How to make passport photos in Word? Get professional results without leaving home

Learn how to make passport-size photos in Word is ideal to carry out all the procedures you have pending.

As you know, a passport-size photo is necessary to carry out any type of procedure: from registering an identity document to issuing a certificate of completion of studies.

However, what very few people know is that you don’t have to be an expert in photo editing to get a passport photo. In fact, this process is very simple and can even work as a business opportunity.

So, let’s get started with the article so you can learn how to make 4×4 size photos in Word in simple steps. read on!

what is a passport size photo?

There are different types of photographs and each of them correspond to different purposes. In the case of passport photos, these are necessary for the processing of many official documents that require a clear view of our face in order to identify us. this is the case of identity documents, resumes, certificates, among others.

Another characteristic of the passport photo is its size. Since they are usually attached to a document or card, this type of photo has a size of 4 x 3 centimeters, although for some specific procedures, the size of a passport photo can be 4 x 4 centimeters.

To obtain this type of passport-sized photo, what is usually done is to go to a photographic studio where the photo is first taken and then the printed photo is delivered to you. However, either out of laziness or to avoid spending money for a tiny photo, some people prefer to take a passport photo at home.

If you want to learn how to make passport photos in Word, then you can’t miss this article, as we will give you all the information you need to have your photo ready in no time.

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what are the requirements for a passport photo?

Before we show you how to make passport photos in Word, we must first mention what are the different aspects that you must take into account when capturing the image.

Remember that a badly taken photo has a high probability of being rejected and you will not be able to execute the documentation you had pending. Therefore, pay close attention to the following points:

1. Resolution, size and quality

First of all, it is important that the passport photo is of high resolution, not blurred or pixelated. The quality of the photo paper can be matte or glossy.

Generally, the size of a passport photo has a dimension of 4 x 3 centimeters, but we recommend that you check the specifications indicated in the document you wish to make, as there may be certain variations.

2. Expression and posture

On the other hand, in passport photos the person must be looking directly at the camera with his or her face raised, lips together and with a neutral expression. Also, the eyes should be open with nothing covering them.

According to, in a passport photo, the face must be perfectly visible, in other words, it must be located exactly in the center of the image, leaving a portion of the background to be framed.

3. Lenses

The use of glasses when taking an ID photo is prohibited, even though it is an accessory that you use in your daily life. The reason is because the lenses of the glasses can reflect the light of the flash and that would prevent you from getting a clear view of your eyes.

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4. Lighting

On the other hand, it is necessary to have a good lighting to take a passport size photo, since it is necessary to achieve a clear image, which can capture the skin tone properly.

For this reason, the photograph must be correctly exposed, with uniform lighting, without shadows, reflections or red eyes

Also, to have better results learning how to take photos in Word, we recommend you to separate the person from the wall, in order to reduce the shadow generated by the flash light against the wall.

Moreover, if you find a place where you have a window next to the room, you will get a spectacular result thanks to the side light source.

5. Hair, hats and other clothing

A passport-size photo requires that the person is not wearing any clothing that hinders full visibility of the face, such as hats or pashminas.

However, this rule can be overlooked if the garment is used for religious or medical purposes; of course, some institutions will ask you for a signed statement for this purpose.

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6. Background

As we mentioned before, the most appropriate background color for a passport photo is white. in addition, it is important that it is light, smooth and uniform. A good contrast should be obtained in relation to the subject’s face and hair. You should also make sure that no shadows are formed.

To make your passport photo look professional, it will be useful to learn how to make a photo studio at home.

7. For photographs of children

For newborns and children up to 6 years old, the position of the face is not very demanding, but it must be frontal. In the case of passport photos of children up to 10 years of age, the face should occupy 50% to 80% of the frame.

When taking children’s passport photos, it is important that the child is not accompanied by any other person in the photo. In addition, as far as possible, the child’s eyes should be open. However, in the case of baby pictures, this requirement is not mandatory.

With all these considerations in mind, you are now ready to know how to take passport photos in Word without having to use programs or applications to edit photos on your cell phone.


Photoshop passport size photo template

how to make passport photos in Word?

It is time to learn how to make passport size photos in Word in an easy and fast way, since you don’t need to be a professional photo editor; you just need to follow the steps below:

1. Take the photo

To know how to make passport size photos in Word, you first need to have the respective photograph. You can go to a photo studio or take the photo at home, if you have the necessary equipment and a well-lit environment.

Remember to take into account all the requirements mentioned above.

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2. Upload the photo to Word

Once you have your photo ready to edit in passport size, the next thing to do is to place it in a Word document. To do this, do the following:

Open a Word document
Click on the Insert tab.
Click on the button that says Images and then select the option that says this device.
Select the image for the passport photo and then click Insert.

3. Crop the image

Based on the requirements for a passport-size photo, use the crop function to have the indicated proportions. You can execute this action following this sequence:

Right-click on the image.
Select the Crop button.
Crop handles will appear at the edges of the image. You must select them and drag them into the shape of a passport photo.
When you are done, you can press Esc or click anywhere in the document that is outside the image.

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4. Disable scaled proportions

To have a passport-size photo, it is necessary to disable the scaled proportions functions and, thus, be able to adjust the size of the image to an exact size. Here are the steps to follow:

Right-click on the image for the passport photo.
Click on the Size and Position option.
A pop-up window will appear and, once there, you have to uncheck the boxes that say Lock aspect ratio and Proportional to original image size.
Click OK.

5. Modify image size

Remember that the dimensions for a passport photo are 4 x 3 centimeters. What you have to do to resize the image is as follows:

Select the photo.
Go to the Format tab.
In the Size panel, add the measurements as follows:

Height: 4 centimeters
Width: 3 centimeters

6. Duplicate the image

After you have your photo ready, the last step in the process of how to make passport photos in Word is to duplicate the image. Below, we will tell you what steps to follow:

Right-click on the ID photo.
Go to the Fit Text option.
Select In front of the text.
Drag the photo to the upper right corner of the document.
You can do this in two ways: use the commands Ctrl + C (copy) and Ctrl + V (paste) or click on the image, press the Ctrl key and, without releasing, drag the image to the side to duplicate it.

What you have to do is fill the entire sheet with the image, so you can print the document and have several pictures at your disposal. and that’s it! That’s the easiest way to learn how to make passport photos in Word.

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Bonus: How to look good in passport photos?

Now that you know how to take passport photos in Word, the only thing you need to worry about is how to look good in the picture. That’s why, below, we share with you 8 tricks to look good in passport photos that the website Hacer Familia recommends:

The day before taking your ID photo, try to get a good night’s sleep so you don’t have dark circles under your eyes.
If you don’t have glasses with anti-reflective lenses, the best thing to do is not to use your glasses because they could reflect the light of the flash.
Avoid using creams or makeup that contain sunscreen, as they will reflect too much light and you will have a very flat appearance in your passport photo.
If you are going to use makeup, select products with a matte or satin finish, as they are very flattering to the photo.
To take a perfect passport photo, you should use a timeless and neutral look so that it can be adapted to the different uses you can give to the photograph.
Try to define the eyebrows and eyelashes as they are the frame of the eyes.
In case you use lipstick, we recommend using a stronger shade than usual since photography tends to “eat” the colors.
To look good in a passport photo, you should have a soft smile and a look that conveys confidence.


If you want to discover more tips on how to take professional quality photos, sign up for his online networking photography course.

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That’s it, now you know how to take passport photos in Word like an expert! Remember that the main purpose of this type of photo is to be a personal identification tool, so you should portray your profile as accurately as possible.

So, it’s time to apply everything you have learned in this article on how to make passport photos in Word to get excellent portraits. If you are interested in taking advantage of the new knowledge you have gained today to start a business, we recommend you to review our catalog of online courses on entrepreneurship and business.

On the other hand, if you are more inclined towards the creative side and want to explore the art of photography, we recommend you check out these photography projects for inspiration.

best of luck!

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