold color trends for 2022.

So, play this article and discover the most hidden secrets of the CMYK gold color!

Meaning of the color gold

Well, before we start with all the above, you need to know the meaning of the golden color. what does this color convey? does it relate to what you want to communicate in your design, logo or illustration?

The psychology of color is very important in design, marketing and advertising. what does the color gold symbolize? The term gold comes from the Latin aurum, which means gold. It symbolizes the precious metal (gold), the Sun and abundance, and is strongly associated with power, wealth, strength and monarchy.

For example, did you know that in ancient Egypt it symbolized spiritual light, life and rebirth? However, according to Urban Communication, from a marketing point of view, the color gold signifies quality, luxury, premium, merit and fame. While in astrology the color bright gold is related to the sign Leo and the Sun, the king of the stars. are any of these meanings what you are looking to convey?

how do you define the color CMYK gold?

Surely you have heard this term sometime in your life, more so if you are in graphic design or illustration. “CMYK” comes from the acronym Cyan-Magenta-Yellow-Key (Black), which in English are translated as Cyan, Magenta, Yellow and Black. These values are used for printing digital products and, precisely, the CMYK gold color is one of the most sought after by designers, illustrators and any artist who wants to give an elegant touch to their projects.

For example, if today you feel like illustrating a Pikachu poster to print and paste it on your wall, it is important that you design it with CMYK values. This way, the colors will come out as you thought they would at the beginning.

To define the colors in CMYK, you need to use the hexadecimal system composed of letters and numbers. What are these values for? Easy, to determine which color (better known as Pantone) will be used in your graphic piece. And you may ask: How to obtain the CMYK gold color? Do not stray from this note, which we will tell you below.

Hexadecimal gold color

The hexadecimal code to get the pantone gold color has a shade of yellow and is as follows:

color dorado hexadecimal

how to make gold color in CMYK?

Achieving the gold color in digital is not straightforward. However, the established values for achieving CMYK gold color are as follows:

C: 0% (0.000), M: 23% (0.234), Y: 93% (0.933), K: 6% (0.063)

But there is one detail: this CMYK gold color lacks the characteristic brilliance of, for example, a gold ring. Hence, achieving the gold color in digital is a problematic issue. But, there is a way to achieve that shiny effect. find out how!

valores del color dorado CMYK

CMYK gold color with glitter

First of all, you have to keep in mind that the CMYK gold color does not look the same as a real gold ink. Despite this, there is a formula to achieve a color very close to shiny gold. To achieve this, do the following:

Apply the following CMYK values: C:0% M:20% Y:60% K:20%

To achieve the shiny gold effect, you must varnish your print (with a common varnish). It depends on this to achieve the golden color you are looking for. Remember that, if you print on a common or matte paper, the color you will obtain will be an ocher tone.

color dorado CYMK

Matching colors for CMYK Gold

If you like to play with colors, then you will like this section because we will tell you which colors match the CMYK gold color. Well, we start with the gold color scheme. It looks like this:

Colores que combinan con dorado CMYK

If you like gradients, then we are going to share with you the series of codes you can play with.

Gold to white gradient

Degradado de dorado a blanco

Gold to black gradient

Degradado de dorado a negro

And if web design is your thing, here are some examples of how gold will look like in backgrounds, text and shadows.

Gold in text

Dorado en texto

Gold background

Dorado de fondo

Gold with shadow

Dorado con sombra

More gold color variations in CMYK

In this chart we present you other variations of the CMYK gold color. From a lighter tone, a more saturated tone, to a darker tone and a 25% desaturated tone. So you can choose the CMYK gold shade of your preference. We would like to add that these shades can work perfectly with gold, but you must be very careful not to ruin your work.

variaciones del color dorado cmyk

Gold Color Palette

This palette is composed of 9 variations of the golden color. From left to right: gold (web), golden ochre, golden ochre, golden brown, golden brown, aureolin, brown bistre, golden black, old gold and goldenrod.

paleta de colores doradoSource: Wikipedia

how to make gold with primary colors?

The golden color does not usually appear in palettes like other colors. It is common to get it prepared or sprayed (its more metallic version). But what if you want to get it on your own? how to make the golden color with primary colors? Here we tell you how to get it.

how to make the golden color with tempera?

Gouache is one of the most used paints by adults and children. If you do not know how to make the golden color with primary colors, just do the following:

To get the basic golden color, combine the yellow color with a little white. The white is used to give it more shine.

To obtain the medium golden color, combine the yellow color with a dot of black. Yes, in this case it is necessary to use black to obtain a darker golden tone.

how to make the golden color with oil painting?

To get the golden color in oil painting technique, you will need the following colors: white, lemon yellow, magenta and phthalo blue. Now, follow these steps:

Prepare the violet color. to do this, mix a little magenta with a touch of phthalo blue.

Separately, mix a little lemon yellow with a touch of magenta. You will obtain a medium tone of the golden color.

Take some of the previous mixture (lemon yellow + magenta) and add white to lighten it. You will get a light golden color.

If you want to get an even lighter golden color, take some of the above mixture and add more white.

To get a darker golden color, mix again some lemon yellow with a touch of magenta. Then add the violet mixture you prepared at the beginning. If you notice that it lacks warmth and is greenish, add a touch of magenta.

Here is a tutorial to help you understand how to make the golden color with oil colors.

how to define RGB gold color?

Basically, RGB is a color system formed by the light intensity of the primary colors red, green and blue. The combination of these lights generates countless shades of color (more than 16 million) that you can visualize on your computer monitor or on your mobile screen.

The RGB model (red, green, blue) is the only one for use in monitors, web pages, tablets and other digital media.

The values to achieve the RGB gold color are as follows:

RGB: 239, 184, 16

how to define Pantone gold?

Pantone is mainly used for printing on paper. In general, Pantone colors have a three or four digit number followed by the letters C or U. These letters refer to the weight of the paper. C is for glossy paper and U is for smooth paper.

For example, these shades of Pantone gold are for glossy paper:

pantone doradoThis is a shade of Pantone gold in TPM (for metallized paper):

Pantone dorado en TPM

Tools for making gold color

how to use gold in Illustrator?

There are several ways to use gold color in Illustrator. Generally, it is widely used to give a gold effect or a golden texture to texts. Want to see how your favorite phrase looks with a golden texture? Do the following:

Find the gold texture for Illustrator that you like the most. Make sure it has a good resolution.

Open Illustrator and create a new document with the text you will give a golden texture to.

Drag (or copy and paste) the gold texture to the Illustrator canvas and place it over the text.

Select the texture and drag it to the Swatches panel. Drop it to create it.

Once the texture is created, delete the golden texture image.

Go to the Layers panel and select the text to which you will apply the texture.

Click on the gold swatch (that you created previously) and you’re done!

Here are some gold colored pieces and elements to inspire you. open your Illustrator and get designing!

1. Gold Texture

Textura dorada

2. Gold background

Fondo de oro

3. Gold letter

Letra dorada

4. Golden icon

WhatsApp Gold

how to make gold letters in Photoshop?

There is a simple way to make golden letters in Photoshop. If you have basic notions of this program, you can do it without any problem. Follow these steps.

1. Find a good quality gold background or gold texture

Remember that if you want to get the CYMK gold color on your letters and make them shine on their own, you need to find a high resolution texture. Once you have done this step, open a new document in Photoshop

2. Change the default layer name to “Background”.

In this step on how to make gold letters in Photoshop, keep in mind to choose a shade that matches your gold background with the Paint Bucket tool.

cambiar capa predeterminada a Fondo en Photoshop

3. Place your text on top of the background

Type it directly with the Text tool or import a different font. Once you have decided what to do, name this layer “Text”. Make sure that the text has a color that stands out from the background

4. Import the gold background or gold texture to your artboard

When you have the golden texture open in Photoshop, name the layer “Texture”.

importar fondo dorado en Photoshop

5. Go to the layers panel

Make sure the layers follow this order: texture, text and background

panel de capas en Photoshop

6. Select the texture layer

Click the right mouse button and choose the option Create clipping mask.

crear máscara de recorte en Photoshop

7. and that’s it! Now you have golden letters

From now on you know how to make gold letters in Photoshop easily and quickly.

But there is another way to make golden letters in Photoshop. It is not complex, but it does require you to master this software a bit more.

Before you start, create a new 1920×1080 Photoshop document and give it a color. This will be your background.

Select the Text tool and type the word “gold” or any other word you want to give a golden texture to. Choose a suitable font, such as Times Roman, so that the gold effect can be seen.

When you have the text ready, enlarge it almost to the size of your background.

Now go to the layers panel and duplicate your text layer (ctrl + J).

Double click on the duplicated layer to go to the Layer Styles.

And that was the first (easiest) part. To continue and learn how to make gold lettering in Photoshop, follow the steps in this tutorial:

how to use gold color in Corel Draw?

There are many ways to use the golden color in Corel Draw and take advantage of this tone to give that shiny touch to your designs. In fact, the golden color is one of the graphic design trends that will cause a stir in 2022.

how to create a gold logo in Corel Draw?

Maybe you need to create or renew the logo of a jewelry brand, because, undoubtedly, the golden color will project that the products are luxurious. Well, to achieve that gold effect in your logo, we share with you this tutorial with simple steps to get the golden color in Corel Draw.

And if the video above was not enough, we also leave you another tutorial on how to get the golden color in Corel Draw:

how to design gold color letters in Canva?

One of the most popular style trends in graphic design is the use of gold foil lettering (also known as gold foil text). As you could see, cursive gold lettering or in any style can be achieved through several methods.

One of them is Canva, a graphic design tool that allows anyone (regardless of their experience) to create amazing custom designs with its intuitive features. If you found it easy to learn how to make golden letters in Photoshop, Canva will make it even easier.

Before you follow the steps in this tutorial, be sure to download some gold backgrounds and upload them to your Canva account!

1. Find the letters for the text mask

The first step to designing gold letters online is to create a text mask in Canva. But how do you find these letters? it’s simple!

First, click on the Elements tab and search for the term: “letter frame”. You may need to explore in depth to come up with the ideal style of letter frames.

Alternatively, you can search for the phrase “letter frame X” (substituting the letter you want for the X). For example, if you search for “letter G frame”, you will see the style of letter G frames.

Buscar letras para la máscara de texto en CanvaSource: Blogging Guide

2. Select and insert the letters

Once you’ve chosen the letters to spell out your word with a gold effect, place them on your artboard in Canva. For this example, choose the four letters that spell the word GOLD in English (G, O, L, D).

insertar las letras en CanvaSource: Blogging Guide

3. Drag the gold backgrounds into the letter frames

The last step on how to make gold-colored letters in Canva is to drag the desired gold-colored backgrounds onto the letter frames. To do this, you need to keep a few things in mind during this step:

When dragging an image from the “Load” tab in Canva’s sidebar, make sure to drag the image directly over the letter before releasing the left mouse click. Otherwise, the photo may be set as the page background.

You can use one photo for each CMYK gold-colored letter, or you can select 3 unique images (one for each letter).

Be very careful when dragging and dropping your photo correctly into the letter frame, as you must do this before resizing it.

That said, then select the golden gradient image and drag it over each letter. and you’re done!

Arrastrar el fondo dorado a los marcos de letrasSource: Blogging Guide

how to make gold color in Word?

We’re sure you’ve used the classic Word to design some school or college projects. While it doesn’t have the same functions as professional graphic design programs, you can still do wonders within it. For example, making golden letters online.

Mind you, there is no built-in CMYK gold and silver color available in Microsoft Word, but you can easily create them using a custom color scheme, just by changing the colors red, green and blue. So let’s see how to make gold color in Word, this method will work with all Word versions, such as 2003, 2007, 2010, 2013, 2014, 2016 and 2019.

1. Select the font style

To make a CMYK gold color in Word, you must choose the font style. In fact, in Word there are default fonts with three-dimensional effect, with high relief, and so on.

2.apply the gold color values

Once you have chosen the format or design of your golden letter fonts, click on “More colors” and click on “Custom”. In this section, you will have to type the following values to get the golden color: 212, 175, 55 in red, green and blue. finally, click on “OK” and you’re done!

did you know that you can also insert the hexadecimal gold color in Word? this option is only available in Word 2016 and 2019. We leave you this tutorial to find out how to do it.

how to make gold color in PowerPoint?

Another Microsoft program that allows you to make golden color in a simple and fast way. So if you want to make your presentations shine at first sight, then you should follow this tutorial to obtain an elegant metallic gold color.

1. Select the desired text and apply the gradient

Adding a gold effect is easy to achieve in PowerPoint, and the best part is that the text will always be editable even with the effects applied. Simply add a gradient to the text.

To do this, right click on your text box (make sure it is the text box and not while editing the text) and then click on “Format Shape”.

Then go to the “Text Options” tab, click on “Text Fill”, apply a “Gradient Fill”. Here you will use a 6-step gradient to get the golden color and a 10° angle to add a reflective effect.

degradado en PowerPointSource: The PowerPoint Blog

2. Add relief to your text

You can further emphasize the gold effect by adding a bevel to the text. This can be tricky depending on the font you use. For example, thin serif fonts can look distorted with the bevel .

That said, click on your text box and select “Format Shape”. Next, go to the “Text Options” tab, then the “Effects” tab. Finally, adjust the depth of the bevel until you get the gold effect you’re looking for.

bisel en texto PowerPoint

Gold color trends for 2022

Yes, we already know that you came to this note because you are a gold color fanatic person, so you must be thinking, “why are they going to talk about other colors?” For your good luck, we are not going to talk about other colors (well, yes, a little bit, but we promise not that much).

Below, we’ll tell you which on-trend shades play perfectly with CMYK gold. apply them in your next graphic projects!

1. Fortuna Gold

What we were getting at is that one of the color trends that will still be around in 2022 is a gold color variant called Fortuna Gold (# DAA520).

Within the color trends for 2021 and 2022 presented by image provider Shutterstock, they placed Fortune Gold as one of the colors that will be the sensation because of what it represents (success and happiness, as well as an allusion to drama). So you have one more shade of gold to continue enjoying this aspirational hue in your designs.

Fortuna Gold ShutterstockSource: Shutterstock

2. Illuminated Yellow

Also, it is necessary to talk about other colors that are related to the CMYK gold color, which will remain in trend for 2022. Pantone considered that the color of the year 2021 should be a message of strength, hope and optimism due to the global juncture.

Thus, the colors chosen by Pantone for 2021 are PANTONE 17-5104 Ultimate Gray + PANTONE 13-0647 Illuminating. although they are two independent colors, they go quite well together and aim to convey feelings of hope and energy.

And, precisely, “Illuminating” or illuminating yellow, being one of the shades that express positivism and liveliness, is one of the big color trends that started in 2021, so it will continue next year.

Pantone Color 2021Source: Pantone Color Institute

3. Gold and Neon Color Gradients

did you know that neon colors are also on trend? This range of bright and flashy tones has captured the attention of many industries, especially graphic design. In fact, neon colors and CMYK gold have something in common: luminosity. can you imagine how many great graphic pieces you can make with both?

Degradados de color dorado y neónSource: Sherpa Paint

Well, we have finished with this tour through the world of CMYK gold color and its variants. Undoubtedly, a tone that is being the center of attention in different fields, so you should take into account how to make chromatic combinations to obtain the desired gold effect.

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