Learn how to make a mosaic on Instagram and attract thousands of followers to your feed

have you ever thought about how to make a mosaic on Instagram? Surely, you’ve seen some Instagram feeds that have a giant photo composed of small photos. This is called a mosaic or grid and has become one of the most popular trends on the social network in recent years.

But what good is it for me to learn how to make a mosaic on Instagram? Actually, it’s very useful! Whether you have a business or personal account, mosaics on Instagram give a special and, above all, original touch to your profile to reach the more than one billion active Instagram users. So if you had any doubts, take the opportunity to learn everything you need to know about how to make a mosaic on Instagram.

In today’s article, we bring you a complete guide to create a mosaic on Instagram quickly and easily. Also, we will tell you about different applications to design mosaics on Instagram, both from a laptop and from a cell phone. Followed by this, we will give you some creative ideas for Instagram mosaics and, finally, you will learn about the best tools to boost your profile on the social network.

how to make a mosaic on Instagram step by step?

Now we will explain you how to make mosaic style on your Instagram feed in simple steps. To do this, we will use the Tile Pic app, which you can find on Apple Store. In fact, it is an app to create mosaics on Instagram for free. enough talk and let’s get into action!

1. Select the photo to which you will apply the mosaic for Instagram

The first step on how to create a mosaic for Instagram is to choose a suitable photo. To do this, we recommend using an image that at a smaller scale you can’t appreciate those details that make your photo stand out. Or else, you can edit the photo previously in another application to add filters or correct the lighting, contrast, colors, among other aspects. This way, once you publish your grid on Instagram it will look great.

2. Click on “Create grids”.

let’s keep going! When you enter the app you will find three options, one of them is “Create tiles”, click on it and the app will automatically show you nine boxes according to Instagram’s original grid. you’re already very close to having an amazing mosaic for your feed!

3. Determine the design of your grid for Instagram

Now, select your Instagram tile layout, either a 3×1, 3×2, 3×3, 3×4 or a 3×5. In the photo below we have used a 3×3. Then, if you want to further customize your Instagram mosaic post, you can add other photos to complement the first one you selected. It’s time to experiment!

4. Adjust the size of the photo

If the photo is very long or large, you can move the photo up and down or zoom it using your two fingers until you place it as you want.once the image fits perfectly, proceed to click on the “check” button and then the options to directly share the mosaic on Instagram or simply save it to your phone’s camera roll will appear.

5. Check the order of your mosaic before posting it on Instagram

To publish your mosaic on Instagram you must do it according to the order indicated in the application’s list, and that’s it! Following the example of the image above, our mosaic for Instagram would look like this:

how to make a mosaic for Instagram with Photoshop?

If you want to become a pro at editing photos in mosaic style for Instagram, you can do it through Adobe Photoshop. Next, we’ll tell you how to create your Instagram grid in this program.

1. Open Photoshop and make a grid, go to the “View” menu and click on the option ” New guide composition” .you will automatically get a tab on your viewing screen with the “Columns and Rows” button where you can choose the number of boxes with which you want to divide your photos for Instagram.

Let’s say you have a photo of approximately 1200 x 800 dpi, a split of three columns and two rows might be enough to create a nice Instagram mosaic.

Source: Tech Zone

2. Once your image is fragmented according to the Instagram grid, the next step is to press the “Sectors from guides” button or by clicking the C key.in a matter of seconds you will get a mosaic for Instagram within the parameters specified above in the rows and columns.

Source: Tech Zone

3. The last step is to export each piece of the initial photo. To do this, go back to the menu, click on File, then Export and finally Save to net. A new window will immediately open in which you will select the format of your mosaic for Instagram, either PNG. or JPEG. that’s it!

Source: Tech Zone

When you open your images folder on your desktop you will find each photo individually that together would form an Instagram grid as it would look on the social network. it’s just a matter of uploading it in order correctly!

Source: Tech Zone

looking for a way to easily crop your photos? we’ve got a grid template for Instagram in Photoshop! and the best part? it’s free!

Mosaic ideas for Instagram

So get inspired by the following mosaic ideas for Instagram, then create an exciting and varied Instagram feed – give it that look and feel!

1. Basic square design

This is the most basic Instagram grid layout, but it looks professional. are you an Apple lover? Well, to apply the mosaic design on Instagram with iPhone, you can use a whole image divided into several parts as we can appreciate in the image below. If you want to give it more personality it would be ideal to pre-edit it before publishing it on your feed.

For example, if you want to highlight a particular product or show the details of a spectacular photograph, this mosaic idea for Instagram will be very useful.

Source: Pinterest

2. Chessboard design

You can also make mosaic designs for Instagram like a checkerboard or a board where you place a bunch of post-it notes, alternating between two colors or types of posts.

Most instagrammers use this Instagram mosaic idea by posting a photo, then a quote, and so on. This is ideal if you are a brand or influencer who wants to send inspirational messages to your audience through text and images.

Therefore, we recommend using consistent typography and backgrounds in your posts. This helps you to display your messages in a clear and orderly manner, but always apply a color palette for Instagram that matches your style or brand.

Source: Pinterest

3. Mixed design

tired of the classic mosaic for Instagram? Give your feed a twist by applying decorative stickers or vectors without overshadowing the main images you want to highlight. Also, you can add background textures and combine with different shapes using transparency on them.

This helps your feed look out of the ordinary and, at the same time, is uniform in each Instagram tile.

Source: Pinterest

4. Design with colored effect

On the other hand, you can create the same collage style for your Instagram feed and give it the colorized effect as shown in the image below. In this mosaic idea for Instagram, a dynamic and eye-catching image is projected. In addition, they use stickers that go with the tropical style and use phrases in different parts and in different positions. Undoubtedly, a grid for Instagram that transmits positive energy.

Source: Pinterest

5. Mosaics with horizontal and vertical lines

This is an alternative, if you don’t quite like chess style mosaics on Instagram. Imagine putting mosaics horizontally of just 3 photographs and, at the bottom, complementing them with images of your favorite phrases. Undoubtedly, it is an alternative of how to make a mosaic on Instagram without looking too repetitive.

In addition, just as it can be done horizontally, you also have the option of creating vertical mosaics on Instagram with the phrases in the middle column. what are you waiting for to try it out!

Now, you have the basics you need to create your own mosaic effect for Instagram in a professional way. it’s time to refresh your content with the help of our ebook on how to use Instagram!

Apps to create mosaics on Instagram

Well, now that you know how to make a grid for Instagram, we’ll share with you the best apps to create mosaics on Instagram, either for your Android or iOS phone.

1. Tile Pic

As you could see, this app is the best option if you want to create a stunning mosaic for Instagram, since it allows you to use different images. But the disadvantage is that you can only divide a photo for Instagram into a 3×3 grid and use a maximum of nine images. On the other hand, it includes a feature to add a custom background.

Tile Pic on iOS

2. Instagrid

Instagrid not only lets you create a mosaic for Instagram, but also add color filters to certain parts of the photo to simulate the sixties-inspired effect. On the other hand, you can only separate the photo into 3, 6 and 9 parts. When you’re done, Instagrid makes sure to save all the pieces of your mosaic for Instagram in order within your photo reel.

Instagrid on Android

3. Layout from Instagram

Layout from Instagram is an application created by the social network itself with the intention of taking the creativity of its users to another level. Within it, you’ll be able to create a photo collage on Instagram in mosaic style with several images and add the mirror effect.

Layout from Instagram on iOS

Layout from Instagram on Android

4. Grids: Templates, Photo Grid

The Grids app for mosaic on Instagram incorporates a quick and easy way to create an attractive and creative feed, since it contains a collection of effects, stickers, texts and other multiple options that you can use to create collages with different layers of graphics and photographs.

On the other hand, Grids shows you other ideas of mosaics for Instagram within the app and you can get inspired to make your own. Undoubtedly, an application that you can not miss.

Grids on iOS

5. InstaGrids

InstaGrids lets you easily divide your portrait or landscape photos into small squares to create the Instagram mosaic effect and publish them directly from the app to your social network of choice. You can also add stickers, textures, as well as add text and other photos. and not only that! Also, you can erase on top of the different layers to create a more interesting collage.

Instagrid on iOS

6. Canva

Another ideal app to create mosaics on Instagram is Canva, which offers you various stickers, textures, background images with patterns of different colors, add texts of different typographies and edit photos. In addition, it gives you the facility to create collage for Instagram with video. amazing!

Canva on iOS

Canva on Android

7. Photo Grids

Continuing with this guide on how to make a mosaic on Instagram, we present you Photo Grids. This is an application that, in addition to fulfilling the basic functions, stands out for two specific functions.

Create Instagram mosaics with different shapes. For example. Let’s imagine that for some reason you want to create a mosaic in a circular shape, the app itself prepares it for you and you only have to worry about uploading the images.
Create collages with images from your Instagram feed, as if it were a kind of blender of memories.

try it out! it’s 100% free!

Photo Grids on iOS

Photo Grid on Android

8. Giant Square for Instagram

Giant Square is one of the best alternatives if you’re wondering how to make a mosaic on Instagram. Among its main options it includes unique effects, it also lets you work with images from your Instagram or from your other social networks. Also, it has a very easy to understand interface. it’s totally free! So you can try it out right now.

However, it is worth mentioning that the only negative point of Giant Square is that it is only available for iPhone.

Giant Square on iOS

9. GridsArt

Like the previous case, GridsArt is also an app for making mosaics on Instagram that is only available for iOS, but that doesn’t make it a bad option. The striking thing about this app is that you can visualize the mosaic you designed before saving it. This will allow you to edit details or add photos without modifying your previously done work.

let’s keep checking out more apps to learn how to make a mosaic on Instagram!

GridsArt on iOS

10. Creative Cloud Express

One of the best apps for creating stories and mosaics on Instagram is Creative Cloud Express. Being an app programmed by the Adobe company, it has millions of downloads and is available for both iOS and Android devices. What makes Creative Cloud Express so famous is that, in just a few minutes, it allows you to create magnificent visual works at a semi-professional level.

Also, although in this article we are focusing on Instagram, this app also lets you set up images especially for other social networks, websites, etc. a great advantage compared to other programs for learning how to make a mosaic on Instagram!

Finally, whether you prefer to create mosaics for Instagram from mobile or computer, this app allows you to work on both. try it out right now!

Creative Cloud Express on iOS

Creative Cloud Express on Android

Source: El Español

Frequently asked questions about mosaics on Instagram

what is a photo mosaic for Instagram?

Well, a mosaic, also known as a puzzle and grid layout, is one of Instagram’s trends that helps customize the feedof various brands and content creators as if it were a collage of photos, but with a grid effect that divides an image into several parts or grids according to the amount desired by the user.

In fact, there are several ways on how to make a mosaic for Instagram and apply this technique on your feed, but what is the impact of the grid for your Instagram account?

Basically, with the help of the mosaic effect for Instagram you will manage to look a more interesting and professional account, as well as stand out on the user’s home page and/or in the “Explore” tab of Instagram. This will help to increase the level of interactions with your target audience and on your posts.

This way, your brand or personal account will be better recognized among others. On the other hand, the mosaic for Instagram is a modality that does not go unnoticed by users due to the creativity and peculiar style of the design.

Source: Geek Girl

what are the advantages and disadvantages of mosaic for Instagram?

After knowing what a mosaic for Instagram is, we will now tell you about the advantages and disadvantages when applying this technique.

Advantages of a mosaic on Instagram

The main advantage of a mosaic for Instagram is that it allows you to convey an eye-catching, creative and visually dynamic content idea to users who visit your profile. This way, your account is more likely to appear on everyone’s home screen.

Another benefit of a tile for Instagram is the freedom it gives you to customize each grid as you prefer. Let’s say you have a shoe brand and you want to showcase a new collection, with an Instagram grid you can highlight your items in each tile.

Finally, knowing how to make a mosaic on Instagram is a great advantage if you find yourself managing a business, since, by putting an image on your entire feed, it will allow you to draw the attention of all your customers and people who enter your profile. So don’t wait a second longer to set up a mosaic on Instagram.

Disadvantages of an Instagram mosaic

As you can see, the advantages of applying a mosaic for Instagram are diverse. But not all that glitters is gold, so you should also know its disadvantages.

Followers don’t always enjoy it. The main problem with creating mosaics on Instagram is that to achieve it you need to upload all the photos at the same time. Although the end result is eye-catching and creative, if a follower observes photo by photo what you are uploading, they will only see meaningless images and all the magic of the mosaic will be lost.
Itdirectly affects the reach of your publications. Normally, it is advisable to post a photo on Instagram with at least one day of interval, since, in this way, your photo gets a maximum reach. However, when uploading a mosaic on Instagram, all the photos receive the same interaction and, as there are several, many will be left without reactions or likes.
It takes time – while the process is not complicated or extensive, learning how to make a mosaic on Instagram can take longer than uploading a regular photo or carousel. Although the result is worth it, you should consider taking some time to set everything up so that the photos fit together perfectly.

Resources to make a mosaic on Instagram and boost your profile

Before ending this note, we can’t stop recommending you the best tools to make your Instagram mosaics a success and fill your profile with followers. the best part? they’re totally free!

1. Grid template for Instagram

not convinced by any of the apps we showed you to learn how to make a mosaic on Instagram? you’ll always have the option of using Photoshop! However, if you’re a beginner we know that can be a difficult task.

To make your life easier, here’s the best template to create your Instagram mosaics with PhotoShop. Forget about complicated settings, you will only need to select the photo with which you want to make the mosaic and that’s it.

learning how to make a mosaic on Instagram has never been easier!

2. Calendar for your Instagram content

You already know how to make a mosaic on Instagram and you have all the photos well edited. Now the problem is knowing when to upload them to Instagram. Don’t worry, we have the perfect solution for that, and it is the interactive calendar for you to write down different activities that you have to upload to your social network.

This way you will not only be able to schedule all the ideas you have throughout the day, but you will also be able to better identify which days your publications get more interactions. what are you waiting for to try it if it’s free!

3. Instagram Post Template

do you work with Photoshop and want to add a unique touch to your work? Crehana has designed for you a special template to simulate an Instagram post. You can place any photo in this template and try different styles.

4. Template for summer Instagram posts

We have already discussed above that, to learn how to make a mosaic on Instagram, you don’t need a single large photo. In fact, you can create large mosaics with separate photos. This will be very useful especially if you have a business and want to showcase your products.

Precisely, Crehana has for you a pack of ideal photos to complement your feed, especially if you are dedicated to the sale of summer products. You will find phrases, photos and much more. Plus, you can add your logo!

5. Pack of stories to promote products

One of the problems of starting a new business is not knowing how to create content on Instagram to attract new customers. If you want to save time and effort, we leave you this pack of stories perfect for promoting your products.

6. Stories for clothing businesses

have you ever wondered how the big clothing chains design such eye-catching stories? Well, they have a design team behind their social networks. However, if you want to give a professional touch to your content, we leave you with this ideal stories template for a clothing startup. try it out now!

7. Template for natural posts on Instagram

do you have a business related to natural products? are you interested in giving a green and ecological touch to your Instagram posts? You are very lucky, because with this pack of photos related to healthy living, you can perfectly complement all the mosaics for Instagram that you create.

Remember, it is not necessary to use all the images, but choose the ones that best suit your profile and know how to place them strategically in your feed to create a mosaic on Instagram.

8. Pack of templates for your Instagram stories

Knowing how to make a mosaic on Instagram is important, but if you want to succeed in the world of social networks, you need to start giving importance to the famous Instagram stories. If you don’t know how to design your own, we leave you this special template to save you a lot of time and work.

9. Instagram posts for the medical sector

do you manage any account on Instagram related to the health sector? Here we leave you a pack of photos to give some dynamism to the mosaics in your Instagram feed. The best way to reach people is with creativity, so take advantage of this exclusive tool from Crehana.

We hope that, after reading this guide, you have learned how to make a mosaic on Instagram in detail. Remember that you should not get stuck only in the classic Instagram mosaic, since the idea is to make your feed look eye-catching and unique. the most important thing is to let your creativity run wild!

And you, when do you plan to start creating mosaics for your Instagram profile?

thanks for joining us! See you next time.

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