Learn how to work at Google and fulfill your dream at the world’s largest tech company!

We know you’re here because you want to find out how to work at Google and because this interest is part of your personal goals. But what if we told you that, in addition to having the job of your dreams, you can be closer to conquering your crush?

According to Infobae, professions related to technological areas have a sex appeal characteristic of the 21st Century. Are you a data scientist? Well, congratulations, you have a good chance of hooking up these days, and a much better chance if you start working at Google.

Although there are some basic requirements to work at Google, these depend mainly on the type of job you are applying for and the area in which the vacancy is located .therefore, you should know the process of how to apply to work at Google, either for professional profiles or for internships as Billy McMahon and Nick Campbell did in the movie “The Interns”.

So, in order to make everything like honey on flakes, we will explain you how to work at Google from home or in their offices so you can get various benefits by being part of the staff of this giant of the technology industry.

1. Check the requirements to work at Google

To apply for a job and work at Google you do not need to have a diploma, since they value more the experience and skills you have to perform the functions of the position. But what they are most interested in is that you show passion for what you do .

Also, if you want to know how to work at Google, keep in mind that knowledge in programming is required, whatever your profession.

According to the World Economic Forum, there is a constant growth in the demand for this hard skill, and it is estimated that in the next few years 65% of the children who are currently in high school will go out to work in jobs that have not even been created.

what programming languages should you learn? It all depends on the field you want to work in at Google. Although in this technological giant they use a lot of C++, Python, Go, Java, JavaScript and TypeScript .

what to study to work at Google?

If you already know about programming, then practice coding exercises, as they are very useful when applying for a job at Google, especially because of the tests you have to submit.

One of the secrets to pass the selection process and know how to work at Google is to use the book Cracking the Coding Interview or practice with exercises from CodeLab, Quora and Stack Overflow .

Also, you have at your disposal Google Digital Garage, a platform composed of 28 courses in which you will learn basic programming skills, digital marketing and management of some of Google’ s services, products and tools.

2. Check out Google’s job board

Although you can apply to the vacancies that Google has on LinkedIn, we recommend that you consult the Google job board directly. There you will find a better update of the jobs that are available throughout the world.

Also, it will be easier to know how to work at Google, as you will be guided through the entire application process, so you will have a better idea of each of the steps to get the job you want. However, we will talk about this later.

Jobs at Google

want to know which careers to work at Google are the most sought after? Discover the areas that make up this amazing organization and some openings you could apply for online:

Engineering and technology: software engineer, electronics engineer, network engineer, product manager, security engineer, multimedia engineer, developers, etc.

Sales, service and support: instructional designer, strategy and operations specialist, analyst, account manager, solutions consultant, etc.

Marketing and communications: creative director, communications specialist, marketing specialist, public relations specialist, copywriters, planners, etc.

Design: motion designer, UX copywriter, UX researcher, UX designer, etc.

Finance: accountants, financial analysts, auditors, etc.

Legal: lawyers specializing in various areas such as commercial, intellectual property, etc.

People Operations team (POps): recruiters, human talent analysts, administrative support, program managers, etc.

can people with functional diversity be part of the staff? Of course! In fact, there is an exclusive section to search for jobs on Google if you belong to this population group and what vacancies are available.

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what is it like to work at Google?

Although by the new normal it is possible to work online for Google, it is good that you keep in mind what are the headquarters that are located in Latin America and Spain. If you make it through the selection process, you will probably have to go to one of Google’s offices:

Belo Horizonte.


Mexico City.

Buenos Aires.




Rio de Janeiro.

Santiago de Chile.

Sao Paulo.

have you wondered what jobs will be like after the pandemic and how to work at Google if you are in active job search? check out the next chapter of a series we’ve done at WP to give you a better picture of what the future holds!

3. Present a winning CV

One tip no one is going to tell you about working at Google is that the tech giant cares as much about hard skills as soft skills, but expressed in data. Yes! Just as you read it.

With this information, Google’s POps (People Operations) team can analyze how well you measured the success of your decisions and what the outcome was. In fact, on their website they describe the formula as: “You got [X], measured by [Y], as a result of doing [Z]”.

For this reason, it is essential that you know how to include the skills for a job at Google in your CV that can help you get the job of your dreams this year.

As Raquel Roca, speaker and teacher of the online course Soft skills essential for professional success, mentions, “what is evaluated and valued today in a job profile is the ability to learn and develop new skills and behaviors, also called soft skills”. And, precisely, Google takes these skills into account.

Essential elements for your CV

These are the aspects you should take into account when applying for one of Google’s vacancies:

Put in your resume only the necessary and relevant information to the position. Also, avoid making it long. Headhunters recommend a maximum of two pages. this is a very important aspect that you should know if you want to know how to work at Google!

Demonstrate that you have the necessary skills to apply for a job at Google. don’t have a lot of experience? You can replace it with projects you’ve done in college or courses that show you have the skills required for the position.

If you’re thinking of attaching a cover letter to your application, it’s an aspect that recruiters rarely consider. If your CV screams: i want to work at Google!!!, and it is well structured, it will be more than enough.

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Essential aspects in a CV to work at Google with an internship

If you don’t know what it takes to work at Google being an intern, don’t worry, here are some tips. take note!

You must have an updated CV with the characteristics we gave above. projects to be an intern at Google are super important!

In some cases you will be asked for an essay or a cover letter. However, only attach it if necessary. keep this tip, it will help you figure out how to work at Google!

You must have permission from the university where you are studying .

Some Google vacancies require a portfolio; the recruiter in charge of the process will inform you about this.

4. Know the channels to apply

Applying for a job at Google can be a lot like going up against a giant, and you may find yourself in a quandary of questions similar to the following: where do I start, What will I need, How do I prepare, and so on. Don’t worry, we have the answers!

Online Application

You can apply for jobs at Google directly through the Google website. Simply enter your preferred field, add your location and finally add the skills and experience relevant to the job you are looking for. Google filters the jobs according to your set preferences; all you have to do is apply.

College Placement Programs

Google visits some colleges or universities in certain countries to run college placement programs. This can be a plus benefit, especially if you want to know how to work at Google as an intern.


Google runs Kick Start, an open coding contest for programmers in the Asia-Pacific (APAC) region throughout the year. Interested parties can sign up for the contest and participate in as many three-hour rounds as they wish.

In addition, top competitors may have the opportunity to interview for a job at Google.

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5. Apply online for Google job openings

As we mentioned to you before, the best way on how to work at Google is to apply via online. However, you should keep in mind the following points:

You can make up to three applications every 30 days. Google recommends that you apply to vacancies where you are likely to be hired because they align with your interests, likes and skills.

If you have already applied to Google as an engineer or developer and did not pass, it is best to take a year to reapply. In this time, according to this technology company, you will be able to acquire the knowledge to pass their tests. This way, you will know how to get a job at Google.

You can apply for the same vacancy as many times as you want, as long as you take into account the times we explained in the bullets above. But don’t overdo it, if you didn’t pass the first time, evaluate what you are good at and what you are failing to achieve better results.

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6. Introducing Google interviews

A few years ago, people who wanted to know how to work at Google faced a very difficult selection process, as it consisted of many, many job interviews. This not only implied wear and tear for applicants, but also a higher cost in hiring.

Fortunately, the POps ( as Google’s human resources area is known) has optimized the processes of how to apply to work at Google and today there are fewer types of job interviews.

It usually takes about six weeks to complete the entire process. Needless to say, the selection procedure at Google is extremely thorough to ensure that recruiters hire the ideal candidate.

In fact, headhunters focus more on the candidate than the application, so if they think you’re a better fit for another position, you may hear from them about a job at Google that you didn’t initially apply for.

Google Tests

To apply for a job at Google, you’ll most likely face the following tests regardless of the position you’re applying for:

1. Online Assessment

It is meant especially for knowledge tests for those who want to find out how to work at Google.

2. Virtual chats or phone calls

These are short interviews with the purpose of making a first filter. This way, recruiters will be able to know if you have the minimum skills required for the Google vacancies you applied for.

3. Presentation of a project

Although it is not a general requirement, Google may ask you to develop a case study or do a small programming development to present the interviews in depth.

4. In-depth interviews

If you passed the previous tests, you will enter the most rigorous stage of the whole process of how to apply to work at Google. Remember we told you that they had decreased the number of tests? Well, now there are only 4 types of in-depth interviews that may or may not be face-to-face.

Each round of interviews lasts between 30 and 45 minutes. And don’t worry, Google covers all transportation and accommodation costs. You can also contact Google’s assistive technology recruiting team.

Interview questions for a job at Google cover four key points: general cognitive ability, leadership, role-related knowledge, and “Googleyness,” which is the ability to use individuality and responsiveness to ambiguity.

Google recruiters generally ask open-ended questions without a correct answer, so candidates are free to draw on their own experiences. For technical roles, the questions will mainly be about coding and algorithms. Basically, you’ll have to think about how you would approach a certain technical problem and how you would find a solution for it.

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7. Leverage your network

If you know someone who works at Google, take advantage of this contact to get your foot in the door and fast-track your application. Chances are, he or she will explain what to do to work at Google so you can apply successfully.

You can also connect with employees through LinkedIn and ask them to recommend you for a job at Google. Legend has it that Google recruiters are active on LinkedIn, and if your resume impresses them, they may call you in for an interview.

how to send a message to a Google worker on LinkedIn?

While it’s not a guarantee of getting a job on Google, networking is always the most efficient way to get a job because companies trust people more when they recommend them.

So start by looking through your LinkedIn contacts and seeing who has a current or former connection to Google. The best way to approach someone on LinkedIn is to ask them a question. Never ask for a big favor up front; this will keep them from seeing your message.

Sample messages

You can ask for something very small at first, like this, “Hi, John. i saw that you joined Google! This is awesome. Congratulations on getting the job. I’m thinking of starting a job search on Google. is there one or two things you did that helped you get Google’s attention?”.

Or here’s another example, “Hi, Susan, how have you been since you left XYZ Company? I had a quick question – I’m starting a job search at Google. I know you used to work in human resources for Google. is there one or two things a candidate can do to excel at Google before applying? Anything you can share would be great. Thanks in advance.”

Now, ideally, you’d like someone to offer to introduce you to a hiring manager at Google or recommend you for a job at Google. As we mentioned to you earlier, ideally, don’t start the conversation by asking for such a big favor.

And yes, this is a big favor, as you’re asking someone to take a risk and vouch for you. So start small, like the online messaging examples above. Here’s how to apply to work at Google through social media.

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what are the benefits of working at Google?

Now that you know how to apply to work at Google, it’s time to tell you about the benefits you can get if you land the desired vacancy.

According to the Best Places to Work report conducted every year by Glassdoor, Google’s organizational climate has placed it in the sixth position of the best companies to work for. what are the reasons?

There is gourmet food at no cost. POps has designed a food program for Google employees to have a balanced diet.

something happened to your computer just when you have to file a report? There is a 24-hour technology support system .

In addition, working at Google allows you to take up to five months of fully paid maternity and paternity leave. If required, the employee can take some of the time off before the baby is born.

If the employee dies, his or her partner can receive half a compensatory salary for up to 10 years. Also, children can receive up to $1,000 per month .

Google pays you for courses to develop your talents. For example, guitar lessons, singing lessons, cooking classes, among others. definitely one of the advantages you can enjoy when you know how to work at Google!

The facilities are designed to exploit your creativity and are pet friendly.

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If you were wondering how hard it is to get a job at Google, now you know you can beat the odds by executing a few specific steps. are you ready to apply for an opening? Check out the requirements for working at Google and apply as soon as possible.The worst diligence is the one you don’t do!

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