Ideas to write a story that everyone will want to read

if you’ve exhausted all your creativity, it’s understandable that you need a helping hand to refresh your imagination and unblock those ideas that your fingers are trying to tell on paper or keyboard.

We have been in contact with fantasy and realistic stories since we were children, so we will always feel a special affinity towards this type of stories, especially when we are writers -or want to become one-, since we usually start with stories. If you are thinking of getting into writing through this genre, you have come to the right article because you will learn the best ideas to create a short story.

“The work of the text always happens together. Sharing literary experience and readings gave me the possibility to shape the narrative. It is essential, first, to put down on paper what you want to say and then, just like building a house, the architecture of the story will take shape”, explains Majo Moirón, teacher of the online course of the art of writing.

And since we have to share the literary experience, we have compiled a list of ideas for writing a story that will captivate readers from the very first sentence. In addition, we will tell you what it takes to write a story and give you a series of tips so that you can create incredible tales.

So unleash your pen and let your imagination run wild with these fantastic story writing ideas. Creative Story Writing Ideas

Writing creative stories can be easier than it sounds. Many times, creativity is born out of the simplest or most absurd things, so we will show you a list of ideas for writing creative stories.

1. Wild animal names

If you want your story to be really original, go beyond the typical farm animals and imagine scenes and stories of wild animals. We assure you that you will come up with the best ideas for writing a fantastic story.

Here are some wild animal names to inspire you:

Great white shark (Carcharodon carcharias)

Grizzly Bear (Ursus arctos horribilis)

Asian Elephant (Elephas maximus)

King cobra (Ophiophagus hannah)

Giant anteater (Myrmecophaga tridactyla)

golden eagle (Aquila chrysaetos)

Armadillo (Dasypus novemcinctus)

Black widow tarantula (Latrodectus tredecimguttatus)

Orinoco alligator (Crocodylus intermedius)

Impala antelope (Aepyceros melampus)

Reticulated python (Malayopython reticulatus)

Oceanic dolphin (Delphinus delphis)

Western gorilla (Gorilla gorilla)

Komodo dragon (Varanus komodoensis)

Red Kangaroo (Macropus rufus)

animales salvajes como ideas para escribir un cuentoSource: Pixabay

2. Unique places in the world

who hasn’t dreamed of traveling the world and getting to know hidden corners free of tourists? or who hasn’t looked for tickets over and over again to that destination you’ve always wanted to visit? Collect ideas to write a story about these places.

We know that traveling now is relatively complicated, but you can help others to travel with your imagination, through your stories. Think about those places and what characters you would meet, recreate dialogues and invent a conflict. Voila, you now have a story.

lugares para realizar un cuento creativoSource: Cenit Network

3. Exotic places

what if instead of traveling to traditional destinations, you grab a map and choose remote places where you would never go? It could be a lost continent, a country in the middle of a war or a dark forest. there you have several ideas for writing a story!

Focus on one of those places (let’s take the forest as an example), and start creating an outline for writing a story. Remember that, if you are talking about exotic places, you should not only limit yourself to some lost city or remote island, but your story could also take place in a specific place, such as a movie theater or a bar, for example.

Do this exercise with different scenarios: imagine every corner of that place and that way it will be easier for you to write a story from images (even if they are imaginary).

Lugares exóticos para crear un cuentoSource: Pixabay

4. Absurd ideas

When it comes to creative story writing ideas, this is the easiest resource you can find. Weird, unthinkable, flashy and bizarre ideas are the best ideas for writing a fantastic story.

can a rabbit talk? can an elephant fly? in an imaginary world, anything can make sense if you give it the right context. These story ideas can come from your own dreams, so always try to write down everything you remember as soon as you wake up in a notebook or cell phone notepad.

Magic, spells, dragons, witches, wild creatures, goblins and many more characters can come to life in your fantasy tales.

persona anotando ideas para hacer un cuentoSource: Freepik

5. Aspects of daily life

Sipping a coffee while watching the rain, waking up to the sound of birds or smelling the scent of freshly cut grass – everyday life is full of literature! it is perhaps not the life of the typical famous person, but it also has its charm. take inspiration from some everyday moment as a trigger for ideas to write a realistic story!

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Ideas for writing a children’s story

Stories are the stories for children par excellence, so addressing them, although it may be a challenge, it will also be rewarding for them to enjoy a story and remember it over the years. can you imagine?

Therefore, you must have a very good sense when collecting ideas to write a story for children. Take note!

6. Fantastic characters

remember we talked about absurd ideas as a resource? you’re in the right place to apply them! Children’s stories should be fantastic by nature, so don’t limit yourself in your ideas for writing a story.

And not only will you have free rein to create fantastic characters, but also settings and situations. For example, using animals as main characters always works.

cuento infantil de piratasSource: Pixabay

7. Popular and traditional games

If the great master Julio Cortázar was able to create a masterpiece inspired by “Rayuela”, it doesn’t hurt to look into popular and traditional games to find threads that allow you to weave your own narrative. hide-and-seek, tic-tac-toe, rock, paper, scissors, dominoes, chess, goose… the list goes on.

You can write a children’s story inspired by your favorite game, or tell an adventure story. A thousand great story ideas are sure to pop into your head, so don’t forget to jot them down for your next stories!

juegos de niños para crear cuentos infantiles

Source: Education 3.0

8. Life lessons

It’s not enough just to have an amazing idea to write a story for children. This idea has to come with a message that leaves children with an important lifelong lesson.

friendship? the values? Think about the moral you want to convey and your story will undoubtedly be a sensation among the children’s audience.

moralejas en cuentos para niños y niñas

Source: Freepik

9. Fear as a resource

Children have many fears and these can be used to generate endless ideas to create a story. What are the most common fears of children? of the dark? monsters?

Whatever fear you choose, the idea is that the protagonist can overcome them at the end of the story and that the children themselves feel identified.

niños leyendo un cuento infantil de suspenso

Source: Freepik

10. Adaptation of a traditional tale

It would be like a second season of a traditional tale. what else could have happened in “Little Red Riding Hood”? what happened to the life of “The Ugly Duckling”? You can take some traditional fairy tale as inspiration and come up with an alternative story or one that represents the continuation. a great idea for writing children’s stories!

niños leyendo un cuento tradicional

Source: The Universe

Ideas to write a love story

who hasn’t lived a love story worthy of a book? If you were not lucky enough, surely you know of one that can inspire you and, thus, gather ideas to write a love story.

To write romantic stories, you should also think about the following elements:

Well-detailed characters

Specific descriptions of locations

Manifestation of expressions

Emotional dialogues

Relive that real love story again or put yourself in the role of its protagonists, and the story will practically write itself. If you think about the details, you’ll have plenty of ideas for writing a story, which can be a love story or an adult story. Here are some ideas for writing a love story:

11. Lyrics of popular songs

Now you’ll understand why you can’t get that song out of your head – it was a sign that you should write about it! as crazy as it sounds, if you slow down for a while to read the lyrics of any song you can think of, you’re sure to come up with more than one story to write about.

With that, of course, your love story should not be an exact replica of the song’s lyrics. However, if you pay attention to the lyrics of the most popular ballads, you will find many love stories. ideas for writing a love story can also be on Spotify!

canciones para crear cuentos de amor

Source: Infolibros

12. Phrases and quotes

No matter what kind of phrases you like to read, or what your favorite quotes from books or movies are, pick one at random and recreate a story around it. There are some sites, such as Proverbia, where you will find a different phrase per day, and of course, a repertoire of phrases to create stories of all kinds.

Among these phrases or quotes, you could find one related to love, which can serve you to create a fantastic story that, in addition to captivate, can also serve as inspiration to everyone.

frases para escribir un cuento

Source: Freepik

Ideas for writing a science fiction short story

It is good that science fiction stories have as their main axis some theme related to the futuristic or impossible to happen, but you should always humanize it. The character, no matter how fantastic it is, must have characteristics that humanize him/her, since this way the reader will be able to feel the affinity you are looking for .

Having this point in mind, we give you some ideas to make a science fiction story that awakens the curiosity and intrigue of the readers.

13. Rare (and highly sought after) books

In the world there is a limited amount of writings that could be considered rare or strange books, and therefore have a high quotation value. It could be because few editions were issued, because they are very old books or because their content is very peculiar (a factor that could inspire you to brainstorm ideas for writing a science fiction story).

These are some of the most named rare books in the world:

Of the Nature of Things, by Lucretius

King Solomon’s Key

The Book of Kells

The Voynich Manuscript

Dream of Polyphilus

El Manuscrito Voynich

Source: BBC

14. Laws of physics

In science fiction anything goes, so it will not be rare that you apply resources and ideas to write a story, such as men who fly, time travelers, robots or even beings from another planet .

And not only in terms of characters, but also in terms of settings. You could appeal to a setting that has no gravity, to cite one example.

robots en cuentos de ciencia ficción

Source: Pixabay

15. Planets

Planets are the quintessential environments if we talk about science fiction, so it will always be one of the best ideas to write a story in this genre. In fact, not only will you be able to recreate your tale on planets that exist, but also create them yourself.

planetas como ideas para escribir un cuento de ciencia ficción

Source: Pinterest

16. National celebrations

Choose a typical holiday of your country and create a story around it, which could also be science fiction. That celebration that you live since your childhood. You can also choose a holiday from another country, but it is important that you know it well enough to use it as an idea to write a science fiction story.

Some typical celebrations of Latin American countries :

Day of the Dead – Mexico

Carnivals – Brazil

Inti Raymi – Peru

Flower Fair – Colombia

Grape Harvest Festival – Argentina

Valdivian Week – Chile

La Mama Negra – Ecuador

cuento infantil sobre IntiSource: YouTube

Ideas for writing a detective story

The basic formula for the plot of a detective story is fairly simple and sometimes predictable. At the beginning, a dead body appears, a valuable item goes missing, or a puzzle begs to be solved. The reader knows that by the end of the story the questions will be answered, which is a comforting element in even the most gruesome murder mysteries.

The originality and charm, of course, is mainly in the execution of the ideas for writing a detective story. Different writers might take the same writing guideline and draft very different stories, so there’s no reason to worry whether you’re on the right track or not.

However, if you need help, you can use this list as an idea generator for writing a detective story. Whether you come across a story idea you like in the process, or just want to polish your creative writing, they’re worth considering.

17. Murder

Most detective or police stories revolve around a central crime or a series of related crimes. Since the crime will be the catalyst for your tale, it should be interesting, memorable, and seemingly unsolvable.

In this way, readers will be so seduced by the mystery that they will have to keep reading. Murder is a very common crime in detective fiction, but there are many other story ideas, from robberies to disappearances.

Here are some ideas for police story topics to inspire you:

It’s going to be a beautiful wedding in a beautiful destination, but two people in the wedding party have been murdered.

A woman asks a writer to write her life story. Suddenly, she disappears.

In the middle of a forest, someone finds an abandoned bunker with corpses inside.

asesinatos en cuentos policiales

Source: YouTube

18. Theft

Robberies are also one of the great ideas for writing a detective story that doesn’t get lost. And is that following a story that shows the “feat” of the greatest robbery in the world can arouse the curiosity of readers in wanting to know more and read each page in detail.

And a clear example is the Netflix series “La Casa de Papel”. how about taking inspiration from this iconic production and capturing it in your story? include it in your list of ideas for crafting a detective story!

Just keep in mind that readers choose this genre because they want to be intrigued by a good mystery, so if the heist is too easy for them to solve, they’ll get bored and probably won’t finish the story. Trust your readers’ ability for logical deduction and don’t reveal too much, leaving them really surprised.

robo como idea para hacer un cuento policial

Source: Hello

Ideas for writing a horror story

Horror stories are meant to captivate readers with a big scare, and there are many ways to generate a powerful impact on them. the element of surprise is crucial to freeze readers with fear.

In fact, there are different ideas for writing a horror story. They often involve murder, supernatural powers, psychopaths, terrifying human psychology and much more.

Below, we will present you with some terrifying ideas for writing a horror short story that can spark your creativity, especially if you are an aspiring writer of this genre. So don’t be afraid to check them out.

19. Instinctive fears

Fears that have some sort of logical or biological basis are usually the most potent in horror. Darkness, heights, snakes, and spiders: these are all extremely common phobias rooted in instinct. As a result, they tend to be very effective at scaring readers.

This is especially true when terror befalls innocent characters for no apparent reason: a murderer traps them in their home for no apparent reason, or they are suddenly assaulted by a stranger with a revolver. Undoubtedly, one of the great ideas for writing a horror story that you should keep in mind.

miedos instintivos para escribir un cuento de terror

Source: Pinterest

20. Monsters and supernatural entities

These extend beyond the realm of logic and into the realm of “sinister”. We all know that vampires, werewolves and ghosts aren’t real, but that doesn’t mean they can’t shake you to your core.

In fact, it’s the very uncertainty they arouse that makes them so sinister. what if the monsters are really out there, we’ve just never seen them? This fear is one of the most prevalent in horror stories, but if you decide to apply any of these ideas to writing a tale, your story needs to be quite compelling.

lectora sorprendida con un cuento de terror

Source: The HuffPost

21. Social tensions

Another great idea for crafting a horror story to scare readers is to tap into social tensions and concerns, a tactic especially prevalent in horror films.

For example, the film “Get Out” tackles the idea of underlying racism in modern America and, for its part, the film “The Babadook” examines mental health. However, social tensions can also be easily captured in the pages of a horror story, as in Shirley Jackson’s “The Lottery.”

The Lottery de Shirley JacksonSource: ABC Blogs

22. Survival

The most basic goal of the characters in any horror story is to survive, so it can be a great idea to make a horror tale that revolves around this theme.

However, there are nuances that go along with that goal. Perhaps the character’s goal is not just to stay alive, but to defeat his murderous nemesis while doing so, be it someone else, an evil spirit, or even himself.

El mundo oculto de Sabrina

Source: YouTube

what does it take to write a story?

Basically, an idea. Nothing more, nothing less. That’s the first thing you need to define before knowing how to write a short story. Then, of course, you’ll need some writing techniques and tools that you’ll adopt and improve over time. But having the idea is fundamental.

Like any writer, it may happen that from time to time you have blocks when you start writing and that idea does not come. To avoid this, in addition to doing some creative writing exercises, you should have a list of ideas at hand to awaken the imagination and achieve a good narrative. but where do you get these topics to write a story?

First of all, you have to get used to carry a notebook with you or an app to keep notes installed on your cell phone, where you can write down all the ideas for writing a story that come to mind. But before you start writing down all those ideas to make a story, you need to take into account some tips.

1. Brainstorm ideas for writing a story

It is clear, then, that the first thing you need to write a story is an idea. However, not everything is so easy. If an idea flutters around in your head and you want to capture it by writing a story, excellent! The problem is when you want to write a story and you can’t think of anything. In that case, the best thing to do is to brainstorm. how to do it? we’ll tell you!

Although this technique is used more in the business field, during meetings, a brainstorming to write a story can help you to create powerful stories.

how is brainstorming done?

Basically, it consists of writing down words and phrases that are related to a main idea, without having a logical link or making prejudices about them. Brainstorming serves to release mental blocks and is usually done in a group. These PowerPoint brainstorming templates will fit you like a glove!

would you be willing to put this technique into practice with other fellow writers? so many stories can come out of that meeting! Chances are that, after brainstorming ideas for writing a story, you have found the main theme of your story. But how to structure it, find out in the following tip!

 lluvia de ideas para escribir un cuento

Source: Freepik

2. Develop an outline for writing a story

Having a clear outline for writing a story will allow you to organize all your ideas and your story will be able to captivate from beginning to end.

good job! Based on the ideas for writing a story that you have selected, answer the following questions along the structure :

where will the story be set? where will the story be set: stories should be able to transport us to the place where the story will take place. You should be very detailed in this aspect, describing all the elements of the setting.

what happens at the beginning: or what we could also call introduction. You have to tell what is the context in which the story will take place. It is in this part that you introduce and describe the main character, so you must have ideas to start a story.

what does the main character want? once you introduce him/her, you must indicate what the main character is looking for or what his/her goal is in the story. Remember that this is one of the main elements of a story in which the story will revolve around him/her.

how will he or she achieve it? in this part, you have to tell what ideas the main character has to get what he or she wants. All ideas and suggestions coming from the main character will be more than welcome to the reader.

are there more characters? if there are, you should describe them at the right moment and indicate in a subtle way what relevance they will have throughout the story.

what will be the difficulties? this is about the development of the story. In this part, you should explain the conflict that the main character faces, as well as the participation of the other characters. This is one of the most important parts of the outline for writing a story.

how are they resolved? in this last part of the story you must explain how the conflict previously presented is resolved. Keep in mind that they don’t necessarily have to be happy endings, unless you are writing a children’s story, of course.

Now that you have defined your outline for writing a story, you must be asking yourself: how should I start? let’s get to it!

Basic spelling guide to improve your writing

3. Think of ideas to start a story that will generate expectations

Surely in all the experiences of a writer, there is always a common denominator: the beginning is the most complicated part. This is where the ideas to start a story come into action!

“If a person reads a story, he or she reads it in a different way than when looking up an article in an encyclopedia or when reading a novel. The texts may not be different, but they change according to the reader, according to the expectation. Whoever reads a story knows, or expects, to read something that distracts him from his daily life”, once expressed the Argentine writer Jorge Luis Borges in a text called “Así escribo mis cuentos” (“This is how I write my stories”).

how to write the beginning of a story?

The beginning is like the cover letter of any text. You must invite the reader to keep turning pages, not to close the book. If you are wondering how to start a story, our recommendation is to be as forceful as possible.

Throughout our lives we have always associated stories with the typical “once upon a time…”. While this is a valid resource, it might work well if your story has a children’s theme; if it is more aimed at an adult audience, the ideal is to start with a shocking phrase or a scene that generates expectation .

but don’t block yourself! You don’t necessarily have to start writing a story at the beginning, so there’s no problem if you write the conflict first. Of course, before putting all your ideas to write a story, you must define whether you will do it in first or third person .

ideas para iniciar un cuento

Source: Unsplash

Now that you have some ideas for writing a story, you should write them down, organize them and choose which one you are going to start with. Then, you can start shaping them to write your story.

be patient! There will be days with less inspiration than others. But rest assured that, at some point, that fantastic story idea will come to you. It’s just a matter of finding your technique for collecting ideas and choosing which types of stories are the best ones to capture them.

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“Write drunk, edit sober,” is a quote attributed to Ernest Hemingway. Well, we know then what his favorite technique was. see you in the next article!

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