Instagram removes Swipe up: how to put swipe up on Instagram

Want to find out how to put swipe up on Instagram and channel all your followers on the network to some page? We have a good news and a bad news, the bad news is that Instagram removed swipe up, the good news is that there is still a way to put your link in an Instagram story.

If you want to harness the power of links in Instagram stories, read on, we’ll show you how to put swipe up on Instagram the new way, easy and fast.

But first, we have a mystery on our hands.

what happened to swipe up on Instagram?

Swipe up is a feature that has been active for almost the entire history of Instagram, which is why it can be so surprising that it disappeared. what really happened?

A few months before removing swipe up, Instagram was experimenting with a new way to put links in stories. The company’s head of product, Vishal Sha, told The Verge in June 2021 that they were interested in finding out how people responded to a link sticker, how well it worked.

Stickers, according to Vishal, “were a better fit with the overall system” of Instagram. If everything worked, links in Instagram stories would be introduced with stickers in no time. And that’s what happened-in August, Instagram got rid of the very familiar swipe up and replaced it with a link sticker .

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Goodbye swipe up, hello link sticker!

As of August 2021, the link sticker is the new swipe up, which means that if you want to post a link on Instagram Stories, that’s what you should use.

As a user, instead of the famous swipe up motion we were used to from Instagram, you will now have to click on the Instagram Stories link you want to visit to access the site.

The advantage of using a link sticker for Instagram Stories is that it allows users to interact more: respond, comment or click on some other element of the story. It also makes the design of this type of posts much more flexible.

Now that you know what happened to the Instagram swipe up, you surely want to know what you’ll need to put links in Instagram stories. Let’s talk about it.

what do you need to put swipe up on Instagram with link sticker?

Swipe up was always a feature reserved for accounts with more than 10,000 followers, something that seemed about to change with the link sticker. However, the truth is that Instagram kept the same requirements to be able to use it.

Yes, you will need 10,000 followers to access the sticker. Although it is true that many users who did not have so many got the sticker, it was only part of the social network’s tests. To swipe up on Instagram with the link sticker, you still need a large audience.

This means two things: that there is still a niche for influencer marketing, which can exploit the potential of links in Instagram stories, and that if you want to put links on your own, you will need to increase your followers on Instagram.

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how to put swipe up on Instagram Stories with link sticker?

Here’s what you need to do to put swipe up on Instagram Stories now that the feature is gone:

1. Add a new Instagram story

The first thing is to click on the “Add story” option in the top left corner. If you want your link in Instagram Stories to attract attention, make sure you use an eye-catching design for your story, you can create animated stories, or if you are selling any product, use irresistible promotional templates for Instagram.

2. Find the link sticker and add it

Find the link sticker in the wide catalog of stickers that Instagram offers you. If you have more than 10,000 followers, you’ll have no problem doing so. It says “Link” and shows the link characteristic of URLs.

Click on the sticker to add it and be able to swipe up on Instagram.

3. Place your link

Fill in the box under “Add link” with the link you want to add. You are now almost ready to share a website on Instagram.

4. Check that everything is ok with the “Preview” option.

With the preview you will be able to verify that your link on Instagram Stories is correct and that it really leads to the website you are interested in.

5. Click on the “Check” in the top right corner

Once you have confirmed that everything is in order, press the check button in the top right corner. Your Instagram Stories link is ready.

6. Adjust the size of your sticker

Now that you have the link sticker in Instagram Stories, it’s time to adjust its size and position, as it will fit perfectly with the rest of your story design.

7. Customize your story to the maximum and make it stand out

Remember to give a special touch to your Instagram story, one of the advantages of putting swipe up on Instagram through a link sticker is that you can modify it to your liking. Make the story eye-catching, charming and make the sticker match your design perfectly.

Now you know what happened to swipe up, how to put swipe up on Instagram using link sticker in stories and what you will need to unlock this coveted feature.

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