how to download Facebook stories? Use these free apps and forget about screenshots

do you spend your days searching how to download your friends’ or your crush’s Facebook stories without them noticing? don’t do your research anymore! When it comes to Facebook stories, it’s best to save them before they go “up in smoke” and you forget about them forever.

Also, if you have a startup, by learning how to download Facebook stories, you’ll be able to save content from your favorite brands and have a source of inspiration at hand to create your statuses. Keep in mind that, according to Facebook Business, 58% of people are more interested in a brand after seeing its stories .

Therefore, to gain greater relevance in the digital world, you should pay attention to the formats that will bring you more success with users, especially in one of the most used social networks in the world. As Javier Arronte, professor of the online course of Digital Marketing on Facebook, explains:

“The highest percentage of visits to social networks, especially on Facebook, is through a smartphone. Therefore, we must launch publications that are designed to be viewed from mobile”.

Because Facebook stories have been created to be viewed from mobile, you can’t neglect them! So, in this note, you’ll learn how to download Facebook statuses correctly to store the valuable content you need on your mobile or PC .

let’s start with the note!

how to download Facebook stories on PC?

Let’s start with our guide on how to download Facebook stories. In this case, the most effective way to download Facebook stories online is by resorting to a Chrome extension. By using this tool, the Facebook contents uploaded to stories by your favorite personalities will keep their quality and look good.

Here is the only online tool to download Facebook stories from your desktop in a matter of minutes.

Story Saver

This Chrome extension will be useful to save any video or photo on your desktop. All you have to do is install it and then add it as a favorite icon in your browser’s search bar.

Then, open your Facebook account and start reviewing the shared stories. If you want to download a Facebook story, simply click on the download icon added by Story Saver at the top of the browser. The story will automatically be saved in the folder you select.

On the other hand, this extension to download Facebook statuses is also compatible with Instagram Stories and WhatsApp Status, so if you are using these apps on Chrome, you can take advantage of Story Saver to download the stories you like the most.

As you can see, downloading Facebook statuses without recording the screen is possible with just a few clicks. This way, you’ll be able to have all the content you want at hand, whether it’s from your favorite brand, from the Mexican influencers that are trending or from your closest friends.

how to download Facebook stories on Android?

In the case that the mobile device you use is Android, you have two options. On the one hand, the traditional way to save a Facebook story is to make a screen recording from your phone. However, this is not highly recommended, as the video will lose sharpness.

On the other hand, you can download Facebook stories through a specialized application. In the following lines, we present you the best application to download Facebook statuses from your cell phone in a matter of seconds.

Story Saver

Currently, this application to download Facebook stories has more than 1 million downloads, because it is very easy to use. Therefore, you will not delay in learning how to download Facebook stories from here .

Here are the steps to install this app and download Facebook stories. Take note and get to work:

Download the app from Google Play.
Open the app and sign in with your Facebook account.
Search for the account you are interested in and go straight to their stories.
Press the pink button to get a copy of the stories you want.

that’s it! That’s how easy it is to learn how to download Facebook stories from your cell phone.

On the other hand, Story Saver not only gives you the possibility to download Facebook stories, this app also allows you to see the stories of the account you have entered without the owner of the account noticing it.

In addition, another important fact that you should know is that, if you log in with your Instagram account, you will have the opportunity to download the stories from this social network following the same steps that we describe.

how to download Facebook stories on iOS?

On the other hand, if you have an iPhone or use an iPad to browse social networks, you should know that there are no apps to download Facebook stories on iOS. At the moment, all the apps for downloading statuses found in the App Store are focused on Instagram .

In that sense, the only way to download Facebook stories without an app is to use the screen recorder that comes built into the iPhone and, if it is a photo, take a screenshot.

Although recording the screen is not the ideal option for downloading Facebook stories, at least, with this alternative, you can keep an archive of ideas to further work your profile on the social network.

descargar historias de facebookImage: Pexels

Well, now you know how important it is to know how to download Facebook stories. As you have been able to see, this is a simple, quick and very useful action for multiple purposes. According to Hubspot, stories are, besides being practical, very easy to visualize and can capture users’ attention quickly.

Also, experts say that it is one of the most effective ways to make your customers interact with your brand. So, after learning how to download Facebook stories, it’s time to generate valuable content for your brand.

good luck!

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